CEDAR CITY 1856 Census Index, A - M

	0505913 UT  Microfilm				
	Census - 1856 Entire State				
Names were in two columns with M or F checked with /				
"Lines were not numbered, but I have added numbers and surnames for indexing."				
45B	10	Abbott Jerusha		F
15A	 2	Adams	Allen			M
36B	12	Adams	Betsy			F
36B	 6	Adams	Catherine		F
36A	29	Adams	David			M
36A	33	Adams	David			M
36B	 5	Adams	Ellen			F
36B	10	Adams	George		M
36A	32	Adams	James			M
36B	 7	Adams	Jane			F
36B	 8	Adams	Janet			F
14B	33	Adams	John			M
36A	30	Adams	Lydia			F
15A	 1	Adams	Margaret		F
36A	31	Adams	Margaret		F
36B	 9	Adams	Mary			F
36B	13	Adams	Matthew		M
36B	15	Adams	Rachel		F
36B	11	Adams	Rufus			M
36B	 4	Adams	Samuel		M
36B	14	Adams	Sarah			F
43A	13	Adamson Henry		M
49B	 8	Albertson Henry		M
12B	24	Aldredge Ada		F
12B	22	Aldredge Augusta		F
12B	20	Aldredge Charlotta 	F
12B	25	Aldredge Edward		M
12B	18	Aldredge Ellen		F
12B	23	Aldredge Lemuel		M
12B	17	Aldredge Lyman		M
12B	19	Aldredge Lyman		M
12B	21	Aldredge Malina		F	
12B	15	Aldredge Mary Jane 	F
12B	14	Aldredge Richard		M
12B	16	Aldredge Richard Jr. 	M
50A	15	Alexander Abigail		F
50A	 9	Alexander Adelaide 	F
50A	10	Alexander Amanda		F
50A	16	Alexander Dianthe		F
50A	 8	Alexander Gabriel		M
50A	 6	Alexander Hugh		M
50A	13	Alexander James S. 	M
50A	11	Alexander John		M
50A	12	Alexander Maria		F
50A	 7	Alexander Mary		F
50A	14	Alexander Thomas		M
52A	26	Allen	Abraham		M
52A	28	Allen	Agatha		F
18A	21	Allen	Albert		M
18A	29	Allen	Alva			M
18A	30	Allen	Annette		F
18A	25	Allen	Augustus		M
18A	 9	Allen	Callistia		F
18A	23	Allen	Caroline		F
18A	10	Allen	Cazia			F
18A	22	Allen	Celeste		F
18A	32	Allen	Clarinda		F
18A	33	Allen	Clark			M
18A	31	Allen	Claudine		F
18A	11	Allen	Elizabeth		F
18A	14	Allen	Emily			F
18A	12	Allen	Emma			F
18A	16	Allen	Franklin		M
18A	20	Allen	George		M
18A	13	Allen	Henry			M
18A	 8	Allen	Ira 			M
52A	22	Allen	Isaac			M
18B	 1	Allen	James			M
52B	 1	Allen	James			M
18A	17	Allen	Joseph		M
18A	28	Allen	Joseph S.		M
18A	24	Allen	Keturah		F	
52A	23	Allen	Lavinia		F
18A	19	Allen	Louisa		F
18A	15	Allen	Maria			F
52B	 2	Allen	Mariette		F
18B	 2	Allen	Marinda		F
52A	31	Allen	Mary			F	
18A	26	Allen	Mary Ann		F
40B	13	Allen	Matthew 		M
52B	 4	Allen	Peter			M
52A	30	Allen	Phoebe		F
52A	29	Allen	Rufus			M
52A	27	Allen	Sarah			F
18A	27	Allen	Simeon		M
52A	24	Allen	Thomas		M
52B	 3	Allen	Walter		M
52A	25	Allen	Wesley		M
18A	18	Allen	William		M
46A	12	Allendale Flora		F
21B	 3	Allison Margaret		F
46B	30	Allred Agnes		F
46B	25	Allred Amos			M
46B	23	Allred Augustus		M
46B	31	Allred Cynthia		F
46B	26	Allred Elijah		M
46B	20	Allred James		M
46B	27	Allred Lucy			F
46B	21	Allred Margaret		F
46B	29	Allred Maria		F
46B	28	Allred Martha		F
46B	32	Allred Nancy		F
46B	24	Allred Priscilla		F
46B	22	Allred Susan		F
54A	 9	Alred	Amanda		F
54A	13	Alred	Clarinda		F
54A	 8	Alred	James			M
54A	 3	Alred	Janet			F
54A	 4	Alred	Jeanie		F
54A	 5	Alred	Jessie S.		F
54A	 1	Alred	John			M
54A	12	Alred	Jude			M
54A	15	Alred	Marinda		F
54A	 2	Alred	Martha		F
54A	14	Alred	Mary			F
54A	11	Alred	Matilda		F
54A	10	Alred	Melinda		F
54A	 6	Alred	Rachel		F
54A	 7	Alred	Simon			M
15A	15	Anderson Ann  		F
48B	19	Anderson Anna		F
48B	22	Anderson Arabella		F
36A	13	Anderson Aupines?		M
36A	12	Anderson Bertha 		F
12B	27	Anderson Betty		F
36A	19	Anderson Catharine	F
36A	14	Anderson Charlotte	F
48B	13	Anderson Cynthia		F
36A	17	Anderson Daniel		M
36A	21	Anderson Eleanor		F
15A	10	Anderson Erastus		M
36A	18	Anderson Georgiana	F
15A	12	Anderson Henri		M
15A	13	Anderson James		M
48B	21	Anderson Janet		F
15A	14	Anderson Louisa		F
36A	16	Anderson Louisa		F
15A	11	Anderson Maria		F
36A	24	Anderson Maria		F
36A	15	Anderson Marianne		F
36A	26	Anderson Mariette		F
36A	23	Anderson Martha		F
48B	20	Anderson Mary		F
48B	12	Anderson Mary Jane	F
36A	11	Anderson Peter		M
36A	20	Anderson Phillip		M
36A	25	Anderson Rachel		F
48B	18	Anderson Robert		M
40A	11	Anderson Sally		F
36A	22	Anderson Thomas		M
44B	 1	Andrews Jessie		F
50B	 9	Appleton Andrew		M
50B	 5	Appleton Ann		F
50B	 4	Appleton David		M
50B	 2	Appleton Elizabeth	F
50B	 8	Appleton George		M
50B	 1	Appleton Hugh		M
50B	 6	Appleton James		M
50B	 3	Appleton Mary		F
50B	10	Appleton Melissa		F
50B	11	Appleton Sophia		F
50B	12	Appleton Susan		F
50B	 7	Appleton Sylvester	M
51B	29	Archer Alicia B.		F
29B	14	Archibald Betsey H	F
29B	 9	Archibald Charlotte	F
29B	11	Archibald George		M
29B	13	Archibald Henry		M
29B	 8	Archibald James		M
29B	10	Archibald Robert		M
29B	12	Archibald William		M
55A	 2	Arthur Agnes		F
20B	14	Arthur Alice		F
55A	 4	Arthur Alvina		F
55A	12	Arthur Ammon		M
20B	 7	Arthur Annie		F
20A	30	Arthur Antoinette		F
20B	 8	Arthur Benjamin		M
20B	11	Arthur Benjamin		M
55A	11	Arthur Bertha		F
20B	21	Arthur Brigham		M
20A	29	Arthur Caroline E. 	F
20B	13	Arthur Charlotte		F
20A	28	Arthur Christopher	M
20B	 5	Arthur Christopher Jr	M
20B	10	Arthur Christopher 2nd	M
20B	17	Arthur Ellen		F
55A	10	Arthur Elspa		F
20A	31	Arthur Harriet		F
20B	19	Arthur Heber		M
55A	 5	Arthur Hyrum		M
55A	 9	Arthur Jane			F
20B	16	Arthur Joseph		M
55A	 6	Arthur Joseph		M
20B	12	Arthur Joshua		M
20A	32	Arthur Julia		F
20B	18	Arthur Maria		F
20B	 6	Arthur Mary Ann		F
55A	 7	Arthur Nancy		F
55A	 1	Arthur Richard		M
55A	 8	Arthur Samuel		M
20B	15	Arthur Sarah		F
55A	 3	Arthur Sarah G		F
20B	 9	Arthur Sophia		F
20B	20	Arthur Susannah		F
52B	11	Attwood Agnes		F
52B	10	Attwood Amos		M
52B	15	Attwood Brigham		M
52B	17	Attwood Clarissa		F
52B	 9	Attwood Ezra		M
52B	12	Attwood Henry		M
52B	 5	Attwood John		M
52B	14	Attwood Lavinia		F
52B	 7	Attwood Lucinda		F
52B	 8	Attwood Nancy		F
52B	16	Attwood Orson		M
52B	13	Attwood Rebecca		F
52B	 6	Attwood Sarah		F
10A	19	Bailey Cynthia		F
10A	16	Bailey Ebeenezer		M
10A	14	Bailey Frederick		M
10A	18	Bailey Jennetta		F
10A	11	Bailey John			M
10A	15	Bailey John	Jr		M
10A	12	Bailey Maria		F
10A	17	Bailey Maria		F
10A	13	Bailey Susan		F
17B	33	Baker	David			M
17B	32	Baker	Peter			M
19A	 1	Baker	Samuel		M
11B	31	Baradell Adelaide		F
11B	28	Baradell James		M
11B	25	Baradell John		M
11B	30	Baradell Lucy		F
11B	26	Baradell Maria		F
11B	29	Baradell Sarah		F
11B	27	Baradell William		M
39A	23	Barlow Israel		M
28A	28	Bateman Annette		F
28A	30	Bateman Claudine		F
28A	29	Bateman Eliza  		F
28A	27	Bateman Elizabeth		F
31B	31	Bateman Elizabeth		F
31B	30	Bateman Ellen		F
28A	24	Bateman Emma		F
28A	26	Bateman Heber		M
28A	23	Bateman James		M
31B	26	Bateman James		M
31B	27	Bateman John		M
31B	24	Bateman Joseph		M
31B	29	Bateman Joseph		M
28A	22	Bateman Joseph Hyrum	M
31B	25	Bateman Margaret		F
31B	32	Bateman Martha		F
31B	28	Bateman Mary		F
28A	25	Bateman Mary Ann		F
28A	20	Bateman Sarah		F
28A	19	Bateman William		M
28A	21	Bateman Wm Henry		M
17B	22	Baugh	Alice			F
17B	19	Baugh	Ann			F
17B	18	Baugh	Briah			M
23B	 6	Baugh	Brian			M
42A	 9	Baugh	Brian			M
23B	 3	Baugh	Elizabeth		F
23B	 5	Baugh	George		M
21A	30	Baugh	Hannah		F
23B	16	Baugh	Harriet		F
17B	24	Baugh	James			M
23A	33	Baugh	James			M
23B	 4	Baugh	Jane			F
23B	17	Baugh	Jane			F
17B	16	Baugh	John			M
42A	12	Baugh	John			M
23A	30	Baugh	John B.		M
23B	15	Baugh	Letitia		F
23B	 7	Baugh	Lucy			F
23B	10	Baugh	Lydia Ann		F
42A	13	Baugh	Marianne		F
17B	17	Baugh	Martha		F
17B	23	Baugh	Martha		F
23A	31	Baugh	Martha		F
23A	32	Baugh	Martha Ann		F
23B	 9	Baugh	Martin		M
17B	21	Baugh	Mary			F
23B	 2	Baugh	Mary Alice		F
23B	12	Baugh	Matthew		M
23B	13	Baugh	Moses			M
23B	 8	Baugh	Rufus			M
17B	20	Baugh	Samuel		M
23B	 1	Baugh	Samuel 		M
23B	14	Baugh	Sarah			F
42A	10	Baugh	Sarah			F
42A	11	Baugh	Selistia		F
23B	18	Baugh	Susan			F
23B	11	Baugh	Thomas		M
42B	 1	Baxter Solomon		M
44A	33	Baxter Zilpha		F
 9B	26	Baylis Edward		M
 9B	32	Baylis Elizabeth		F
 9B	23	Baylis Emma			F
 9B	24	Baylis Emmeline		F
 9B	29	Baylis Esther		F
 9B	28	Baylis John			M
 9B	27	Baylis Maae?		M
11B	19	Baylis Mary			F
 9B	30	Baylis Mary Ann		F
 9B	31	Baylis Sarah Jane		F
 9B	22	Baylis William		M
 9B	25	Baylis William	Jr	M
35A	 1	Beach	Rufus			M
56B	 8	Bean Alice			F
56A	33	Bean Allen			M
56B	 3	Bean Betsey			F
56B	 5	Bean Charles		M
56A	32	Bean Hannah			F
56A	30	Bean James			M
56B	 4	Bean Jeremiah		M
56A	31	Bean Keziah			F
56B	 7	Bean Maria			F
56B	 9	Bean Merrill		M
56B	 6	Bean Priscilla		F
56B	 1	Bean Samuel			M
56B	 2	Bean Susan			F
56A	13	Beathe Cornelia		F
15A	30	Benson Alva 		M
15B	 1	Benson David		M
15B	 4	Benson Elizabeth		F
15B	 2	Benson Elvira		F
15A	33	Benson James		M
15A	32	Benson Moroni		M
15A	31	Benson Symphronia		F
15B	 3	Benson Symphronia		F
54A	29	Bentley Ellen		F
47B	32	Bernard William		M
42B	16	Biggs	Mariett		F
54B	23	Black	James A.		M
13A	29	Blackwall Eleanor		F
13A	27	Blackwall Hannah		F
13A	24	Blackwall Jane		F
13A	23	Blackwall John		M
13A	28	Blackwall Mariette	F
13A	25	Blackwall Peter		M
13A	26	Blackwall Simon		M
19B	 2	Bladen Alice		F
19A	32	Bladen Eunice		F
19B	 3	Bladen Margaret		F
19A	31	Bladen Mary			F
19B	 1	Bladen Samuel		M
19A	30	Bladen Thomas		M
19A	33	Bladen Thomas	Jr	M
44B	17	Blakesley James		M
47B	28	Blezard Agnes M.		F
47B	27	Blezard Andrew		M
47B	23	Blezard Anna  		F
47B	29	Blezard Ellen S.		F
47B	25	Blezard George		M
48A	 4	Blezard Hyrum		M
48A	 1	Blezard Isaac		M
47B	22	Blezard John		M
47B	30	Blezard Melinda		F
47B	26	Blezard Rachel		F
48A	 3	Blezard Simeon		M
47B	31	Blezard Sophia		F
48A	 2	Blezard Sophronia		F
48A	 5	Blezard Stephen		M
47B	24	Blezard Susan		F
47B	17	Bloxom Creighton		M
40B	15	Bloxom Henrietta		F
55A	13	Bloxom Jane			F
54A	28	Boggs	Martha		F
18B	 5	Bohn Andrese		M
18B	 8	Bohn Christina		F
18B	12	Bohn Christina		F
16A	 6	Bohn Dorothy		F
18B	11	Bohn Dortea			F
18B	 9	Bohn Emma			F
16A	 7	Bohn Jane			F
16A	 5	Bohn John			M
18B	 3	Bohn Joseph			M
18B	10	Bohn Josephine		F
16A	 8	Bohn Martin			M
18B	 7	Bohn Mary			F
16A	 9	Bohn Polly			F
18B	 6	Bohn Sebastine		M
18B	 4	Bohn Sophia			F
46B	 8	Bolton Ellen		F
34B	19	Boswell Alice		F
34B	23	Boswell Ann			F
34B	12	Boswell Eliza		F
34B	17	Boswell Eliza		F
34B	16	Boswell Ellen		F
34B	24	Boswell Frances		F
34B	25	Boswell George		M
34B	11	Boswell James		M
34B	18	Boswell James		M
34B	14	Boswell John		M
34B	13	Boswell Marianne		F
34B	22	Boswell Rachel		F
34B	21	Boswell Richard		M
34B	15	Boswell Sarah		F
34B	26	Boswell Sarah Ann		F
34B	20	Boswell William		M
51B	 9	Bourhill Adelia		F
51B	12	Bourhill Alexander	M
51B	 5	Bourhill Andrew		M
51B	 3	Bourhill Ann		F
51B	 4	Bourhill George		M
51B	11	Bourhill Hannah		F
51B	 8	Bourhill Lucretia		F
51B	 6	Bourhill Matthew		M
51B	 7	Bourhill Simeon		M
51B	10	Bourhill Thomas		M
51B	 2	Bourhill William		M
21A	17	Bourne Hannah		F
21A	18	Bourne Sarah		F
18B	29	Bowen	Daniel		M
18B	26	Bowen	David D.		M
18B	30	Bowen	Jane			F
18B	28	Bowen	Lucy			F
18B	31	Bowen	Morgan		M
18B	27	Bowen	Phoebe		F
19A	25	Bowering George		M
19A	26	Bowering George	Jr	M
19B	30	Bradshaw Amplias		F
14B	22	Bradshaw Andrew		M
14B	12	Bradshaw Ann		F
19B	26	Bradshaw Ann		F
19B	31	Bradshaw Christina	F
19B	27	Bradshaw Dorothy		F
14B	20	Bradshaw Edward		M
16A	 4	Bradshaw Edwin		M
14B	18	Bradshaw Eliza		F
14B	17	Bradshaw Ellen		F
14B	16	Bradshaw George		M
16A	 3	Bradshaw George		M
19B	28	Bradshaw Hope		F
14B	15	Bradshaw Jane		F
18B	33	Bradshaw Jane		F
14B	11	Bradshaw John		M
18B	32	Bradshaw John		M
19B	25	Bradshaw John		M
14B	19	Bradshaw Maria		F
14B	13	Bradshaw Mary		F
19B	23	Bradshaw Mary		F
14B	21	Bradshaw Matilda		F
14B	14	Bradshaw Richard		M
19B	22	Bradshaw Samuel		M
19B	24	Bradshaw Samuel Jr	M
16A	 2	Bradshaw Susan		F
19B	29	Bradshaw Thankful		F
16A	 1	Bradshaw William M.	M
11B	17	Brewerton Hannah		F
55A	30	Bringhurst Ada		F
55A	24	Bringhurst Agatha		F
55A	16	Bringhurst Alma		M
55A	32	Bringhurst Annie		F
55A	15	Bringhurst Bertha		F
55A	33	Bringhurst Carlos		M
55A	34	Bringhurst Caroline	F
55A	26	Bringhurst David		M
55A	29	Bringhurst Eveline	F
55A	22	Bringhurst Frances	F
55A	17	Bringhurst Gideon		M
55A	28	Bringhurst Jacob		M
55A	31	Bringhurst James G	M
55A	18	Bringhurst Janet		F
55A	23	Bringhurst Jeremiah	M
55A	14	Bringhurst Lamoni		M
55A	20	Bringhurst Lavinia	F
55A	19	Bringhurst Lorenzo	M
55A	21	Bringhurst Marcella	F
55A	27	Bringhurst Peter		M
55A	25	Bringhurst Rachel		F
35B	 6	Brown	Ammon			M
53A	 1	Brown	Benjamin		M
53A	11	Brown	Bertha		F
52B	29	Brown	Charlotte		F
52B	27	Brown	Cynthia S.		F
52B	20	Brown	Eliza			F
53A	 6	Brown	Ellen			F
52B	31	Brown	Emma			F
35B	 7	Brown	Ezra			M
35B	 2	Brown	Fanny			F
52B	28	Brown	George		M
35B	13	Brown	Hannah		F
52B	30	Brown	Hannah		F
35B	11	Brown	Harriett		F
52B	18	Brown	Heber			M
35B	 3	Brown	Helena		F
35B	19	Brown	Isabella		F
35B	 4	Brown	James			M
52B	21	Brown	Jane			F
53A	 4	Brown	Jane			F
52B	23	Brown	Jedediah		M
53A	 3	Brown	John			M
35B	 1	Brown	John D		M
35B	18	Brown	Letitia		F
35B	 8	Brown	Louisa		F
35A	33	Brown	Lucretia		F
52B	24	Brown	Malone		F
53A	 2	Brown	Margarett		F
53A	 5	Brown	Martha		F
35B	15	Brown	Martin		M
52B	19	Brown	Mary			F
35B	 5	Brown	Matilda		F
53A	 8	Brown	Matilda		F
52B	25	Brown	Parley		M
53A	 9	Brown	Paul			M
53A	10	Brown	Peter			M
35B	17	Brown	Richard		M
35B	12	Brown	Robert		M
35B	10	Brown	Samuel		M
35B	14	Brown	Sarah			F
52B	26	Brown	Sarah			F
35B	 9	Brown	Sobrina		F
52B	32	Brown	Susan			F
35A	32	Brown	Thomas		M
35B	16	Brown	Whilemela		F
53A	 7	Brown	Wilford		M
52B	22	Brown	Willard		M
50B	17	Bull Alice			F
50B	16	Bull Andrew			M
50B	19	Bull Flora			F
50B	14	Bull Hannah			F
50B	13	Bull John			M
50B	15	Bull Simeon			M
50B	18	Bull Susan			F
31B	23	Bullock Charlotte		F
31B	14	Bullock Christina		F
31B	13	Bullock Isabella		F
31B	12	Bullock James		M
31B	19	Bullock James		M
31B	16	Bullock Janet		F
31B	17	Bullock John		M
31B	20	Bullock Kate		F
31B	21	Bullock Mary		F
31B	15	Bullock Robert D		M
31B	22	Bullock Susan		F
31B	18	Bullock Thomas		M
52A	11	Burns	Agnes			F
52A	 2	Burns	Alice			F
52A	 4	Burns	Christiansen	M
52A	 7	Burns	David			M
52A	 6	Burns	Eliza			F
52A	 9	Burns	Elizabeth		F
52A	 5	Burns	Flora			F
52A	 8	Burns	Jane			F
52A	10	Burns	Mary			F
52A	 1	Burns	Robert		M
52A	 3	Burns	Thomas		M
47A	24	Burston Alice		F
47A	20	Burston Amoron		M
47A	25	Burston Annie M		F
47A	27	Burston Elvira		F
47A	22	Burston Frances		F
47A	19	Burston Harriet		F
47A	18	Burston Josephine		F
47A	23	Burston Julia		F
47A	26	Burston Laura		F
47A	17	Burston Lehi		M
47A	21	Burston Oscar		M
46B	19	Burton Malinda		F
47A	15	Burton Robert		M
41A	13	Buxton James		M
50A	18	Cahoon Bertha		F
 6B	24	Campbell Alex^r		M
 3B	17	Campbell Alexander	M
 3B	24	Campbell Alexander J Jr.M
 6B	31	Campbell Ann		F
 3B	19	Campbell Ann S.		F
 6B	30	Campbell Betty		F
 3B	25	Campbell Edna		F
 6B	23	Campbell Elizabeth	F
 6B	27	Campbell George		M
34B	 8	Campbell James		M
 6B	26	Campbell Jane		F
41A	 1	Campbell Jedediah		M
 3B	23	Campbell Jessie		F
 6B	29	Campbell John		M
 6B	28	Campbell Joseph D		M
 6B	32	Campbell Margaret		F
 3B	18	Campbell Mary		F
 6B	25	Campbell Mary		F
 3B	21	Campbell Mary J		F
 6B	22	Campbell Thomas		M
 3B	20	Campbell William		M
 3B	22	Campbell William		M
44B	19	Carter Alexander		M
44B	23	Carter Emily S.		F
44B	20	Carter Keziah		F
44B	22	Carter Lucretia		F
44B	21	Carter Peter M		M
44B	24	Carter Sophia		F
16B	16	Cartwright Ann		F
16B	20	Cartwright Caroline	F
16B	15	Cartwright Daniel		M
16B	18	Cartwright David		M
16B	23	Cartwright Elizabeth	F
16B	21	Cartwright Gertrude	F
16B	17	Cartwright Helen		F
16B	11	Cartwright James		M
16B	10	Cartwright Jane		F
16B	22	Cartwright Jane		F
16B	13	Cartwright Joseph		M
16B	19	Cartwright Mary		F
16B	14	Cartwright Sarah		F
16B	 9	Cartwright Thomas		M
16B	12	Cartwright William	M
56B	10	Caruthers Isabella	F
56B	11	Caruthers Sarah		F
48A	 6	Caskee Elias		M
48A	10	Caskee Frances		F
48A	12	Caskee Hannah		F
48A	 8	Caskee Hugh			M
48A	 7	Caskee Mary			F
48A	 9	Caskee Nancy		F
48A	11	Caskee Peter		M
30A	29	Chamberlain	Alva		M
30A	18	Chamberlain	Charles	M
30A	22	Chamberlain	David		M
30A	21	Chamberlain	Elizabeth	F
30A	28	Chamberlain	Ellen		F
30A	23	Chamberlain	Henry		M
30A	27	Chamberlain	Jerome	M
30A	24	Chamberlain	John		M
39B	12	Chamberlain	Lewis		M
30A	19	Chamberlain	Louisa	F
30A	25	Chamberlain	Lucinda	F
30A	16	Chamberlain	Maria		F
30A	26	Chamberlain	Marianne	F
30A	17	Chamberlain	Seriah	F
30A	15	Chamberlain	Solomon 	M
30A	20	Chamberlain	Teresa	F
17A	10	Chatterly John		M
31A	24	Chatterly John		M
17A	 9	Chatterly Joseph  	M
49B	26	Cheeney Miranda		F
49A	30	Cherry Almon		M
49A	29	Cherry Andrea		F
49A	26	Cherry Anna S.		F
49A	25	Cherry George		M
49A	20	Cherry Henry		M
49A	31	Cherry Jane			F
49A	27	Cherry Josephine		F
49A	24	Cherry Lucretia		F
49A	21	Cherry Margaret		F
49A	22	Cherry Mary M		F
49A	28	Cherry Sophia		F
49A	23	Cherry Thomas		M
21B	 7	Christiansen Christian	M
15B	31	Christiansen Constantia	F
21B	 9	Christiansen Louisa	F
21B	10	Christiansen Margaretta	F
21B	 8	Christiansen Mary		F
11A	21	Clark	Ann			F
11A	20	Clark	Hannah		F
11A	23	Clark	Hannah		F
11A	25	Clark	James			M
11A	24	Clark	Susan  		F
11A	19	Clark	Thomas		M
11A	22	Clark	William		M
54B	22	Clarkson George		M
34B	 9	Clawson Ophelia		F
48A	16	Clayton Dianthe		F
42B	 2	Clayton Seriah		F
49A	33	Cleaveland Amanda B.	F
36B	 2	Clements Gilbert		M
19B	32	Clews	Joseph		M
20A	 1	Clews	Joseph Jr		M
20A	 2	Clews	Marianne		F
19B	33	Clews	Mary Ann		F
46A	19	Clough Adelia		F
46A	18	Clough Charlotte		F
46A	14	Clough David		M
46A	20	Clough Elijah		M
46A	16	Clough Frances		F
46A	24	Clough James P.		M
46A	17	Clough Lorenzo		M
46A	25	Clough Mary Ann		F
46A	21	Clough Mary S.		F
46A	15	Clough Rebecca		F
46A	26	Clough Stephen		M
51A	15	Collister Isabella	F
44B	18	Conklin Ophelia		F
57A	14	Conway Luther		M
30B	 9	Cook Agatha			F
30B	 7	Cook Alice			F
19B	13	Cook Alicia			F
40B	18	Cook Amelia			F
48A	14	Cook Angeline		F
40B	28	Cook Brigham Y.		M
40B	32	Cook Celestia		F
40B	31	Cook Cinderella		F
40B	25	Cook Cleopratra		F
40B	29	Cook Cleota			F
40B	22	Cook Daniel			M
30A	30	Cook Daniel D.		M
30A	32	Cook Daniel D.	Jr	M
19B	 4	Cook David B.		M
19B	 8	Cook David B.	Jr	M
40B	21	Cook Editha			F
19B	10	Cook Eliza			F
30B	 4	Cook Eliza			F
30B	 8	Cook Elizabeth		F
40B	24	Cook Euphasia		F
30B	 6	Cook George			M
40B	30	Cook Heber			M
40B	20	Cook Henry  		M
40B	16	Cook Henry L.		M
30B	 1	Cook Hyrum 			M
19B	 6	Cook James			M
30B	 5	Cook James			M
19B	 9	Cook Jane			F
40B	23	Cook Jerusha		F
30B	 3	Cook Julia			F
19B	 5	Cook Margery		F
19B	11	Cook Mary			F
40B	19	Cook Parthenia		F
30A	31	Cook Sarah			F
19B	12	Cook Susan			F
40B	17	Cook Susan			F
30B	 2	Cook Susannah		F
19B	 7	Cook William		M
30A	33	Cook William F.		M
43B	12	Cooksley Georgeana	F
17A	13	Corlett James		F
17A	12	Corlett Mary Ann		F
17A	11	Corlett Thomas		M
11A	 7	Cornwall Bridget		F
11A	 9	Cornwall Deborah		F
11A	14	Cornwall Edward		M
11A	 8	Cornwall Ellen		F
11A	11	Cornwall Helena		F
11A	17	Cornwall Jane Gray	F
11A	15	Cornwall Michael		M
11A	16	Cornwall Norah		F
11A	10	Cornwall Patrick		M
11A	12	Cornwall Pheleni		M
11A	13	Cornwall Susannah		F
11A	 6	Cornwall Thomas		M
56B	14	Covett Alvah		M
56B	13	Covett Betsy		F
56B	21	Covett David		M
56B	16	Covett Elbert		M
56B	22	Covett Eliza		F
56B	23	Covett Ellen		F
56B	20	Covett Emma	 		F
56B	17	Covett Fanny		F
56B	12	Covett Frederick		M
56B	18	Covett Marianne		F
56B	19	Covett Robert		M
56B	15	Covett Sylvester		M
40B	33	Crampton Joseph		M
10B	23	Crawford James		M
10B	27	Crawford James Jr		M
10B	24	Crawford Jane		F
10B	26	Crawford Jeanie		F
10B	32	Crawford John		M
10B	31	Crawford Marinda		F
10B	30	Crawford Mary		F
10B	25	Crawford Rachel		F
10B	28	Crawford Samuel		M
10B	29	Crawford Sarah		F
10B	33	Crawford Thomas		M
44B	16	Crookstone Andrew		M
41A	10	Crowther Betsey		F
41A	 9	Crowther Elizabeth	F
41A	 3	Crowther Jane		F
41A	 6	Crowther Jane		F
41A	 8	Crowther Lucy		F
41A	 4	Crowther Mariance		F
41A	11	Crowther Martha		F
41A	 5	Crowther Richard		M
41A	 7	Crowther Robert		M
41A	12	Crowther Rosalia		F
41A	 2	Crowther Thomas		M
51A	25	Cunningham Andrew		M
51A	27	Cunningham Ann  		F
51A	33	Cunningham Eliza		F
51A	31	Cunningham Hannah		F
51A	29	Cunningham Jane		F
51A	30	Cunningham John		M
51A	26	Cunningham Mary		F
51B	 1	Cunningham Mary Ann	F
51A	32	Cunningham Thomas		M
51A	28	Cunningham William	M
51A	 7	Currie Abraham		M
51A	 9	Currie Alexander		M
51A	11	Currie Alice		F
51A	 3	Currie Darvina		F
51A	 2	Currie David		M
51A	12	Currie Hannah		F
51A	13	Currie Harriet		F
51A	 6	Currie John			M
50B	31	Currie Lucretia		F
51A	 8	Currie Mary			F
51A	 4	Currie Susannah		F
51A	10	Currie Thomas		M
51A	 5	Currie William		M
 3A	17	Curry	Andrew		M
 3A	21	Curry	Elizabeth		F
 3A	14	Curry	George		M
 3A	22	Curry	Hyrum			M
 3A	15	Curry	Janet			F
 3A	24	Curry	Joseph		M
 3A	19	Curry	Lucy A		F
 3A	16	Curry	Mary			F
 3A	23	Curry	Priscilla		F
 3A	18	Curry	Rachel M		F
 3A	20	Curry	William H		M
51A	19	Curtis Adam			M
51A	23	Curtis Annabella		F
51A	20	Curtis Mary			F
51A	21	Curtis Matthew		M
51A	22	Curtis Simeon		M
51A	17	Curtis Sophia		F
51A	18	Curtis Susannah		F
51A	16	Curtis Theodore		M
51A	24	Curtis Theodosia		F
43A	27	Cuthbert Albert		M
43A	19	Cuthbert Alice		F
43A	16	Cuthbert Catherine	F
43A	22	Cuthbert Charles		M
43A	15	Cuthbert Henry		M
43A	26	Cuthbert Julia		F
43A	17	Cuthbert Leura		F
43A	25	Cuthbert Louisa		F
43A	28	Cuthbert Malinda		F
43A	21	Cuthbert Maria		F
43A	18	Cuthbert Richard		M
43A	20	Cuthbert Sophia		F
43A	24	Cuthbert Stephen		M
56A	14	Darton Grace		F
28B	21	Davidson Ann S.		F
28B	24	Davidson Arthur		M
28B	27	Davidson Carlos		M
29A	 5	Davidson Caroline		F
28B	28	Davidson Catharine	F
28B	20	Davidson Christina	F
28B	23	Davidson Christina	F
21B	11	Davidson Constance	F
29A	 4	Davidson David		M
28B	25	Davidson Edward		M
28B	31	Davidson Edward		M
28B	30	Davidson Ellen		F
28B	33	Davidson George		M
29A	 1	Davidson James		M
28B	32	Davidson Jane 		F
29A	 2	Davidson Jenetta		F
29A	 3	Davidson John		M
28B	26	Davidson Kate		F
28B	29	Davidson Mary		F
29A	 6	Davidson Solomon		M
28B	19	Davidson William		M
28B	22	Davidson William	Jr	M
35A	16	Davieson Anna		F
37A	10	Daviess Ellen		F
57A	17	DeVere Frances Ann	F
44B	 6	Dickson Andrew		M
44B	12	Dickson Daniel		M
44B	 3	Dickson David		M
44B	13	Dickson David		M
44B	 5	Dickson Ellen		F
44B	14	Dickson Eunice		F
44B	 4	Dickson Hannah		F
44B	 7	Dickson Janet		F
44B	 8	Dickson Jemimah		F
44B	 9	Dickson Keturah		F
44B	11	Dickson Margaret		F
44B	15	Dickson Phoebe		F
44B	10	Dickson Pontius		M
 9B	 5	Dodge	Aurelia		F
 9B	 6	Dodge	Charlotte		F
 9A	33	Dodge	David			M
 9A	32	Dodge	Eli  			M
13B	32	Dodge	Enoch			M
 9B	 8	Dodge	George		M
 9B	 7	Dodge	Hamilton		M
 9A	30	Dodge	Jane			F
 9B	 1	Dodge	Josiah		M
 9B	 3	Dodge	Lavinia		F
13B	33	Dodge	Lucinda		F
 9B	 4	Dodge	Madison		M
 9B	 2	Dodge	Margaret		F
 9A	29	Dodge	Maria			F
14A	 1	Dodge	Matilda		F
 9A	31	Dodge	Sarah			F
 9A	28	Dodge	Seth			M
 9B	 9	Dodge	William		M
38B	32	Dumfries Ellen		F
40B	 1	Dunham Jonathan		M
43B	 3	Dunlop Anna			F
43B	 4	Dunlop Benjamin		M
43B	10	Dunlop Christiana		F
43B	 1	Dunlop Christopher	M
43B	11	Dunlop Cynthia		F
43A	31	Dunlop George		M
43B	 2	Dunlop Jane			F
43B	 5	Dunlop Jeannet		F
43B	 9	Dunlop Josephine		F
43B	 6	Dunlop Leonard		M
43B	 8	Dunlop Mandana		F
43A	33	Dunlop Marinda		F
43A	32	Dunlop Patsey		F
43B	 7	Dunlop Phillip		M
37B	33	Durfee Abraham		M
38A	 2	Durfee Annabella		F
37B	30	Durfee Edward		M
38A	 1	Durfee Edward		M
38A	 5	Durfee Ezra			M
38A	 7	Durfee Fanny		F
38A	 8	Durfee Gabrella		F
38A	 6	Durfee Heber		M
37B	26	Durfee Jabez		M
37B	29	Durfee Jabez	Jr	M
51B	33	Durfee Jonathan		M
37B	28	Durfee Lucinda		F
37B	32	Durfee Lucinda		F
38A	 4	Durfee Lucretia		F
38A	10	Durfee Mandana		F
38A	 3	Durfee Melissa		F
37B	31	Durfee Nephi		M
37B	27	Durfee Sabrina		F
38A	 9	Durfee Seriah		F
27A	23	Easton Alexander		M
27A	26	Easton Angelica		F
24A	16	Easton Betsy		F
27A	29	Easton Eleanor		F
24A	11	Easton Elizabeth		F
24A	 8	Easton Ellen		F
27A	21	Easton Eve			F
27A	28	Easton George		M
27A	33	Easton Harriet		F
24A	13	Easton Henry		M
27A	32	Easton Henry		M
27A	31	Easton Jacob		M
24A	10	Easton James		M
27A	30	Easton James		M
24A	12	Easton Jane			F
24A	 6	Easton John			M
24A	17	Easton Joseph		M
24A	22	Easton Leah			F
24A	19	Easton Lucy			F
24A	 7	Easton Margaret		F
27A	22	Easton Margaret		F
27A	27	Easton Mariette		F
27A	25	Easton Martha		F
24A	 9	Easton Mary			F
27A	20	Easton Mary			F
24A	18	Easton Matthew		M
27A	24	Easton Matthew		M
24A	20	Easton Rachel		F
24A	14	Easton Robert		M
27A	19	Easton Robert		M
24A	21	Easton Ruth			F
24A	15	Easton Samuel		M
41A	28	Edmonson William		M
39B	13	Edson	Martha		F
42A	21	Edwards Bathsheba		F
39B	11	Edwards Edward		M
42A	25	Edwards Elias		M
21A	 2	Edwards Eliezar		M
42A	20	Edwards Eliezar		M
42A	23	Edwards Hugh		M
 7A	28	Edwards John  		M
42A	24	Edwards Laura		F
42A	22	Edwards Lucinda		F
 7A	29	Edwards Mary		F
42A	26	Edwards Olivia		F
 7A	30	Edwards Susan		F
40B	14	Elbridge Peter		M
41B	31	Eldredge Caroline		F
41B	32	Eldredge Charles		M
41B	30	Eldredge Elizabeth	F
41B	29	Eldredge Samuel		M
41B	33	Eldredge William		M
36B	 1	Elkinson Joseph		M
31B	33	Ellerbeck Thomas W.	M
34A	14	Ellsworth Richard		M
11A	31	Emmons Emma			F
35A	17	Emmons Matilda		F
11A	30	Emmons Richard		M
11A	33	Emms Emily			F
11A	32	Emms Richard		M
11B	 2	Emms Samuel			M
11B	 1	Emms William		M
15B	32	Ericksen Goudd		M
26B	 3	Evans	Abraham		M
10B	 3	Evans	Barbara		F
26A	28	Evans	Barbara		F
26A	33	Evans	Betsy			F
10B	12	Evans	Charles		M
10B	10	Evans	David			M
26B	 4	Evans	David			M
42A	18	Evans	Ellen			F
10B	 4	Evans	Eunice		F
10B	 2	Evans	Evan			M
42A	16	Evans	Evan			M
26A	26	Evans	Hannah		F
10B	 1	Evans	Jane			F
10B	14	Evans	Jane			F
26A	27	Evans	Jane			F
42A	19	Evans	Jane			F
26A	29	Evans	John			M
42A	14	Evans	John			M
26B	 1	Evans	Joseph		M
26A	31	Evans	Josiah		M
10B	13	Evans	Maria			F
26A	30	Evans	Maria			F
26B	 2	Evans	Mary			F
42A	15	Evans	Mary			F
26A	32	Evans	Maryann		F
10B	11	Evans	Peter			M
10B	 6	Evans	Price			M
10A	33	Evans	Richard		M
10B	 9	Evans	Samuel		M
42A	17	Evans	Sarah			F
10B	 7	Evans	Susan			F
10B	 8	Evans	William		M
26A	25	Evans	William  		M
13A	21	Farley Edwin		M
13A	22	Farley Isaac		M
13A	20	Farley Thomas		M
24A	27	Farrer Abraham		M
24B	 7	Farrer Augustus		M
24A	31	Farrer Barbara		F
24B	 5	Farrer Catharine		F
24A	29	Farrer Elizabeth		F
24B	 2	Farrer Ellen		F
24A	33	Farrer George		M
24B	 8	Farrer Henry		M
24A	23	Farrer James		M
24A	30	Farrer Jane C.		F
24B	 1	Farrer John			M
24A	32	Farrer Lewis		M
24B	 6	Farrer Margaret		F
24A	24	Farrer Mary			F
24A	26	Farrer Mary Ann		F
24B	 4	Farrer Peter		M
24A	25	Farrer Susan		F
24A	28	Farrer Thomas		M
24B	 3	Farrer William		M
50B	33	Ferguson Henry		M
 4A	26	Fife Adam			M
 4B	 3	Fife Adam 	Jr		M
28B	 4	Fife Alice			F
 4B	 5	Fife Amanda			F
28B	11	Fife Andrew			M
 4B	 8	Fife Andrew			M	
 4B	10	Fife Andrew	Jr		M
 4A	28	Fife Ann			F
28B	12	Fife Caroline		F
 4A	30	Fife Catharine		F
28B	15	Fife Charlotte		F
 4B	 4	Fife Clarissa		F
28B	10	Fife Elizabeth		F
28B	 2	Fife Ellen			F
 4A	27	Fife Ellen			F
 4A	32	Fife Ellen	Jr.		F
 4B	 7	Fife Eveline		F
28A	32	Fife Hannah			F
28B	18	Fife Hezekiah		M
28B	 5	Fife James			M
 4A	29	Fife James			M
 4A	33	Fife Jane			F
28B	 8	Fife Janet			F
 4A	31	Fife Janet			F
28B	17	Fife Jemimah		F
28B	 9	Fife Jessie			F
28B	 6	Fife John			M
 4B	 1	Fife John			M
 4B	 6	Fife Joseph			M
28B	16	Fife Josephine		F
28B	 7	Fife Margaret		F
28B	 3	Fife Maria			F
28B	14	Fife Mary			F
 4B	 9	Fife Patience		F
28A	33	Fife Peter  		M
28A	31	Fife Peter M.		M
 4B	11	Fife Robert			M
 4B	 2	Fife Sarah			F
28B	 1	Fife Thomas			M
28B	13	Fife William		M
46A	 5	Follett Betsy		F
46A	10	Follett Catharine		F
46A	 1	Follett Erastus		M
46A	 3	Follett Janet		F
46A	 2	Follett Lovina		F
46A	 6	Follett Martin		M
46A	 9	Follett Mary		F
46A	 7	Follett Orson		M
46A	 4	Follett Parley		M
46A	 8	Follett Thomas		M
46A	11	Follett Zilpha		F
22B	12	Ford Betsey			F
22B	 3	Ford Charles		M
22B	 6	Ford Charles		M
22B	15	Ford Eliza			F
22B	 8	Ford Ellen			F
22B	 4	Ford Hannah			F
22B	 7	Ford Jared			M
22B	 5	Ford John			M
22B	13	Ford Mary Ann		F
22B	11	Ford Matilda		F
22B	14	Ford Peter			M
22B	 9	Ford Samuel			M
22B	10	Ford Thomas			M
45A	20	Foster Anna 		F
45A	18	Foster Augusta		F
45A	25	Foster David		M
45A	22	Foster Elir? S.		M
45A	17	Foster Joel R.		M
45A	24	Foster Julia M		F
45A	19	Foster Mary  		F
45A	23	Foster Sabrina		F
45A	21	Foster Seth M.		M
45A	26	Foster Vienna		F
49B	25	Fuller Albert K.		M
21B	13	Fuller Mary			F
48B	 9	Galt Andrew			M
48B	17	Galt Andrew			M
48B	 5	Galt Angeline		F
48B	 7	Galt Arabella		F
48B	11	Galt Cleopatra		F
48B	16	Galt Gilbert		M
48B	 6	Galt Hannah			F
48B	 3	Galt James			M
48B	14	Galt John			M
48B	 2	Galt Lucy			F
48B	10	Galt Marion			F
48B	15	Galt Mary  			F
48B	 8	Galt Susan			F
48B	 4	Galt Thomas			M
48B	 1	Galt William		M
52B	33	Gee James			M
 7A	 5	Gerber Ann			F
 7A	 8	Gerber Eleanor		F
 7A	 3	Gerber Jemima		F
 6B	33	Gerber John			M
 7A	 1	Gerber John P		M
 7A	10	Gerber Joseph		M
 7A	 4	Gerber Julia		F
 7A	 6	Gerber Louis E		M
 7A	 7	Gerber Maria		F
 7A	 2	Gerber Mary			F
 7A	 9	Gerber Mary Ann		F
25B	31	Gibbons Almira		F
25B	25	Gibbons Andrew S.		M
25B	27	Gibbons Andrew V.		M
25B	30	Gibbons Eliza  		F
26A	 5	Gibbons Grace		F
26A	 1	Gibbons John		M
26A	 4	Gibbons Joseph H		M
25B	33	Gibbons Lucinda		F
25B	29	Gibbons Martha Seriah	F
25B	26	Gibbons Rizpah		F
25B	32	Gibbons Rosalia		F
26A	 2	Gibbons Rose		F
26A	 3	Gibbons William F		M
25B	28	Gibbons Wilson		M
26B	 6	Gibbs	Martha		F
45A	28	Gibbs	Martha		F
11B	12	Gilbert Susan		F
 9B	18	Godsall Amelia		F
 9B	20	Godsall Angelina		F
 9B	21	Godsall Augusta		F
 9B	14	Godsall Elisha		M
 9B	19	Godsall Evadise		F
 9B	13	Godsall Ezra		M
 9B	12	Godsall Geter		M
 9B	10	Godsall John		M
 9B	15	Godsall Louisa		F
 9B	17	Godsall Samuel		M
 9B	11	Godsall Sarah		F
 9B	16	Godsall Susan		F
49A	 3	Godwin Abraham		M
49A	 2	Godwin Ann			F
48B	33	Godwin Benjamin		M
48B	24	Godwin Caroline		F
49A	 5	Godwin Flora		F
48B	23	Godwin Jedediah		M
48B	27	Godwin Jemimah		F
49A	 1	Godwin Joseph		M
48B	26	Godwin Lorenzo		M
48B	31	Godwin Maria		F
48B	32	Godwin Mary			F
49A	 4	Godwin Ophelia		F
48B	25	Godwin Polly		F
48B	28	Godwin Samuel		M
48B	29	Godwin Sarah		F
48B	30	Godwin Thomas		M
49B	 4	Gorst	Andrew		M
49B	 6	Gorst	David H		M
49B	 2	Gorst	Hannah		F
49B	 5	Gorst	Helena		F
49B	 3	Gorst	Isabel S		F
49B	 1	Gorst	John			M
49B	 7	Gorst	Martha		F
14B	24	Gough	Mary			F
14B	23	Gough	William		M
10B	15	Gould	Mary			F
52A	32	Gould	Susan			F
 8B	16	Gower	Albert		M
 8B	17	Gower	Ann			F
 8B	15	Gower	John			M
 8B	18	Gower	Maria			F
 8B	14	Gower	Martha		F
 8B	13	Gower	Thomas		M
45A	 9	Granter Amasa		M
44A	17	Gray Theodosia		F
 5B	27	Green	Alma			M
 5B	20	Green	Frances M		F
 5B	21	Green	Jane			F
 5B	24	Green	Mary  		F
 5B	23	Green	Moriancumer		M
 5B	28	Green	Mormon		M
 5B	26	Green	Moroni		M
 5B	25	Green	Nephi			M
 5B	19	Green	Thomas		M
 5B	22	Green	Thomas	Jr	M
 2A	 4	Greenwood David		M
 2A	 3	Greenwood Ellen		F
 2A	 5	Greenwood Jenett		F
 2A	 2	Greenwood Mary		F
 2A	 1	Greenwood William		M
43A	30	Grey Alicia			F
39A	14	Grimshaw Selma		F
 6A	 3	Groves E. H.		M
 5B	33	Groves Ellen		F
 6A	 1	Groves James		M
 5B	32	Groves Jane			F
 5B	29	Groves John			M
 6A	 2	Groves Leonora		F
 5B	30	Groves Mary			F
 5B	31	Groves Susan		F
48A	31	Grundy Alexander		M
48A	33	Grundy Jane			F
48A	32	Grundy Zilpha		F
 1A	24	Haight Agatha		F
 1A	 7	Haight Annabella		F
 1A	11	Haight Caleb S		M
21A	33	Haight Caroline 		F
 1A	20	Haight Catharine		F
 1A	27	Haight Clark		M
 1A	12	Haight Daniel		M
 1A	 4	Haight David		M
 1A	26	Haight Edward		M
 1A	 3	Haight Eliza A. P. 	F
 1A	 2	Haight Eliza A. S.	F
 1A	16	Haight Ellen		F
 1A	 1	Haight Isaac C.		M
 1A	14	Haight Isaac C. 	Jr.	M
 1A	17	Haight Isabel		F
 1A	18	Haight Jacob T.		M
 1A	19	Haight James W.		M
 1A	 6	Haight Jeremiah		M
 1A	21	Haight Louisa		F
 1A	10	Haight Mary Ann		F
 1A	28	Haight Mary Jane		F
 1A	15	Haight Mary W		F
 1A	25	Haight Oscar		M
 1A	13	Haight Roselia Jocosia	F
 1A	23	Haight Stephen P.		M
 1A	22	Haight Susan		F
 1A	 8	Haight Temperance K.	F
 1A	 9	Haight Uriah		M
 1A	 5	Haight William		M
47B	20	Hale Anthony		M
47B	 9	Hale Catharine		F
47B	11	Hale Charles		M
47B	18	Hale Darius			M
47B	15	Hale Eliza			F
47B	16	Hale Francesca		F
47B	12	Hale James D.		M
47B	21	Hale Lorenzo		M
47B	14	Hale Lucretia		F
47B	13	Hale Mary Ann		F
47B	19	Hale Olivia			F
47B	 3	Hale Pamelia M.		F
47B	 2	Hale Rowet J.		M
47B	10	Hale Rufus			M
47B	 8	Hale Stephen		M
24B	16	Hall Adolphus		M
24B	19	Hall Belinda		F
24B	15	Hall Elizabeth		F
24B	20	Hall George			M
24B	14	Hall James			M
24B	 9	Hall John			M
24B	17	Hall Josephine		F
24B	12	Hall Margaret		F
24B	10	Hall Mary			F
24B	18	Hall Rachel			F
24B	13	Hall Samuel			M
24B	11	Hall Sarah			F
53B	29	Hamblin Alma		M
53B	26	Hamblin Enoch		M
53B	22	Hamblin Hyrum		M
53B	28	Hamblin Joseph		M
53B	27	Hamblin Jude		M
53B	23	Hamblin Lavinia		F
53B	31	Hamblin Lyman		M
53B	24	Hamblin Mary Ann		F
53B	25	Hamblin Samuel		M
53B	30	Hamblin Sarah		F
53B	32	Hamblin Sophronia		F
 4B	23	Hamford Lavinia		F
29B	 7	Hamilton Arabella		F
29A	27	Hamilton Donna		F
29A	24	Hamilton Edward		M
29B	 3	Hamilton Eleanor		F
29A	26	Hamilton Ellen		F
29A	32	Hamilton Emily		F
29A	33	Hamilton Euphroma		F
29B	 5	Hamilton Francesca	F
29A	28	Hamilton Janet		F
29A	21	Hamilton John Junr	M
29A	30	Hamilton John Sen	M
29A	23	Hamilton Joseph		M
29B	 4	Hamilton Joseph		M
29B	 2	Hamilton Lucinda		F
29A	22	Hamilton Mary		F
29A	31	Hamilton Mary		F
29B	 1	Hamilton Nephi		M
29A	25	Hamilton Samuel		M
29B	 6	Hamilton Theodosia	F
29A	29	Hamilton Thespasia	F
38B	33	Hammond John		M
14B	10	Hansen Ann			F
26A	23	Hansen Augusta		F
26A	20	Hansen Begette		F
26A	 8	Hansen Bigio		M
26A	18	Hansen Caroline		F
26A	14	Hansen Christina  	F
26A	 7	Hansen Christina Maria	F
26A	 9	Hansen Cristen		M
26A	21	Hansen Dorthea		F
26A	24	Hansen John			M
26A	22	Hansen Joseph  		M
26A	13	Hansen Levi			M
26A	10	Hansen Margaretta		F
14B	 9	Hansen Peter		M
26A	11	Hansen Peter		F
26A	19	Hansen Peter		M
26A	17	Hansen Rasmus		M
26A	12	Hansen Rosilla		F
26A	15	Hansen Stoffer		M
26A	 6	Hansen Yorgen		M
34B	27	Hardman Eleanor		F
56A	 6	Hardy Arrabella		F
56A	 7	Hardy	Benjamin		M
55B	32	Hardy	Catharine		F
56A	 3	Hardy	Charlotte		F
56A	11	Hardy	Elizabeth		F
41B	11	Hardy	Ellen			F
56A	10	Hardy	Enoch			M
55B	33	Hardy	Eveline		F
56A	 5	Hardy	Maria			F
55B	30	Hardy	Mary  		F
56A	 2	Hardy	Melissa		F
55B	31	Hardy	Michael		M
56A	 8	Hardy	Moroni		M
56A	 1	Hardy	Nephi			M
56A	 4	Hardy	Oscar			M
56A	12	Hardy	Perry			M
56A	 9	Hardy	Peter			M
55B	29	Hardy	Samuel		M
55B	34	Hardy	Susan			F
 6A	19	Hargrove Sarah		F
11B	32	Harris Ebenezer		M
11B	33	Harris Nancy		F
37A	33	Harris Paul			M
17A	25	Harrison Annie		F
17A	26	Harrison Elizabeth	F
17A	24	Harrison Franklin		M
17A	29	Harrison Heber		M
17A	27	Harrison James		M
17A	22	Harrison Jane		F
17A	21	Harrison Mary Ann		F
17A	20	Harrison Richard		M
17A	28	Harrison Richard	Jr.	M
41B	10	Harrison Richard		M
17A	23	Harrison Sophia		F
12A	 5	Harriss Hannah		F
12A	 7	Harriss Jane		F
12A	 1	Harriss John		M
12A	 6	Harriss Maria		F
12A	 8	Harriss Matilda		F
12A	 4	Harriss Peter		M
12A	 2	Harriss Polly		F
12A	 3	Harriss Samuel		M
12A	 9	Harriss Sylvester		M
12B	 6	Harrod Ebenezer		M
12B	 4	Harrod Harriet		F
12B	 2	Harrod Helen		F
12B	 1	Harrod Joseph		M
12B	 3	Harrod Joseph Jr		M
12B	 5	Harrod Susan		F
38A	19	Harwood Andrew		M
38A	25	Harwood Antoinette	F
38A	14	Harwood David		M
38A	17	Harwood Editha		F
38A	29	Harwood Eleanor Jane	F
38A	30	Harwood Esther		F
38A	26	Harwood Francesca		F
38A	20	Harwood Hannah		F
38A	18	Harwood Harlette		F
38A	21	Harwood Henrietta		F
38A	24	Harwood Janet		F
38A	28	Harwood Jonathan		M
38A	15	Harwood King		M
38A	23	Harwood Lucy Ann		F
38A	33	Harwood Mandane		F
38A	27	Harwood Maria		F
38A	32	Harwood Richard		M
38A	16	Harwood Sabrina		F
38A	22	Harwood Samuel		M
38A	13	Harwood Thomas		M
38A	31	Harwood Wesley		M
54A	21	Haskel Darius		M
54A	24	Haskel Elias		M
54A	20	Haskel Eliza		F
54A	25	Haskel Eve S.		F
54A	16	Haskel James		M
54A	19	Haskel Jonathan		M
54A	23	Haskel Lucy			F
54A	18	Haskel Martha		F
54A	22	Haskel Moses		M
54A	17	Haskel Rebecca		F
54A	26	Haskel Sophronia		F
23A	25	Haslam Alice		F
14B	26	Haslam Ann			F
14B	30	Haslam Ann			F
23A	24	Haslam Betsey		F
23A	23	Haslam Carlos E.		M
23A	21	Haslam Daniel		M
17B	11	Haslam Elizabeth		F
23A	19	Haslam Elizabeth		F
23A	26	Haslam Francis J		M
23A	28	Haslam Hannah		F
23A	29	Haslam Harriet		F
17B	 5	Haslam James		M
17B	 8	Haslam James Jr.		M
23A	15	Haslam James  		M
23A	13	Haslam James H		M
17B	12	Haslam Jane			F
14B	27	Haslam John			M
17B	 7	Haslam John			M
23A	18	Haslam John			M
17B	10	Haslam Lucy			F
23A	17	Haslam Lucy			F
14B	28	Haslam Margaret		F
14B	29	Haslam Mary			F
17B	 6	Haslam Mary			F
23A	14	Haslam Mary			F
23A	27	Haslam Mary			F
17B	 9	Haslam Rachel		F
23A	16	Haslam Rachel		F
23A	20	Haslam Richard		M
14B	25	Haslam William		M
23A	22	Haslam William		M
55B	13	Hatch	Cornelia		F
55B	 4	Hatch	Delia			F
55B	 2	Hatch	Dymock		M
55B	 7	Hatch	Gabriel		M
55B	 9	Hatch	Hannah		F
55B	 5	Hatch	James			M
55B	12	Hatch	Joseph  		M
55B	 3	Hatch	Josephine		F
55B	14	Hatch	Malvina		F
55B	11	Hatch	Mary Jane		F
55B	15	Hatch	Melinda		F
55B	 8	Hatch	Nathan		M
55B	10	Hatch	Pamelia		F
55B	 6	Hatch	Rebecca		F
55B	16	Hatch	Vilate		F
36A	27	Hauser Ann			F
26B	 5	Hawkins Adelaide		F
52A	19	Hawkins John		M
48A	15	Haws Penelope		F
17A	 4	He*mpshire Ann		F
17A	 7	He*mpshire Catharine	F
17A	 6	He*mpshire Elizabeth	F
17A	 3	He*mpshire Hannah		F
17A	 2	He*mpshire John		M
17A	 8	He*mpshire Josephine	F
17A	 5	He*mpshire Samuel		M
 4A	25	Heel Jane 			F
40B	 5	Henderson Alexander	M
40B	 6	Henderson Alice		F
40B	 7	Henderson Harlotte	F
40B	10	Henderson James		M
40B	11	Henderson Jemimah		F
39B	26	Henderson John	 	M
40B	 9	Henderson John		M
40B	 8	Henderson Lucy		F
40B	12	Henderson Margaretta	F
40B	 4	Henderson Mary		F
40B	 3	Henderson Sarah		F
40B	 2	Henderson William		M
39A	33	Hendricks William		M
 5B	 3	Higbee Amandina		F
 5A	23	Higbee Ann 			F
 5A	29	Higbee Cazia		F
 5A	27	Higbee Chancey		M
 5A	30	Higbee Charlotte		F
 5B	 6 	Higbee Clarissa		F
 5A	19	Higbee Elias		M
 5B	 2	Higbee Emma			F
 5A	25	Higbee Franklin		M
 5A	28	Higbee Harriet		F
 5A	20	Higbee Isaac		M
 5A	33	Higbee Jackson		M
 5B	 1	Higbee James		M
 5A	17	Higbee Jane			F
 5A	32	Higbee Jane			F
 5A	15	Higbee John M.		M
 5A	22	Higbee John S		M
 5A	21	Higbee Judith		F
 5A	16	Higbee Mary			F
 5B	 5	Higbee Minerva		F
 5A	26	Higbee Sarah		F
 5A	24	Higbee Silas		M
 5B	 4	Higbee Sommers		M
 5A	18	Higbee Susan Ann		F
 5A	31	Higbee William		M
45B	21	Hinkley Constantia	F
16A	33	Holmes Andrew		M
16A	30	Holmes Mary			F
16A	29	Holmes Minerva		F
16A	31	Holmes Miranda		F
16A	32	Holmes Susan		F
16A	28	Holmes Wardman		M
54B	11	Hoopes Luke			M
38B	30	Hopkins Alexander		M
20B	30	Hopkins Broguard		M
20B	23	Hopkins Charles		M
20B	29	Hopkins Charles		M
20B	31	Hopkins Dalacroise	M
20B	32	Hopkins Eliza		F
20B	26	Hopkins James		M
20B	27	Hopkins Jane		F
20B	33	Hopkins Lucinda		F
20B	25	Hopkins Lydia		F
20B	24	Hopkins Mary  		F
20B	28	Hopkins William		M
30A	12	Horton Caroline		F
30A	14	Horton Deborah		F
30A	 8	Horton Eleanor		F
30A	 4	Horton George		M
30A	 6	Horton James		M
30A	 9	Horton Joseph		M
30A	 7	Horton Laman		M
30A	10	Horton Maria		F
30A	13	Horton Samuel		M
30A	11	Horton Sarah  		F
30A	 5	Horton Sarah Ann		F
53B	10	Hotchkiss Emily P.	F
 9A	 3	Houghines Mary Jane	F
46A	34	Houghton Levi		M
40B	26	Houston Isaac		M
15B	30	Hudson William		M
46B	 6	Hulet Alexander		M
46B	 1	Hulet	Andrew		M
46B	 5	Hulet	John			M
46B	 2	Hulet	Lydia			F
46B	 3	Hulet	Orson			M
46B	 4	Hulet	Theodore		M
46A	28	Hulett Alvina		F
46A	29	Hulett Amanda		F
46A	31	Hulett Laura		F
46A	33	Hulett Nephi		M
46A	27	Hulett Samuel		M
46A	32	Hulett Samuel		M
46A	30	Hulett Stephen		M
57A	15	Hulse	Adelaide		F
42B	29	Hulse	Emily F		F
57A	16	Hulse	Jane S		F
42B	27	Hulse	Job			M
42B	24	Hulse	John			M
42B	28	Hulse	Keturah		F
42B	30	Hulse	Lucy S	 	F 
42B	25	Hulse	Marion		F
42B	31	Hulse	Martin		M
42B	26	Hulse	Melissa A		F
42B	32	Hulse	Moses			M
39A	 4	Hultz	Angelina		F
39A	19	Hultz	Anna			F
39A	 6	Hultz	Aurelia		F
39A	 3	Hultz	Benjamin Jr		M
39A	 1	Hultz	Benjamin R.		M
39A	20	Hultz	Calvin		M
39A	18	Hultz	Carlos		M
39A	21	Hultz	Catharine		F
39A	17	Hultz	Celestina		F
39A	 9	Hultz	Christina		F
39A	13	Hultz	Gabrella		F
39A	10	Hultz	Georgiana		F
39A	12	Hultz	Hyrum			M
39A	 8	Hultz	Isaac			M
39A	 7	Hultz	Isaiah		M
39A	 2	Hultz	Jane			F
39A	11	Hultz	Joseph		M
39A	 5	Hultz	Lavinia		F
39A	16	Hultz	Seriah		F
39A	15	Hultz	William		M
46A	22	Hunsaker Carlona		F
46A	23	Hunsaker Elizabeth	F
 7B	11	Hunt Mary			F
 7B	12	Hunt Rose			F
 7B	10	Hunt Thomas			M
 7B	13	Hunt Thomas	Jr		M
 4A	24	Hunter Ellen		F
 4A	21	Hunter James		M
 4A	23	Hunter Janet		F
 4A	19	Hunter John			M
 4A	15	Hunter Joseph		M
 4A	20	Hunter Joseph		M
 4A	22	Hunter Mary			F
 4A	16	Hunter Nancy		F
 4A	17	Hunter Nancy M		F
 4A	18	Hunter William		M
 2B	14	Hunter Alma			M
 2B	 7	Hunter David		M
 2B	 4	Hunter Eliza		F
 2B	13	Hunter Emma			F
 2B	10	Hunter George		M
 2B	 9	Hunter Isabella		F
 2B	 6	Hunter John			M
 2B	 8	Hunter Lucretia		F
 2B	 3	Hunter Mary			F
 2B	15	Hunter Parthenia		F
 2B	12	Hunter Stephen		M
 2B	 5	Hunter Susannah		F
 2B	 2	Hunter William		M
 2B	11	Hunter William Jr.	M
18A	 5	Hutchinson Agnes		F
18A	 7	Hutchinson Constance E.	F
15B	33	Hutchinson David		M
18A	 3	Hutchinson David Jr.	M
18A	 6	Hutchinson Elizabeth	F
18A	 4	Hutchinson James		M
18A	 2	Hutchinson Mary		F
18A	 1	Hutchinson Thomas		M
43B	27	Hyder	Nathan		M
18B	23	Jackson Annie		F
18B	21	Jackson Hannah		F
46A	13	Jackson Martin		M
39B	25	Jackson Robert		M
18B	22	Jackson Sally		F
18B	20	Jackson Samuel		M
18B	24	Jackson Samuel Jr.	M
 8A	33	Jacobs Alvina		F
 8A	29	Jacobs Balinda		F
14A	24	Jacobs Catharine		F
14A	22	Jacobs Christopher	M
 8A	32	Jacobs Cynthia		F
14A	18	Jacobs Elizabeth		F
14A	26	Jacobs Jane			F
14A	17	Jacobs John			M
14A	20	Jacobs John	Jr.		M
 8A	27	Jacobs John			M
14A	21	Jacobs Margaret		F
14A	25	Jacobs Maria		F
 8A	28	Jacobs Mary Jane		F
14A	19	Jacobs Mary W.		F
 8A	26	Jacobs Sally		F
14A	27	Jacobs Susan		F
14A	23	Jacobs Swean		M
 8A	25	Jacobs Swean		M
 8A	31	Jacobs Swean Jr		M
 8A	30	Jacobs Yagon		M
40B	27	Jacques Mary		F
39A	22	James	John			M
53A	27	James	John			M
33B	20	Jamieson Betsy		F
33B	24	Jamieson Constantia	F
33B	22	Jamieson Ellen		F
33B	18	Jamieson James		M
33B	17	Jamieson Mary		F
21B	 6	Jamieson Mercy F.		F
33B	16	Jamieson Samuel		M
33B	21	Jamieson Sarah		F
33B	23	Jamieson Thomas		M
33B	19	Jamieson William		M
42B	12	Jenkins Alice		F
42B	 5	Jenkins Amelia		F
42B	 7	Jenkins Betsy		F
42B	13	Jenkins Eleanor		F
42B	11	Jenkins Israel		M
42B	14	Jenkins Jane		F
42B	 3	Jenkins John		M
42B	 6	Jenkins Laman		M
42B	 8	Jenkins Lehi		M
42B	10	Jenkins Mormon		M
42B	 9	Jenkins Moroni		M
42B	 4	Jenkins Sarah		F
21A	23	Jervis Elizabeth		F
21A	21	Jervis John			M
21A	20	Jervis Julia		F
21A	22	Jervis Peter		M
21A	25	Jervis Sally		F
21A	19	Jervis Samuel		M
21A	24	Jervis Sarah		F
35B	32	Jessen Jens			M
41B	15	Jewkes Absalom		M
42A	 8	Jewkes Adelaide		F
41A	21	Jewkes Alice		F
41A	25	Jewkes Andeline		F
41B	 5	Jewkes Ann			F
41B	13	Jewkes Betsey		F
42A	 5	Jewkes Betsey		F
41B	17	Jewkes Bordice		F
41B	16	Jewkes Catharine		F
41B	19	Jewkes David		M
41A	33	Jewkes Eliza 		F
41A	27	Jewkes Elizabeth		F
41B	23	Jewkes Ellen		F
41B	25	Jewkes Flora		F
41B	 6	Jewkes Henry		M
41B	 7	Jewkes James		M
41B	24	Jewkes James		M
41B	 3	Jewkes Jane			F
41B	28	Jewkes Jane			F
41B	18	Jewkes Janet		F
42A	 2	Jewkes Jerusha		F
42A	 6	Jewkes Johanna		F
41A	18	Jewkes John			M
41B	 9	Jewkes John			M
41B	26	Jewkes John			M
41B	12	Jewkes Josiah		M
41A	19	Jewkes Louis		M
41B	 2	Jewkes Margaret		F
41A	26	Jewkes Marianne		F
42A	 7	Jewkes Martin		M
41A	20	Jewkes Mary			F
41B	 4	Jewkes Mary			F
41B	27	Jewkes Mary			F
41B	21	Jewkes Mary Ann		F
41A	22	Jewkes Rachel		F
42A	 3	Jewkes Rachel		F
41A	24	Jewkes Richard		M
42A	 1	Jewkes Richard		M
42A	 4	Jewkes Richard		M
41B	20	Jewkes Robinson		M
41A	16	Jewkes Samuel		M
41A	23	Jewkes Samuel		M
41B	 1	Jewkes Samuel		M
41A	31	Jewkes Sarah		F
41B	22	Jewkes Sarah		F
41B	14	Jewkes Solomon		M
41A	17	Jewkes Sophia		F
41B	 8	Jewkes Sophia		F
41A	30	Jewkes William		M
41A	32	Jewkes William		M
 8A	11	Johnson Almand		M
 8A	22	Johnson Almans		M
14A	32	Johnson Amos		M
 9A	16	Johnson Andrew J.		M
14B	 3	Johnson Ann			F
 8A	21	Johnson Ann P.		F
 7B	32	Johnson Anna		F
43B	16	Johnson Annabella		F
 8A	10	Johnson Annie		F
 8A	23	Johnson Barletta		F
34A	 3	Johnson Betsey		F
 9A	17	Johnson Catharine		F
 8A	20	Johnson Charles S.	M
 8A	 6	Johnson David		M
14B	 8	Johnson Edgar		M
 8A	 5	Johnson Editha		F
43B	25	Johnson Eleanor		F
14B	 7	Johnson Elias		M
 8A	18	Johnson Elizabeth		F
43B	22	Johnson Emily M		F
14B	 5	Johnson Emma		F
42B	15	Johnson Eunice		F
43B	23	Johnson Frank D.		M
43B	17	Johnson Franklin		M
 9A	11	Johnson Geo. W.		M
 9A	18	Johnson Geo. W. Jr.	M
14A	28	Johnson George		M
43B	20	Johnson Helen S.		F
43B	19	Johnson Henriette		F
14B	 1	Johnson Horace 		M
 9A	22	Johnson Hyrum		M
 8A	 7	Johnson James		M
 9A	13	Johnson James Jackson	M
14A	29	Johnson Jane		F
 8A	 3	Johnson Janet		F
 8A	 1	Johnson Joe H		M
 8A	 8	Johnson Joel		M
 9A	15	Johnson John J.		M
14B	 4	Johnson Joseph		M
 8A	14	Johnson Joseph		M
 9A	21	Johnson Joseph		M
14B	 2	Johnson Julia		F
 8A	13	Johnson Julia		F
 8A	15	Johnson Juliette		F
 9A	25	Johnson Lavinia		F
34A	 4	Johnson Lucy		F
43B	26	Johnson Maiza		F
 8A	17	Johnson Maletha		F
 9A	26	Johnson Malvina		F
 8A	 9	Johnson Mandana		F
14A	30	Johnson Margaret		F
 8A	16	Johnson Margaret		F
 9A	24	Johnson Margaret		F
43B	18	Johnson Margaretta	F
 9A	14	Johnson Maria		F
34A	 2	Johnson Mary		F
 9A	20	Johnson Mary Ann		F
 9A	12	Johnson Nancy Ann		F
 7B	33	Johnson Nephi		M
14A	33	Johnson Oliver		M
34A	 5	Johnson Rachel		F
 8A	19	Johnson Rife		M
34A	 1	Johnson Samuel		M
 8A	12	Johnson Samuel		M
 8A	24	Johnson Sarah		F
 9A	19	Johnson Sarah		F
 8A	 4	Johnson Seth		M
 7B	31	Johnson Sextus E.		M
 8A	 2	Johnson Susan		F
43B	14	Johnson Swean		M
 9A	27	Johnson Theresa		F
43B	15	Johnson Thirza		F
43B	21	Johnson Thomas		M
14A	31	Johnson Washington	M
14B	 6	Johnson William		M
43B	24	Johnson William		M
 9A	23	Johnson William D		M
25A	33	Jones	Alexander		M
45A	32	Jones	Alexander		M
33B	33	Jones	Alfred		M
45B	 3	Jones	Ann M			F
45A	33	Jones	Annabella		F
25A	21	Jones	Barbara		F
25A	24	Jones	Barbara C.		F
33B	13	Jones	Caroline		F
45A	31	Jones	Celestia		F
25A	27	Jones	Charles		M
33B	27	Jones	Charles		M
45A	29	Jones	David			M
25B	 6	Jones	Desdemona		F
25A	30	Jones	Elias			M
33B	30	Jones	Eliza			F
45B	 8	Jones	Eliza			F
33B	11	Jones	Eliza  		F
20A	26	Jones	Elizabeth		F
25A	25	Jones	Elizabeth		F
33B	 8	Jones	Elizabeth		F
45A	30	Jones	Ellen S		F
25A	32	Jones	Euphronia		F
25B	 4	Jones	Eveline		F
25B	 3	Jones	Feargus		M
33B	32	Jones	Frederick		M
25A	28	Jones	George		M
25B	 1	Jones	Hannibal 		M
45B	 5	Jones	Henriette		F
33B	28	Jones	Henry			M
25A	29	Jones	Hugh			M
45B	 1	Jones	James G		M
33B	15	Jones	Jane			F
33B	26	Jones	Jane			F
33B	31	Jones	Jane			F
20A	25	Jones	John			M
33B	29	Jones	John			M
33B	10	Jones	John L.		M
33B	 6	Jones	John P.		M
33B	14	Jones	Jonathan		M
45B	 6	Jones	Jonathan		M
33B	25	Jones	Joseph		M
25B	 2	Jones	Lucretia		F
45A	34	Jones	Lucretia		F
20A	24	Jones	Margaret		F
33B	 7	Jones	Margaret		F
45B	 2	Jones	Margaret		F
33B	12	Jones	Maria  		F
25A	22	Jones	Marianne		F
33B	 9	Jones	Marianne		F
20A	23	Jones	Mary  		F
45B	 7	Jones	Rebecca		F
25A	31	Jones	Selma			F
25A	26	Jones	Sheba			F
25B	 5	Jones	Thalia		F
45B	 4	Jones	Theodore		M
20A	22	Jones	Thomas		M
25A	23	Jones	William		M
25A	20	Jones	William Price	M
 6A	 8	Jose Ann			F
 6A	 5	Jose Grace			F
 6A	 9	Jose Susan			F
 6A	 7	Jose Thomas			M
 6A	 4	Jose William		M
 6A	 6	Jose Wm Jr			M
56B	25	Judd Vilate			F
31A	33	Kay Agnes			F
31A	22	Kay Elizabeth		F
31B	 1	Kay Ellen			F
31A	20	Kay Ellen Maria		F
31A	23	Kay Hannah			F
31A	21	Kay Henry			M
31A	29	Kay James			M
31A	14	Kay John			M
31A	16	Kay Joseph			M
31A	26	Kay Lizzie			F
31A	18	Kay Margaret		F
31A	27	Kay Marianne		F
31A	30	Kay Peter			M
31A	32	Kay Phillis			F
31A	28	Kay Richard			M
31A	17	Kay Sally Ann		F
31A	15	Kay Sarah			F
31A	31	Kay Thomas			M
31A	19	Kay William			M
31A	25	Kay Wilson			M
50A	31	Kempton Aaron		M
50A	32	Kempton Olivia		F
50A	33	Kempton Sarepta		F
49A	13	Kerr Alexander		M
49A	12	Kerr Betsy			F
49A	10	Kerr Hugh			M
49A	 7	Kerr James			M
49A	 8	Kerr Jane			F
49A	14	Kerr John G.		M
49A	17	Kerr Margaret		F
49A	15	Kerr Mary S.		F
49A	11	Kerr Matthew		M
49A	18	Kerr Pamela			F
49A	 9	Kerr Robert			M
49A	16	Kerr William		M
 7B	 1	Kershaw Abraham		M
 7B	 7	Kershaw Agnes		F
 7A	32	Kershaw Alice		F
 7A	33	Kershaw Elizabeth		F
21A	28	Kershaw Emily		F
 7B	 8	Kershaw Henry		M
 7B	 4	Kershaw James		M
 7B	 6	Kershaw Janet		F
21A	27	Kershaw Jonathan		M
 7B	 2	Kershaw Mary		F
 7A	31	Kershaw Robert		M
 7B	 3	Kershaw Samuel		M
21A	29	Kershaw Sophia		F
 7B	 5	Kershaw Susan		F
 7B	 9	Kershaw Thomas		M
54B	34	Key Patience		F
16B	 4	Keys Brigham		M
16B	 7	Keys Faith			F
16B	 5	Keys Grace			F
16B	 8	Keys Hope			F
16B	 6	Keys Joseph			M
16B	 2	Keys Margaret		F
16B	 3	Keys Nancy			F
16B	 1	Keys Robert			M
36A	28	King Bertha 		F
45A	 4	King Serepta		F
12A	21	Kirby Alice			F
12A	20	Kirby	John			M
12A	22	Kirby	Katie			F
12A	24	Kirby	Mary			F
12A	25	Kirby	Nathan		M
12A	23	Kirby	Stephen		M
11A	 4	Kirkwood Andrew		M
11A	 5	Kirkwood Ann		F
11A	 3	Kirkwood James		M
11A	 2	Kirkwood Margaret		F
11A	 1	Kirkwood Thomas		M
44A	10	Knapp	Amanda		F
44A	 8	Knapp	Andrew  		M
44A	12	Knapp	Caroline		F
44A	13	Knapp	Cyntheln		F
44A	14	Knapp	Harvey		M
44A	11	Knapp	James			M
44A	 9	Knapp	Mary G.		F
44A	15	Knapp	Rebecca		F
55B	19	Knights Catharine		F
55B	22	Knights Donna Isurah	F
55B	25	Knights Eliza		F
55B	18	Knights Isaac		M
55B	20	Knights John		M
55B	27	Knights Joseph		M
55B	23	Knights Maria		F
55B	26	Knights Moses		M
55B	21	Knights Thomas		M
55B	24	Knights William		M
11B	 7	Lambeth Eliza		F
11B	 5	Lambeth John		M
11B	 9	Lambeth John Jr		M
11B	10	Lambeth Mercy		F
11B	 8	Lambeth Peter		M
11B	11	Lambeth Prudence		F
11B	 6	Lambeth Susan		F
29B	23	Lane Robert 		M
34A	11	Lapworth George		M
34A	10	Lapworth James		M
34A	18	Lapworth Lucy		F
34A	 9	Lapworth Marianne		F
 7B	15	Lapworth Mary Ann		F
34A	19	Lapworth Peter		M
34A	12	Lapworth Rachel		F
34A	17	Lapworth Robert		M
34A	21	Lapworth Ruth		F
34A	13	Lapworth Samuel		M
34A	20	Lapworth Sarah		F
34A	 8	Lapworth William		M
14A	16	Larson Catharine		F
14A	15	Larson Christina		F
14A	12	Larson Hans			M
14A	14	Larson Lais			M
14A	13	Larson Mary			F
 4A	 8	Latham Colin		M
 4A	 6	Latham Eliza		F
 4A	 5	Latham Jane			F
 4A	 4	Latham John			M
 4A	 7	Latham Robert		M
 4A	 9	Latham Robert Jr.		M
53A	12	Law Flora			F
18B	19	Lee Mary			F
18B	18	Lee William			M
21A	 8	Leigh	Alice			F
21A	13	Leigh	Andrew		M
21A	14	Leigh	Davis			M
21A	11	Leigh	Diana			F
21A	 4	Leigh	Jane			F
21A	12	Leigh	Malvina		F
21A	 7	Leigh	Marinda		F
21A	 6	Leigh	Robert		M
21A	 3	Leigh	Samuel		M
21A	 9	Leigh	Samuel Jr		M
21A	 5	Leigh	Sarah			F
21A	10	Leigh	William		M
54B	31	Lewis	Alanson		M
 5A	 5	Lewis	Andrew		M
 5A	 8	Lewis	Andrew		M
 4B	27	Lewis	Ann			F
 5A	12	Lewis	Annette		F
54B	21	Lewis	Bell			F
54B	15	Lewis	Bertha		F
54B	19	Lewis	Celeste		F
54B	18	Lewis	Delight		F
 5A	10	Lewis	Edith			F
54B	17	Lewis	Electa		F
 4B	25	Lewis	Elizabeth		F
54B	30	Lewis	Ephraim		M
 5A	11	Lewis	Eve			F
 5A	 4	Lewis	Frederick		M
54B	28	Lewis	Gilbert		M
 5A	 2	Lewis	Hannah		F
 4B	32	Lewis	James			M
 4B	28	Lewis	Jane			F
 5A	 7	Lewis	Jane			F
 4B	24	Lewis	Jesse B.		M
 4B	26	Lewis	Jesse B. Jr		M
 5A	 6	Lewis	John			M
 5A	 9	Lewis	Johnson		M
 5A	13	Lewis	Joseph		M
54B	29	Lewis	Josephine		F
 5A	 1	Lewis	Joshua		M
54B	32	Lewis	Lorenzo		F
54B	27	Lewis	Lucretia		F
54B	14	Lewis	Lucy			F
 4B	33	Lewis	Malvina		F
 4B	30	Lewis	Margaret		F
54B	26	Lewis	Marianne		F
54B	16	Lewis	Peter			M
54B	13	Lewis	Prince		M
 5A	 3	Lewis	Rachel		F
 4B	29	Lewis	Samuel		M
54B	25	Lewis	Simeon		M
 4B	31	Lewis	Stewart		M
54B	20	Lewis	Theresa		F
 4A	13	Lindsay Alex^r		M
 4A	10	Lindsay Colin		M
 4A	12	Lindsay Jane		F
 4A	11	Lindsay Janet		F
 4A	14	Lindsay Robert		M
34A	28	Liston Albert		M
34B	 5	Liston Caroline		F
34B	 2	Liston Celestia		F
34A	22	Liston Commodore P.	M
34A	25	Liston Donna		F
34A	23	Liston Elizabeth		F
34A	31	Liston Gabrella		F
34A	27	Liston Izura		F
34A	33	Liston James		M
34B	 6	Liston Jane			F
34B	 3	Liston Joseph		M
34A	24	Liston Lovira		F
34A	32	Liston Lucinda		F
34A	30	Liston Martin		M
34B	 4	Liston Peter		M
34B	 1	Liston Riley		M
34A	29	Liston Rufus		M
34B	 7	Liston Theresa		F
34A	26	Liston William		M
45A	27	Littlefield	Andrew	M
52A	17	Logan	Agnes			F
52A	12	Logan	Andrew		M
52A	14	Logan	David			M
52A	16	Logan	Isaac			M
52A	13	Logan	Mary			F
52A	18	Logan	Susan			F
52A	15	Logan	William		M
10A	20	Lovejoy Christina		F
14A	 2	Loveridge Alex^r H.	M
14A	 7	Loveridge Alexander Jr.	M
14A	 5	Loveridge Ambrose		M
14A	10	Loveridge Bathsheba	F
14A	 8	Loveridge Belinda		F
14A	 4	Loveridge Daniel		M
14A	11	Loveridge Hamilton	M
14A	 3	Loveridge Malinda		F
14A	 9	Loveridge Melissa		F
14A	 6	Loveridge Stillwell	F
46B	33	Lovett Anthony		M
37A	19	Lumpkin James		M
37B	11	Lund Wilson			M
17B	14	Lunt Helen			F
17B	13	Lunt Henry			M
17B	15	Lunt Henry	Jr.		M
15A	16	Lynd Maria			F
27A	12	MacConnel Celestia	F
27A	18	MacConnel Ellen		F
27A	10	MacConnel Euphenia	F
27A	 1	MacConnel George		M
27A	17	MacConnel Grace		F
26B	33	MacConnel Henry		M
27A	 9	MacConnel James		M
27A	 7	MacConnel Jane		F
26B	31	MacConnel Jehiul 		M
27A	11	MacConnel Jehu		M
27A	14	MacConnel John		M
27A	 8	MacConnel Joseph		M
27A	 2	MacConnel Margaret	F
27A	13	MacConnel Marianne	F
26B	32	MacConnel Mary		F
27A	16	MacConnel Peter		M
27A	 5	MacConnel Sarah		F
27A	 6	MacConnel Sobrina		F
27A	 3	MacConnel Susan		F
27A	15	MacConnel Walter		M
27A	 4	MacConnel William		M
39A	26	Macfarlane Ann 		F
39A	31	Macfarlane Arabella	F
39B	 8	Macfarlane Carlos		M
39A	29	Macfarlane Caroline	F
 1A	31	Macfarlane Celia		F
 1A	33	Macfarlane Celia E.	F
39A	30	Macfarlane Chancey	M
39A	28	Macfarlane Charlotte	F
 1A	30	Macfarlane Christina	F
 1B	 1	Macfarlane Daniel	Jr.	M
39B	 1	Macfarlane Daniel		M
 1A	29	Macfarlane Daniel S.	M
39A	32	Macfarlane Eliza		F
39B	 2	Macfarlane Eliza		F
39B	 5	Macfarlane Elizabeth	F
39B	 7	Macfarlane Emily		F
39B	10	Macfarlane Fanny		F
39A	24	Macfarlane Isaac		M
39B	 4	Macfarlane James		M
39A	27	Macfarlane Jane		F
39A	25	Macfarlane John		M
 1A	32	Macfarlane John S.	M
39B	 9	Macfarlane Joseph		M
39B	 3	Macfarlane Keturah	F
 1B	 2	Macfarlane Margaret	F
39B	 6	Macfarlane Mary		F
23B	29	Macmemdie Agnes		F
23B	26	Macmemdie Alexander	M
23B	23	Macmemdie Christina	F
23B	30	Macmemdie Daniel		M
23B	33	Macmemdie Ellen		F
23B	31	Macmemdie Henry		M
23B	24	Macmemdie James		M
23B	20	Macmemdie Jane		F
23B	27	Macmemdie John		M
23B	21	Macmemdie Joseph		M
23B	28	Macmemdie Margaret	F
23B	32	Macmemdie Rachel		F
23B	19	Macmemdie Samuel 		M
23B	25	Macmemdie Thomas		M
23B	22	Macmemdie William		M
27B	24	MacMurdie Arabella	F
27B	23	MacMurdie Bertha		F
28A	 4	MacMurdie David		M
27B	20	MacMurdie Elizabeth	F
28A	 1	MacMurdie Henry		M
27B	18	MacMurdie James		M
27B	19	MacMurdie Jonathan	M
28A	 3	MacMurdie Joseph		M
27B	17	MacMurdie Marianne	F
27B	22	MacMurdie Mary		F
28A	 2	MacMurdie Nancy		F
28A	 8	MacMurdie Rachel		F
27B	16	MacMurdie Robert		M
28A	 5	MacMurdie Sampson		M
28A	 6	MacMurdie Solomon		M
28A	 7	MacMurdie Susannah	F
27B	21	MacMurdie William		M
43A	14	Madison Flora		F
45B	19	Mallard William		M
43B	13	Mandsley Jacob		M
43A	23	Margetts William		M
50A	 5	Marplot Adaline		F
51B	32	Martin Sarah Ann		F
13B	31	Massy	Eveline		F
41A	29	Maydew Josephine		F
19A	10	Maydew Patty		F
12B	26	McAulay Helen		F
35A	15	McBride William		M
50B	23	McFie	Agnes			F
50B	28	McFie	Alice			F
51A	 1	McFie	Andrew		M
50B	29	McFie	Annie			F
50B	24	McFie	David			M
50B	22	McFie	Hannah		F
50B	20	McFie	Hugh			M
50B	25	McFie	John			M
50B	21	McFie	Mary			F
50B	30	McFie	Matilda		F
50B	26	McFie	Sophia		F
50B	27	McFie	Thomas		M
11A	18	McGibbon Agnes		F
51B	21	McGill Adam			M
51B	25	McGill Alvina		F
51B	19	McGill Andrew		M
51B	20	McGill Annie		F
51B	18	McGill Betsey		F
51B	23	McGill David		M
51B	26	McGill Jane			F
51B	27	McGill Margarett		F
51B	24	McGill Martha		F
51B	17	McGill Mary Ann		F
51B	22	McGill Stephen		M
51B	16	McGill William		M
11A	26	McKenzie Duncan		M
11A	29	McKenzie Duncan Jr	M
11A	27	McKenzie Jane  		F
11A	28	McKenzie Mary		F
49B	 9	McKnight Mary		F
24A	 5	McMemdie Ann		F
24A	 3	McMemdie Benjamin		M
24A	 4	McMemdie Betsy		F
24A	 2	McMemdie Catharine	F
24A	 1	McMemdie Henry		M
27B	27	McMurdie Alicia		F
27B	26	McMurdie Betsey		F
27B	33	McMurdie Henry		M
27B	30	McMurdie Isabella		F
27B	25	McMurdie James		M
27B	29	McMurdie Jane		F
27B	28	McMurdie Jonathan		M
27B	31	McMurdie Vienna		F
27B	32	McMurdie William		M
40A	 6	McShane Barney		M
40A	16	McShane Beatrice		F
40A	13	McShane Bertha		F
40A	 5	McShane Biddy		F
40A	17	McShane Burgos		M
40A	18	McShane Caroline		F
40A	15	McShane Cormick		M
40A	 1	McShane Corney		M
40A	14	McShane John		M
40A	 8	McShane Judy		F
40A	 3	McShane Kitty		F
40A	 9	McShane Lily		F
40A	 2	McShane Mary		F
40A	 7	McShane Michael		M
40A	 4	McShane Patrick		M
40A	12	McShane Robert		M
19A	 9	Memmott Ann			F
19A	 8	Memmott James		M
19A	 2	Memmott John		M
19A	 3	Memmott Julia		F
19A	 6	Memmott Martha		F
19A	 4	Memmott Sarah		F
19A	 5	Memmott Thomas		M
19A	 7	Memmott William		M
46B	18	Merrill Adelia		F
46B	 9	Merrill Darius E.		M
46B	10	Merrill Eliza		F
46B	11	Merrill Elizabeth		F
46B	12	Merrill Joel M		M
21A	26	Merrill Marinda		F
46B	15	Merrill Maud		F
46B	13	Merrill Seth		M
46B	14	Merrill Sextus		M
46B	17	Merrill Victoria		F
46B	16	Merrill William		M
45B	 9	Mikesell Aaron		M
56B	27	Miles	Adam			M
56B	29	Miles	Andrew		M
56B	31	Miles	Ann W.		F
57A	 3	Miles	Arthur		M
57A	 2	Miles	Barbara		F
56B	30	Miles	Helena		F
56B	33	Miles	Josiah		M
57A	 1	Miles	Laman			M
56B	32	Miles	Michael		M
56B	28	Miles	Susannah		F
27B	 3	Miller Agnes		F
27B	10	Miller Alexander		M
27B	12	Miller Alice		F
44A	18	Miller Ann 			F
27B	 1	Miller David		M
27B	 7	Miller Edward		M
52A	20	Miller Elvira		F
27B	14	Miller Euphenia		F
27B	13	Miller Henrietta		F
27B	 6	Miller James		M
27B	 2	Miller Jane			F
52A	21	Miller Jane			F
27B	 5	Miller Janet		F
27B	 4	Miller John			M
27B	15	Miller Laura		F
27B	 8	Miller Mary			F
27B	11	Miller Solomon		M
27B	 9 	Miller William		M
44A	27	Milom	Angelina		F
44A	20	Milom	Anna			F
44A	25	Milom	Antoinette		F
44A	31	Milom	Calvin		M
44A	24	Milom	Hannah		F
44A	26	Milom	Isaac			M
44A	19	Milom	Laman			M
44A	21	Milom	Marianne		F
44A	28	Milom	Mary Y		F
44A	30	Milom	Minerva		F
44A	32	Milom	Pauline		F
44A	23	Milom	Priscilla		F
44A	22	Milom	Thomas		M
44A	29	Milom	Wilford		M
43A	29	Miner	Gregory		M
47A	31	Mitchel Andrew		M
47A	33	Mitchel Catharine		F
47A	29	Mitchel Emily		F
47A	32	Mitchel Fanny S.		F
47A	28	Mitchel Frederick		M
47A	30	Mitchel Nancy		F
47B	 6	Mitchell Angelina		F
47B	 5	Mitchell Anna G		F
47B	 4	Mitchell George		M
47B	 7	Mitchell Sophronia	F
51B	28	Moffatt Andrew		M
 9A	 9	Monroe Eliza		F
 9A	 4	Monroe George		M
 9A	 8	Monroe James		M
 9A	10	Monroe Jane			F
 9A	 7	Monroe Margaret		F
 9A	 5	Monroe Mary Ann		F
 9A	 6	Monroe Robert		M
34A	16	Montague Elizabeth	F
54B	12	Moreton Jonathan		M
 2B	27	Morgan Ann			F
 3B	15	Morgan Ann			F
15B	17	Morgan Catharine		F
 2B	30	Morgan Charlotte		F
 2B	29	Morgan David		M
 3B	 8	Morgan David		M
 3B	16	Morgan Eleanor		F
15B	15	Morgan Emma			F
 3B	13	Morgan Isaac		M
15B	16	Morgan James		M
 3B	 9	Morgan Jane			F
10B	 5	Morgan Jemima		F
15B	14	Morgan John			M
 2B	32	Morgan John			M
 2B	33	Morgan Joseph		M
 3B	12	Morgan Joseph H.		M
 2B	28	Morgan Lucy			F
 2B	31	Morgan Mary			F
 3B	11	Morgan Mary			F
 3B	10	Morgan Sarah		F
 2B	26	Morgan William		M
 3B	14	Morgan William		M
25B	14	Morris Alexander		M
25B	12	Morris Bathsheba		F
25B	16	Morris Dorthea		F
25B	 9	Morris Elizabeth		F
25B	24	Morris Emily		F
25B	17	Morris Henry		M
25B	21	Morris Herod		M
25B	 7	Morris Hugh Conway	M
25B	20	Morris Isaac		M
25B	15	Morris Janet		F
25B	22	Morris Josiah		M
25B	10	Morris Julias		M
25B	18	Morris Lucy			F
25B	23	Morris Lydia		F
25B	 8	Morris Mary			F
25B	11	Morris Mary Jane		F
25B	19	Morris Patrick		M
25B	13	Morris Susan		F
25A	 5	Morriss Barbara		F
25A	 7	Morriss Barbara		F
37A	 3	Morriss Barbara		F
37A	14	Morriss Brice		M
25A	18	Morriss Edward		M
25A	14	Morriss Elias		M
37A	 1	Morriss Elias		M
37A	 4	Morriss Elias Jr		M
25A	10	Morriss Elizabeth		F
37A	 5	Morriss Elizabeth		F
25A	19	Morriss Ellen		F
25A	17	Morriss Frederick		M
37A	11	Morriss Hugh		M
25A	16	Morriss James		M
25A	12	Morriss Jane		F
37A	 7	Morriss Jane		F
37A	16	Morriss Jerusha		F
25A	 4	Morriss John		M
37A	 8	Morriss John		M
37A	13	Morriss Lucy		F
37A	15	Morriss Lydia		F
25A	15	Morriss Martha		F
25A	 8	Morriss Mary		F
37A	 2	Morriss Mary		F
37A	12	Morriss Mary L		F
25A	11	Morriss Price		M
25A	13	Morriss Princess		F
25A	 9	Morriss Richard		M
37A	17	Morriss Tabitha		F
25A	 6	Morriss William		M
37A	 6	Morriss Winifred		F
11B	13	Moss Susannah		F
41A	15	Mount	Jeannet		F
 7A	21	Muir Alexander		M
 7A	25	Muir Archibald		M
 7A	23	Muir Augusta		F
 7A	27	Muir Daniel			M
 7A	16	Muir David			M
16A	26	Muir Ellen			F
16A	27	Muir Helena			F
 7A	12	Muir Jane			F
 7A	19	Muir Janet			F
 7A	18	Muir Jeanie			F
 7A	17	Muir Jessie			F
 7A	22	Muir Joanna			F
16A	21	Muir John			M
16A	24	Muir John Jr.		M
 7A	15	Muir Lucy			F
 7A	24	Muir Margaret		F
 7A	26	Muir Mary			F
16A	22	Muir Sophia			F
 7A	14	Muir Susan			F
 7A	13	Muir Thomas			M
16A	23	Muir Walter			M
 7A	11	Muir Walter			M
16A	25	Muir Watson			M
 7A	20	Muir William		M
47B	 1	Mulford Georgiana		F
53B	33	Mumford Theodore		M