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Smithfield UT Historical Society

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The Smithfield Historical Society shall stimulate and maintain an interest in the identification and preservation of historic and cultural sites, buildings, documents, photographs, diaries and any other items which reflect the historical heritage of the people of Smithfield Utah.


Membership in the Smithfield Historical Society is generally open to individuals who have a strong interest in working on the various aspect of the history and heritage of the community.  The current members are

  • Glen Jay Thornley
  • Duaine Erickson
  • Jeffry Gittins
  • Robert Low
  • Ronald DeMille
  • Brenda Low
  • Budd Pitcher
  • Jay Gubler
  • Diane Esplin
  • Billie June Buttars
  • Robert Thornley
  • Dee Wood, City Council Representative
  • Lawrence Cantwell, emeritus member


  • Tour of Smithfield - not by Historical Society, but good tour of area via 500+ photos
  • open for more photos


  • The History of Smithfield - not a link.  Publisher: Smithfield, UT City of Smithfield, 1927. 108 p.
    This book presents the history of Smithfield. Dedicated to the memory of the pioneers who laid the foundation of Smithfield Utah. Note: fair condition hardback. 7 copies in Smithfield Library.
  • a City on the Hill. 2001. $30.00 plus S/H.
    The Smithfield Historical Society published this book in 2001 containing 458 8 inch by 11 inch pages of material. The book contains many old photographs, most of which are identified. The book is written in "subject" format. It also has a "name" index. The fly cover is a photographic effort to capture Smithfield as it might have looked in 1859. No man-made evidence is visible. The signature of the photographer, Glen Jay Thornley, is hidden in the bushes on the back. the gold embossed hard cover is the result of several transparencies of different scenes being overlaid. Notable in the scene is the second ward church steeple, Smithfield Implement Store as always, flying the US flag, the SV logo on Long Hill representing the local Sky View High School, and the perpetual Smithfield identifier, Flat Top (Square top) mountain which is a visible landmark from as far away as Pocatello Idaho and the Nevada state line west of Box Elder County, Utah.  Roberta N. Geary lead the book writing effort as Chairman of the Committee for more than ten years. a city on a hill Can be purchased from the city offices for $30 plus shipping. Internet orders email to Connie Gittins
  • Historical Happenings - Society newsletter by Glen J. Thornley

Personal Histories

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Contact us
Smithfield Historical Society
Glen J. Thornley (
238 West 100 North
Smithfield, UT 84335
Voice: (435) 563-5586

Glen J. Thronley was Smithfield's "Citizen of the Year" and "Grand Marshall" of the annual parade, 2008.

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