Emma A. Cutler, 23 Aug 1867 - 28 May 1933

DUP Obituary Scrapbook (1933-1939)

Emma A. Cutler

    Mrs. Cutler was born August 23, 1867. at Parowan.  When a young woman
she married H. S. Cutler and spent most of her life here.  Her 
husband has been dead many years.

    She is survived by she following sons and daughters:  Mrs. Caroline 
Johnson, Mrs. Mildred Young. Russell. Dean and Mark Cutler, Kanab; Mrs. 
Margaret Cutler. Cedar City; Mrs. Sarepia Davis. Salt Lake; Mrs. Bertha 
Greaves. Seattle, Wash., and Mrs. Juanita Edwards. Logan; 37 grandchildren. 
six great-grandchildren. four brothers and a sister.