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Manilla  Cemetery Location

Manila Cemetery GNIS CUS
(405949N 1094252W)
Manila, UT 84046
Elbert Steinaker, Contact
Susan Mae, Contact

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Dowd's Grave GNIS   Cemetery Location
(405624N 1094531W)

Located in Ashley National Forest, just south of Manila on State Road 43. Graves of a settler and two of his daughters. Utah State Historial Marker.

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Veteran's Cemetery CUS
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GNIS Peabody Museum of Natural History -- Geographic Names Information System; 
CIU Cemeteries in Utah; Utah State Archives and Records Service; Family History Library [979.2 A1 #172]
CUS Cemeteries of the U.S.; edited by Deborah M. Burek; Family History Library [973 V34ce]


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