Elizabeth (Lizzie) Walker nee Simkins Stewart Fife

Iron County Record, March 1929

Another Good Woman Passes

Yesterday morning at about 8:30 the people of this city and many people of the cities and towns throughout this section of the state were shocked to learn that "Aunt Lizzie Fife" had suddenly passed away.

It will be remembered that she was operated on for removal of gall stones about two weeks ago, and that reports were frequently sent out that she was convalescing splendidly. In fact, she was so far on the road to entire recovery that Dr. Macfarlane, her attending physician, intended to release her from the hospital today.

Yesterday morning, just after the nurse had taken her breakfast to her, and had just stepped from the room, she heard a peculiar noise and immediately reentered the room, to find Mrs. Fife breathing her last.

Dr. Macfarlane tells us that the patient was stricken with hemorrhage of the brain, which caused almost instant death. Mrs. Fife was feeling exceptionally well at the time the nurse entered her room and greeted her with a cheery good morning. It was not more than a minute or two before she was lifeless.

Mrs. Lizzie Fife was a woman known to practically everyone in this city, and to hundreds in other towns of the county, as well as Washington and Garfield counties.

She was a very devout woman, wholehearted, and always was a woman who cheered those who were in sickness or trouble, and never once was she found refusing to assist any person in need. It was a constant thing with her to give her encouragement and help in homes that were visited with sickness and death, and scores are the people who have been benefited by her liberal and generous ministrations.

"Aunt Lizzie," as she was fondly known by hundreds of friends, will be sadly missed in our community.

[Submitter's note: The deceased's full name was Elizabeth Walker nee Simkins Stewart Fife.]

Submitted by Kathie Marynik