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Bylaws: Smithfield Historical Society

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The purpose of the society is to stimulate and maintain an interest in the identification and preservation of historic and cultural sites, buildings, documents, photographs, diaries and any other items which reflect the historical heritage of the people of Smithfield.

Similar to City entities such as the Library, the Smithfield Historical Society (SHS) is funded primarily by donations, grants, and line item budget allotments from the "City".


Executive Board

The Society shall be governed by a Executive Board composed of a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and such officers as shall be appointed by the "City". Members of the Executive Board shall serve for a term of approximately four years. The Executive Board shall nominate and the City council approve members to fill vacancies for the balance of the unexpired term.

General Board

On recommendation of the Executive board, the City of Smithfield shall appoint a General Board composed of no more than fifteen people, eight of which shall be residents of the City of Smithfield. Ex-Officio membership shall be awarded one City Council Member. The General board shall serve for a term of two years minimum. The Executive Board shall notify the city Council of vacancies occurring on the General Board and will make recommendations for replacements.

Duties of the Executive Board

  1. To represent the Society and its affairs to City Government and to the people of the City of Smithfield.
  2. To call all meetings and prepare agenda for each meeting of the General Board.
  3. To determine special conditions of membership and to establish membership dues, if any.
  4. To distribute all funds available to the Society by recorded vote.
  5. To accept gifts and bequests for the promotion of historic and cultural activities in the City of Smithfield.
  6. To organize special committees as the work of the Society requires.
  7. To nominate sites for inclusion on the State and National Registers of Historic Sites.
  8. To establish a Register of Historic and Cultural Sites for the City of Smithfield.
  9. To establish an archive in the City of Smithfield associated with the City Library.
  10. To conduct an annual day of recognition on the date established for founding of Smithfield, October 10.
  11. To review and revise the By-Laws of the Society as required.


  • Any person interested in the purpose of the SHS may be admitted to membership providing they meet other membership obligations established by the Executive Board of the SHS.
  • One City Council Representative by special appointment.


  • To catalog all items currently in the possession of the Society
  • To store all items that cannot be adequately displayed.
  • To make presentable the current quarters of the Society
  • To create an attractive display of historical items at our present location.
  • To identify and mark the historical sites and landmarks of Smithfield.
  • To sponsor special historical activities on Health Day and October 10th each year.
  • To assist the History writing committee in any way possible.
  • To find a new and permanent home for the SHS to properly display, protect and care for the valuable historical items in our collection.
  • To create opportunities for school children, church groups, and the public to enjoy viewing and learning about the cultural heritage of Smithfield.
  • To meet monthly or as needed to accomplish the goals set forth.


  • To provide consistent and unqualified support of the SHS as they seek to accomplish the above goals.
  • To make available sufficient funds, as reasonable, to accomplish the above goals in a style so both the Society and the City can be proud.
  • To provide "one" City Council Representative to attend SHS meetings and advise the SHS, and serve as a tie breaking vote if necessary.


  • Special committee for the writing of the Smithfield History
  • Documents and Photographs
  • Founders Day
  • Historical Sites and Landmarks
  • Museum Tours
  • Antiques and Relics acquisition
  • Antiques and Relics preservation
  • Health Day activity
  • Museum and Display maintenance
  • Publicity


The term of a committee member shall be for a period of five years. A prospective member will be asked to serve upon the suggestion of the SHS committee members and the representative to the Smithfield City Council. The name of the proposed new member shall then be submitted to the full Smithfield City council for approval. Should a committee member be asked to retain this responsibility for another term of five years, the same procedure would be followed as above.

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