Mell Corlett

Iron County Record, January 29, 1930

Services Held for Mell Corlett

Funeral services for Miss Mell Corlett, whose death occurred in Salt Lake City, February 22, were held in the Second Ward Chapel Saturday afternoon, Counselor Arthur L. Jones presiding.

The opening song by the choir was "Nearer My God to Thee" followed by prayer being offered by Elder Wm. V. Walker. Services were continued by the choir singing "Sometime We'll Understand."

The first speaker was Elder Samuel F. Leigh, who said that it was hard for him to speak at the services of a friend whom he had known all his life. Sister Mell had a kind and loving disposition, and among those friends with whom she worked in years past, in the post office, telephone, and the Old People's Home in Salt Lake County, each felt and said they had lost a precious friend. She won friends constantly by her pleasant greeting and smile. The speaker read a poem entitled "How Much Are You Worth," and said we often think of the lesson the Savior taught to his followers in teaching them to be of service and to have an ideal in life which would mean eternal life to my fellowmen."

Myles Walker sang "Who Knows."

Elder Harry Lunt, also a life-long friend of the deceased spoke for a short time, saying in part, "The remarks of Bro. Leigh were appropriate on this occasion. We remember Sister Mell for her very dignified and pleasing disposition, and she has left a memory to those who know her as giving kindly service and encouragement."

Mrs. Hazel Oranger sang, "My Loved One Rest."

Bishop E. M. Corry in his remarks said he felt his place should be with the mourners. "When I look back upon the life of Sister Mell, and my acquaintance and friendship with her, I find it very pleasing and I am happy to have had her friendship. Recently when my wife and I were in Salt Lake City, we visited the Old Folk's Home where she worked, and was shown through the institution by her. The inmates greeted Sister Mell with a smile and were pleased to see her, and held her in much esteem. This speaks of her wonderful kindness to others. She has always been independent and has been a great source of comfort to her mother."

Elder E. J. Palmer was the concluding speaker. He said he felt that the talks and singing had been very appropriate for the occasion. "We hear about the sting of death and I wonder who is stung the hardest in this case, the living or the dead. I had no knowledge of the illness of Sister Mell and her death came as a shock to me, and no doubt was a relief to her, as she had suffered much the past year or two. She has gone to her reward. God has so ordained life that all mankind die and He has also given us assurance that we shall live again. Jesus taught the immortality of man when he was upon the earth. We need not have doubts about the hereafter. We are all to be judged by the deeds done in our lives and it is up to us to so order our lives that we may have the privilege of enjoying these promises and blessings in store for us."

E. M. Corry sang the closing song entitled "I Have Read of a Beautiful City." Benediction was pronounced by Elder S. J. Foster.

submitted by Kathie Marynik