Margaret Alice Corlett Parry

Iron County Record, Friday, November 17, 1916

Sister Parry Laid at Rest

Funeral services were held Wednesday over the remains of Sister Maggie Parry, beloved wife of Mr. Edward Parry of this city. The departed has been a patient sufferer for many months, and death comes as a happy release to her. The funeral was attended by a large number of sympathizing friends, and the speakers referred to the many excellent characteristics of the departed, who was of a kind, loving disposition, and was universally respected and admired by all who knew her. We were disappointed in obtaining material for a biographical sketch of deceased this week, but will publish same in our next issue.

Life Work of a Good Woman - Brief Biographical Sketch of Sister Margaret Parry,
Who Died in Cedar, November 6th

Margaret Alice Corlett Parry was born in Salford, Manchester, England, in 1844. She came with her mother and two brothers and a sister in the sailing vessel, "Ellen Maria," to New Orleans in the spring of 1851, making a short stay in St. Louis, afterwards crossing the plains in John Brown's Company and arriving in Salt Lake City in September of the same year. There they remained until the spring of 1852. Her father died before she was born. She was baptized and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at an early age and was a faithful and devoted adherent to the principles of the church until her demise.

Deceased was of a loving and affectionate disposition, very devoted to her family and friends and always had a kind word and friendly feeling for all she came in contact with.

She was a faithful and diligent worker in the Primary Association for 12 or 15 years, and was a teacher in the Relief Society until a few years before her death, and was much beloved by her associates and fellow-laborers, who feel that she is richly deserving of the reward in store for her.

She was married to Edward Parry June 22, 1867, and is the mother of seven children, three of whom have preceded her to the great beyond. She is survived by her husband and four children, who are: Evelyn C. and James Parry, Mrs. L. A. Thorley, and Mrs. Roy Urie. She also has fourteen grandchildren.

She died November 6, 1916, and was interred November 8 in the Cedar City Cemetery.

submitted by Kathie Marynik