George Walker (1859)

Iron County Record, February 24, 1928

Geo. Walker Dies Suddenly

The people of Cedar City were shocked to hear of the sudden death of George Walker Saturday evening at nine o'clock.

Two weeks ago he strained the muscles of his heart and ruptured the arteries. He was taken to the hospital for a few days and was getting along so well he was removed to the Melling home where he was cared for by his niece, and while getting ready to retire Saturday night, he bent over to unlace his shoes and suddenly expired.

His niece, Mrs. Lamoreaux, had just returned home from her trip to California and had spent two hours visiting and talking with Mr. Walker about the trip, and had just departed for her home when the end came.

George Walker was born Dec. 26, 1859, in what is known as the Old Fort, this county. He moved with his parents to Cedar City when he was 5 years of age. His father died when he was comparatively a young man and he was the main support of a family of eight children and his mother, to whom he was very devoted.

submitted by Kathie Marynik