One Indian Boy Kills Another

     Last Monday evening an accidental but fatal shooting took place at the
Indian camp just north of town whereby one Indian boy was rather
ruthlessly sent to the "Happy Hunting Grounds".

     From the evidence adduced at the inquest held before Justice Chatterly
on Tuesday, it appears that Ammon, the boy shot, was playing in his mother's
tent, when Snake, the slayer, and another boy came along.  A general play
was indultied in.  The boys all ran into a tent when Snake, seeing a gun
that Indian Jim had left there, leaning against the side of the tent, caught
it up to scare the others.  It was not known that the gun was loaded as Jim
had been out shooting rabbits and had shortly before returned.  Snake pointed
the gun at Ammon and after pulling back the breech in imitation of loading, 
he touched the trigger, the gun went off and Ammon rolled over shot through
the left side.  The ball entered the side about under the elbow and passed
almost straight through the body.  The boy did not live long.  Snake, seeing 
what he had done fled but soon returned.

     Constable Ed Parry learning of the affair went out to the camp and brought
the body to town.  The Indians followed.  The evidence brought out at the
inquest is as near the foregoing as it was possible to get at, for all the
Indians seemed bent on giving the story in their own way all at the same time.

     Snake was examined said that he had had no hard feelings against the
deceased and felt sorry at the result.  He did not know the gun was loaded and 
he only tried to scare Ammon.  The poor boy looked his feelings, and the 
perspiration stood in great drops upon his face while he was being questioned.
The jury, consisting of A. Jenson, Wm. Walker and Jon. H. Hunter, rendered a
verdict of accidental shooting.

- - - - -

Ammon, the victim of the accidental shooting, was buried on Tuesday evening last.

- - - - -
Iron County News, Vol. I, No. 3, December 6, 1890
- - - - -