George and Margaret Corry

Deseret News, September 22,1875, page 544

Died at Cedar City, April 28th, after an illness of several months, George Corry, age 67. Brother Corry was born in England in the year 1808; in 1817 emigrated with his parents to Quebec, and for a time they settled in Perth; then he removed to Bathurst, and thence to the township of Plimton. In 1843 he heard the Gospel as revealed to Joseph Smith, preached, and was baptized; in 1846 removed with his family to Nauvoo, and in 1847 crossed the plains in Elder Taylor's company, and settled in Salt Lake City; in 1849, by counsel, removed to Provo, where he resided until called to come to this place in November 1853, where he has resided ever since, laboring diligently to build up the place and sustain his family.

Also, at the same time and place, Margaret, wife of the above named George Corry, of dropsy, after an illness of about three months.

Sister Margaret Corry was born in Scotland, in the year 1814; in 1820, with her parents, removed to Canada and settled in Plimton; in 1838 was married to Bro. Geo. Corry, and became the mother of 13 children, six of who are dead and seven living; was baptized in 1844; was a woman of great faith, a good mother and neighbor.

Father and Mother Corry lived very happily together for about 37 years. She died in about an hour after her husband. A short while before Father Corry died, he whispered to some of his family that he was waiting for his wife to be with him.

submitted by Kathie Marynik