Index of Cedar City, Continued, M-Z

	0505913 UT  Microfilm				
	Census - 1856 Entire State				
Names were in two columns with M or F checked with /				
"Lines were not numbered, but I have added numbers and surnames for indexing."				
 3A	 6	Nelson Ann			F
 3A	12	Nelson Annie		F
34B	32	Nelson Bertha		F
 3A	10	Nelson David		M
34B	29	Nelson Elvira		F
 3A	 8	Nelson Helena		F
 3A	 3	Nelson Isabella		F
 3A	 9	Nelson James		M
 3A	 2	Nelson Jane			F
 3A	 1	Nelson John			M
 3A	 7	Nelson Joseph		M
34B	31	Nelson Laban		M
 3A	13	Nelson Martha		F
 3A	 5	Nelson Mary			F
34B	33	Nelson Pauline		F
 3A	11	Nelson Peter		M
34B	28	Nelson Samuel		M
34B	30	Nelson Samuel		M
 3A	 4	Nelson William		M
34A	15	Neville Betsy		F
26B	 7	Neville Constance		F
45B	20	Newcombe Irene		F
15A	 6	Nicholson Annie		F
15A	 9	Nicholson Jane		F
15A	 4	Nicholson Lavinia		F
15A	 7	Nicholson Maria		F
15A	 8	Nicholson Nelson		M
15A	 5	Nicholson Rasmus		M
55B	17	Nickerson Huldah		F
37A	 9	Nickerson William		M
18B	16	Nielsen Augusta		F
18B	25	Nielsen Bartle		M
18B	17	Nielsen Hannah		F
18B	15	Nielsen James		M
18B	14	Nielsen Joanna		F
18B	13	Nielsen Peter		M
15A	 3	Nielson Margaret		F
30B	11	Nish Agnes			F
30B	19	Nish Bertha			F
30B	33	Nish Edward			M
30B	32	Nish Eliza			F
30B	12	Nish Elizabeth		F
30B	30	Nish Elizabeth		F
30B	23	Nish Elvira			F
30B	17	Nish George			M
30B	26	Nish Isabella		F
30B	22	Nish Jacob			M
30B	13	Nish James			M
30B	20	Nish John			M
30B	18	Nish Kate			F
30B	29	Nish Margaret		F
30B	14	Nish Marianne		F
30B	31	Nish Mary			F
30B	24	Nish Parthenia		F
30B	10	Nish Robert			M
30B	15	Nish Sarah			F
30B	28	Nish Thomas			M
30B	21	Nish Vienna			F
30B	16	Nish William		M
30B	25	Nish William		M
30B	27	Nish William Jr		M
40A	10	O'Connor Feargus		M
37A	18	Oliver Richard		M
47A	16	Oliver Samuel		M
16A	15	Owen Agnes			F
16A	14	Owen Ann			F
16A	12	Owen Evan			M
16A	10	Owen John			M
16A	11	Owen Mary			F
16A	13	Owen Sarah			F
37A	20	Owens	Elvira		F
42A	28	Owens	Emily			F
42A	27	Owens	Evan			M
42A	31	Owens	Fanny			F
42A	32	Owens	Frances		F
42A	33	Owens	Johanna		F
42A	29	Owens	John			M
42A	30	Owens	Samuel		M
13B	23	Panter Adaline		F
13B	18	Panter Celia		F
13B	22	Panter Delia		F
13B	19	Panter Diana		F
13B	20	Panter Joseph		M
13B	16	Panter Josiah		M
13B	17	Panter Minerva		F
13B	15	Panter Sylvia		F
13B	14	Panter William		M
13B	21	Panter William Jr.	M
 3B	 2	Parcel Eliza		F
 3B	 1	Parcel George		M
 3B	 4	Parcel Henry		M
 3B	 5	Parcel Jane			F
 3B	 7	Parcel Marianne		F
 3B	 6	Parcel Susannah		F
 3B	 3	Parcel William		M
12B	31	Paskett Abraham		M
12B	32	Paskett Alice		F
13A	 1	Paskett Charles		M
12B	33	Paskett David		M
12B	30	Paskett Emily		F
12B	29	Paskett Hannah		F
13A	 2	Paskett Jemima		F
12B	28	Paskett Richard		M
 6A	25	Patterson Adam		M
 6A	28	Patterson Agnes		F
 6A	26	Patterson Alex^r Jr	M
 6A	20	Patterson Alexander	M
 2A	14	Patterson Andrew		M
 2A	21	Patterson Andrew		M
 6A	27	Patterson Andrew		M
 2A	25	Patterson Ann		F
 2A	16	Patterson Catharine	F
 2A	22	Patterson Edward		M
 6A	22	Patterson Ellen		F
 2A	23	Patterson Emma		F
 2A	15	Patterson Jane		F
 2A	19	Patterson Janet		F
 6A	29	Patterson Janet		F
 2A	20	Patterson Joseph		M
 2A	17	Patterson Margaret	F
 2A	24	Patterson Mary		F
 6A	21	Patterson Mary		F
 6A	23	Patterson Mary Ann	F
 2A	18	Patterson Robert		M
 6A	24	Patterson Robert		M
15B	18	Pay George			M
15B	19	Pay Jared			M
45A	 3	Perry	Adam			M
44B	26	Perry	Agnes			F
44B	33	Perry	Albert		M
 6B	 9	Perry	Ann			F
44B	30	Perry	Betsy			F
45A	 1	Perry	Charles		M
 6B	11	Perry	Elizabeth		F
 6B	14	Perry	Esther		F
 6B	 5	Perry	George		M
 6B	13	Perry	Huldah		F
 6B	 7	Perry	Hyrum			M
45A	 2	Perry	Jane			F
 6B	12	Perry	Jane			F
 6B	 8	Perry	Joseph		M
44B	32	Perry	Margaret		F
44B	31	Perry	Maria			F
44B	27	Perry	Mary			F
 6B	10	Perry	Moroni		M
44B	29	Perry	Oscar C.		M
44B	28	Perry	Sarah Ann		F
 6B	 6	Perry	Susan			F
44B	25	Perry	William		M
54B	33	Pettit Laura		F
21B	25	Pollock Caroline		F
21B	15	Pollock Elizabeth		F
21B	20	Pollock Elizabeth		F
21B	22	Pollock Fanny		F
21B	17	Pollock Hyrum		M
21B	18	Pollock Joseph		M
21B	24	Pollock Lucretia		F
21B	26	Pollock Marianne		F
21B	14	Pollock Samuel		M
21B	19	Pollock Samuel		M
21B	16	Pollock Sarah		F
21B	23	Pollock Wesley		M
21B	21	Pollock William		M
13B	30	Price	Amanda		F
13B	24	Price	Edward		M
13B	26	Price	Edward Jr.		M
13B	29	Price	Edward		M
17B	30	Price	James			M
11B	 3	Price	Jane			F
17B	31	Price	John			M
13B	25	Price	Mandana		F
11B	 4	Price	Mary			F
13B	28	Price	Matilda		F
49A	32	Price	Matilda		F
13B	27	Price	William		M
 5A	14	Primrose Sarah		F
20A	20	Pugmire Alice		F
20A	16	Pugmire Ann 		F
15A	18	Pugmire Ellen		F
15A	19	Pugmire George		M
20A	19	Pugmire Hannah  		F
20A	21	Pugmire James		M
20A	15	Pugmire Jonathan		M
20A	17	Pugmire Jonathan Jr	M
15A	17	Pugmire Joseph		M
15A	20	Pugmire Mary		F
20A	18	Pugmire Morton		M
51B	31	Quail	Ann			F
51B	30	Quail	Mary  		F
20B	22	Randall Alice		F
35B	25	Rasmussen Ann		F
35B	27	Rasmussen Badil		F
35B	23	Rasmussen Bergette	F
35B	21	Rasmussen Catherine	F
35B	20	Rasmussen Christen	M
36A	10	Rasmussen Christiana	F
35B	30	Rasmussen Dorthea		F
36A	 7	Rasmussen Ele***		F
36A	 4	Rasmussen Ezra		M
35B	26	Rasmussen Hans		M
36A	 2	Rasmussen Henrick		F
36A	 9	Rasmussen Johanna		F
36A	 8	Rasmussen John		M
35B	24	Rasmussen Kristen		F
35B	29	Rasmussen Lars		M
35B	28	Rasmussen Louise		F
35B	31	Rasmussen Maria		F
36A	 6	Rasmussen Maria		F
36A	 5	Rasmussen Mary		F
35B	22	Rasmussen Peeter		M
36A	 3	Rasmussen Rasmus		M
36A	 1	Rasmussen Yorgen		M
37B	 4	Rees Alice			F
37B	 9	Rees Alice			F
37B	 5	Rees Elizabeth		F
37B	 7	Rees James			M
37B	 2	Rees Jane			F
37B	10	Rees Margaret		F
37B	 8	Rees Mary			F
37B	 1	Rees Watkin			M
37B	 6	Rees Willard		M
37B	 3	Rees William		M
21B	31	Reeves Edwin		M
21B	30	Reeves Elvira		F
22A	 2	Reeves Eveline		F
22A	 8	Reeves Gabrella		F
22A	 4	Reeves George		M
22A	 1	Reeves James		M
21B	27	Reeves Josiah		M
22A	 9	Reeves Lucinda		F
22A	10	Reeves Mandana		F
21B	32	Reeves Martin		M
21B	29	Reeves Mary			F
22A	 5	Reeves Meriah		F
22A	 6	Reeves Peter		M
22A	 7	Reeves Richard		M
21A	31	Reeves Sarah		F
21B	28	Reeves Sarah		F
22A	 3	Reeves Selma or Selina	F
21B	33	Reeves William		M
48A	26	Reid Andrew			M
48A	20	Reid Aurelia		F
48A	27	Reid Clarissa		F
48A	22	Reid Dinah			F
48A	18	Reid Emma			F
48A	30	Reid Flora			F
48A	17	Reid George			M
48A	23	Reid Hezekiah		M
48A	24	Reid John			M
48A	25	Reid Josephine		F
48A	29	Reid Laman			M
48A	28	Reid Margaret		F
48A	21	Reid Robert			M
48A	19	Reid Susan			F
45A	16	Repshaw Julia		F
54A	27	Rewlett Paul		M
46B	 7	Richards Malvina		F
57A	18	Richards Phoebe K.	F
51A	14	Richardson Marshall	M
13B	 2	Richens David		M
13A	31	Richens Fanny		F
13A	32	Richens Frances		F
13A	30	Richens James		M
13B	 1	Richens Mary		F
13B	 3	Richens Persis		F
13A	33	Richens William		M
43A	10	Rick Ammon			M
43A	 3	Rick Angeline		F
43A	 6	Rick Dermot			M
43A	 9	Rick Elleanor		F
43A	 2	Rick Lucy S.		F
43A	 8	Rick Margaret		F
43A	 7	Rick Mary M			F
43A	 1	Rick Rufus			M
43A	 5	Rick Sophronia		F
43A	 4	Rick Thomas			M
53A	26	Riddle Amanda		F
53A	33	Riddle Amelia		F
53A	18	Riddle Carlos		M
53A	25	Riddle Charles		M
53A	14	Riddle Charlotte		F
53A	17	Riddle Clarissa		F
53A	31	Riddle David		M
53A	29	Riddle Emily		F
53A	24	Riddle George		M
53A	30	Riddle Jacob		M
53A	28	Riddle Joseph		M
53A	23	Riddle Kate			F
53A	34	Riddle Lehi			M
53A	22	Riddle Luna			F
53A	15	Riddle Martha M		F
53A	32	Riddle Mary			F
53A	13	Riddle Nathan		M
53A	19	Riddle Nephi		M
53A	21	Riddle Rebecca		F
53A	16	Riddle Richard		M
53A	20	Riddle Sarah		F
37A	28	Riggs	Andrew		M
37A	27	Riggs	Anthony		M
37A	26	Riggs	Fanny			F
37A	23	Riggs	Jane			F
37A	30	Riggs	Josiah		M
37A	32	Riggs	Lovina		F
37A	31	Riggs	Lucretia		F
37A	29	Riggs	Malvina		F
37A	24	Riggs	Martin		M
37A	25	Riggs	Mary			F
37A	22	Riggs	Sarah			F
37A	21	Riggs	William		M
15A	21	Riley	Allan			M
15A	27	Riley	Allan	Jr.		M
15A	29	Riley	Bell			F
15A	26	Riley	Clara			F
15A	28	Riley	James			M
15A	24	Riley	Lizzie		F
15A	22	Riley	Sarah			F
15A	25	Riley	Susan			F
15A	23	Riley	Thomas		M
11B	15	Robbins Alexander		M
11B	24	Robbins Ann			F
11B	22	Robbins Edwin		M
11B	16	Robbins James		M
11B	23	Robbins Jane		F
11B	14	Robbins John		M
11B	20	Robbins Peter		M
11B	21	Robbins Susan		F
50A	 4	Robertson Andrew		M
49B	31	Robertson Ann		F
50A	 1	Robertson David		M
12B	10	Robertson Edward		M
49B	29	Robertson Edward		M
12B	 9	Robertson Eunice		F
12B	 7	Robertson George		M
49B	32	Robertson Hannah		F
12B	11	Robertson Jacob		M
49B	33	Robertson Jane  		F
50A	 2	Robertson Margaretta	F
49B	28	Robertson Maria		F
49B	30	Robertson Mary		F
12B	12	Robertson Nathan		M
12B	 8	Robertson Polly Ann	F
50A	 3	Robertson Thalia		F
49B	27	Robertson Thomas  	M
12B	13	Robertson Virginia	F
38B	31	Robinson Martha		F
55B	 1	Robinson Walker		M
41A	14	Roffe	Edwin			M
16B	26	Rogers Ann			F
16B	32	Rogers Forster		M
16B	33	Rogers George		M
16B	29	Rogers Hyrum		M
16B	28	Rogers Joseph		M
16B	27	Rogers Lucy			F
16B	25	Rogers Lydia		F
16B	31	Rogers Orin			M
16B	24	Rogers Russell		M
17A	 1	Rogers Russell Jr		M
16B	30	Rogers Sophia		F
54B	 1	Romney Eliphalet		M
 3A	27	Ross Alex^r			M
 3A	33	Ross Ann			F
 3A	25	Ross Daniel			M
 3A	26	Ross Frances		F
 3A	31	Ross Joseph			M
 3A	28	Ross Katie			F
 3A	32	Ross Margaret		F
 3A	29	Ross Mary			F
 3A	30	Ross William		M
25A	 3	Rowland Aaron		M
24B	27	Rowland Alice		F
26B	15	Rowland Barbara		F
24B	30	Rowland Benjamin		M
26B	 8	Rowland Benjamin		M
26B	11	Rowland Caroline		F
24B	23	Rowland Edward		M
24B	26	Rowland Edwin		M
26B	 9	Rowland Elizabeth		F
26B	17	Rowland Ellen		F
26B	25	Rowland Emma		F
25A	 2	Rowland Gabrella		F
24B	29	Rowland Hannah		F
24B	28	Rowland Harriet		F
26B	30	Rowland Henrietta		F
26B	29	Rowland Henry		M
26B	26	Rowland Hezekiah		M
26B	21	Rowland Hugh		M
25A	 1	Rowland Jacob		M
26B	18	Rowland James		M
26B	16	Rowland Jeremiah		M
24B	21	Rowland Job T.		M
26B	14	Rowland John		M
26B	12	Rowland Kate		F
24B	31	Rowland Lovina		F
26B	24	Rowland Lydia		F
26B	19	Rowland Marianne		F
26B	28	Rowland Martha		F
24B	22	Rowland Mary		F
24B	25	Rowland Mary		F
26B	10	Rowland Mary		F
24B	24	Rowland Matthew		M
26B	27	Rowland Patience		F
26B	23	Rowland Phelim		M
26B	22	Rowland Price		M
24B	32	Rowland Sobrella		F
26B	20	Rowland Soloman		M
24B	33	Rowland Thomas		M
26B	13	Rowland Thomas		M
13A	 5	Russell Carly		F
13A	 8	Russell Eveline		F
13A	 9	Russell Jacob		M
13A	 4	Russell Lucinda		F
13A	 7	Russell Lucy		F
13A	 6	Russell Simon		M
13A	 3	Russell Stephen		M
44B	 2	Sabines Josephine		F
50B	32	Sanders Albert		M
 3B	26	Savage David 		M
 3B	31	Savage David N		M
 3B	27	Savage Frances F		F
 4A	 2	Savage Helen M		F
 4A	 1	Savage Jehiel		M
 3B	32	Savage John R		M
 4A	 3	Savage Margaret E.	F
 3B	29	Savage Mariette		F
 3B	30	Savage Mary	Jr.		F
 3B	28	Savage Mary A		F
 3B	33	Savage Sarah M		F
38A	12	Scriggins Eliza Jane	F
 4B	12	Sharp	Ellen			F
37B	12	Sheeper Josephine		F
 6B	19	Sheldon Eliza A		F
 6B	16	Sheldon Harriet		F
 6B	18	Sheldon Harriet A		F
 6B	17	Sheldon James		M
 6B	20	Sheldon John		M
 6B	21	Sheldon Sarah M		F
 6B	15	Sheldon William		M
35A	30	Shell	Alexandrina		F
35A	31	Shell	Ferigus		M
35A	29	Shell	Janet			F
35A	28	Shell	Robert		M
21B	12	Sherman Sally		F
35A	24	Sherratt Caroline		F
35A	19	Sherratt Christina	F
35A	23	Sherratt George		M
35A	20	Sherratt James		M
35A	22	Sherratt Janet		F
35A	18	Sherratt John		M
35A	21	Sherratt Kate		F
35A	26	Sherratt Keturah		F
35A	27	Sherratt Lavinia		F
35A	25	Sherratt Mary		F
13B	 8	Shill	Ebenezer		M
13B	 7	Shill	Edward		M
13B	 9	Shill	Eleanor		F
13B	 6	Shill	Emily			F
13B	11	Shill	Patience		F
13B	10	Shill	Samuel		M
13B	 5	Shill	Sarah			F
13B	 4	Shill	William		M
54B	 8	Shirts Benjamin		M
54A	32	Shirts Cleopatra		F
54B	10	Shirts Electa		F
54B	 7	Shirts Ira			M
54B	 6	Shirts Lucinda		F
54B	 9	Shirts Lucy			F
54A	31	Shirts Margaret		F
54B	 4	Shirts Mariah		F
54B	 2	Shirts Marshal		M
54B	 3	Shirts Nancy		F
54B	 5	Shirts Nelson		M
54A	30	Shirts Neriah		M
54A	34	Shirts Sydney		M
54A	33	Shirts Uriah		M
32B	32	Shrewsbury Albert		M
32B	33	Shrewsbury Arthur		M
33A	 3	Shrewsbury Betsey		F
32B	29	Shrewsbury Hannah		F
32B	30	Shrewsbury James		M
32B	28	Shrewsbury Jane		F
33A	 4	Shrewsbury John		M
32B	31	Shrewsbury Olivia		F
33A	 1	Shrewsbury Robert		M
33A	 2	Shrewsbury Sophia		F
33A	 5	Shrewsbury Urania		F
32B	27	Shrewsbury William	M
52A	33	Simmons Mary		F
 8B	 6	Simons William		M
39B	27	Simpkins Abraham		M
39B	16	Simpkins Amanda		F
38B	 5	Simpkins Ann		F
39B	15	Simpkins Ann		F
38B	 7	Simpkins Bertha		F
39B	29	Simpkins Bertha		F
38B	 8	Simpkins Caroline		F
38B	 3	Simpkins Charles		M
39B	18	Simpkins Charles		M
38B	12	Simpkins Daniel		M
39B	24	Simpkins Edward		M
39B	28	Simpkins Elizabeth	F
38B	 4	Simpkins Elizabeth  	F
39B	21	Simpkins Ellen		F
38B	20	Simpkins Esther		F
38B	 9	Simpkins Hezekiah		M
39B	14	Simpkins Hezekiah		M
39B	19	Simpkins James		M
38B	15	Simpkins Jane		F
39B	31	Simpkins Jane		F
39B	30	Simpkins Jonathan		M
38B	10	Simpkins Joseph		M
38B	22	Simpkins Josephine	F
38B	11	Simpkins Lucy		F
38B	13	Simpkins Lydia Ann	F
38B	21	Simpkins Margaretta	F
39B	23	Simpkins Martha		F
38B	19	Simpkins Mary		F
39B	17	Simpkins Mary		F
39B	33	Simpkins Matilda		F
38B	14	Simpkins Meriah		F
38B	17	Simpkins Richard		M
39B	22	Simpkins Richard		M
38B	18	Simpkins Robert		M
38B	 6	Simpkins Sarah		F
39B	20	Simpkins Sarah		F
39B	32	Simpkins Susan		F
38B	16	Simpkins Thomas		M
32B	10	Simpkinss Alice		F
32B	17	Simpkinss Ann		F
32B	24	Simpkinss Arabella	F
32B	19	Simpkinss Catharine	F
32B	14	Simpkinss Edward		M
32B	26	Simpkinss Ellen		F
32B	 4	Simpkinss James		M
32B	 6	Simpkinss James Jr	M
32B	15	Simpkinss Jane		F
32B	11	Simpkinss John		M
32B	20	Simpkinss Lehi		M
32B	16	Simpkinss Marianne	F
32B	 7	Simpkinss Mariette	F
32B	 5	Simpkinss Mary		F
32B	18	Simpkinss Moses		M
32B	13	Simpkinss Patience	F
32B	23	Simpkinss Peter		M
32B	 8	Simpkinss Rachel		F
32B	 9	Simpkinss Robert		M
32B	25	Simpkinss Samuel		M
32B	21	Simpkinss Sarah		F
32B	22	Simpkinss Susan		F
32B	12	Simpkinss Whilemela	F
13A	15	Sims Angelina		F
13A	16	Sims Emma			F
13A	10	Sims James			M
13A	13	Sims Joseph J		M
13A	11	Sims Maria			F
13A	14	Sims Maria			F
13A	12	Sims Sophia			F
50A	27	Smith Adam			M
20A	 4	Smith	Anna K.		F
16A	17	Smith	Annie			F
16A	16	Smith	Benjamin		M
50A	23	Smith	Betsy			F
20A	 5	Smith	Betsy K.		F
 6A	11	Smith	Catharine		F
20A	13	Smith	Cazia K.		F
 4B	18	Smith	Charles		M
28A	 9	Smith	Charles P.		M
 6B	 1	Smith	Charles P.		M
50A	25	Smith	David			M
28A	18	Smith	Edward		M
 6A	31	Smith	Eliza			F
28A	15	Smith	Elizabeth		F
28A	13	Smith	Ellen			F
 6A	17	Smith	Elvira		F
 4B	17	Smith	Emma			F
20A	10	Smith	Hannah K.		F
20A	 8	Smith	Henry K.		M
50A	22	Smith	Hugh			M
 4B	19	Smith	James			M
 6A	15	Smith	James			M
 6B	 4 	Smith	James			M
 1B	19	Smith	James X.		M
28A	16	Smith	Jane			F
 6B	 2	Smith	Jane			F
16A	18	Smith	John			M
28A	14	Smith	John			M
50A	24	Smith	John			M
 6A	10	Smith	John	2nd		M
 1B	16	Smith	John X.		M
 4B	13	Smith	Joseph		M
 4B	15	Smith	Joseph Jr		M
50A	19	Smith	Joseph		M
20A	 7	Smith	Joseph K.		M
 6B	 3	Smith	Kate			F
20A	14	Smith	Lavinia K.		F
 4B	22	Smith	Letitia		F
 1B	21	Smith	Lucy			F
50A	26	Smith	Lucy Ann		F
 1B	17	Smith	Margaret X.		F
 4B	14	Smith	Maria			F
28A	17	Smith	Marianne		F
 1B	18	Smith	Mary			F
28A	10	Smith	Mary			F
50A	20	Smith	Mary			F
 6A	13	Smith	Mary			F
 4B	20	Smith	Mary Ann		F
20A	11	Smith	Mary K.		F
50A	28	Smith	Matilda		F
20A	 6	Smith	Moroni K. 		M
20A	12	Smith	Nancy K.		F
 4B	21	Smith	Paulina		F
50A	30	Smith	Peter			M
20A	 3	Smith	Philip K.		M
28A	11	Smith	Richard		M
 6A	12	Smith	Robert		M
 6A	18	Smith	Ruth			F
20A	 9	Smith	Sarah A. K		F
50A	21	Smith	Susan			F
 6A	14	Smith	Susan			F
 6A	33	Smith	Susan			F
16A	20	Smith	Susannah		F
 6A	30	Smith	Thomas P.		M
 6A	32	Smith	Thomas W		M
50A	29	Smith	Vienna		F
28A	12	Smith	William		M
 4B	16	Smith	William		M
 6A	16	Smith	William		M
16A	19	Smith	William  		M
 1B	20	Smith	Wm X.			M
57A	 7	Smoot	Aaron			M
42B	20	Smoot	Adolphus		M
42B	23	Smoot	Charles		M
57A	 5	Smoot	Cornelia		F
42B	22	Smoot	Francis		M
42B	18	Smoot	Harriet		F
57A	13	Smoot	Henrietta		F
57A	10	Smoot	Isaac			M
57A	 4	Smoot	Jacob			M
57A	 9	Smoot	John			M
57A	 8	Smoot	Lavinia		F
42B	21	Smoot	Mary			F
57A	12	Smoot	Mary			F
57A	 6	Smoot	Melissa		F
42B	19	Smoot	Ruth			F
42B	17	Smoot	William		M
57A	11	Smoot	Zenoph		M
56A	21	Snider Cornelius		M
56A	16	Snider Elizabeth		F
56A	19	Snider Hannah		F
56A	18	Snider John			M
56A	22	Snider Levi			M
56A	23	Snider Lucy			F
56A	26	Snider Maria		F
56A	17	Snider Martha		F
56A	27	Snider Nancy		F
56A	15	Snider Nathan		M
56A	20	Snider Nathaniel		M
56A	24	Snider Rachel		F
56A	25	Snider Reuben		M
56A	28	Snider Vienna		F
47B	33	Snow Thomas			M
38A	11	Sobriski Frank		M
50A	17	Solomons Peter		M
56B	24	Sound	Jabez 		M
11B	18	Sowers Sarah		F
56A	29	Sparks Jared		M
38B	29	Standing Ada		F
38B	28	Standing Adelaide		F
38B	25	Standing Charles		M
38B	24	Standing Ellen		F
38B	27	Standing George		M
38B	23	Standing James		M
38B	26	Standing Peter		M
13A	19	Stay Joseph	Jr		M
13A	17	Stay Joseph  		M
13A	18	Stay Saray			F
47A	11	Steel	Albert		M
47A	14	Steel	Alma			M
47A	 2	Steel	Arabella		F
47A	 9	Steel	Bertha		F
47A	 3	Steel	Caroline		F
47A	12	Steel	Jabez			M
47A	 7	Steel	Jehu			M
47A	 8	Steel	John			M
47A	 6	Steel	Lucretia		F
47A	13	Steel	Nathaniel		M
47A	10	Steel	Rebecca		F
47A	 5	Steel	Robert		M
47A	 4	Steel	Theodosia		F
47A	 1	Steel	Zenoph		M
51B	14	Stephenson Susannah	F
12A	26	Stevens Alexander		M
12A	30	Stevens Hannah		F
12A	31	Stevens Harriet		F
12A	33	Stevens Helen		F
12A	29	Stevens Peter		M
12A	32	Stevens Richard		M
12A	28	Stevens Sarah Jane	F
12A	27	Stevens William		M
17A	19	Stewart Alice		F
36B	 3	Stewart Arabella		F
17A	16	Stewart Cameron		M
17A	18	Stewart Margaret		F
17A	15	Stewart Maryann		F
17A	17	Stewart Sarah		F
17A	14	Stewart William		M
48A	13	Stoddard Alvina		F
 2B	22	Stoddard Angeline		F
 2B	16	Stoddard David		M
 2B	25	Stoddard Elizabeth	F
 7B	26	Stoddard Emily		F
 2B	23	Stoddard George		M
 2B	18	Stoddard Isabella		F
 7B	28	Stoddard James		M
 2B	19	Stoddard Janet		F
 7B	30	Stoddard Jemima		F
 7B	25	Stoddard John		M
 2B	20	Stoddard Joseph		M
 2B	17	Stoddard Mary		F
 2B	24	Stoddard Myron		M
 2B	21	Stoddard Pauline		F
 7B	27	Stoddard Sarah		F
 7B	29	Stoddard Thomas		M
29A	15	Stoddart Eliza		F
29A	 8	Stoddart Emily		F
29A	 9	Stoddart Euphema		F
29A	17	Stoddart James		M
29A	12	Stoddart Janet		F
29A	 7	Stoddart John		M
29A	11	Stoddart John Jr		M
29A	16	Stoddart Joseph		M
29A	13	Stoddart Kitty		F
29A	19	Stoddart Maria		F
29A	14	Stoddart Mary		F
29A	20	Stoddart Matilda		F
29A	10	Stoddart Peter		M
29A	18	Stoddart William		M
29B	16	Stratton Agnes		F
29B	31	Stratton Anthony		M
29B	27	Stratton Anthony  	M
29B	15	Stratton Anthony J.	M
30A	 1	Stratton Elias		M
29B	32	Stratton Ezra		F
29B	22	Stratton Gabrella		F
29B	21	Stratton James		M
29B	26	Stratton James		M
29B	33	Stratton Jane 		F
29B	17	Stratton Janet		F
30A	 2	Stratton Julia		F
29B	30	Stratton Lucinda		F
29B	25	Stratton Malvina		F
29B	19	Stratton Martha J		F
29B	18	Stratton Mary		F
29B	28	Stratton Mary		F
29B	29	Stratton Rosilpha		F
29B	20	Stratton Thomas		M
29B	24	Stratton Thomas		M
30A	 3	Stratton Zilpah		F
10B	22	Tait Annie			F
10A	25	Tame Alvin			M
10A	31	Tame Amelia			F
10A	29	Tame Edward			M
10A	22	Tame Elizabeth		F
10A	30	Tame Lovica			F
10A	26	Tame Lucy			F
10A	27	Tame Polly			F
10A	21	Tame Thomas	 		M
10A	23	Tame Thomas	Jr		M
10A	28	Tame Walter			M
10A	24	Tame William		M
21B	 1	Taylor Daniel		M
21B	 2	Taylor James		M
17B	 4	Taylor Rachel		F
21B	 5	Tedroc Alice C.		F
21B	 4	Tedroc Jane A.		F
20B	 4	Thomas Betsy		F
34A	 7	Thomas Elizabeth		F
34A	 6	Thomas George		M
20B	 3	Thomas James		M
57A	19	Thomas John			M
20A	34	Thomas Mary			F
57A	20	Thomas Mary			F
20B	 1	Thomas Morgan		M
20B	 2	Thomas Polly		F
20A	33	Thomas William  		M
26A	16	Thompson Catharine	F
14B	32	Thorley Ann			F
14B	31	Thorley Thomas		M
40A	21	Thorpe Betsey		F
40A	33	Thorpe Emmeline		F
40A	28	Thorpe Hannah		F
40A	29	Thorpe Harriet		F
40A	32	Thorpe Helena		F
40A	30	Thorpe Jacob		M
40A	25	Thorpe James  		M
40A	19	Thorpe James M.		M
40A	23	Thorpe Jane			F
40A	22	Thorpe John			M
40A	24	Thorpe Joseph		M
40A	31	Thorpe Joshua		M
40A	20	Thorpe Mary			F
40A	27	Thorpe Rachel		F
40A	26	Thorpe Susannah		F
38B	 1	Thurlow Frank		M
49A	19	Thurston Willis J.	M
42B	33	Tippets Jane		F
20A	27	Trehorn William  		M
35A	11	Trimmings Alice		F
35A	 3	Trimmings Catharine	F
35A	 4	Trimmings Charlotte	F
35A	 6	Trimmings Edward		M
35A	14	Trimmings Esther		F
35A	 2	Trimmings James		M
35A	12	Trimmings James		M
35A	 8	Trimmings Lucy		F
35A	 5	Trimmings Marianne	F
35A	10	Trimmings Robert		M
35A	 9	Trimmings Samuel		M
35A	 7	Trimmings Sarah		F
35A	13	Trimmings Wilson		M
10A	32	Tucker Amanda		F
56B	26	Tucker Mercy		F
10B	21	Turnbull Ann		F
10B	16	Turnbull George		M
10B	18	Turnbull George N		M
10B	20	Turnbull Jane		F
10B	19	Turnbull Jonathan		M
10B	17	Turnbull Margaret A	F
45B	14	Turner Adelaide		F
45B	22	Turner Amos			M
32A	 3	Turner Bertha		F
45B	23	Turner Eliza		F
32A	 2	Turner Elizabeth		F
45B	31	Turner Elizabeth		F
45B	32	Turner Eunice		F
45B	29	Turner Ezra C.		M
45B	12	Turner Hannah		F
32A	 1	Turner James		M
45B	18	Turner James  		M
45B	16	Turner Jane S.		F
32A	 7	Turner John			M
45B	27	Turner Josephine		F
45B	11	Turner Jude P.		M
45B	26	Turner Lorenzo		M
45B	13	Turner Maria		F
32A	 9	Turner Marianne		F
45B	30	Turner Martha		F
32A	 5	Turner Mary			F
32A	11	Turner Matilda		F
45B	15	Turner Melissa		F
45B	25	Turner Patience		F
32A	 4	Turner Peter		M
32A	10	Turner Richard		M
45B	28	Turner Ruth			F
45B	24	Turner Samuel		M
32A	 8	Turner Sarah		F
45B	17	Turner Susan		F
32A	 6	Turner Thomas		M
34B	10	Ure Janet			F
21A	 1	Urie John			M
51B	15	Urie Mary  			F
45A	 7	Vance	Alice L.		F
45A	14	Vance	Andrew		M
45A	12	Vance	Augusta		F
45A	13	Vance	George		M
45A	 8	Vance	Isaac			M
45A	 5	Vance	Jonathan		M
45A	11	Vance	Mary L.		F
45A	 6	Vance	Phoebe S.		F
45A	10	Vance	Thomas D.		M
54B	24	Vesey	Ellen			F
31B	 7	Walker Abraham		M
55B	28	Walker Agatha		F
32A	28	Walker Albert		M
33A	32	Walker Alice		F
 7B	20	Walker Ann			F
31B	10	Walker Antoinette		F
32A	33	Walker Arthur		M
32A	32	Walker Augusta		F
33A	19	Walker Bertha		F
33A	33	Walker Betsey		F
31B	 3	Walker Betty		F
32A	13	Walker Betty		F
33A	16	Walker Brian		M
33A	28	Walker Charles		M
32A	31	Walker Constantia E	F
33B	 3	Walker David		M
33B	 5	Walker Dorothy		F
21A	16	Walker Elizabeth		F
31B	 8	Walker Elizabeth		F
32A	24	Walker Elizabeth		F
32A	19	Walker Ellen		F
33A	29	Walker Ellen		F
31B	 4	Walker Emma			F
32A	14	Walker Emma			F
33A	 7	Walker Emma			F
 7B	16	Walker Frederick		M
33A	31	Walker George		M
 7B	18	Walker George		M
32A	29	Walker Hannah		F
 7B	22	Walker Hannah		F
 7B	19	Walker Henry		M
32A	25	Walker Hyrum		M
32B	 1	Walker James		M
33A	18	Walker James		M
33A	25	Walker James		M
33A	10	Walker Jane			F
33A	23	Walker Jane			F
 7B	24	Walker Jane  		F
33A	13	Walker Jeanett		F
31B	 2	Walker John			M
31B	 6	Walker John	Jr		M
32A	15	Walker John			M
33A	 9	Walker John			M
33A	22	Walker John			M
 7B	21	Walker John Jr		M
 7B	14	Walker John G		M
32A	12	Walker Joseph		M
33A	27	Walker Joseph		M
32B	 3	Walker Josephine		F
33A	14	Walker Lovina		F
32A	26	Walker Lucy			F
32B	 2	Walker Madeline		F
32A	23	Walker Margaret		F
31B	 9	Walker Marianne		F
32A	21	Walker Martha		F
33B	 2	Walker Martha		F
32A	18	Walker Mary			F
33A	12	Walker Mary			F
33A	24	Walker Mary			F
 7B	23	Walker Mary			F
33A	21	Walker Olivia		F
33A	26	Walker Peter		M
 7B	17	Walker Priscilla		F
33A	17	Walker Rebecca		F
33A	11	Walker Samuel		M
33A	15	Walker Samuel		M
32A	16	Walker Sarah		F
33A	 8	Walker Sarah		F
33A	30	Walker Sarah		F
32A	22	Walker Simeon		M
33A	20	Walker Simeon		M
33B	 1	Walker Solomon		M
32A	30	Walker Sophia		F
32A	27	Walker Stephen		M
33B	 4	Walker Susannah		F
32A	20	Walker Thomas		M
31B	11	Walker Virginia		F
31B	 5	Walker William		M
32A	17	Walker William		M
33A	 6	Walker William		M
43B	28	Wallace Alexander		M
44A	 2	Wallace Andrew B		M
44A	 5	Wallace David		M
44A	 7	Wallace Elvira S		F
44A	 4	Wallace Francis		M
44A	 6	Wallace John		M
43B	31	Wallace Lucretia		F
43B	30	Wallace Maria		F
44A	 1	Wallace Nanette		F
43B	33	Wallace Nathan		M
43B	29	Wallace Rhoda		F
44A	 3	Wallace Selitha M		F
43B	32	Wallace Wardman		M
49A	 6	Walton Ernest		M
10A	 6	Waltshire Catharine	F
10A	 4	Waltshire Ezra		M
10A	 1	Waltshire James		M
10A	 9	Waltshire Jonathan	M
10A	 8	Waltshire Lovira		F
10A	 5 	Waltshire Mary Jane	F
10A	 3	Waltshire Peter		M
10A	 7	Waltshire Phoebe		F
10A	 2	Waltshire Susan		F
53B	34	Weakly Allen		M
43A	11	Webb Phillip		M
43A	12	Webb Rebecca		F
38B	 2	Webster Elizabeth Ann	F
23A	 8	Western Agnes		F
22B	25	Western Alexander		M
23A	 3	Western Anne		F
22B	24	Western Charles		M
23A	 6	Western Edward		M
22B	27	Western Elizabeth		F
23A	10	Western Elizabeth		F
23A	11	Western Ellen		F
22B	29	Western Emma		F
23A	 7	Western Emma		F
22B	19	Western James		M
22B	28	Western Jane C		F
22B	16	Western John		M
22B	21	Western John		M
22B	30	Western John		M
23A	 9	Western Marianne		F
23A	 2	Western Martha		F
22B	33	Western Mary  		F
22B	17	Western Mary Ann		F
22B	23	Western Matilda		F
22B	20	Western Peter		M
23A	 1	Western Richard		M
23A	 4	Western Rueben		M
22B	22	Western Samuel		M
22B	26	Western Samuel		M
22B	31	Western Samuel Jr		M
22B	32	Western Sarah		M
23A	12	Western Sarah		F
22B	18	Western Thomas		M
23A	 5	Western William		M
46B	34	Westwood Miscy		F
12A	19	Wheeler Abraham		M
12A	11	Wheeler Catharine		F
12A	12	Wheeler Charlotte		F
12A	13	Wheeler Emmeline		F
12A	15	Wheeler George		M
12A	16	Wheeler Jane		F
12A	14	Wheeler Peter		M
12A	17	Wheeler Syrina		F
12A	18	Wheeler Tabitha		F
12A	10	Wheeler William		M
 8B	10	White	Andrew		M
 1B	23	White	Ann			F
 8B	12	White	Ann			F
 8B	11	White	Celestia		F
 1B	31	White	Charles		M
 1B	28	White	Eliza			F
 1B	33	White	Ellen			F
 1B	 4	White	Frances Ann		F
 1B	30	White	George		M
10A	10	White	Jane			F
 1B	27	White	Jane			F
 1B	 3	White	Joel W.		M
 1B	 5	White	Joel W. Jr.		M
 8B	 7	White	John			M
 1B	 8	White	Joseph T.		M
 1B	 6	White	Lucy			F
 1B	24	White	Lucy			F
 1B	32	White	Maria			F
 1B	26	White	Mary			F
 8B	 8	White	Mary			F
 1B	22	White	Samuel D.		M
 1B	25	White	Samuel D. Jr.	M
 1B	 7	White	Susan			F
 8B	 9	White	Whilemela		F
 1B	29	White	William		M
13B	12	Whitecroft Jane		F
13B	13	Whitecroft Susan		F
17B	 3	Whittaker Augustine	F
17A	30	Whittaker James		M
17A	32	Whittaker James Jr.	M
17B	 1	Whittaker Mary		F
17A	31	Whittaker Rachel		F
17B	 2	Whittaker Sarah		F
17A	33	Whittaker Uriah		M
19A	28	Wilden Delphina		F
19A	29	Wilden James		M
19A	27	Wilden Thomas Row		M
36B	18	Wiley	Ann			F
36B	28	Wiley	Caroline		F
36B	25	Wiley	Catherine		F
36B	32	Wiley	Charlotte		F
36B	24	Wiley	Edward		M
36B	27	Wiley	Elizabeth		F
36B	33	Wiley	Emily			F
36B	31	Wiley	George		M
36B	22	Wiley	James			M
36B	21	Wiley	Jane			F
36B	23	Wiley	John			M
36B	30	Wiley	Josephine		F
36B	29	Wiley	Richard		M
36B	16	Wiley	Robert		M
36B	26	Wiley	Robert		M
36B	17	Wiley	Sarah			F
36B	20	Wiley	Sarah			F
36B	19	Wiley	William		M
19A	16	Willden Ann			F
19A	11	Willden Charles		M
19A	14	Willden Charles Jr	M
19A	12	Willden Eleanor		F
19A	23	Willden Eleanor		F
19A	21	Willden Elizabeth		F
19A	19	Willden Ellen		F
19A	13	Willden Elliott		M
19A	18	Willden Feargus		M
19A	15	Willden John		M
19A	22	Willden Louisa		F
19A	24	Willden Maria		F
19A	17	Willden Mary		F
19A	20	Willden Oliver		M
21A	15	Williams Amanda		F
 9B	33	Williams Amelia		F
22A	18	Williams Ann		F
37B	23	Williams Antoinette	F
22B	 2	Williams Barbara		F
37B	25	Williams Celestia		F
22A	29	Williams Charles		M
22A	30	Williams Ellen		F
37B	24	Williams Esther		F
22B	 1	Williams Hannah		F
37B	17	Williams Henry		M
37B	20	Williams Isabella		F
22A	24	Williams Jacob		M
22A	14	Williams James		M
22A	16	Williams James		M
37B	21	Williams James		M
22A	25	Williams Jane		F
37B	22	Williams Jeannett		F
22A	22	Williams John		M
37B	13	Williams John		M
37B	18	Williams John Jr		M
22A	31	Williams Joseph		M
22A	12	Williams Margaret		F
22A	33	Williams Margaret		F
17B	26	Williams Margaretta	F
17B	28	Williams Margaretta	F
22A	15	Williams Margaretta	F
22A	27	Williams Mary  		F
22A	17	Williams Mary Ann		F
22A	21	Williams Rachel		F
22A	23	Williams Richard		M
22A	20	Williams Samuel		M
22A	19	Williams Sarah		F
37B	15	Williams Sarah		F
37B	19	Williams Selma		F
37B	16	Williams Seriah		F
22A	32	Williams Simeon		M
37B	14	Williams Susan		F
17B	27	Williams Thomas		M
22A	26	Williams Thomas		M
17B	25	Williams William		M
17B	29	Williams William	Jr.	M
22A	11	Williams William		M
22A	13	Williams William	Jr	M
22A	28	Williams William		M
 2A	13	Williamson Alexander	M
 2A	11	Williamson Ann		F
19B	17	Williamson Betsey		F
 2A	 8	Williamson David		M
19B	21	Williamson Elizabeth	F
 2A	 7	Williamson Elizabeth	F
19B	14	Williamson James 2nd	M
19B	16	Williamson James	Jr	M
 2A	 6	Williamson James		M
 2A	 9	Williamson James	Jr.	M
 2A	12	Williamson Jessie		F
21A	32	Williamson Mary		F
 2A	10	Williamson Mary		F
19B	19	Williamson Nancy		F
19B	20	Williamson Peter		M
19B	18	Williamson Polly		F
19B	15	Williamson Sophia		F
53B	18	Willis Aaron		M
53B	11	Willis Abraham		M
53B	 2	Willis Agnes		F
53B	 3	Willis Angelina		F
 8B	23	Willis Ann			F
53B	 6	Willis Carlos		M
 5B	 8	Willis Charlotte		F
53B	 1	Willis Dan			M
 5B	17	Willis Doshea		F
53B	16	Willis Elizabeth		F
 8B	31	Willis Elizabeth		F
53B	 4	Willis Emily		F
 5B	11	Willis Erastus		M
 5B	13	Willis Erastus		M
 9A	 2	Willis Francilla		F
 8B	21	Willis Francis		F
53B	 8	Willis George		M
 8B	29	Willis George		M
44A	16	Willis Georgiana		F
 5B	14	Willis Henry F		M
 8B	22	Willis John			M
 8B	28	Willis Josephine		F
 5B	 7	Willis Joshua F. 		M
 5B	10	Willis Joshua F. 	Jr	M
 9A	 1	Willis Josiah		M
53B	14	Willis Lemuel		M
 8B	24	Willis Lemuel		M
53B	13	Willis Lovinah		F
53B	17	Willis Lucretia		F
53B	21	Willis Lucy M.		F
53B	 9	Willis Malvina		F
 5B	16	Willis Margaret		F
 8B	20	Willis Margaret		F
 8B	30	Willis Margaret J		F
53B	12	Willis Mary			F
 5B	18	Willis Mary Esther	F
 8B	27	Willis Mary S		F
53B	15	Willis Mary W.		F
53B	20	Willis Nancy		F
53B	19	Willis Nathan		M
53B	 7	Willis Nephi		M
53B	 5	Willis Richard		M
 8B	33	Willis Samuel		M
 8B	32	Willis Sarah		F
 5B	 9	Willis Sarah M.		F
 5B	12	Willis Susan		F
 8B	25	Willis Thomas		M
 8B	19	Willis Wesley W		M
 8B	26	Willis William Jr		M
 5B	15	Willis William W		M
15B	 6	Wilshire Ann		F
15B	13	Wilshire Ann		F
15B	10	Wilshire Frances		F
15B	 7	Wilshire George		M
15B	 9	Wilshire Helen		F
15B	 8	Wilshire Horace		M
15B	11	Wilshire Marianne		F
15B	 5	Wilshire William		M
15B	12	Wilshire William	Jr.	M
31A	13	Wilson Abraham		M
31A	 3	Wilson Bell			F
31A	11	Wilson David		M
31A	 2	Wilson Eliza		F
31A	10	Wilson Eliza		F
31A	 4	Wilson Isaac		M
31A	12	Wilson James		M
31A	 6	Wilson Jane			F
31A	 7	Wilson Jeannet		F
31A	 8	Wilson John			M
31A	 5	Wilson Margaret		F
31A	 1	Wilson Robert		M
31A	 9	Wilson Samuel		M
15B	25	Wood David			M
15B	26	Wood Elizabeth		F
15B	20	Wood George			M
15B	21	Wood Jane			F
15B	28	Wood Jenny			F
15B	27	Wood Mary			F
15B	29	Wood Peter			M
15B	22	Wood Samuel			M
15B	24	Wood Samuel			M
15B	23	Wood Stephen		M
45B	33	Woodfall Jaby		M
 8B	 5	Woodhouse Alice		F
 2A	27	Woodhouse Ann		F
 2A	28	Woodhouse Charles		M
 8B	 1	Woodhouse Charles C.	M
 8B	 3	Woodhouse Charles C. Jr	M
 2A	33	Woodhouse Eliza  		F
 8B	 4	Woodhouse Emily		F
 2A	32	Woodhouse Janet		F
 2A	31	Woodhouse Joel		M
 2A	26	Woodhouse John		M
 2A	30	Woodhouse Mary		F
 2A	29	Woodhouse Mormon		M
 2B	 1	Woodhouse Sarah 		F
 8B	 2	Woodhouse Sophia		F
 1B	11	Yardley Ann			F
 1B	12	Yardley James		M
 1B	14	Yardley Jane		F
 1B	 9	Yardley John 		M
 1B	13	Yardley John Jr.		M
 1B	10	Yardley Mary		F
51B	13	Yardley Robert		M
 1B	15	Yardley Samuel		M
35B	33	Yorgen Jacob		M
49B	20	Young	Alexander		M
49B	24	Young	Alice			F
49B	15	Young	Andrew		M
45A	15	Young	Bertha		F
49B	18	Young	Betsey		F
49B	19	Young	Claudine		F
49B	16	Young	David  		M
49B	21	Young	Flora			F
49B	12	Young	Janet			F
49B	14	Young	Jeannie		F
49B	23	Young	Jemimah		F
49B	11	Young	Penelope		F
49B	17	Young	Robert		M
49B	22	Young	Thomas G.		M
49B	10	Young	William		M
49B	13	Young	William Jr		M
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