0505913 UT  Microfilm				
	Utah Census - 1856 Entire State				

	Transcribed by Cheryl Whitelaw, whitelawcs@suu.edu
        Proofread by Allan Edwards

	"Paragoonah, Iron County"				
	Note:  Later the spelling was Paragonah				

	Names were in two columns with M/F marked with /				
	Line numbers added for indexing				
	Surnames added where ditto marks were for indexing.				

Page	Line	First Name	Last Name	Sex

1A	 1	Edward S.	Hope		M
1A	 2	Emma		Hope		F
1A	 3	Sarah		Hope		F
1A	 4	James		Dally		M
1A	 5	Emily		Dally		F
1A	 6	Susan		Dally		F
1A	 7	Edward  	Dally		M
1A	 8	Annie E		Dally		F
1A	 9	John E.		Dally		M
1A	10	Thomas J.	Dally		M
1A	11	Emma R		Dally		F
1A	12	George		Dally		M
1A	13	John  		Dally		M
1A	14	Elizabeth	Dally		F
1A	15	Eliza M		Dally		F
1A	16	James W.	Bay		M
1A	17	Lucinda		Bay		F
1A	18	James W.	Bay	Jr	M
1A	19	Festus S.	Bay		M
1A	20	Lorenzo		Bay		M
1A	21	Mary		Bay		F
1A	22	Sarah		Bay		F
1A	23	Ellen		Bay		F
1A	24	William		Dally		M
1A	25	Mandana		Dally		F
1A	26	Sarah A.	Dally		F
1A	27	Moroni		Dally		M
1A	28	William		Dally	Jr	M
1A	29	Eliza		Dally		F
1A	30	Sarah		Dally		F
1A	31	Jane		Dally		F
1A	32	Jason		Dally		M
1A	33	Susan		Dally		F
1A	34	Samuel		Edmonson	M

1B	 1	Thomas W. P.	Smith		M
1B	 2	Mary		Smith		F
1B	 3	Sarah		Smith		F
1B	 4	Marinda		Smith		F
1B	 5	Job		Smith		M
1B	 6	Lucy		Smith		F
1B	 7	Eliza		Smith		F
1B	 8	William		Smith		M
1B	 9	Catharine	Smith		F
1B	10	Samuel		Smith		M
1B	11	Edward		Smith		M
1B	12	Price		Kingsley	M
1B	13	Alice		Martin		F
1B	14	Simon		Peters		M
1B	15	Mary		Peters		F
1B	16	Susan		Peters		F
1B	17	John		Peters		M
1B	18	Sarah		Peters		F
1B	19	Julia		Peters		F
1B	20	Nancy		Peters		F
1B	21	Samuel		Peters		M
1B	22	James		Peters		M
1B	23	Lucy		Peters		F
1B	24	Eleanor		Robinson	F
1B	25	Matthew		Thompson	M
1B	26	Thomas  	Elsinor		M
1B	27	Joel H.		Johnson		M
1B	28	Susan		Johnson		F
1B	29	Janet		Johnson		F
1B	30	Se*tus E.	Johnson		M
1B	31	Berletha	Johnson		F
1B	32	Sarah		Johnson		F
1B	33	Susan		Johnson		F
1B	34	Seth		Johnson		M

2A	 1	Hill J		Johnson		M
2A	 2	Annie M		Johnson		F
2A	 3	David U.	Johnson		M
2A	 4	Joel H.		Johnson	Jr	M
2A	 5	Emily M		Johnson		F
2A	 6	Julia		Johnson		F
2A	 7	James F.	Johnson		M
2A	 8	Mary S		Johnson		F
2A	 9	Joseph E.	Johnson		M
2A	10	Almont B	Johnson		M
2A	11	Matilda		Johnson		F
2A	12	Samuel C	Johnson		M
2A	13	Margaret	Johnson		F
2A	14	Elizabeth	Johnson		F
2A	15	Delight		Wilberforce	F
2A	16	William D	Johnson		M
2A	17	Eliza  		Johnson		F
2A	18	Nancy M		Johnson		F
2A	19	Charles S	Johnson		M
2A	20	Maria		Johnson		F
2A	21	Sophia		Johnson		F
2A	22	Amos		Johnson		M
2A	23	Celestia	Johnson		F
2A	24	Ellis		Johnson		M
2A	25	Lucinda		Johnson		F
2A	26	Laban		Oddman		M
2A	27	Helena		MacKnight	F
2A	28	Alman		Morrill		M
2A	29	Lorraine	Morrill		F
2A	30	Pamela		Morrill		F
2A	31	Robert D	Morrill		M
2A	32	Lydia		Morrill		F
2A	33	Horatia		Morrill		M
2A	34	John		Morrill		M

2B	 1	Joseph		Morrill		M
2B	 2	Esther		Morrill		F
2B	 3	Mary		Morrill		F
2B	 4	Charles		Morrill		M
2B	 5	Esther L	Morrill		F
2B	 6	Hyrum		Morrill		M
2B	 7	Calvin		Morrill		M
2B	 8	Sarah		Morrill		F
2B	 9	Judith		Morrill		F
2B	10	Nancy		Morrill		F
2B	11	David		Morrill		M
2B	12	William		Perks		M
2B	13	Bertha		Jones		F
2B	14	Flora		Madison		F
2B	15	Matthew		Thomas		M
2B	16	Rebecca		Thomas		F
2B	17	Lucy		Thomas		F
2B	18	Mark		Thomas		M
2B	19	Luke		Thomas		M
2B	20	Lucy		Thomas		F
2B	21	John		Thomas		M
2B	22	Agatha		Thomas		F
2B	23	Maria		Thomas		F
2B	24	Susan		Thomas		F
2B	25	Adam		White		M
2B	26	John		Bair		M
2B	27	Isabella	Stuart		F
2B	28	James		Thomas		M
2B	29	Mary		Thomas		F
2B	30	Lydia		Thomas		F
2B	31	Jane		Thomas		F
2B	32	John		Longworthy	M
2B	33	James		Longworthy	M
2B	34	Adaline		Hutchins	F

3A	 1	Amos		James		M
3A	 2	Mary		James		F
3A	 3	Elizabeth	James		F
3A	 4	John		James		M
3A	 5	Peter		James		M
3A	 6	William		James		M
3A	 7	Martha		James		F
3A	 8	Thomas		James		M
3A	 9	Sarah		James		F
3A	10	Eliza  		James		F
3A	11	James		James		M
3A	12	Nancy		Tanner		F
3A	13	Julia		Hitchcock	F
3A	14	Susan		Slater		F
3A	15	John		Ellis		M
3A	16	Susan		Ellis		F
3A	17	Peter		Ellis		M
3A	18	Samuel		Ellis		M
3A	19	Sarah		Ellis		F
3A	20	Joseph		Hill		M
3A	21	Susannah	Hill		F
3A	22	Laura		Hill		F
3A	23	Samuel		Hill		M
3A	24	Margaretta	Hill		F
3A	25	John		Hill		M
3A	26	Emer		Hill		M
3A	27	Martha		Hill		F
3A	28	Mary		Hill		F
3A	29	Sarah J.	Hill		F
3A	30	Jacob		Welch		M
3A	31	Artemas		Welch		F
3A	32	Thomas		Welch		M
3A	33	Nancy		Welch		F
3A	34	Jane		Welch		F

3B	 1	Amos		Partridge	M
3B	 2	Susan		Partridge	F
3B	 3	John		Partridge	M
3B	 4	Edgar		Partridge	M	
3B	 5	Emma		Partridge	F	
3B	 6	Annie		Partridge	F	
3B	 7	Ellizabeth	Partridge	F	[sic]
3B	 8	Jane		Partridge	F	
3B	 9	Daniel		Taylor		M	
3B	10	Matilda		Taylor		F	
3B	11	Esther		Taylor		F	
3B	12	John		Taylor		M	
3B	13	Isabel		Taylor		F	
3B	14	Amos		Taylor		M	
3B	15	William		Taylor		M	
3B	16	Martha		Taylor		F	
3B	17	Constance	Taylor		F	
3B	18	Celia		Taylor		F	
3B	19	Thomas		King		M	
3B	20	Mary		King		F
3B	21	James		King		M
3B	22	Theresa		King		F
3B	23	Lucy		King		F
3B	24	John		King		M
3B	25	Joseph		King		M
3B	26	Samuel		King		M
3B	27	Thomas		Tucker		M
3B	28	Marion		Henson		F
3B	29	Jacob		Duffin		M
3B	30	Charles		Prince		M
3B	31	Jane		Cross		F
3B	32	Jonathan	Longbottom	M
3B	33	Agnes		Owens		F
3B	34	Matilda		Lewis		F

4A	 1	William		Bryant		M
4A	 2	Susan		Bryant		F
4A	 3	Nancy		Bryant		F
4A	 4	Charles		Bryant		M
4A	 5	Martha		Bryant		F
4A	 6	Daniel		Bryant		M
4A	 7	Horner		Bryant		M
4A	 8	Charlotte	Bryant		F
4A	 9	Dianthe		Bryant		F
4A	10	Calista		Bryant		F
4A	11	James		Hollingbeak	M
4A	12	Lucy		Hollingbeak	F
4A	13	Peter		Hollingbeak	M
4A	14	Thankful	Hollingbeak	F
4A	15	Jane A		Hollingbeak	F
4A	16	Lucy		Whitman		F
4A	17	Charles		Taylor		M
4A	18	Samuel		Taylor		M
4A	19	Peter		Taylor		M
4A	20	Mary		Snyder		F
4A	21	Sophia		Snyder		F
4A	22	Antonio		de Garcia	M
4A	23	Persus		Belding		M
4A	24	Electa A	Bowen		F
4A	25	Cleopatra	Ames		F
4A	26	Mary Ann	Dunyon		F
4A	27	Susan		Taylor		F
4A	28	Agnes		Taylor		F
4A	29	Agatha		Taylor		F
4A	30	Tabitha		Taylor		F
4A	31	Orson B.	Adams		M
4A	32	Susannah	Adams		F
4A	33	Margaret J	Adams		F
4A	34	John S.		Adams		M

4B	 1	Charles B.	Adams		M
4B	 2	Mary J		Adams		F
4B	 3	Joseph		Adams		M
4B	 4	Elisha		Adams		M
4B	 5	Susannah J	Adams		F
4B	 6	Elmer		Adams		M
4B	 7	Sarah D.	Adams		F
4B	 8	Heber		Adams		M
4B	 9	Eliezar		Adams		M
4B	10	Louisa		Adams		F
4B	11	George		Adams		M
4B	12	Anthony		Adams		M
4B	13	Louisa		Knight		F
4B	14	Sophia		Knight		F
4B	15	Zenira		Knight		F
4B	16	William		Barton		M
4B	17	Esther		Barton		F
4B	18	Susan  		Barton		F
4B	19	Alma		Barton		M
4B	20	Matilda		Barton		F
4B	21	William P.	Barton		M
4B	22	Daniel		Barton		M
4B	23	Harriet		Barton		F
4B	24	Mary  		Barton		F
4B	25	Sarah  		Barton		F
4B	26	Asenath		Barton		F
4B	27	Josiah		Barton		M
4B	28	Richard		Barton		M
4B	29	John R		Robinson	M
4B	30	Jane		Robinson	F
4B	31	Sarah A.	Robinson	F
4B	32	James		Robinson	M
4B	33	William		Robinson	M
4B	34	John  		Robinson	M

5A	 1	Alexander	Patten		M
5A	 2	Judith		Patten		F
5A	 3	Ruth		Patten		F
5A	 4	Mary		Patten		F
5A	 5	Jane		Patten		F
5A	 6	Rupert		Patten		M
5A	 7	Charles		Halls		M
5A	 8	Elizabeth	Halls		F
5A	 9	Margaret A	Halls		F
5A	10	Charles		Halls	Jr	M
5A	11	Sarah		Halls		F
5A	12	John W		Halls		M
5A	13	Alonzo		Halls		M
5A	14	Philander	Halls		M
5A	15	Susan R		Halls		F
5A	16	Harriet		Halls		F
5A	17	Ebenezer	Halls		M
5A	18	Lucy A		Halls		F
5A	19	Hiram		Halls		M
5A	20	Cornelia	Halls		F
5A	21	John B		Halls		M
5A	22	Samuel		Halls		M
5A	23	Crewcey		Halls		F
5A	24	Mona		Burgess		M
5A	25	Mandana		Gray		F
5A	26	Mercy		Hofhiens	F
5A	27	William H.	Dame		M
5A	28	Lavinia		Dame		F
5A	29	Lovira		Dame		F
5A	30	Laura E		Dame		F
5A	31	William J	Dame		M
5A	32	Alonzo		Dame		M
5A	33	Thalia		Dame		F
5A	34	Charles		Dame		M

5B	 1	Joseph		Dame		M
5B	 2	Sylvia		Dame		F
5B	 3	Margaret	Dame		F
5B	 4	Simeon A	Dame		M
5B	 5	Elsa		Dame		F
5B	 6	Erastus N.	Dame		M
5B	 7	Moroni H	Dame		M
5B	 8	Amanda		Dame		F
5B	 9	Jabez		Dame		M
5B	10	Reuben		Dame		M
5B	11	Giles W.	Dame		M
5B	12	Ruth		Peavey		F
5B	13	Lodia S. A	Corry		F
5B	14	Job P.		Hall		M
5B	15	Mary E		Hall		F
5B	16	Anna		Hall		F
5B	17	Fidelia		Hall		F
5B	18	Job  		Hall	Jr	M
5B	19	Mary E.		Hall		F
5B	20	William W	Hall		M
5B	21	Sarah		Hall		F
5B	22	Harriet		Hall		F	
5B	23	Susan		Hall		F	
5B	24	David		Hall		M	
5B	25	Robert		Hall		M	
5B	26	Hannah		Hall		F	
5B	27	Thomas		Hall		M	
5B	28	Mercy		Hall		M	[sic]
5B	29	Mary A		Simpson		F	
5B	30	Benjamin	Watts		M	
5B	31	Juliette	Watts		F	
5B	32	Stephen		Watts		M	
5B	33	Amanda		Andrews		F	
5B	34	James		Griffith Jr	M	

6A	 1	James		Morton		M	
6A	 2	Matilda		Morton		F
6A	 3	Harriet		Brough		F
6A	 4	John		Taylor		M
6A	 5	Parowant	Dame		M
6A	 6	Polly		Dame		F
6A	 7	Eliza		Dame		F
6A	 8	Nancy		Dame		F
6A	 9	Elijah		Dame		M
6A	10	Samuel		Dame		M
6A	11	Jane		Dame		F
6A	12	Mehitable	Dame		F
6A	13	Sarah		Dame		F
6A	14	Mistriss	Dame		F
6A	15	Martha		Dame		F
6A	16	Samuel		Johnson		M
6A	17	Ellen		Johnson		F
6A	18	Sally A.	Johnson		F
6A	19	Hyrum		Johnson		M
6A	20	William		Johnson		M
6A	21	David		Cordon		M
6A	22	Jonathan H	Brough		M
6A	23	John		Freeman		M
6A	24	Margaret P.	Freeman		F
6A	25	William H.	Freeman		M
6A	26	Jemimah		Freeman		F
6A	27	Martha J	Freeman		F
6A	28	John W.		Freeman		M
6A	29	Nancy B		Freeman		F
6A	30	Columbus	Freeman		M
6A	31	Janet		Freeman		F
6A	32	Eliezar		Bayden		M
6A	33	Jane		Bayden		F
6A	34	Margaret E.	Bayden		F

6B	 1	John C.		Bayden		M
6B	 2	Salome		Bayden		F
6B	 3	John  		Topham	Jr	M
6B	 4	Betsy		Topham		F
6B	 5	James		Topham		M
6B	 6	Wm T.		Topham		M
6B	 7	Charlotte	Topham		F
6B	 8	Eliza		Topham		F
6B	 9	Mercy		Topham		F
6B	10	Joseph		Topham		M
6B	11	Jane		Topham		F
6B	12	Richard		Topham		M
6B	13	Marianne	Topham		F
6B	14	Susannah R.	Topham		F
6B	15	Charles		Rockworth	M
6B	16	James		Worth		M
6B	17	Elijah		Eldreth		M
6B	18	Mary		Eldreth		F
6B	19	Lucretia	Eldreth		F
6B	20	John		Eldreth		M
6B	21	Marias		Ensign		M
6B	22	Eliza A.	Ensign		F
6B	23	Isaac		Ensign		M
6B	24	Moses		Ensign		M
6B	25	Katharine	Ensign		F
6B	26	Moses		Ensign		M
6B	27	Mary		Ensign		F
6B	28	Lucy		Ensign		F
6B	29	Thomas		Ensign		M
6B	30	David		Ensign		M
6B	31	Sally		Wentworth	F
6B	32	Susan  		Parker		F
6B	33	James		Day		M
6B	34	Delight		Day		F

7A	 1	John		Walker		M
7A	 2	Elijah S	Day		M
7A	 3	Margaret	Day		F
7A	 4	James		Montague	M
7A	 5	Joseph P.	Barton		M
7A	 6	Eliza		Barton		F
7A	 7	Josephine	Barton		F
7A	 8	Elizabeth	Barton		F
7A	 9	Martha		Barton		F
7A	10	John		Barton		M
7A	11	Mary		Barton		F
7A	12	William		Barton		M
7A	13	Nancy		Barton		F
7A	14	Sally		Barton		F
7A	15	Jerusha		Barton		F
7A	16	Alphonzo B.	McCain		M
7A	17	Asael		Burroughs	M
7A	18	Samuel		Arnsworth	M
7A	19	Amelia		Arnsworth	F
7A	20	Isabella	Arnsworth	F
7A	21	Josiah		Arnsworth	M
7A	22	Ellen		Eldican		F
7A	23	James		Cumming		M
7A	24	Nancy R.	Holliday	F
7A	25	Stephen S.	Barton		M
7A	26	Sally		Barton		F
7A	27	John S.		Barton		M
7A	28	Elizabeth	Barton		F
7A	29	Mary		Barton		F
7A	30	John		Barton		M
7A	31	Lewis		Barton		M
7A	32	Hure		Barton		M
7A	33	Julia		Barton		F
7A	34	Matilda		Barton		F

7B	 1	John		Pinney		M
7B	 2	Thomas		More		M
7B	 3	Elizabeth	More		F
7B	 4	Rosina		More		F
7B	 5	Dianthe		More		F
7B	 6	Flora		More		F
7B	 7	Elihu		More		M
7B	 8	Matilda		More		F
7B	 9	James		Patten		M
7B	10	Rose		Patten		F
7B	11	James		Patten	Jr	M
7B	12	Judith		Patten		F
7B	13	James		McGuffie	M
7B	14	Helena		McGuffie	F
7B	15	Peter		McGuffie	M
7B	16	Bertha		McGuffie	F
7B	17	Annie		McGuffie	F
7B	18	Robert E.	Miller		M
7B	19	Eliza  		Miller		F
7B	20	Robert  	Miller	Jr	M
7B	21	Elizabeth	Miller		F
7B	22	Ellen		Miller		F
7B	23	Jamantha	Miller		F
7B	24	Elvira		Miller		F
7B	25	Nancy		Knight		F
7B	26	Betsy		Knight		F
7B	27	Mark		Wrighton	M
7B	28	Mary		Wrighton	F
7B	29	Eliza Ann	Wrighton	F
7B	30	John		Wardle		M
7B	31	Harriet		Wardle		F
7B	32	Eliza		Wardle		F
7B	33	Amanda		Wardle		F
7B	34	Robert		Foster		M

8A	 1	Elizabeth	Rowley		F
8A	 2	Adam		Brooks		M
8A	 3	Betsey		Brooks		F
8A	 4	Maria		Brooks		F		
8A	 5	Eliza  		Galley		F		
8A	 6	Jabez		Stout		M		
8A	 7	Emma		Stout		F		
8A	 8	John		Stout		M		
8A	 9	Jenetta		Stout		F		
8A	10	Ellen		Stout		F		
8A	11	Margaret	Morgan		F		
8A	12	Annie		Jenkins		F		
8A	13	Eleanor		Hill		F		

					M	F
					220	269

End of Paragoonah, Iron County, Utah  1856.