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DNA Portals DNA Testing Companies

About: DNA tests

Asian, Oriental -- Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Afrigeneas -- site map

Cyndis List -- medical, DNA, health

Fullers List -- DNA projects & lists

Native American Indian DNA

Wikipedia DNA information

World Families Network

-- WFN: Y haplogroups


Testing companies link to surname Ydna projects

African Ancestry

Andergene Labs

DNA Heritage
-- Ybase database


DNA Fingerprint -- Germany

DNA Print


Family Tree DNA
-- Ysearch database
-- Mitosearch database
-- Forums
-- DNA references



Genetic Ancestor -- mtdna

Genetree DNA -- Native American

Oxford Ancestors -- England

Relative Genetics
-- DNA references


Roots for Real -- mtdna

Sorenson Molecular Genetic Foundation

Trace Genetics

YHRD -- Germany forensic lab
-- STR database

Learn about DNA Organizations

Google search for DNA +tutorial

Yahoo search   for DNA +tutorial

Google search for DNA +glossary

Yahoo search   for DNA +glossary

Whit Athey describes haplogroups

Testing companies publish articles online

International Society of Genetic Genealogy
-- ISOGG Journal
Genealogy DNA List Boards, Blogs and Forums

Genealogy-DNA -- discussion list browse mode

African American DNA forum

Announcement of DNA projects

Genforum DNA

Dienekes Anthropology blog

Testing companies also have forums


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