Samuel Trehorne Leigh, 26 Apr 1855 - 3 Sep 1932

DUP Obituary Scrapbook (1933-1939)

CEDAR CITY.--Samuel T. Leigh, 78 died Saturday evening while in the 
mountains south of Cedar City. He left Cedar City Saturday morning 
with his son George, and a grandson, Kay Cutler, for a load of poles. 
The high altitude made it very difficult for Mr. Leigh to breathe but 
the trouble was not thought to be serious until late in the afternoon 
he suddenly collapsed. He died before an assistance could be given. 
It is said that he had suffered for some time with high blood pressure 
and it is thought he died from a stroke.
    Mr. Leigh had been active for man years in Church and civic life 
in Cedar City, having at one time been on the city council and supervisor 
of city water works. He had been on two mission for the L. D. S. Church, 
one to the southern states in 1893 and one ten year later to the northern 
states. At the time of his death he was justice of the peace for the Cedar 
City precinct and United States commissioner for this district in the 
United States department of justice.
    He was born April 26, 1855, in Cedar City, and was married on 
December 19, 1878, to Caroline Nelson, who died on May 3, 1885. 
On February 23, 1887, he married Mary Ann Hunter. He is survived by his 
widow and four children. Mrs. Ina L. Gardner, Ca and George, of Cedar City; 
Mrs. Cortella Cutler of Kanab, Utah, and six grandchildren.
    Funeral services were held in Cedar City Third ward chapel at 2 p.m. 
Monday. Interment will be in Cedar City cemetery.