Simeon Simkins

Iron County Record, July 24, 1903, Page 1

A Sad Announcement

The saddest announcement we have to make this week is the death of Simeon Simkins of this place, who crossed the dark river Tuesday, at 5 AM after one of the hardest struggles a life ever witnessed. The deceased was a young man and apparently had everything to live for--a loving wife, three small children, and a host of friends and relatives. Not once during the many weeks' illness did he give up, always stoutly asserted that he would get well. He felt the responsibility of his family obligations and remained game to the end. The funeral services were held at the tabernacle yesterday, commencement 10 AM; Dr. Middleton, ex-Bishop Corry, and Bishop Lunt were the speakers. All extended sincere condolences to the bereaved ones.

Dr. Middleton attended the [?] all during his long and [?] illness and did all that could be done for him. His ailment, as near as it could be diagnosed, was an ulcer in the lungs, which would occasionally [?]. At times he would appear to rally and the family would be encouraged. Then he would have a relapse, until at length his vitality was exhausted.

Some feeling friends started a conscription list to aid the afflicted family and a nice little sum was raised.

submitted by Kathie Marynik