Homer H. Robertson

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Commissioned Lieutenant In Army Air Force

Homer H. Robertson, son of Mrs. Nella H. Robertson of Alton, Utah, completed training at the Army Air Forces advanced flying school at Marianna, Florida, May 28 and was commissioned Lieutenant in the Army Air Forces.  Trained as pilot on single engine combat and interceptor planes Lieutenant Robertson, who is an expert aerial and ground gunnery, was given immediate appointment as instructor at the advanced school from which he graduated.

Born September 18, 1918 at Alton, Kane county, Lieutenant Robertson was a student of Valley high school at Ordervile, Utah and a graduate of Dixie college, St. George.  While a student at Dixie college he enlisted in the 115th Engineers, Utah National Guard and began active duty in the armed forces in October 1940 when that unit was called into service. He was stationed at San Luis Obispo, California, for fifteen months, doing guard duty, field maneuvers and military construction work.  He was promoted to Corporal in 1941 and the platoon of which his squad was a part was chosen to demonstrate laying a pontoon bridge over a lake in the Los Angeles City Park as part of the 1941 Armistice Day activities.

Lieutenant Robertson was transferred to the Army Air forces as a flying cadet April 26, 1942.  His flying training, began at Maxwell Field, Montgomery, Alabama in September. Completing ground and preflight school at Maxwell Field he was transferred to Elgin Field, Florida, for basic training, then to Marlanna Field for advanced training, where he is now stationed as instructor in advanced flying.

Kane County Standard; Volume XII, No. 27; June 22, 1943

Note: Homer Robertson died in 1979. (SSDI)

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