William J. Walker (1872)

Iron County Record, March 19, 1930

Services For Wm. J. Walker

Yesterday afternoon, funeral services were held for Wm. J. Walker, who died Sunday from heart disease. The first speaker was Elder Herbert Webster who said that he had known Bro. Walker all his life, and he had been a close friend. The parents of the deceased were pioneers to this country who helped to build up this community. They came from England for the gospel's sake and were faithful throughout their entire lives. Wm. was one of the youngest members of the family, and he was a firm believer in the gospel; his one great ambition was to have his children educated both in the schools and in the church.

Elder H. H. Lunt spoke for a short time and said that this was the third time in two years that people had met to pay last respects to the same family, Geo. D. Walker, Mrs. Sarah Walker Melling, and now William. "I have always had a warm friendship for the Walker family. They all have a very fond affection for each other. Wm. Walker was born in 1872 and married Miss Sarah Reese who died in 1919. He has done his best in raising his family since the death of his good wife. He received much help in his efforts from his sisters and brothers who have constantly been ready and willing to help, and have done much in making life more pleasant for William and his children."

The concluding speaker was Samuel F. Leigh who said after listening to the good counsel and inspiring singing, he should be in tune with the spirit of the occasion. "The scripture tells us we should live together in love and then we can mourn with those who mourn, and in Cedar we do have this love in our hearts for the fellowmen, as is always manifest on occasions of this kind. Bro. William was not a public man, but he was very anxious that his boys get a good education. His health was never the very best, and I am reminded of an instance in his life. It was after a funeral where I had talked. I felt my speech had failed. Wm. came up to me after the funeral and said, 'Bud, I enjoyed your talk; thanks for the advice.' Sometimes we need these encouraging sentiments to help us on our way in lfe. Anything we can do to put joy or sunshine in the life of another, it is a service we own to each other; that is love."

Bp. Wood, in bringing the services to a close, said that Bro. Walker left behind him two very fine boys, Ned and Scott. Ned had been with his father for a long time during his illness and gave him every loving attention, while Scott had been out working to help keep the home. Both have shown great love and devotion to their father.

Benediction was pronounced by Elder Wm. V. Walker.

submitted by Kathie Marynik