0505913 UT   Microfilm                  
     Census--1856 Entire State                    

     Transcribed by Cheryl Whitelaw, whitelawcs@suu.edu
     Proofread by Allan Edwards.

     "Iron County, Parowan City"                  

"Names are written in two columns, with M or F marked /"                   
Last names are added to replace ditto marks for indexing.                  
"Lines are not numbered, but I have added numbers for indexing."                

Page Line First Name    Last Name  Sex

1A    1   Samuel    	West        	M
1A    2   Margaret  	West        	F
1A    3   William M.    West        	M
1A    4   Susan E.  	West        	F
1A    5   Margaret F.   West        	F
1A    6   Lydia C.  	West        	F
1A    7   Lehi      	West        	M
1A    8   Nancy M   	West        	F
1A    9   Ezekiel   	West        	M
1A   10   John      	West        	M
1A   11   Nathan    	West        	M
1A   12   Dinah         West        	F
1A   13   Rosa      	West        	F
1A   14   Daniel        West        	M
1A   15   Samuel H. 	Rogers      	M
1A   16   Anna M.   	Rogers      	F
1A   17   Ruth      	Rogers      	F
1A   18   Smith D.  	Rogers      	M
1A   19   Davis H   	Rogers      	M
1A   20   Amand J.  	Rogers      	F
1A   21   Leonora   	Rogers      	F	
1A   22   Noble         Rogers      	M
1A   23   Mary     	Rogers      	F
1A   24   Sarah A  	Rogers      	F
1A   25   Alexander 	Rogers      	M
1A   26   Titus         Rogers      	M
1A   27   Freeman   	Rogers      	M
1A   28   Amanda    	Rogers      	F
1A   29   Edith         Rogers      	F
1A   30   Urtran V. 	Stewart     	M
1A   31   Elizabeth 	Stewart     	F
1A   32   Edna      	Stewart     	F
1A   33   Joseph        Stewart     	M

1B    1   Van       	Stewart     	M
1B    2   Cressa M.     Stewart     	F
1B    3   Urban         Stewart     	M
1B    4   Elizabeth 	Stewart     	F    
1B    5   George A  	Smith       	M    
1B    6   Zelpha    	Smith       	F    
1B    7   Joel      	Smith       	M    
1B    8   Ruth      	Smith       	F    
1B    9   Joseph        Smith 3rd   	M    could be 2nd
1B   10   Mary A.   	Smith       	F    
1B   11   Lorenzo   	Barton      	M    
1B   12   Sarah         Barton      	F    
1B   13   Joseph W. 	Barton      	M    
1B   14   Nancy M.  	Barton      	F    
1B   15   Joseph        Whitehouse  	M    
1B   16   Susan         Smith       	F    
1B   17   David         Cluff  Jr   	M    
1B   18   Sarah A   	Cluff       	F    
1B   19   David F.  	Cluff       	M  	  
1B   20   Hyrum     	Cluff       	M
1B   21   Annis H.  	Cluff       	F
1B   22   Josiah W. 	Cluff       	M
1B   23   George A. 	Cluff       	M
1B   24   Mary Ann  	Cluff       	F
1B   25   Sarah E.  	Cluff       	F
1B   26   Nancy     	Cluff       	F
1B   27   Josiah W. 	Fleming     	M
1B   28   Nancy         Fleming     	F
1B   29   Edward    	Dolten      	M
1B   30   Elizabeth 	Dolten      	F
1B   31   Jane      	Dolten      	F
1B   32   Edward M  	Dolten      	M
1B   33   Joseph    	Dolten      	M

2A    1   Hyrum     	Dolten      	M
2A    2   Hannah    	Dolten      	F
2A    3   Cedrinia  	Dolten      	F
2A    4   Antoinette    Dolten      	F
2A    5   Hyrum     	Banker      	M
2A    6   Hiram         Fielding    	M
2A    7   Janet         Fielding    	F
2A    8   Elijah        Elmer       	M
2A    9   Marion    	Elmer       	F
2A   10   Elijah        Elmer Jr    	M
2A   11   Emma      	Elmer       	F
2A   12   Allen         Elmer       	M
2A   13   Mary E.   	Elmer?      	F
2A   14   Nimcron   	Elmer       	M
2A   15   Henry         Elmer       	M
2A   16   Sarah         Elmer       	F
2A   17   Ephraim   	Elmer       	M
2A   18   Betsy         Cunningham  	F
2A   19   Sally         Cunningham  	F
2A   20   Andrew    	Baxton      	M
2A   21   Margaret  	Baxton      	F
2A   22   Zechariah B.  Decker      	M
2A   23   Nancy         Decker      	F
2A   24   Zechariah B.  Decker Jr   	M
2A   25   James B.  	Decker      	M
2A   26   Camelia   	Decker      	F
2A   27   Clarissa  	Decker      	F
2A   28   Cornelius 	Decker      	M
2A   29   Charlotte 	Weakley     	F	
2A   30   Martin H  	Anderson    	M
2A   31   Sally         Anderson    	F
2A   32   Sidney R. 	Burton      	M
2A   33   Betsy         Burton      	F

2B    1   Stephen S.    Burton      	M
2B    2   Susannah  	Burton      	F
2B    3   John      	Burton      	M
2B    4   William   	Burton      	M
2B    5   Anna      	Smith       	F
2B    6   Charity   	Smith       	F
2B    7   John      	Lowder      	M
2B    8   Sarah G.  	Lowder      	F
2B    9   Robert E. 	Miller      	M
2B   10   Eliza         Miller      	F
2B   11   Elizabeth 	Miller      	F
2B   12   Robert E. 	Miller Jr   	M
2B   13   Ellen         Miller      	F
2B   14   Charles H.    Smith       	M
2B   15   Calvin C. 	Pendleton   	M
2B   16   Sally A.  	Pendleton   	F
2B   17   Phobe A   	Pendleton   	F
2B   18   Daniel S  	Pendleton   	M
2B   19   Sarah     	Pendleton   	F
2B   20   James N   	Pendleton   	M
2B   21   Jane N.   	Pendleton   	F
2B   22   Freeman W 	Pendleton   	M
2B   23   Dentha    	Murray      	F
2B   24   Job       	Pendleton   	M
2B   25   Louisa        Pendleton   	F
2B   26   Jeremiah  	Pendleton   	M
2B   27   Jabez         Pendleton   	M
2B   28   Sophronia 	Pendleton   	F
2B   29   Cynthia   	Chauncey    	F
2B   30   Richard   	Benson      	M
2B   31   Phoebe    	Benson      	F
2B   32   Richard H 	Benson      	M
2B   33   William   	Benson      	M

3A    1   Sarah         Benson      	F
3A    2   Mary A.   	Benson      	F
3A    3   James         Benson      	M
3A    4   Thomas    	Benson Sen  	M
3A    5   Nancy         Benson      	F
3A    6   Lucy     	Benson      	F
3A    7   Betsy         Benson    	F
3A    8   Thomas    	Benson Jr   	M
3A    9   Richard   	Benson      	M
3A   10   Margaret  	Benson      	F
3A   11   Ellen         Benson      	F
3A   12   Nathan    	Benson      	M
3A   13   Alice         Benson      	F
3A   14   Elizabeth 	Benson      	F
3A   15   James         Benson      	M
3A   16   William   	Stringfellow	M
3A   17   Betsy         Stringfellow   	F
3A   18   William   	Stringfellow Jr	M
3A   19   Thomas    	Stringfellow   	M
3A   20   John      	Stringfellow   	M
3A   21   Ellen         Stringfellow   	F
3A   22   Mary Jane 	Lyons          	F
3A   23   James H   	Martineau 	M
3A   24   Caroline  	Martineau 	F
3A   25   Mary A.   	Martineau 	F
3A   26   Alice         Martineau 	F
3A   27   Henry A   	Martineau 	M
3A   28   Moroni H  	Martineau 	M
3A   29   James H   	Martineau 	M
3A   30   Harriet   	Martineau 	F
3A   31   Robert        Cunningham     	M
3A   32   John      	Martineau 	M
3A   33   Lucretia  	Martineau 	F

3B    1   Peter         Martineau 	M
3B    2   Frances   	Martineau 	F
3B    3   Ellen         Martineau 	F
3B    4   Hyrum     	Martineau 	M
3B    5   Julia         Martineau 	F
3B    6   William H.    Winslow   	M
3B    7   Julia A   	Winslow   	F
3B    8   Thomas A. 	Winslow   	M
3B    9   Hannah R  	Winslow   	F
3B   10   Eleanor   	Winslow   	F
3B   11   Margaret  	Winslow   	F
3B   12   Richard R 	Winslow   	M
3B   13   Caroline  	Winslow   	F
3B   14   Andrew    	Lyons     	M
3B   15   White         Lyons          	M
3B   16   James         McGuffy   	M
3B   17   Isabella  	McGuffy   	F
3B   18   James         McGuffy Jr     	M
3B   19   Joseph        McGuffy   	M
3B   20   Alice         McGuffy   	F
3B   21   Nancy         Wright    	F
3B   22   Thomas    	Bell      	M
3B   23   Jane      	Bell      	F
3B   24   Mary Ann  	Bell      	F
3B   25   James         Bell      	M
3B   26   John M.   	Lyons          	M
3B   27   Mary          Kay       	F
3B   28   Mary      	Graham    	F
3B   29   Alexander 	Ogden          	M
3B   30   Elizabeth 	Forrester 	F
3B   31   James         Hawthorn  	M
3B   32   William   	Gore      	M
3B   33   Mary      	Gore      	F

4A    1   James     	Lewis          	M
4A    2   Emily J   	Lewis          	F
4A    3   James     	Lewis     Jr   	M
4A    4   Wm S.     	Lewis          	M
4A    5   Joseph A  	Lewis          	M
4A    6   Anna E.   	Lewis          	F
4A    7   Emily     	Lewis         	F
4A    8   George    	Lewis          	M
4A    9   Patty    	Horbot         	F
4A   10   Charlotte 	Chatterly      	F
4A   11   John 		Hayward        	M
4A   12   Jezebel   	Hayward        	F
4A   13   Keturah   	Hayward        	F
4A   14   Patience  	Hayward        	F
4A   15   Lovely    	Hayward        	F
4A   16   Jeremiah  	Hayward        	M
4A   17   Samuel D  	Hayward        	M
4A   18   Sarah     	Hayward        	F
4A   19   Mehitable 	Hayward        	F
4A   20   Mary 		Hayward        	F
4A   21   Bathsheba 	Hayward        	F
4A   22   John 		Hayward   Jr   	M
4A   23   Habbakuk  	Hayward        	M
4A   24   Ruth 		Hayward        	F
4A   25   James G.  	Hayward        	M
4A   26   Rachel    	Hayward        	F
4A   27   John 		Livingston     	M
4A   28   Job  		Hatton         	M
4A   29   Jehabed   	Hunt      	M
4A   30   Job  		Allcock        	M
4A   31   Archibald 	Tripman        	M
4A   32   Harriet   	Tripman        	F
4A   33   Susan A   	Tripman        	F
4A   34   Zechariah 	Tripman        	M

4B    1   Jabus     	Tripman        	M
4B    2   Caroline T    Tripman        	F
4B    3   William   	Tripman        	M
4B    4   Annie E.  	Holman         	F
4B    5   Patience  	Harwood        	F
4B    6   Laura A.  	Gibbs          	F
4B    7   Marion    	Gibbs          	F
4B    8   Daniel    	Mitchell       	M
4B    9   Jacob     	Hofheins       	M
4B   10   Mary A    	Hofheins       	F
4B   11   Jacob A   	Hofheins       	M
4B   12   Laman     	Hofheins       	M
4B   13   Lucretia  	Hofheins       	F
4B   14   George F. 	Hofheins       	M
4B   15   Mary J    	Hofheins       	F
4B   16   Caroline      Morris         	F
4B   17   John M.   	Baylis         	M
4B   18   Spencer   	Baylis         	M
4B   19   Thomas    	Baylis         	M
4B   20   James     	Baylis         	M
4B   21   Caroline  	Morris         	F
4B   22   Enoch     	Davis          	M
4B   23   Elizabeth 	Davis          	F
4B   24   Aminca    	Davis          	F
4B   25   Martha    	Davis          	F
4B   26   Julian    	Davis          	M
4B   27   Margaret  	Davis          	F
4B   28   William   	Davis          	M
4B   29   Elijah    	Davis          	M
4B   30   Mary 		Taysin         	F
4B   31   Rosalie   	Montague       	F
4B   32   Jeremiah  	Grimshaw       	M
4B   33   Mary 		Grimshaw       	F
4B   34   Elizabeth 	Grimshaw       	F

5A    1   Samuel    	Gould          	M
5A    2   Sally     	Gould          	F
5A    3   Cynthia   	Gould          	F
5A    4   John 		Gould	        M
5A    5   George    	Gould          	M
5A    6   William   	Gould          	M
5A    7   Fanny     	Gould          	F
5A    8   Sally M   	Gould          	F
5A    9   Reuben    	Gould          	M
5A   10   Sylvester 	Gould          	M
5A   11   Mary Ann  	Gould          	F
5A   12   Jeanette  	Rose      	F
5A   13   James     	Gould          	M
5A   14   Harriet   	Gould          	F
5A   15   Henry     	Gould     Sr   	M
5A   16   Mary      	Gould          	F
5A   17   Samuel    	Gould          	M
5A   18   Henry     	Gould     Jr   	M
5A   19   Mary A    	Gould          	F
5A   20   Rose 		Price	       	F
5A   21   Louisa    	Godsall        	F
5A   22   Susan     	Williams       	F
5A   23   Harrison  	Gould          	M
5A   24   Eliza     	Gould          	F
5A   25   Paulina   	Gould          	F
5A   26   Clawson   	Gould          	M
5A   27   Andrew    	Gould          	M
5A   28   Willard   	Gould          	M
5A   29   John 		Gould          	M
5A   30   Clarissa  	Taylor         	F
5A   31   Charity   	Wright         	F
5A   32   Elizabeth 	Hewitt         	F
5A   33   Hope 		Heath          	F

5B    1   Sarah     	Wilkins        	F
5B    2   David W.  	Gould          	M
5B    3   Jacob     	Gould          	M
5B    4   William   	Gould          	M
5B    5   Amasa     	Gould          	M
5B    6   Horace C. 	Smith          	M
5B    7   Sarah     	Smith          	F
5B    8   John L    	Smith          	M
5B    9   Sarah J   	Smith          	F
5B   10   Francetta 	Smith          	F
5B   11   Janet     	Smith          	F
5B   12   James     	Haight         	M
5B   13   Chauncey  	Haight         	M
5B   14   Horace    	Fish      	M
5B   15   Anna 		Fish      	F
5B   16   Betsy J   	Fish      	F
5B   17   Joseph    	Fish      	M
5B   18   Annie M   	Fish      	F
5B   19   Franklin  	Fish      	M
5B   20   Silas S.  	Smith     	M
5B   21   Clarinda  	Smith          	F
5B   22   Silas S.  	Smith     Jr   	M
5B   23   Sarah A   	Smith          	F
5B   24   John A    	Smith          	M
5B   25   Jesse N.  	Smith          	M
5B   26   Emma S.   	Smith          	F
5B   27   Eliza     	Parker         	F
5B   28   Hector    	Smith          	M
5B   29   Margaret S.   Smith          	F
5B   30   Mary 		Smith          	F
5B   31   Emma      	Smith          	F
5B   32   Mary J    	Smith          	F
5B   33   Alma 		Hitchcock      	M

6A    1   Moroni    	Hitchcock      	M
6A    2   Herman D. 	Bayles         	M
6A    3   Catharine 	Bayles         	F
6A    4   Edna 		Bayles         	F
6A    5   John 		Bayles         	M
6A    6   Silas     	Bayles         	M
6A    7   Wm C.     	Mitchell       	M
6A    8   Mary 		Mitchell       	F
6A    9   Louisa    	Mitchell       	F    
6A   10   Wm C.     	Mitchell  Jr   	M    
6A   11   Zetland   	Mitchell       	M    
6A   12   Thomas S  	Mitchell       	M    
6A   13   James     	Mitchell       	M    
6A   14   John M    	Mitchell       	M    
6A   15   Elizabeth 	Mitchell       	F    
6A   16   Betsey    	Hawthorn       	F    
6A   17   Lucy 		Fitch          	F    
6A   18   Jane 		Fitch          	F    June?
6A   19   Priddy    	Meeks          	M    
6A   20   Sarah     	Meeks          	F    
6A   21   Richard   	Meeks          	M    
6A   22   George    	Meeks          	M    
6A   23   Margaret J    Meeks          	F    
6A   24   Lucy 		Meeks          	F    
6A   25   Edwin     	Meeks          	M
6A   26   Mary 		Connor         	F
6A   27   Elizabeth 	Clayton        	F
6A   28   Edwin     	Baker          	M
6A   29   Charles   	Ford      	M	
6A   30   Lavinia   	Taylor         	F
6A   31   Edward W. 	Thompson       	M
6A   32   Julia     	Thompson       	F
6A   33   Julia M.  	Thompson       	F
6A   34   Emma J.   	Thompson       	F
6B    1   James     	Cask      	M
6B    2   John 		Taylor         	M
6B    3   Thomas    	Davenport      	M
6B    4   Sarah     	Davenport      	F
6B    5   Wm   		Davenport      	M
6B    6   John 		Davenport      	M
6B    7   James B   	Davenport      	M
6B    8   Sarah A   	Davenport      	F
6B    9   Sarah     	Clayton        	F
6B   10   Janet     	Clawson        	F
6B   11   James     	Low       	M
6B   12   Mary 		Low       	F
6B   13   James A   	Low       	M
6B   14   Mary E.   	Low       	F
6B   15   Wilson G. 	Nowers         	M
6B   16   Sarah     	Nowers         	F
6B   17   James     	Banks          	M
6B   18   Margaret  	Banks          	F
6B   19   Wm L.     	Roe       	M
6B   20   Elizabeth 	Roe       	F
6B   21   Jacob     	West      	M
6B   22   Louisa H  	Murdock        	F
6B   23   Jane      	Merryweather   	F
6B   24   John 		Eyrie          	M
6B   25   Sarah A   	Eyrie          	F
6B   26   William   	Lefevre        	M
6B   27   Anna 		Lefevre        	F
6B   28   Thomas    	Lefevre        	M
6B   29   Anna 		Lefevre        	F
6B   30   Rachel    	Lefevre        	F
6B   31   Thomas    	Filcher        	M
6B   32   George    	Holyoak        	M
6B   33   Elizabeth 	Holyoak        	F
6B   34   Geo. H.   	Holyoak        	M

7A    1   John 		Protheroe      	M
7A    2   Mary 		Protheroe      	F
7A    3   Jonathan  	Protheroe      	M
7A    4   John 		Protheroe Jr   	M
7A    5   Mary A    	Protheroe      	F
7A    6   Polly     	Haws      	F
7A    7   Joseph    	Paramour       	M
7A    8   Mary 		Paramour       	F
7A    9   Hyrum     	Paramour       	M
7A   10   Helen     	Meredith       	F
7A   11   Jane 		Meredith       	F
7A   12   Wm   		McGregor       	M
7A   13   Elijah    	Newman         	M
7A   14   Letitia J.    Newman         	F
7A   15   Nancy J   	Newman         	F
7A   16   Mary A    	Newman         	F
7A   17   Matilda   	Newman         	F
7A   18   John 		Meredith       	M
7A   19   James     	Meredith       	M
7A   20   Charles   	Jones          	M
7A   21   Charles   	White          	M
7A   22   Lydia J.  	Ryan      	F
7A   23   Abraham   	Smith          	M
7A   24   Ruth 		Smith          	F
7A   25   Sarah A   	Smith          	F
7A   26   John 		Smith          	M
7A   27   William E.    Jones          	M
7A   28   Mary A.   	Jones          	F
7A   29   James P.  	Jones          	M
7A   30   Mary 		Jones          	F
7A   31   Cazia P.  	Jones          	F
7A   32   Thomas    	Few       	M
7A   33   Francis T.    Whitney        	M

7B    1   Clarissa  	Whitney        	F
7B    2   Newel S.  	Whitney        	M
7B    3   Elijah A  	Whitney        	M
7B    4   Job H.    	Whitney        	M
7B    5   Abigail   	Whitney        	F
7B    6   Christina 	Whitney        	F
7B    7   Rispah    	Whitney        	F
7B    8   Ernestine 	Whitney        	F
7B    9   Thomas    	Whitney        	M
7B   10   Alva T.   	Whitney        	M
7B   11   Sarah     	Whitney        	F
7B   12   Oscar     	Whitney        	M
7B   13   Francis   	Whitney        	M
7B   14   Sarah     	Jamieson       	F
7B   15   Jane 		Jenkins        	F
7B   16   John 		Evans          	M
7B   17   James A.  	Blackwell      	M
7B   18   Jane P.   	Blackwell      	F
7B   19   Mary 		Blackwell      	F
7B   20   Sarah     	Blackwell      	F
7B   21   Elizabeth 	Blackwell      	F
7B   22   John 		Blackwell      	M
7B   23   George    	Blackwell      	M
7B   24   Tabitha   	Blackwell      	F
7B   25   William N.    Blackwell      	M
7B   26   Martha    	Blackwell      	F
7B   27   Peter C.  	Blackwell      	M
7B   28   Albert    	Prince         	M
7B   29   Thomas    	Bosley         	M
7B   30   Ruth 		Bosley         	F
7B   31   Sarah J   	Bosley         	F
7B   32   Patience  	Bosley         	F
7B   33   Lehi 		Bosley         	M

8A    1   Nephi     	Bosley         	M
8A    2   Bridget   	Bosley         	F
8A    3   Lemuel    	Bosley         	M
8A    4   Isaiah    	Bosley         	M
8A    5   Jacob T   	Bosley         	M
8A    6   Catharine 	Bosley         	F
8A    7   Tho^s N.  	Bosley         	M
8A    8   Mary 		Bosley         	F
8A    9   Prudence  	Bosley         	F
8A   10   Faith     	Bosley         	F
8A   11   Mary Ann  	Bosley         	F
8A   12   Josephus  	Hendricks      	M
8A   13   Newman    	Newcombe       	M
8A   14   Susan     	Newcombe       	F
8A   15   Temperance    Newcombe       	F
8A   16   Cleopatra 	Newcombe       	F
8A   17   Joseph    	Newcombe       	M
8A   18   Job  		Newcombe       	M
8A   19   Samuel    	Newcombe       	M
8A   20   George    	Newcombe       	M
8A   21   Sarah     	Green          	F
8A   22   Emma 		Green          	F
8A   23   Joseph    	Pablo          	M
8A   24   Maria     	Pablo          	F
8A   25   Clara     	Pablo          	F
8A   26   Samuel    	Pablo          	M
8A   27   Gloria    	Pablo          	F
8A   28   Seraphina 	Pablo          	F
8A   29   Virginia  	Pablo          	F
8A   30   Hyrum     	Higginbotham   	M
8A   31   James H.  	Levi      	M
8A   32   Jeremiah  	Shinn          	M
8A   33   Sarah     	Shinn          	F

8B    1   Jude M.   	Shinn          	M
8B    2   Rebecca   	Shinn          	F
8B    3   Rachel R  	Shinn          	F
8B    4   Jacob     	Shinn          	M
8B    5   John O.   	Shinn          	M
8B    6   Matthew   	Shinn          	M
8B    7   Leah 		Shinn	        F
8B    8   Mark 		Shinn          	M
8B    9   Zilpah    	Shinn          	F
8B   10   Mary 		Shinn          	F
8B   11   Nelson S. 	Hollingshead   	M
8B   12   Mehitable 	Hollingshead    F
8B   13   Nelson S. 	Hollingshead    M
8B   14   Harriet M 	Hollingshead    F
8B   15   Charles Y.    Webb      	M
8B   16   Adeline   	Webb      	F
8B   17   Willis    	Webb      	M
8B   18   Nancy B   	Webb      	F
8B   19   John F.   	Webb      	M
8B   20   Joseph    	Gough          	M
8B   21   Sarah     	Gough          	F
8B   22   Maria A   	Gough          	F
8B   23   Joseph H. 	Gough          	M
8B   24   Sophia    	Hales          	F
8B   25   William M.	Gregory        	M
8B   26   Laura     	Gregory        	F
8B   27   Matilda   	Gregory        	F
8B   28   Susan E   	Gregory        	F
8B   29   Thomas    	Gregory        	M
8B   30   Alice     	Gregory        	F
8B   31   Hannah    	Gregory        	F
8B   32   Margaret  	Gregory        	F
8B   33   John T    	Gregory        	M

9A    1   Hezekiah  	Gregory        	M
9A    2   Marion    	Gregory        	F
9A    3   Sampson   	Gregory        	M
9A    4   William M.	Gregory        	M
9A    5   Julia A   	Gregory        	F
9A    6   Jane 		Gregory        	F
9A    7   Thomas P. 	Green          	M
9A    8   Amos 		Green          	M
9A    9   Allan     	Miller         	M
9A   10   Mary 		Miller         	F
9A   11   Agnes     	Miller         	F
9A   12   James     	Miller         	M
9A   13   John 		Miller         	M
9A   14   Samuel    	Miller         	M
9A   15   Alice     	Miller         	F
9A   16   Jeremiah  	Miller         	M
9A   17   William   	Miller         	M
9A   18   Allan     	Miller    Jr   	M
9A   19   Hortensia 	Felogg         	F
9A   20   Emma 		Felogg         	F
9A   21   Louisa    	Lyman          	F
9A   22   James     	Hartup         	M
9A   23   Joseph    	Hartup         	M
9A   24   Mary 		Hancock        	F
9A   25   Eliza     	Hancock        	F
9A   26   Emmeline  	Kingsbury      	F
9A   27   William   	Aston          	M
9A   28   Caroline  	Aston          	F
9A   29   Rebecca   	Aston          	F
9A   30   Cleopatra 	Aston          	F
9A   31   Maria     	Aston          	F
9A   32   Thomas    	Aston          	M
9A   33   Joseph    	Aston          	M

9B    1   Josephine 	Aston          	F
9B    2   Susan     	Aston          	F
9B    3   Emma 		Aston          	F
9B    4   John 		Kent      	M
9B    5   Peter     	Kent      	M
9B    6   Asel 		Kent      	M
9B    7   Patrick   	Kent      	M
9B    8   John S.   	Hyatt     	M
9B    9   Martha    	Hyatt          	F
9B   10   Matilda   	Hyatt          	F
9B   11   James     	Hyatt          	M
9B   12   Charles T 	Hyatt          	M
9B   13   Ellen     	Hyatt          	F
9B   14   James H.  	Dunton         	M
9B   15   Joseph C  	Dunton         	M
9B   16   Sarah     	Mason          	F
9B   17   Martha J. 	Dunton         	F
9B   18   Joseph L  	Robinson       	M
9B   19   Susan     	Robinson       	F
9B   20   William   	Robinson       	M
9B   21   Sydney    	Robinson       	M
9B   22   Solomon   	Robinson       	M
9B   23   Mary J.   	Robinson       	F
9B   24   John 		Robinson       	M
9B   25   Mary C.   	Dunton         	F
9B   26   Alvira    	Bowers         	F
9B   27   Nancy     	Bowers         	F
9B   28   Editha    	Bowers         	F
9B   29   Maria     	Bowers         	F
9B   30   Matilda   	Bowers         	F
9B   31   John 		Burton         	M
9B   32   Rigdon    	Burton         	M
9B   33   Simeon F. 	Hond      	M

10A   1   Lucinda   	Houd      	F
10A   2   Martha J  	Houd      	F
10A   3   Elvira    	Houd      	F
10A   4   Cyrus     	Houd      	M
10A   5   Eunice F. 	Houd      	F
10A   6   Flora     	Houd      	F
10A   7   Daniel    	Bowers         	M
10A   8   Daniel    	Bowers    Jr   	M
10A   9   Ezekiel   	Bowers         	M
10A  10   Jeremiah  	Vernon         	M
10A  11   Martha    	Kent      	F
10A  12   Joseph W. 	Turnbull       	M
10A  13   James B.  	Hill      	M
10A  14   Silas     	Hoyt      	M
10A  15   Harriet   	Hoyt      	F
10A  16   Alice A.  	Hoyt      	F
10A  17   Henry     	Hoyt      	M
10A  18   Rachel C  	Hoyt      	F
10A  19   James     	Pike      	M
10A  20   Zadick R. 	Judd      	M
10A  21   Mary 		Judd      	F
10A  22   Lucinda   	Judd      	F
10A  23   Lamoni    	Judd      	M
10A  24   Zadick    	Judd Jr   	M
10A  25   Martha    	Pinny          	F
10A  26   William   	Leaney         	M
10A  27   Elizabeth 	Leaney         	F
10A  28   Sarah A   	Leaney         	F
10A  29   William   	Leaney    Jr   	M
10A  30   Hyrum     	Leaney         	M
10A  31   David     	Leaney         	M
10A  32   Elizabeth H.  Leaney         	F
10A  33   Elsey     	Patterson      	F

10B   1   Zechariah 	Greenwood      	M
10B   2   Lavinia   	Greenwood      	F
10B   3   Clara     	Greenwood      	F
10B   4   Louisa    	Greenwood      	F
10B   5   Luke 		Greenwood      	M
10B   6   Laura     	Greenwood      	F
10B   7   Amos 		Greenwood      	M
10B   8   David     	Greenwood      	M
10B   9   Daphne    	Greenwood      	F
10B  10   Mary 		Greenwood      	F
10B  11   Orlando   	Fleming        	M
10B  12   Henry     	Bachelor       	M
10B  13   Henry     	Richmond       	M
10B  14   Martha    	Richmond       	F
10B  15   Margaret  	Richmond       	F
10B  16   Betsey    	Richmond       	F
10B  17   Silas     	Richmond       	M
10B  18   Richard E 	Richmond       	M
10B  19   Sally     	Richmond       	F
10B  20   Jared B   	Richmond       	M
10B  21   William W 	Richmond       	M
10B  22   John T    	Richmond       	M
10B  23   Silas     	Richmond       	M
10B  24   Margaret  	Mace      	F	
10B  25   Jane 		Mace      	F
10B  26   Aaron     	Brown          	M
10B  27   Nancy     	Brown          	F
10B  28   Jesse     	Brown          	M
10B  29   Lemoni    	Brown          	M
10B  30   Sophia    	Brown          	F
10B  31   Eleanor   	Brown          	F
10B  32   Eleanor   	Brown          	F
10B  33   Ellen     	Brown          	F