Samuel Mulliner

A Veteran.  This morning we received a call from Brother Samuel Mulliner, who is now a resident of Orderville.  He expresses himself greatly pleased with his new home.  The people there live entirely in a united capacity, without individual interests.  Peace prevails, and the prosperity of the place is gradually increasing.

Brother Mulliner is conducting the tanning, shoe, harness and saddle making departments of the association, having had a long experience in those branches of business.

Brother Mulliner is a veteran elder of the Church. He became identified with the latter-day work in Canada, went to Quincy, Illinois, at which place the Prophet, Joseph Smith, appointed him on a mission to his native country, Scotland, where he opened up the way of the gospel, in Renfrewshire.  That was thirty-nine years ago.  He was followed a few months subsequently by Elder Orson Pratt, who did an extensive work in that land, building up and establishing many branches of the Church.  Brother Mulliner is still a hale, hearty old gentleman.

Source: The Deseret News, Vol. XXVII, No. 20, June 19, 1878, p. 9, "Local and Other Matters"



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