0505913 UT  Microfilm			
		Census - 1856 Entire State			

Transcribed by Cheryl Whitelaw; proofread by Allan Edwards.
Names were in two columns with M or F checked with /			
"Lines were not numbered, but I have added numbers and surnames for indexing."			

This file contains Pages 1 through 25.


1A	 1	Isaac C.	Haight		M
1A	 2	Eliza A. S.	Haight		F
1A	 3	Eliza A. P. 	Haight		F
1A	 4	David		Haight	        M
1A	 5	William		Haight		M
1A	 6	Jeremiah	Haight		M
1A	 7	Annabella	Haight		F
1A	 8	Temperance K.	Haight		F
1A	 9	Uriah		Haight		M
1A	10	Mary Ann	Haight		F
1A	11	Caleb S		Haight		M
1A	12	Daniel		Haight		M
1A	13	Roselia Jocosia	Haight		F
1A	14	Isaac C. 	Haight	Jr.	M
1A	15	Mary W		Haight		F
1A	16	Ellen		Haight		F
1A	17	Isabel		Haight		F
1A	18	Jacob T.	Haight		M
1A	19	James W.	Haight		M
1A	20	Catharine	Haight		F
1A	21	Louisa		Haight		F
1A	22	Susan		Haight		F
1A	23	Stephen P.	Haight		M
1A	24	Agatha		Haight		F
1A	25	Oscar		Haight		M
1A	26	Edward		Haight		M
1A	27	Clark		Haight		M
1A	28	Mary Jane	Haight		F
1A	29	Daniel S.	Macfarlane	M
1A	30	Christina	Macfarlane	F
1A	31	Celia		Macfarlane	F
1A	32	John S.		Macfarlane	M
1A	33	Celia E.	Macfarlane	F

1B	 1	Daniel		Macfarlane Jr.	M
1B	 2	Margaret	Macfarlane	F
1B	 3	Joel W.		White		M
1B	 4	Frances Ann	White		F
1B	 5	Joel W.		White	Jr.	M
1B	 6	Lucy		White		F
1B	 7	Susan		White		F
1B	 8	Joseph T.	White		M
1B	 9	John 		Yardley		M
1B	10	Mary		Yardley		F
1B	11	Ann		Yardley		F
1B	12	James		Yardley		M
1B	13	John 		Yardley	Jr.	M
1B	14	Jane		Yardley		F
1B	15	Samuel		Yardley		M
1B	16	John X.		Smith		M
1B	17	Margaret X.	Smith		F
1B	18	Mary		Smith		F
1B	19	James X.	Smith		M
1B	20	Wm X.		Smith		M
1B	21	Lucy		Smith		F
1B	22	Samuel D.	White		M
1B	23	Ann		White		F
1B	24	Lucy		White		F
1B	25	Samuel D.	White	Jr.	M
1B	26	Mary		White		F
1B	27	Jane		White		F
1B	28	Eliza		White		F
1B	29	William		White		M
1B	30	George		White		M
1B	31	Charles		White		M
1B	32	Maria		White		F
1B	33	Ellen		White		F

2A	 1	William		Greenwood	M
2A	 2	Mary		Greenwood	F
2A	 3	Ellen		Greenwood	F
2A	 4	David		Greenwood	M
2A	 5	Jenett		Greenwood	F
2A	 6	James		Williamson	M
2A	 7	Elizabeth	Williamson	F
2A	 8	David		Williamson	M
2A	 9	James		Williamson Jr.	M
2A	10	Mary		Williamson	F
2A	11	Ann		Williamson	F
2A	12	Jessie		Williamson	F
2A	13	Alexander	Williamson	M
2A	14	Andrew		Patterson	M
2A	15	Jane		Patterson	F
2A	16	Catharine	Patterson	F
2A	17	Margaret	Patterson	F
2A	18	Robert		Patterson	M
2A	19	Janet		Patterson	F
2A	20	Joseph		Patterson	M
2A	21	Andrew		Patterson	M
2A	22	Edward		Patterson	M
2A	23	Emma		Patterson	F
2A	24	Mary		Patterson	F
2A	25	Ann		Patterson	F
2A	26	John		Woodhouse	M
2A	27	Ann		Woodhouse	F
2A	28	Charles		Woodhouse	M
2A	29	Mormon		Woodhouse	M
2A	30	Mary		Woodhouse	F
2A	31	Joel		Woodhouse	M
2A	32	Janet		Woodhouse	F
2A	33	Eliza  		Woodhouse	F

2B	 1	Sarah 		Woodhouse	F
2B	 2	William		Hunter 		M
2B	 3	Mary		Hunter 		F
2B	 4	Eliza		Hunter 		F
2B	 5	Susannah	Hunter 		F
2B	 6	John		Hunter 		M
2B	 7	David		Hunter 		M
2B	 8	Lucretia	Hunter 		F
2B	 9	Isabella	Hunter 		F
2B	10	George		Hunter 		M
2B	11	William		Hunter 	Jr.	M
2B	12	Stephen		Hunter 		M
2B	13	Emma		Hunter 		F
2B	14	Alma		Hunter 		M
2B	15	Parthenia	Hunter 		F
2B	16	David		Stoddard	M
2B	17	Mary		Stoddard	F
2B	18	Isabella	Stoddard	F
2B	19	Janet		Stoddard	F
2B	20	Joseph		Stoddard	M
2B	21	Pauline		Stoddard	F
2B	22	Angeline	Stoddard	F
2B	23	George		Stoddard	M
2B	24	Myron		Stoddard	M
2B	25	Elizabeth	Stoddard	F
2B	26	William		Morgan		M
2B	27	Ann		Morgan		F
2B	28	Lucy		Morgan		F
2B	29	David		Morgan		M
2B	30	Charlotte	Morgan		F
2B	31	Mary		Morgan		F
2B	32	John		Morgan		M
2B	33	Joseph		Morgan		M

3A	 1	John		Nelson		M
3A	 2	Jane		Nelson		F
3A	 3	Isabella	Nelson		F
3A	 4	William		Nelson		M
3A	 5	Mary		Nelson		F
3A	 6	Ann		Nelson		F
3A	 7	Joseph		Nelson		M
3A	 8	Helena		Nelson		F
3A	 9	James		Nelson		M
3A	10	David		Nelson		M
3A	11	Peter		Nelson		M
3A	12	Annie		Nelson		F
3A	13	Martha		Nelson		F
3A	14	George		Curry		M
3A	15	Janet		Curry		F
3A	16	Mary		Curry		F
3A	17	Andrew		Curry		M
3A	18	Rachel M	Curry		F
3A	19	Lucy A		Curry		F
3A	20	William H	Curry		M
3A	21	Elizabeth	Curry		F
3A	22	Hyrum		Curry		M
3A	23	Priscilla	Curry		F
3A	24	Joseph		Curry		M
3A	25	Daniel		Ross		M
3A	26	Frances		Ross		F
3A	27	Alex^r		Ross		M
3A	28	Katie		Ross		F
3A	29	Mary		Ross		F
3A	30	William		Ross		M
3A	31	Joseph		Ross		M
3A	32	Margaret	Ross		F
3A	33	Ann		Ross		F

3B	 1	George		Parcel		M
3B	 2	Eliza		Parcel		F
3B	 3	William		Parcel		M
3B	 4 	Henry		Parcel		M
3B	 5	Jane		Parcel		F
3B	 6	Susannah	Parcel		F
3B	 7	Marianne	Parcel		F
3B	 8	David		Morgan		M
3B	 9	Jane		Morgan		F
3B	10	Sarah		Morgan		F
3B	11	Mary		Morgan		F
3B	12	Joseph H.	Morgan		M
3B	13	Isaac		Morgan		M
3B	14	William		Morgan		M
3B	15	Ann		Morgan		F
3B	16	Eleanor		Morgan		F
3B	17	Alexander	Campbell	M
3B	18	Mary		Campbell	F
3B	19	Ann S.		Campbell	F
3B	20	William		Campbell	M
3B	21	Mary J		Campbell	F
3B	22	William		Campbell	M
3B	23	Jessie		Campbell	F
3B	24	Alexander J	Campbell Jr.	M
3B	25	Edna		Campbell	F
3B	26	David 		Savage		M
3B	27	Frances F	Savage		F
3B	28	Mary A		Savage		F
3B	29	Mariette	Savage		F
3B	30	Mary		Savage	Jr.	F
3B	31	David N		Savage		M
3B	32	John R		Savage		M
3B	33	Sarah M		Savage		F

4A	 1	Jehiel		Savage		M
4A	 2	Helen M		Savage		F
4A	 3	Margaret E.	Savage		F
4A	 4	John		Latham		M
4A	 5	Jane		Latham		F
4A	 6 	Eliza		Latham		F
4A	 7	Robert		Latham		M
4A	 8	Colin		Latham		M
4A	 9	Robert		Latham	Jr.	M
4A	10	Colin		Lindsay		M
4A	11	Janet		Lindsay		F
4A	12	Jane		Lindsay		F
4A	13	Alex^r		Lindsay		M
4A	14	Robert		Lindsay		M
4A	15	Joseph		Hunter		M
4A	16	Nancy		Hunter		F
4A	17	Nancy M		Hunter		F
4A	18	William		Hunter		M
4A	19	John		Hunter		M
4A	20	Joseph		Hunter		M
4A	21	James		Hunter		M
4A	22	Mary		Hunter		F
4A	23	Janet		Hunter		F
4A	24	Ellen		Hunter		F
4A	25	Jane 		Heel		F
4A	26	Adam		Fife		M
4A	27	Ellen		Fife		F
4A	28	Ann		Fife		F
4A	29	James		Fife		M
4A	30	Catharine	Fife		F
4A	31	Janet		Fife		F
4A	32	Ellen		Fife	Jr.	F
4A	33	Jane		Fife		F

4B	 1	John		Fife		M
4B	 2	Sarah		Fife		F
4B	 3	Adam 		Fife	Jr	M
4B	 4	Clarissa	Fife		F
4B	 5	Amanda		Fife		F
4B	 6	Joseph		Fife		M
4B	 7	Eveline		Fife		F
4B	 8	Andrew		Fife		M
4B	 9	Patience	Fife		F
4B	10	Andrew		Fife	Jr	M
4B	11	Robert		Fife		M
4B	12	Ellen		Sharp		F
4B	13	Joseph		Smith		M
4B	14	Maria		Smith		F
4B	15	Joseph		Smith	Jr	M
4B	16	William		Smith		M
4B	17	Emma		Smith		F
4B	18	Charles		Smith		M
4B	19	James		Smith		M
4B	20	Mary Ann	Smith		F
4B	21	Paulina		Smith		F
4B	22	Letitia		Smith		F
4B	23	Lavinia		Hamford		F
4B	24	Jesse B.	Lewis		M
4B	25	Elizabeth	Lewis		F
4B	26	Jesse B.	Lewis	Jr	M
4B	27	Ann		Lewis		F
4B	28	Jane		Lewis		F
4B	29	Samuel		Lewis		M
4B	30	Margaret	Lewis		F
4B	31	Stewart		Lewis		M
4B	32	James		Lewis		M
4B	33	Malvina		Lewis		F

5A	 1	Joshua		Lewis		M
5A	 2	Hannah		Lewis		F
5A	 3	Rachel		Lewis		F
5A	 4	Frederick	Lewis		M
5A	 5	Andrew		Lewis		M
5A	 6	John		Lewis		M
5A	 7	Jane		Lewis		F
5A	 8	Andrew		Lewis		M
5A	 9	Johnson		Lewis		M
5A	10	Edith		Lewis		F
5A	11	Eve		Lewis		F
5A	12	Annette		Lewis		F
5A	13	Joseph		Lewis		M
5A	14	Sarah		Primrose	F
5A	15	John M.		Higbee		M
5A	16	Mary		Higbee		F
5A	17	Jane		Higbee		F
5A	18	Susan Ann	Higbee		F
5A	19	Elias		Higbee		M
5A	20	Isaac		Higbee		M
5A	21	Judith		Higbee		F
5A	22	John S		Higbee		M
5A	23	Ann 		Higbee		F
5A	24	Silas		Higbee		M
5A	25	Franklin	Higbee		M
5A	26	Sarah		Higbee		F
5A	27	Chancey		Higbee		M
5A	28	Harriet		Higbee		F
5A	29	Cazia		Higbee		F
5A	30	Charlotte	Higbee		F
5A	31	William		Higbee		M
5A	32	Jane		Higbee		F
5A	33	Jackson		Higbee		M

5B	 1	James		Higbee		M
5B	 2	Emma		Higbee		F
5B	 3 	Amandina	Higbee		F
5B	 4	Sommers		Higbee		M
5B	 5	Minerva		Higbee		F
5B	 6	Clarissa	Higbee		F
5B	 7	Joshua F. 	Willis		M
5B	 8	Charlotte	Willis		F
5B	 9	Sarah M.	Willis		F
5B	10	Joshua F. 	Willis	Jr	M
5B	11	Erastus		Willis		M
5B	12	Susan		Willis		F
5B	13	Erastus		Willis		M
5B	14	Henry F		Willis		M
5B	15	William W	Willis		M
5B	16	Margaret	Willis		F
5B	17	Doshea		Willis		F
5B	18	Mary Esther	Willis		F
5B	19	Thomas		Green		M
5B	20	Frances M	Green		F
5B	21	Jane		Green		F
5B	22	Thomas		Green	Jr	M
5B	23	Moriancumer	Green		M
5B	24	Mary  		Green		F
5B	25	Nephi		Green		M
5B	26	Moroni		Green		M
5B	27	Alma		Green		M
5B	28	Mormon		Green		M
5B	29	John		Groves		M
5B	30	Mary		Groves		F
5B	31	Susan		Groves		F
5B	32	Jane		Groves		F
5B	33	Ellen		Groves		F

6A	 1	James		Groves		M
6A	 2	Leonora		Groves		F
6A	 3	E. H.		Groves		M
6A	 4	William		Jose		M
6A	 5	Grace		Jose		F
6A	 6	Wm		Jose	Jr	M
6A	 7	Thomas		Jose		M
6A	 8	Ann		Jose		F
6A	 9	Susan		Jose		F
6A	10	John		Smith	2nd	M
6A	11	Catharine	Smith		F
6A	12	Robert		Smith		M
6A	13	Mary		Smith		F
6A	14	Susan		Smith		F
6A	15	James		Smith		M
6A	16	William		Smith		M
6A	17	Elvira		Smith		F
6A	18	Ruth		Smith		F
6A	19	Sarah		Hargrove	F
6A	20	Alexander	Patterson	M
6A	21	Mary		Patterson	F
6A	22	Ellen		Patterson	F
6A	23	Mary Ann	Patterson	F
6A	24	Robert		Patterson	M
6A	25	Adam		Patterson	M
6A	26	Alex^r		Patterson Jr	M
6A	27	Andrew		Patterson	M
6A	28	Agnes		Patterson	F
6A	29	Janet		Patterson	F
6A	30	Thomas P.	Smith		M
6A	31	Eliza		Smith		F
6A	32	Thomas W	Smith		M
6A	33	Susan		Smith		F

6B	 1	Charles P.	Smith		M
6B	 2	Jane		Smith		F
6B	 3	Kate		Smith		F
6B	 4	James		Smith		M
6B	 5	George		Perry		M
6B	 6	Susan		Perry		F
6B	 7	Hyrum		Perry		M
6B	 8	Joseph		Perry		M
6B	 9	Ann		Perry		F
6B	10	Moroni		Perry		M
6B	11	Elizabeth	Perry		F
6B	12	Jane		Perry		F
6B	13	Huldah		Perry		F
6B	14	Esther		Perry		F
6B	15	William		Sheldon		M
6B	16	Harriet		Sheldon		F
6B	17	James		Sheldon		M
6B	18	Harriet A	Sheldon		F
6B	19	Eliza A		Sheldon		F
6B	20	John		Sheldon		M
6B	21	Sarah M		Sheldon		F
6B	22	Thomas		Campbell	M
6B	23	Elizabeth	Campbell	F
6B	24	Alex^r		Campbell	M
6B	25	Mary		Campbell	F
6B	26	Jane		Campbell	F
6B	27	George		Campbell	M
6B	28	Joseph D	Campbell	M
6B	29	John		Campbell	M
6B	30	Betty		Campbell	F
6B	31	Ann		Campbell	F
6B	32	Margaret	Campbell	F
6B	33	John		Gerber		M

7A	 1	John P		Gerber		M
7A	 2	Mary		Gerber		F
7A	 3	Jemima		Gerber		F
7A	 4	Julia		Gerber		F
7A	 5	Ann		Gerber		F
7A	 6	Louis E		Gerber		M
7A	 7	Maria		Gerber		F
7A	 8	Eleanor		Gerber		F
7A	 9	Mary Ann	Gerber		F
7A	10	Joseph		Gerber		M
7A	11	Walter		Muir		M
7A	12	Jane		Muir		F
7A	13	Thomas		Muir		M
7A	14	Susan		Muir		F
7A	15	Lucy		Muir		F
7A	16	David		Muir		M
7A	17	Jessie		Muir		F
7A	18	Jeanie		Muir		F
7A	19	Janet		Muir		F
7A	20	William		Muir		M
7A	21	Alexander	Muir		M
7A	22	Joanna		Muir		F
7A	23	Augusta		Muir		F
7A	24	Margaret	Muir		F
7A	25	Archibald	Muir		M
7A	26	Mary		Muir		F
7A	27	Daniel		Muir		M
7A	28	John  		Edwards		M
7A	29	Mary		Edwards		F
7A	30	Susan		Edwards		F
7A	31	Robert		Kershaw		M
7A	32	Alice		Kershaw		F
7A	33	Elizabeth	Kershaw		F

7B	 1	Abraham		Kershaw		M
7B	 2	Mary		Kershaw		F
7B	 3	Samuel		Kershaw		M
7B	 4	James		Kershaw		M
7B	 5	Susan		Kershaw		F
7B	 6	Janet		Kershaw		F
7B	 7	Agnes		Kershaw		F
7B	 8	Henry		Kershaw		M
7B	 9	Thomas		Kershaw		M
7B	10	Thomas		Hunt		M
7B	11	Mary		Hunt		F
7B	12	Rose		Hunt		F
7B	13	Thomas		Hunt	Jr	M
7B	14	John G		Walker		M
7B	15	Mary Ann	Lapworth	F
7B	16	Frederick	Walker		M
7B	17	Priscilla	Walker		F
7B	18	George		Walker		M
7B	19	Henry		Walker		M
7B	20	Ann		Walker		F
7B	21	John  		Walker	Jr	M
7B	22	Hannah		Walker		F
7B	23	Mary		Walker		F
7B	24	Jane  		Walker		F
7B	25	John		Stoddard	M
7B	26	Emily		Stoddard	F
7B	27	Sarah		Stoddard	F
7B	28	James		Stoddard	M
7B	29	Thomas		Stoddard	M
7B	30	Jemima		Stoddard	F
7B	31	Sextus E.	Johnson		M
7B	32	Anna		Johnson		F
7B	33	Nephi		Johnson		M

8A	 1	Joe H		Johnson		M
8A	 2	Susan		Johnson		F
8A	 3	Janet		Johnson		F
8A	 4	Seth		Johnson		M
8A	 5	Editha		Johnson		F
8A	 6	David		Johnson		M
8A	 7	James		Johnson		M
8A	 8	Joel		Johnson		M
8A	 9	Mandana		Johnson		F
8A	10	Annie		Johnson		F
8A	11	Almand		Johnson		M
8A	12	Samuel		Johnson		M
8A	13	Julia		Johnson		F
8A	14	Joseph		Johnson		M
8A	15	Juliette	Johnson		F
8A	16	Margaret	Johnson		F
8A	17	Maletha		Johnson		F
8A	18	Elizabeth	Johnson		F
8A	19	Rife		Johnson		M
8A	20	Charles S.	Johnson		M
8A	21	Ann P.		Johnson		F
8A	22	Almans		Johnson		M
8A	23	Barletta	Johnson		F
8A	24	Sarah		Johnson		F
8A	25	Swean		Jacobs		M
8A	26	Sally		Jacobs		F
8A	27	John		Jacobs		M
8A	28	Mary Jane	Jacobs		F
8A	29	Balinda		Jacobs		F
8A	30	Yagon		Jacobs		M
8A	31	Swean		Jacobs	Jr	M
8A	32	Cynthia		Jacobs		F
8A	33	Alvina		Jacobs		F

8B	 1	Charles C.	Woodhouse	M
8B	 2	Sophia		Woodhouse	F
8B	 3	Charles C.	Woodhouse Jr	M
8B	 4	Emily		Woodhouse	F
8B	 5	Alice		Woodhouse	F
8B	 6	William		Simons		M
8B	 7	John		White		M
8B	 8	Mary		White		F
8B	 9	Whilemela	White		F
8B	10	Andrew		White		M
8B	11	Celestia	White		F
8B	12	Ann		White		F
8B	13	Thomas		Gower		M
8B	14	Martha		Gower		F
8B	15	John		Gower		M
8B	16	Albert		Gower		M
8B	17	Ann		Gower		F
8B	18	Maria		Gower		F
8B	19	Wesley W	Willis		M
8B	20	Margaret	Willis		F
8B	21	Francis		Willis		F
8B	22	John		Willis		M
8B	23	Ann		Willis		F
8B	24	Lemuel		Willis		M
8B	25	Thomas		Willis		M
8B	26	William		Willis	Jr	M
8B	27	Mary S		Willis		F
8B	28	Josephine	Willis		F
8B	29	George		Willis		M
8B	30	Margaret J	Willis		F
8B	31	Elizabeth	Willis		F
8B	32	Sarah		Willis		F
8B	33	Samuel		Willis		M

9A	 1	Josiah		Willis		M
9A	 2	Francilla	Willis		F
9A	 3	Mary Jane	Houghines	F
9A	 4	George		Monroe		M
9A	 5	Mary Ann	Monroe		F
9A	 6	Robert		Monroe		M
9A	 7	Margaret	Monroe		F
9A	 8	James		Monroe		M
9A	 9	Eliza		Monroe		F
9A	10	Jane		Monroe		F
9A	11	Geo. W.		Johnson		M
9A	12	Nancy Ann	Johnson		F
9A	13	James Jackson	Johnson		M
9A	14	Maria		Johnson		F
9A	15	John J.		Johnson		M
9A	16	Andrew J.	Johnson		M
9A	17	Catharine	Johnson		F
9A	18	Geo. W.		Johnson	Jr.	M
9A	19	Sarah		Johnson		F
9A	20	Mary Ann	Johnson		F
9A	21	Joseph		Johnson		M
9A	22	Hyrum		Johnson		M
9A	23	William D	Johnson		M
9A	24	Margaret	Johnson		F
9A	25	Lavinia		Johnson		F
9A	26	Malvina		Johnson		F
9A	27	Theresa		Johnson		F
9A	28	Seth		Dodge		M
9A	29	Maria		Dodge		F
9A	30	Jane		Dodge		F
9A	31	Sarah		Dodge		F
9A	32	Eli  		Dodge		M
9A	33	David		Dodge		M

9B	 1	Josiah		Dodge		M
9B	 2	Margaret	Dodge		F
9B	 3	Lavinia		Dodge		F
9B	 4	Madison		Dodge		M
9B	 5	Aurelia		Dodge		F
9B	 6	Charlotte	Dodge		F
9B	 7	Hamilton	Dodge		M
9B	 8	George		Dodge		M
9B	 9	William		Dodge		M
9B	10	John		Godsall		M
9B	11	Sarah		Godsall		F
9B	12	Geter		Godsall		M
9B	13	Ezra		Godsall		M
9B	14	Elisha		Godsall		M
9B	15	Louisa		Godsall		F
9B	16	Susan		Godsall		F
9B	17	Samuel		Godsall		M
9B	18	Amelia		Godsall		F
9B	19	Evadise		Godsall		F
9B	20	Angelina	Godsall		F
9B	21	Augusta		Godsall		F
9B	22	William		Baylis		M
9B	23	Emma		Baylis		F
9B	24	Emmeline	Baylis		F
9B	25	William		Baylis	Jr	M
9B	26	Edward		Baylis		M
9B	27	Maae?		Baylis		M
9B	28	John		Baylis		M
9B	29	Esther		Baylis		F
9B	30	Mary Ann	Baylis		F
9B	31	Sarah Jane	Baylis		F
9B	32	Elizabeth	Baylis		F
9B	33	Amelia		Williams	F

10A	 1	James		Waltshire	M
10A	 2	Susan		Waltshire	F
10A	 3	Peter		Waltshire	M
10A	 4	Ezra		Waltshire	M
10A	 5	Mary Jane	Waltshire	F
10A	 6	Catharine	Waltshire	F
10A	 7	Phoebe		Waltshire	F
10A	 8	Lovira		Waltshire	F
10A	 9	Jonathan	Waltshire	M
10A	10	Jane		White		F
10A	11	John		Bailey		M
10A	12	Maria		Bailey		F
10A	13	Susan		Bailey		F
10A	14	Frederick	Bailey		M
10A	15	John		Bailey	Jr	M
10A	16	Ebeenezer	Bailey		M
10A	17	Maria		Bailey		F
10A	18	Jennetta	Bailey		F
10A	19	Cynthia		Bailey		F
10A	20	Christina	Lovejoy		F
10A	21	Thomas		Tame	 	M
10A	22	Elizabeth	Tame		F
10A	23	Thomas		Tame	Jr	M
10A	24	William		Tame		M
10A	25	Alvin		Tame		M
10A	26	Lucy		Tame		F
10A	27	Polly		Tame		F
10A	28	Walter		Tame		M
10A	29	Edward		Tame		M
10A	30	Lovica		Tame		F
10A	31	Amelia		Tame		F
10A	32	Amanda		Tucker		F
10A	33	Richard		Evans		M

10B	 1	Jane		Evans		F
10B	 2	Evan		Evans		M
10B	 3	Barbara		Evans		F
10B	 4	Eunice		Evans		F
10B	 5	Jemima		Morgan		F
10B	 6	Price		Evans		M
10B	 7	Susan		Evans		F
10B	 8	William		Evans		M
10B	 9	Samuel		Evans		M
10B	10	David		Evans		M
10B	11	Peter		Evans		M
10B	12	Charles		Evans		M
10B	13	Maria		Evans		F
10B	14	Jane		Evans		F
10B	15	Mary		Gould		F
10B	16	George		Turnbull	M
10B	17	Margaret A	Turnbull	F
10B	18	George N	Turnbull	M
10B	19	Jonathan	Turnbull	M
10B	20	Jane		Turnbull	F
10B	21	Ann		Turnbull	F
10B	22	Annie		Tait		F
10B	23	James		Crawford	M
10B	24	Jane		Crawford	F
10B	25	Rachel		Crawford	F
10B	26	Jeanie		Crawford	F
10B	27	James		Crawford Jr	M
10B	28	Samuel		Crawford	M
10B	29	Sarah		Crawford	F
10B	30	Mary		Crawford	F
10B	31	Marinda		Crawford	F
10B	32	John		Crawford	M
10B	33	Thomas		Crawford	M

11A	 1	Thomas		Kirkwood	M
11A	 2	Margaret	Kirkwood	F
11A	 3	James		Kirkwood	M
11A	 4	Andrew		Kirkwood	M
11A	 5	Ann		Kirkwood	F
11A	 6	Thomas		Cornwall	M
11A	 7	Bridget		Cornwall	F
11A	 8	Ellen		Cornwall	F
11A	 9	Deborah		Cornwall	F
11A	10	Patrick		Cornwall	M
11A	11	Helena		Cornwall	F
11A	12	Pheleni		Cornwall	M
11A	13	Susannah	Cornwall	F
11A	14	Edward		Cornwall	M
11A	15	Michael		Cornwall	M
11A	16	Norah		Cornwall	F
11A	17	Jane Gray	Cornwall	F
11A	18	Agnes		McGibbon	F
11A	19	Thomas		Clark		M
11A	20	Hannah		Clark		F
11A	21	Ann		Clark		F
11A	22	William		Clark		M
11A	23	Hannah		Clark		F
11A	24	Susan  		Clark		F
11A	25	James		Clark		M
11A	26	Duncan		McKenzie	M
11A	27	Jane  		McKenzie	F
11A	28	Mary		McKenzie	F
11A	29	Duncan		McKenzie Jr	M
11A	30	Richard		Emmons		M
11A	31	Emma		Emmons		F
11A	32	Richard		Emms		M
11A	33	Emily		Emms		F

11B	 1	William		Emms		M
11B	 2	Samuel		Emms		M
11B	 3	Jane		Price		F
11B	 4	Mary		Price		F
11B	 5	John		Lambeth		M
11B	 6	Susan		Lambeth		F
11B	 7	Eliza		Lambeth		F
11B	 8	Peter		Lambeth		M
11B	 9	John		Lambeth	Jr	M
11B	10	Mercy		Lambeth		F
11B	11	Prudence	Lambeth		F
11B	12	Susan		Gilbert		F
11B	13	Susannah	Moss		F
11B	14	John		Robbins		M
11B	15	Alexander	Robbins		M
11B	16	James		Robbins		M
11B	17	Hannah		Brewerton	F
11B	18	Sarah		Sowers		F
11B	19	Mary		Baylis		F
11B	20	Peter		Robbins		M
11B	21	Susan		Robbins		F
11B	22	Edwin		Robbins		M
11B	23	Jane		Robbins		F
11B	24	Ann		Robbins		F
11B	25	John		Baradell	M
11B	26	Maria		Baradell	F
11B	27	William		Baradell	M
11B	28	James		Baradell	M
11B	29	Sarah		Baradell	F
11B	30	Lucy		Baradell	F
11B	31	Adelaide	Baradell	F
11B	32	Ebenezer	Harris		M
11B	33	Nancy		Harris		F

12A	 1	John		Harriss		M
12A	 2	Polly		Harriss		F
12A	 3	Samuel		Harriss		M
12A	 4	Peter		Harriss		M
12A	 5	Hannah		Harriss		F
12A	 6	Maria		Harriss		F
12A	 7	Jane		Harriss		F
12A	 8	Matilda		Harriss		F
12A	 9	Sylvester	Harriss		M
12A	10	William		Wheeler		M
12A	11	Catharine	Wheeler		F
12A	12	Charlotte	Wheeler		F
12A	13	Emmeline	Wheeler		F
12A	14	Peter		Wheeler		M
12A	15	George		Wheeler		M
12A	16	Jane		Wheeler		F
12A	17	Syrina		Wheeler		F
12A	18	Tabitha		Wheeler		F
12A	19	Abraham		Wheeler		M
12A	20	John		Kirby		M
12A	21	Alice		Kirby		F
12A	22	Katie		Kirby		F
12A	23	Stephen		Kirby		M
12A	24	Mary		Kirby		F
12A	25	Nathan		Kirby		M
12A	26	Alexander	Stevens		M
12A	27	William		Stevens		M
12A	28	Sarah Jane	Stevens		F
12A	29	Peter		Stevens		M
12A	30	Hannah		Stevens		F
12A	31	Harriet		Stevens		F
12A	32	Richard		Stevens		M
12A	33	Helen		Stevens		F

12B	 1	Joseph		Harrod		M
12B	 2	Helen		Harrod		F
12B	 3	Joseph		Harrod	Jr	M
12B	 4	Harriet		Harrod		F
12B	 5	Susan		Harrod		F
12B	 6	Ebenezer	Harrod		M
12B	 7	George		Robertson	M
12B	 8	Polly Ann	Robertson	F
12B	 9	Eunice		Robertson	F
12B	10	Edward		Robertson	M
12B	11	Jacob		Robertson	M
12B	12	Nathan		Robertson	M
12B	13	Virginia	Robertson	F
12B	14	Richard		Aldredge	M
12B	15	Mary Jane	Aldredge	F
12B	16	Richard		Aldredge Jr.	M
12B	17	Lyman		Aldredge	M
12B	18	Ellen		Aldredge	F
12B	19	Lyman		Aldredge	M
12B	20	Charlotta	Aldredge	F
12B	21	Malina		Aldredge	F
12B	22	Augusta		Aldredge	F
12B	23	Lemuel		Aldredge	M
12B	24	Ada		Aldredge	F
12B	25	Edward		Aldredge	M
12B	26	Helen		McAulay		F
12B	27	Betty		Anderson	F
12B	28	Richard		Paskett		M
12B	29	Hannah		Paskett		F
12B	30	Emily		Paskett		F
12B	31	Abraham		Paskett		M
12B	32	Alice		Paskett		F
12B	33	David		Paskett		M

13A	 1	Charles		Paskett		M
13A	 2	Jemima		Paskett		F
13A	 3	Stephen		Russell		M
13A	 4	Lucinda		Russell		F
13A	 5	Carly		Russell		F
13A	 6	Simon		Russell		M
13A	 7	Lucy		Russell		F
13A	 8	Eveline		Russell		F
13A	 9	Jacob		Russell		M
13A	10	James		Sims		M
13A	11	Maria		Sims		F
13A	12	Sophia		Sims		F
13A	13	Joseph J	Sims		M
13A	14	Maria		Sims		F
13A	15	Angelina	Sims		F
13A	16	Emma		Sims		F
13A	17	Joseph  	Stay		M
13A	18	Saray		Stay		F
13A	19	Joseph		Stay	Jr	M
13A	20	Thomas		Farley		M
13A	21	Edwin		Farley		M
13A	22	Isaac		Farley		M
13A	23	John		Blackwall	M
13A	24	Jane		Blackwall	F
13A	25	Peter		Blackwall	M
13A	26	Simon		Blackwall	M
13A	27	Hannah		Blackwall	F
13A	28	Mariette	Blackwall	F
13A	29	Eleanor		Blackwall	F
13A	30	James		Richens		M
13A	31	Fanny		Richens		F
13A	32	Frances		Richens		F
13A	33	William		Richens		M

13B	 1	Mary		Richens		F
13B	 2	David		Richens		M
13B	 3	Persis		Richens		F
13B	 4	William		Shill		M
13B	 5	Sarah		Shill		F
13B	 6	Emily		Shill		F
13B	 7	Edward		Shill		M
13B	 8	Ebenezer	Shill		M
13B	 9	Eleanor		Shill		F
13B	10	Samuel		Shill		M
13B	11	Patience	Shill		F
13B	12	Jane		Whitecroft	F
13B	13	Susan		Whitecroft	F
13B	14	William		Panter		M
13B	15	Sylvia		Panter		F
13B	16	Josiah		Panter		M
13B	17	Minerva		Panter		F
13B	18	Celia		Panter		F
13B	19	Diana		Panter		F
13B	20	Joseph		Panter		M
13B	21	William		Panter	Jr.	M
13B	22	Delia		Panter		F
13B	23	Adaline		Panter		F
13B	24	Edward		Price		M
13B	25	Mandana		Price		F
13B	26	Edward		Price	Jr.	M
13B	27	William		Price		M
13B	28	Matilda		Price		F
13B	29	Edward		Price		M
13B	30	Amanda		Price		F
13B	31	Eveline		Massy		F
13B	32	Enoch		Dodge		M
13B	33	Lucinda		Dodge		F

14A	 1	Matilda		Dodge		F
14A	 2	Alex^r H.	Loveridge	M
14A	 3	Malinda		Loveridge	F
14A	 4	Daniel		Loveridge	M
14A	 5	Ambrose		Loveridge	M
14A	 6	Stillwell	Loveridge	F
14A	 7	Alexander	Loveridge Jr.	M
14A	 8	Belinda		Loveridge	F
14A	 9	Melissa		Loveridge	F
14A	10	Bathsheba	Loveridge	F
14A	11	Hamilton	Loveridge	M
14A	12	Hans		Larson		M
14A	13	Mary		Larson		F
14A	14	Lais		Larson		M
14A	15	Christina	Larson		F
14A	16	Catharine	Larson		F
14A	17	John		Jacobs		M
14A	18	Elizabeth	Jacobs		F
14A	19	Mary W.		Jacobs		F
14A	20	John		Jacobs	Jr.	M
14A	21	Margaret	Jacobs		F
14A	22	Christopher	Jacobs		M
14A	23	Swean		Jacobs		M
14A	24	Catharine	Jacobs		F
14A	25	Maria		Jacobs		F
14A	26	Jane		Jacobs		F
14A	27	Susan		Jacobs		F
14A	28	George		Johnson		M
14A	29	Jane		Johnson		F
14A	30	Margaret	Johnson		F
14A	31	Washington	Johnson		M
14A	32	Amos		Johnson		M
14A	33	Oliver		Johnson		M

14B	 1	Horace 		Johnson		M
14B	 2	Julia		Johnson		F
14B	 3	Ann		Johnson		F
14B	 4	Joseph		Johnson		M
14B	 5	Emma		Johnson		F
14B	 6	William		Johnson		M
14B	 7	Elias		Johnson		M
14B	 8	Edgar		Johnson		M
14B	 9	Peter		Hansen		M
14B	10	Ann		Hansen		F
14B	11	John		Bradshaw	M
14B	12	Ann		Bradshaw	F
14B	13	Mary		Bradshaw	F
14B	14	Richard		Bradshaw	M
14B	15	Jane		Bradshaw	F
14B	16	George		Bradshaw	M
14B	17	Ellen		Bradshaw	F
14B	18	Eliza		Bradshaw	F
14B	19	Maria		Bradshaw	F
14B	20	Edward		Bradshaw	M
14B	21	Matilda		Bradshaw	F
14B	22	Andrew		Bradshaw	M
14B	23	William		Gough		M
14B	24	Mary		Gough		F
14B	25	William		Haslam		M
14B	26	Ann		Haslam		F
14B	27	John		Haslam		M
14B	28	Margaret	Haslam		F
14B	29	Mary		Haslam		F
14B	30	Ann		Haslam		F
14B	31	Thomas		Thorley		M
14B	32	Ann		Thorley		F
14B	33	John		Adams		M

15A	 1	Margaret	Adams		F
15A	 2	Allen		Adams		M
15A	 3	Margaret	Nielson		F
15A	 4	Lavinia		Nicholson	F
15A	 5	Rasmus		Nicholson	M
15A	 6	Annie		Nicholson	F
15A	 7	Maria		Nicholson	F
15A	 8	Nelson		Nicholson	M
15A	 9	Jane		Nicholson	F
15A	10	Erastus		Anderson	M
15A	11	Maria		Anderson	F
15A	12	Henri		Anderson	M
15A	13	James		Anderson	M
15A	14	Louisa		Anderson	F
15A	15	Ann  		Anderson	F
15A	16	Maria		Lynd		F
15A	17	Joseph		Pugmire		M
15A	18	Ellen		Pugmire		F
15A	19	George		Pugmire		M
15A	20	Mary		Pugmire		F
15A	21	Allan		Riley		M
15A	22	Sarah		Riley		F
15A	23	Thomas		Riley		M
15A	24	Lizzie		Riley		F
15A	25	Susan		Riley		F
15A	26	Clara		Riley		F
15A	27	Allan		Riley	Jr.	M
15A	28	James		Riley		M
15A	29	Bell		Riley		F
15A	30	Alva 		Benson		M
15A	31	Symphronia	Benson		F
15A	32	Moroni		Benson		M
15A	33	James		Benson		M

15B	 1	David		Benson		M
15B	 2	Elvira		Benson		F
15B	 3	Symphronia	Benson		F
15B	 4	Elizabeth	Benson		F
15B	 5	William		Wilshire	M
15B	 6	Ann		Wilshire	F
15B	 7	George		Wilshire	M
15B	 8	Horace		Wilshire	M
15B	 9	Helen		Wilshire	F
15B	10	Frances		Wilshire	F
15B	11	Marianne	Wilshire	F
15B	12	William		Wilshire Jr.	M
15B	13	Ann		Wilshire	F
15B	14	John		Morgan		M
15B	15	Emma		Morgan		F
15B	16	James		Morgan		M
15B	17	Catharine	Morgan		F
15B	18	George		Pay		M
15B	19	Jared		Pay		M
15B	20	George		Wood		M
15B	21	Jane		Wood		F
15B	22	Samuel		Wood		M
15B	23	Stephen		Wood		M
15B	24	Samuel		Wood		M
15B	25	David		Wood		M
15B	26	Elizabeth	Wood		F
15B	27	Mary		Wood		F
15B	28	Jenny		Wood		F
15B	29	Peter		Wood		M
15B	30	William		Hudson		M
15B	31	Constantia	Christiansen	F
15B	32	Goudd		Ericksen	M
15B	33	David		Hutchinson	M

16A	 1	William M.	Bradshaw	M
16A	 2	Susan		Bradshaw	F
16A	 3	George		Bradshaw	M
16A	 4	Edwin		Bradshaw	M
16A	 5	John		Bohn		M
16A	 6	Dorothy		Bohn		F
16A	 7	Jane		Bohn		F
16A	 8	Martin		Bohn		M
16A	 9	Polly		Bohn		F
16A	10	John		Owen		M
16A	11	Mary		Owen		F
16A	12	Evan		Owen		M
16A	13	Sarah		Owen		F
16A	14	Ann		Owen		F
16A	15	Agnes		Owen		F
16A	16	Benjamin	Smith		M
16A	17	Annie		Smith		F
16A	18	John		Smith		M
16A	19	William  	Smith		M
16A	20	Susannah	Smith		F
16A	21	John		Muir		M
16A	22	Sophia		Muir		F
16A	23	Walter		Muir		M
16A	24	John		Muir	Jr.	M
16A	25	Watson		Muir		M
16A	26	Ellen		Muir		F
16A	27	Helena		Muir		F
16A	28	Wardman		Holmes		M
16A	29	Minerva		Holmes		F
16A	30	Mary		Holmes		F
16A	31	Miranda		Holmes		F
16A	32	Susan		Holmes		F
16A	33	Andrew		Holmes		M

16B	 1	Robert		Keys		M
16B	 2	Margaret	Keys		F
16B	 3	Nancy		Keys		F
16B	 4	Brigham		Keys		M
16B	 5	Grace		Keys		F
16B	 6	Joseph		Keys		M
16B	 7	Faith		Keys		F
16B	 8	Hope		Keys		F
16B	 9	Thomas		Cartwright	M
16B	10	Jane		Cartwright	F
16B	11	James		Cartwright	M
16B	12	William		Cartwright	M
16B	13	Joseph		Cartwright	M
16B	14	Sarah		Cartwright	F
16B	15	Daniel		Cartwright	M
16B	16	Ann		Cartwright	F
16B	17	Helen		Cartwright	F
16B	18	David		Cartwright	M
16B	19	Mary		Cartwright	F
16B	20	Caroline	Cartwright	F
16B	21	Gertrude	Cartwright	F
16B	22	Jane		Cartwright	F
16B	23	Elizabeth	Cartwright	F
16B	24	Russell		Rogers		M
16B	25	Lydia		Rogers		F
16B	26	Ann		Rogers		F
16B	27	Lucy		Rogers		F
16B	28	Joseph		Rogers		M
16B	29	Hyrum		Rogers		M
16B	30	Sophia		Rogers		F
16B	31	Orin		Rogers		M
16B	32	Forster		Rogers		M
16B	33	George		Rogers		M

17A	 1	Russell		Rogers	Jr	M
17A	 2	John		He*mpshire	M
17A	 3	Hannah		He*mpshire	F
17A	 4	Ann		He*mpshire	F
17A	 5	Samuel		He*mpshire	M
17A	 6	Elizabeth	He*mpshire	F
17A	 7	Catharine	He*mpshire	F
17A	 8	Josephine	He*mpshire	F
17A	 9	Joseph  	Chatterly	M
17A	10	John		Chatterly	M
17A	11	Thomas		Corlett		M
17A	12	Mary Ann	Corlett		F
17A	13	James		Corlett		F
17A	14	William		Stewart		M
17A	15	Maryann		Stewart		F
17A	16	Cameron		Stewart		M
17A	17	Sarah		Stewart		F
17A	18	Margaret	Stewart		F
17A	19	Alice		Stewart		F
17A	20	Richard		Harrison	M
17A	21	Mary Ann	Harrison	F
17A	22	Jane		Harrison	F
17A	23	Sophia		Harrison	F
17A	24	Franklin	Harrison	M
17A	25	Annie		Harrison	F
17A	26	Elizabeth	Harrison	F
17A	27	James		Harrison	M
17A	28	Richard		Harrison Jr.	M
17A	29	Heber		Harrison	M
17A	30	James		Whittaker	M
17A	31	Rachel		Whittaker	F
17A	32	James		Whittaker Jr.	M
17A	33	Uriah		Whittaker	M

17B	 1	Mary		Whittaker	F
17B	 2	Sarah		Whittaker	F
17B	 3	Augustine	Whittaker	F
17B	 4	Rachel		Taylor		F
17B	 5	James		Haslam		M
17B	 6	Mary		Haslam		F
17B	 7	John		Haslam		M
17B	 8	James		Haslam	Jr.	M
17B	 9	Rachel		Haslam		F
17B	10	Lucy		Haslam		F
17B	11	Elizabeth	Haslam		F
17B	12	Jane		Haslam		F
17B	13	Henry		Lunt		M
17B	14	Helen		Lunt		F
17B	15	Henry		Lunt	Jr.	M
17B	16	John		Baugh		M
17B	17	Martha		Baugh		F
17B	18	Briah		Baugh		M
17B	19	Ann		Baugh		F
17B	20	Samuel		Baugh		M
17B	21	Mary		Baugh		F
17B	22	Alice		Baugh		F
17B	23	Martha		Baugh		F
17B	24	James		Baugh		M
17B	25	William		Williams	M
17B	26	Margaretta	Williams	F
17B	27	Thomas		Williams	M
17B	28	Margaretta	Williams	F
17B	29	William		Williams Jr.	M
17B	30	James		Price		M
17B	31	John		Price		M
17B	32	Peter		Baker		M
17B	33	David		Baker		M

18A	 1	Thomas		Hutchinson	M
18A	 2	Mary		Hutchinson	F
18A	 3	David		Hutchinson Jr.	M
18A	 4	James		Hutchinson	M
18A	 5	Agnes		Hutchinson	F
18A	 6	Elizabeth	Hutchinson	F
18A	 7	Constance E.	Hutchinson	F
18A	 8	Ira 		Allen		M
18A	 9	Callistia	Allen		F
18A	10	Cazia		Allen		F
18A	11	Elizabeth	Allen		F
18A	12	Emma		Allen		F
18A	13	Henry		Allen		M
18A	14	Emily		Allen		F
18A	15	Maria		Allen		F
18A	16	Franklin	Allen		M
18A	17	Joseph		Allen		M
18A	18	William		Allen		M
18A	19	Louisa		Allen		F
18A	20	George		Allen		M
18A	21	Albert		Allen		M
18A	22	Celeste		Allen		F
18A	23	Caroline	Allen		F
18A	24	Keturah		Allen		F
18A	25	Augustus	Allen		M
18A	26	Mary Ann	Allen		F
18A	27	Simeon		Allen		M
18A	28	Joseph S.	Allen		M
18A	29	Alva		Allen		M
18A	30	Annette		Allen		F
18A	31	Claudine	Allen		F
18A	32	Clarinda	Allen		F
18A	33	Clark		Allen		M

18B	 1	James		Allen		M
18B	 2	Marinda		Allen		F
18B	 3	Joseph		Bohn		M
18B	 4	Sophia		Bohn		F
18B	 5	Andrese		Bohn		M
18B	 6	Sebastine	Bohn		M
18B	 7	Mary		Bohn		F
18B	 8	Christina	Bohn		F
18B	 9	Emma		Bohn		F
18B	10	Josephine	Bohn		F
18B	11	Dortea		Bohn		F
18B	12	Christina	Bohn		F
18B	13	Peter		Nielsen		M
18B	14	Joanna		Nielsen		F
18B	15	James		Nielsen		M
18B	16	Augusta		Nielsen		F
18B	17	Hannah		Nielsen		F
18B	18	William		Lee		M
18B	19	Mary		Lee		F
18B	20	Samuel		Jackson		M
18B	21	Hannah		Jackson		F
18B	22	Sally		Jackson		F
18B	23	Annie		Jackson		F
18B	24	Samuel		Jackson	Jr.	M
18B	25	Bartle		Nielsen		M
18B	26	David D.	Bowen		M
18B	27	Phoebe		Bowen		F
18B	28	Lucy		Bowen		F
18B	29	Daniel		Bowen		M
18B	30	Jane		Bowen		F
18B	31	Morgan		Bowen		M
18B	32	John		Bradshaw	M
18B	33	Jane		Bradshaw	F

19A	 1	Samuel		Baker		M
19A	 2	John		Memmott		M
19A	 3	Julia		Memmott		F
19A	 4	Sarah		Memmott		F
19A	 5	Thomas		Memmott		M
19A	 6	Martha		Memmott		F
19A	 7	William		Memmott		M
19A	 8	James		Memmott		M
19A	 9	Ann		Memmott		F
19A	10	Patty		Maydew		F
19A	11	Charles		Willden		M
19A	12	Eleanor		Willden		F
19A	13	Elliott		Willden		M
19A	14	Charles		Willden	Jr	M
19A	15	John		Willden		M
19A	16	Ann		Willden		F
19A	17	Mary		Willden		F
19A	18	Feargus		Willden		M
19A	19	Ellen		Willden		F
19A	20	Oliver		Willden		M
19A	21	Elizabeth	Willden		F
19A	22	Louisa		Willden		F
19A	23	Eleanor		Willden		F
19A	24	Maria		Willden		F
19A	25	George		Bowering	M
19A	26	George		Bowering Jr	M
19A	27	Thomas Row	Wilden		M
19A	28	Delphina	Wilden		F
19A	29	James		Wilden		M
19A	30	Thomas		Bladen		M
19A	31	Mary		Bladen		F
19A	32	Eunice		Bladen		F
19A	33	Thomas		Bladen	Jr	M

19B	 1	Samuel		Bladen		M
19B	 2	Alice		Bladen		F
19B	 3	Margaret	Bladen		F
19B	 4	David B.	Cook		M
19B	 5	Margery		Cook		F
19B	 6	James		Cook		M
19B	 7	William		Cook		M
19B	 8	David B.	Cook	Jr	M
19B	 9	Jane		Cook		F
19B	10	Eliza		Cook		F
19B	11	Mary		Cook		F
19B	12	Susan		Cook		F
19B	13	Alicia		Cook		F
19B	14	James		Williamson 2nd	M
19B	15	Sophia		Williamson	F
19B	16	James		Williamson Jr	M
19B	17	Betsey		Williamson	F
19B	18	Polly		Williamson	F
19B	19	Nancy		Williamson	F
19B	20	Peter		Williamson	M
19B	21	Elizabeth	Williamson	F
19B	22	Samuel		Bradshaw	M
19B	23	Mary		Bradshaw	F
19B	24	Samuel		Bradshaw Jr	M
19B	25	John		Bradshaw	M
19B	26	Ann		Bradshaw	F
19B	27	Dorothy		Bradshaw	F
19B	28	Hope		Bradshaw	F
19B	29	Thankful	Bradshaw	F
19B	30	Amplias		Bradshaw	F
19B	31	Christina	Bradshaw	F
19B	32	Joseph		Clews		M
19B	33	Mary Ann	Clews		F

20A	 1	Joseph		Clews	Jr	M
20A	 2	Marianne	Clews		F
20A	 3	Philip K.	Smith		M
20A	 4	Anna K.		Smith		F
20A	 5	Betsy K.	Smith		F
20A	 6	Moroni K. 	Smith		M
20A	 7	Joseph K.	Smith		M
20A	 8	Henry K.	Smith		M
20A	 9	Sarah A. K	Smith		F
20A	10	Hannah K.	Smith		F
20A	11	Mary K.		Smith		F
20A	12	Nancy K.	Smith		F
20A	13	Cazia K.	Smith		F
20A	14	Lavinia K.	Smith		F
20A	15	Jonathan	Pugmire		M
20A	16	Ann 		Pugmire		F
20A	17	Jonathan	Pugmire	Jr	M
20A	18	Morton		Pugmire		M
20A	19	Hannah  	Pugmire		F
20A	20	Alice		Pugmire		F
20A	21	James		Pugmire		M
20A	22	Thomas		Jones		M
20A	23	Mary  		Jones		F
20A	24	Margaret	Jones		F
20A	25	John		Jones		M
20A	26	Elizabeth	Jones		F
20A	27	William  	Trehorn		M
20A	28	Christopher	Arthur		M
20A	29	Caroline E. 	Arthur		F
20A	30	Antoinette	Arthur		F
20A	31	Harriet		Arthur		F
20A	32	Julia		Arthur		F
20A	33	William  	Thomas		M
20A	34	Mary		Thomas		F

20B	 1	Morgan		Thomas		M
20B	 2	Polly		Thomas		F
20B	 3	James		Thomas		M
20B	 4	Betsy		Thomas		F
20B	 5	Christopher	Arthur	Jr	M
20B	 6	Mary Ann	Arthur		F
20B	 7	Annie		Arthur		F
20B	 8	Benjamin	Arthur		M
20B	 9	Sophia		Arthur		F
20B	10	Christopher	Arthur	2nd	M
20B	11	Benjamin	Arthur		M
20B	12	Joshua		Arthur		M
20B	13	Charlotte	Arthur		F
20B	14	Alice		Arthur		F
20B	15	Sarah		Arthur		F
20B	16	Joseph		Arthur		M
20B	17	Ellen		Arthur		F
20B	18	Maria		Arthur		F
20B	19	Heber		Arthur		M
20B	20	Susannah	Arthur		F
20B	21	Brigham		Arthur		M
20B	22	Alice		Randall		F
20B	23	Charles		Hopkins		M
20B	24	Mary  		Hopkins		F
20B	25	Lydia		Hopkins		F
20B	26	James		Hopkins		M
20B	27	Jane		Hopkins		F
20B	28	William		Hopkins		M
20B	29	Charles		Hopkins		M
20B	30	Broguard	Hopkins		M
20B	31	Dalacroise	Hopkins		M
20B	32	Eliza		Hopkins		F
20B	33	Lucinda		Hopkins		F

21A	 1	John		Urie		M
21A	 2	Eliezar		Edwards		M
21A	 3	Samuel		Leigh		M
21A	 4	Jane		Leigh		F
21A	 5	Sarah		Leigh		F
21A	 6	Robert		Leigh		M
21A	 7	Marinda		Leigh		F
21A	 8	Alice		Leigh		F
21A	 9	Samuel		Leigh	Jr	M
21A	10	William		Leigh		M
21A	11	Diana		Leigh		F
21A	12	Malvina		Leigh		F
21A	13	Andrew		Leigh		M
21A	14	Davis		Leigh		M
21A	15	Amanda		Williams	F
21A	16	Elizabeth	Walker		F
21A	17	Hannah		Bourne		F
21A	18	Sarah		Bourne		F
21A	19	Samuel		Jervis		M
21A	20	Julia		Jervis		F
21A	21	John		Jervis		M
21A	22	Peter		Jervis		M
21A	23	Elizabeth	Jervis		F
21A	24	Sarah		Jervis		F
21A	25	Sally		Jervis		F
21A	26	Marinda		Merrill		F
21A	27	Jonathan	Kershaw		M
21A	28	Emily		Kershaw		F
21A	29	Sophia		Kershaw		F
21A	30	Hannah		Baugh		F
21A	31	Sarah		Reeves		F
21A	32	Mary		Williamson	F
21A	33	Caroline	Haight		F

21B	 1	Daniel		Taylor		M
21B	 2	James		Taylor		M
21B	 3	Margaret	Allison		F
21B	 4	Jane A.		Tedroc		F
21B	 5	Alice C.	Tedroc		F
21B	 6	Mercy F.	Jamieson	F
21B	 7	Christian	Christiansen	M
21B	 8	Mary		Christiansen	F
21B	 9	Louisa		Christiansen	F
21B	10	Margaretta	Christiansen	F
21B	11	Constance	Davidson	F
21B	12	Sally		Sherman		F
21B	13	Mary		Fuller		F
21B	14	Samuel		Pollock		M
21B	15	Elizabeth	Pollock		F
21B	16	Sarah		Pollock		F
21B	17	Hyrum		Pollock		M
21B	18	Joseph		Pollock		M
21B	19	Samuel		Pollock		M
21B	20	Elizabeth	Pollock		F
21B	21	William		Pollock		M
21B	22	Fanny		Pollock		F
21B	23	Wesley		Pollock		M
21B	24	Lucretia	Pollock		F
21B	25	Caroline	Pollock		F
21B	26	Marianne	Pollock		F
21B	27	Josiah		Reeves		M
21B	28	Sarah		Reeves		F
21B	29	Mary		Reeves		F
21B	30	Elvira		Reeves		F
21B	31	Edwin		Reeves		M
21B	32	Martin		Reeves		M
21B	33	William		Reeves		M

22A	 1	James		Reeves		M
22A	 2	Eveline		Reeves		F
22A	 3	Selma or Selina	Reeves		F
22A	 4	George		Reeves		M
22A	 5	Meriah		Reeves		F
22A	 6	Peter		Reeves		M
22A	 7	Richard		Reeves		M
22A	 8	Gabrella	Reeves		F
22A	 9	Lucinda		Reeves		F
22A	10	Mandana		Reeves		F
22A	11	William		Williams	M
22A	12	Margaret	Williams	F
22A	13	William		Williams Jr	M
22A	14	James		Williams	M
22A	15	Margaretta	Williams	F
22A	16	James		Williams	M
22A	17	Mary Ann	Williams	F
22A	18	Ann		Williams	F
22A	19	Sarah		Williams	F
22A	20	Samuel		Williams	M
22A	21	Rachel		Williams	F
22A	22	John		Williams	M
22A	23	Richard		Williams	M
22A	24	Jacob		Williams	M
22A	25	Jane		Williams	F
22A	26	Thomas		Williams	M
22A	27	Mary  		Williams	F
22A	28	William		Williams	M
22A	29	Charles		Williams	M
22A	30	Ellen		Williams	F
22A	31	Joseph		Williams	M
22A	32	Simeon		Williams	M
22A	33	Margaret	Williams	F

22B	 1	Hannah		Williams	F
22B	 2	Barbara		Williams	F
22B	 3	Charles		Ford		M
22B	 4	Hannah		Ford		F
22B	 5	John		Ford		M
22B	 6	Charles		Ford		M
22B	 7	Jared		Ford		M
22B	 8	Ellen		Ford		F
22B	 9	Samuel		Ford		M
22B	10	Thomas		Ford		M
22B	11	Matilda		Ford		F
22B	12	Betsey		Ford		F
22B	13	Mary Ann	Ford		F
22B	14	Peter		Ford		M
22B	15	Eliza		Ford		F
22B	16	John		Western		M
22B	17	Mary Ann	Western		F
22B	18	Thomas		Western		M
22B	19	James		Western		M
22B	20	Peter		Western		M
22B	21	John		Western		M
22B	22	Samuel		Western		M
22B	23	Matilda		Western		F
22B	24	Charles		Western		M
22B	25	Alexander	Western		M
22B	26	Samuel		Western		M
22B	27	Elizabeth	Western		F
22B	28	Jane C		Western		F
22B	29	Emma		Western		F
22B	30	John		Western		M
22B	31	Samuel		Western	Jr	M
22B	32	Sarah		Western		M
22B	33	Mary  		Western		F

23A	 1	Richard		Western		M
23A	 2	Martha		Western		F
23A	 3	Anne		Western		F
23A	 4	Rueben		Western		M
23A	 5	William		Western		M
23A	 6	Edward		Western		M
23A	 7	Emma		Western		F
23A	 8	Agnes		Western		F
23A	 9	Marianne	Western		F
23A	10	Elizabeth	Western		F
23A	11	Ellen		Western		F
23A	12	Sarah		Western		F
23A	13	James H		Haslam		M
23A	14	Mary		Haslam		F
23A	15	James  		Haslam		M
23A	16	Rachel		Haslam		F
23A	17	Lucy		Haslam		F
23A	18	John		Haslam		M
23A	19	Elizabeth	Haslam		F
23A	20	Richard		Haslam		M
23A	21	Daniel		Haslam		M
23A	22	William		Haslam		M
23A	23	Carlos E.	Haslam		M
23A	24	Betsey		Haslam		F
23A	25	Alice		Haslam		F
23A	26	Francis J	Haslam		M
23A	27	Mary		Haslam		F
23A	28	Hannah		Haslam		F
23A	29	Harriet		Haslam		F
23A	30	John B.		Baugh		M
23A	31	Martha		Baugh		F
23A	32	Martha Ann	Baugh		F
23A	33	James		Baugh		M

23B	 1	Samuel 		Baugh		M
23B	 2	Mary Alice	Baugh		F
23B	 3	Elizabeth	Baugh		F
23B	 4	Jane		Baugh		F
23B	 5	George		Baugh		M
23B	 6	Brian		Baugh		M
23B	 7	Lucy		Baugh		F
23B	 8	Rufus		Baugh		M
23B	 9	Martin		Baugh		M
23B	10	Lydia Ann	Baugh		F
23B	11	Thomas		Baugh		M
23B	12	Matthew		Baugh		M
23B	13	Moses		Baugh		M
23B	14	Sarah		Baugh		F
23B	15	Letitia		Baugh		F
23B	16	Harriet		Baugh		F
23B	17	Jane		Baugh		F
23B	18	Susan		Baugh		F
23B	19	Samuel 		Macmemdie	M
23B	20	Jane		Macmemdie	F
23B	21	Joseph		Macmemdie	M
23B	22	William		Macmemdie	M
23B	23	Christina	Macmemdie	F
23B	24	James		Macmemdie	M
23B	25	Thomas		Macmemdie	M
23B	26	Alexander	Macmemdie	M
23B	27	John		Macmemdie	M
23B	28	Margaret	Macmemdie	F
23B	29	Agnes		Macmemdie	F
23B	30	Daniel		Macmemdie	M
23B	31	Henry		Macmemdie	M
23B	32	Rachel		Macmemdie	F
23B	33	Ellen		Macmemdie	F

24A	 1	Henry		McMemdie	M
24A	 2	Catharine	McMemdie	F
24A	 3	Benjamin	McMemdie	M
24A	 4	Betsy		McMemdie	F
24A	 5	Ann		McMemdie	F
24A	 6	John		Easton		M
24A	 7	Margaret	Easton		F
24A	 8	Ellen		Easton		F
24A	 9	Mary		Easton		F
24A	10	James		Easton		M
24A	11	Elizabeth	Easton		F
24A	12	Jane		Easton		F
24A	13	Henry		Easton		M
24A	14	Robert		Easton		M
24A	15	Samuel		Easton		M
24A	16	Betsy		Easton		F
24A	17	Joseph		Easton		M
24A	18	Matthew		Easton		M
24A	19	Lucy		Easton		F
24A	20	Rachel		Easton		F
24A	21	Ruth		Easton		F
24A	22	Leah		Easton		F
24A	23	James		Farrer		M
24A	24	Mary		Farrer		F
24A	25	Susan		Farrer		F
24A	26	Mary Ann	Farrer		F
24A	27	Abraham		Farrer		M
24A	28	Thomas		Farrer		M
24A	29	Elizabeth	Farrer		F
24A	30	Jane C.		Farrer		F
24A	31	Barbara		Farrer		F
24A	32	Lewis		Farrer		M
24A	33	George		Farrer		M

24B	 1	John		Farrer		M
24B	 2	Ellen		Farrer		F
24B	 3	William		Farrer		M
24B	 4	Peter		Farrer		M
24B	 5	Catharine	Farrer		F
24B	 6	Margaret	Farrer		F
24B	 7	Augustus	Farrer		M
24B	 8	Henry		Farrer		M
24B	 9	John		Hall		M
24B	10	Mary		Hall		F
24B	11	Sarah		Hall		F
24B	12	Margaret	Hall		F
24B	13	Samuel		Hall		M
24B	14	James		Hall		M
24B	15	Elizabeth	Hall		F
24B	16	Adolphus	Hall		M
24B	17	Josephine	Hall		F
24B	18	Rachel		Hall		F
24B	19	Belinda		Hall		F
24B	20	George		Hall		M
24B	21	Job T.		Rowland		M
24B	22	Mary		Rowland		F
24B	23	Edward		Rowland		M
24B	24	Matthew		Rowland		M
24B	25	Mary		Rowland		F
24B	26	Edwin		Rowland		M
24B	27	Alice		Rowland		F
24B	28	Harriet		Rowland		F
24B	29	Hannah		Rowland		F
24B	30	Benjamin	Rowland		M
24B	31	Lovina		Rowland		F
24B	32	Sobrella	Rowland		F
24B	33	Thomas		Rowland		M

25A	 1	Jacob		Rowland		M
25A	 2	Gabrella	Rowland		F
25A	 3	Aaron		Rowland		M
25A	 4	John		Morriss		M
25A	 5	Barbara		Morriss		F
25A	 6	William		Morriss		M
25A	 7	Barbara		Morriss		F
25A	 8	Mary		Morriss		F
25A	 9	Richard		Morriss		M
25A	10	Elizabeth	Morriss		F
25A	11	Price		Morriss		M
25A	12	Jane		Morriss		F
25A	13	Princess	Morriss		F
25A	14	Elias		Morriss		M
25A	15	Martha		Morriss		F
25A	16	James		Morriss		M
25A	17	Frederick	Morriss		M
25A	18	Edward		Morriss		M
25A	19	Ellen		Morriss		F
25A	20	William Price	Jones		M
25A	21	Barbara		Jones		F
25A	22	Marianne	Jones		F
25A	23	William		Jones		M
25A	24	Barbara C.	Jones		F
25A	25	Elizabeth	Jones		F
25A	26	Sheba		Jones		F
25A	27	Charles		Jones		M
25A	28	George		Jones		M
25A	29	Hugh		Jones		M
25A	30	Elias		Jones		M
25A	31	Selma		Jones		F
25A	32	Euphronia	Jones		F
25A	33	Alexander	Jones		M

25B	 1	Hannibal 	Jones		M
25B	 2	Lucretia	Jones		F
25B	 3	Feargus		Jones		M
25B	 4	Eveline		Jones		F
25B	 5	Thalia		Jones		F
25B	 6	Desdemona	Jones		F
25B	 7	Hugh Conway	Morris		M
25B	 8	Mary		Morris		F
25B	 9	Elizabeth	Morris		F
25B	10	Julias		Morris		M
25B	11	Mary Jane	Morris		F
25B	12	Bathsheba	Morris		F
25B	13	Susan		Morris		F
25B	14	Alexander	Morris		M
25B	15	Janet		Morris		F
25B	16	Dorthea		Morris		F
25B	17	Henry		Morris		M
25B	18	Lucy		Morris		F
25B	19	Patrick		Morris		M
25B	20	Isaac		Morris		M
25B	21	Herod		Morris		M
25B	22	Josiah		Morris		M
25B	23	Lydia		Morris		F
25B	24	Emily		Morris		F
25B	25	Andrew S.	Gibbons		M
25B	26	Rizpah		Gibbons		F
25B	27	Andrew V.	Gibbons		M
25B	28	Wilson		Gibbons		M
25B	29	Martha Seriah	Gibbons		F
25B	30	Eliza  		Gibbons		F
25B	31	Almira		Gibbons		F
25B	32	Rosalia		Gibbons		F
25B	33	Lucinda		Gibbons		F