Huntington City Cemetery
Huntington, Utah
Tombstone Photos

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Index is listed alphabetically with year of death, last name, first. Multiple view may be listed.

We collected 1890 pictures of tombstones as part of this project. We apologize that we may have missed some tombstones. We also apologize that in some cases, the quality of the photographs and the cleaning of the tombstones were not to the standard we desired. Descendants and others who wish to submit additional photographs should send them to the Emery County Project Manager listed below.

The USGenWeb Project

  The USGenWeb Tombstone Project is a proud part of The USGenWeb Project 
  The USGenWeb Tombstone Transcription Project Coordinator:

  Kathi Jones-Hudson
  The USGenWeb Tombstone Photo Project Coordinator:
  Carolyn Golowka

  The Utah and Emery County Tombstone Photo Project Coordinator:
  Kathi Jones-Hudson

           Coordinators are needed for both the Transcription and Photo projects for Utah!

The USGenWeb Project

Eagle Scout Project

By Jordan Barton

Crew 9283 - Sponsered by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Oakridge Farmington Utah Ward


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