Hyrum Corry

Iron County Record, February 27, 1928

Services For Hyrum Corry

Services for Hyrum Corry, a former resident of this city, who died at Delta last week and was brought here for burial, were held in the tabernacle Sunday afternoon, the services being in charge of Coun. Herbert P. Haight.

After the preliminary songs and prayer, the first speaker called to the pulpit was Elder E. J. Palmer who expressed himself as pleased to see such a large gathering of the older people of the city in attendance. He said Hyrum Corry was born in Provo in 1853. In his youth he came to Cedar and lived here until a few years ago he with his family moved to Delta. The speaker said he was glad that the remains of Bro. Corry were brought to Cedar for burial, as it was his desire. He was one of Cedar's citizens for many years, marrying and rearing a family. He was a very fine man. His mission on earth is closed and he has gone to reap his reward and give an account of deeds done on this earth. Speaker quoted from Doctrine and Covenants relative to "retaining the intelligence we gain on earth will remain with us in the eternal life."

Elder T. J. Jones was the next speaker and stated that Bro. Corry was an old neighbor while he lived in Cedar. "We grew up together, and worked together. I learned to love him for his integrity and his sincerity in the gospel. He loved the truth and his word was as good as his bond. What more can be said of a man than this? The gospel explains to us our origin, reason of our existence here, and where we go when we leave here. We have been given laws to obey and we have our free agency to do as we wish." Speaker read from [ ? ] in regard to the resurrection, and that men will be judged according to the works they perform.

Elder S. F. Leigh said many good things had been said at these services, and he believed all were truth. We never speak of the good things until our loved ones are dead; let us say more good things while they are living. When we are tempted to do wrong, something tells us not to do it. Mormonism teaches that this is the good spirit and we can select the good and listen to that small voice, and we shall grow in intelligence and faith and will enjoy the companionship of the holy ghost.

In closing, Coun. H. P. Haight made a few remarks of respect and sympathy, and said that our gospel teaches us that death is a wonderful event and that we go on and meet our friends who have gone before. Bro. Corry was held in deep respect and esteem as the large attendance of friends at these services attests.

The closing song was "Oh My Father" after which Elder Robert Heyborne pronounced the benediction.

submitted by Kathie Marynik