James Simkins

Iron County Record, October 1897

A Tribute to James Simkins

The death of James Simkins is the last act in the life drama of one of Iron County's most enterprising and useful citizens. Mr. Simkins was among the first to cast his lot in one of Utah's greatest mineral counties.

He established the first woolen mill and assisted in establishing the first iron foundries in this district; many of his iron castings are here in Cedar City. The thrashing machine that he made was indeed made by a master craftsman.

He labored faithfully and uncomplainingly with hammer and anvil for a livelihood; he had acquired habits of industry which asserted themselves to the last. Even in life's autumn, he was not idle. So long as his hand had the power to wield a hammer, the cheerful ring of the anvil could be heard coming from his blacksmith shop in back of his house.

Mr. Simkins set an example worthy of pattern, and his memory will long remain with us who were associated with him.

submitted by Kathie Marynik