Solomon James Robinson, 27 Aug 1851 - 1936

DUP Obituary Scrapbook (1933-1939)

Solomon James Robinson

    Born at Parowan, Utah, on August 27, 1851, the son of Joseph Lee and Susan 
McCord Robinson, Mr. Robinson was engaged in ranching and farming for a 
number of years.  He aided in the construction of both the Manti and the St. 
George Temples, and during the early part of his life was well known for his 
civic work in the communities in which he lived.

    While engaged in work on the Manti Temple, Mr. Robinson met Albertina 
Smith, whom he married September 11, 1876, in the St. George Temple. 
Following the union the couple took up residence at Parowan until 1883, when 
they moved to Huntington, Utah.  Mrs. Robinson died at Huntington, June 10, 

    After the death of his wife, Mr. Robinson moved to Snowflake, Ariz., 
residing there until 1912 at which time he came to Salt Lake City, where he 
has since lived.  While in Salt Lake City, Mr. Robinson has been actively 
engaged in Temple work.

    Surviving are a son, Joseph A. Robinson of Salt Lake City; a daughter, 
Maralda Robinson of Provo; a brother, Amos Robinson. residing in Idaho; two