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Altonah History

Altonah is located in the "Upper Country" in Northern Duchesne County at an altitude of 6,000 feet and at one time was the largest community in the area. The town lies at the foot of Mt. Emmons, part of the Uinta range. This area was once known as Clay Basin. The post office was originally located in the home of Robert Alexander and so the town and post office were called Alexander, but later renamed Altonah by William Smart. Residents proudly called the town of Altonah "Queen City of the Reservation".

J.M. Millard Mercantile Co.
Main Street, Altonah (1915)


In 1905 after the Uintah Reservation was opened to white settlement, several families (primarily from the town of Vernal in Uintah County) filed for a homesteads. Many others followed in the years shortly afterwards. Many became farmers and ranchers as the land was rich and there was plenty of water from the Yellowstone River and Lake Fork.

Altonah had a local paper called "Reservation News" published between 1915-1916 by a Mr. Dubendroff. It was later sold to Aaron Johnson and renamed "The Intermountain News" which was published only a short time.

The first school house was initially a small, one-room log cabin with a dirt floor and had only thirteen students. The first school teacher was James Bird Alexander.

Altonah Information

Nearest Family History Library:

Altamont Utah Family History Center
Main Street
Altamont, UT
Phone: 435-454-3422


Lake Fork Bridge


Some Early Residents Include the Families of:

Peter Akelund
Robert Alexander
Milton Alexander
James Alexander
Martin Allred
Charles Anderson
John Anderson
William Ashby
John Ashby
Oscar Beebe
William Bowden
Heber Bowden
Harry Bryner
Ernest Burgess
Raymond Burgess
James Burgess
W.W. Butler
Alonzo Caldwell
Ervin Caldwell
Earl Caldwell
Loren Caldwell
Heber Carroll
Lafayette Chidester
Jerry Clark
E.D. Clyde
Albert Dastrup (blacksmith)
Gill Davis
Warren Davis
G.A. Dennis
Zenos Dodge
C.L. Foote
Elmer Gale
John Glenn
Mr. Gunnerson
James Gurr
Chancy Hill
Martin Isaksen
Hans Jacobson
Joseph S. Larsen
John Lazenby
J.D. McKune (owner sawmill)
J.M. Millard (store owner)
W.A. Maxfield
George Mecham
George Merick
Frank Miller
Parley Miller
Samuel Miller
Robert Milton
James B. Murray (farmer)
W.J. Ostler
J.B. Payne
George Petty
R.S. Petty
Clair Preece (store owner)
Lott Powell
W.R. Preece
W.A. Ralphs
M.C. Redding
David Reese
Frederick Roberts
C.N. Shiner
Dr. Shipp
H. Smellow
W.R. Snyder
Oscar Stoddard
Brigham Timothy
David Thompson
Mr. Westover
Ed Wilderman
Charles Wright

List compiled from:
A History of Duchesne
by John Barton &
Early History of Duchesne County by Mildred M. Dillman

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