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If you have an event related to Grand Co. genealogy, please make an entry on our calendar.
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Molecular Genetics or DNA in Genealogy

Y-DNA (male, surname) and mtDNA (maternal, mitrochondrial dna) are emerging tools for genealogy.  Here are links to Genealogy-DNA List and other major pages of links for this new field.



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Utah Genealogical Association Projects

  • If you are a UGA member, and live in Grand Co., please contact the coordinator above.

  • Transcribe any Grand Co. census which is not already online
    see UTGenWeb site for state-wide projects-Census, Tombstone, etc.

  • Scan or transcribe any old Grand Co. history items (copyright expired).

  • Coordinate with Grand Co. church sextons to put burial data in cemetery database.

  • Locate and describe any old graveyards with tombstone inscriptions in Grand Co.

  • Transcribe old land patents or deeds relating to Grand Co.

  • Transcribe any old Native American genealogy items relating to Grand Co.

  • Volunteer to do Lookups related to Grand Co.

  • Visit the Grand Co. Message Board and do lookups related to queries.

This list was compiled per request by
Board of Directors, UGA
Laurie E. Castillo (


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