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Did your ancestor live in Piute County before 1930? I probably have some reference to him or her in my personal research files. You are welcome to these records &endash; at no charge &endash; if you cooperate with these guidelines:

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Below are samples of my files. They have been chosen for variety; I may not have the same level of detail on your ancestor. Numbers and letters following each extract are codes referring to sources (available upon request).

Oliver George Anderson

Bernard Barnson

Nola Fawn Campbell

Wiley Dalton

Martha Elizabeth Empey

Thomas Ferguson

Philip Louis Gauchat

Alice Marie "Hattie" Hall

Grace Irwin

Wallace Johnson

Charles Claud Kenyon

Esther Ellis (Ella) LeBaron

Fern Isola Morrill

Lucy Betsey Nay

Peter E. Olsen

Ernest Wilford Peterson

Roland J. Quinn

Peter Martin Rick

Lura Jane Stark

Orson Taylor

Margaret A. Vorhees

John Richard Westwood

Minnie Jane Yackley

John Horace Zabriskie

Oliver George ANDERSON

Son of Oliver Anderson and Jane Filmer; born 16 October 1875 at Kanab, Kane, Utah.(17,436) Married Saraphine Johnson. Children:

Alta Anderson, born 15 October 1906, at Cannonville, Garfield, Utah.

Oliver Martel Anderson, born 19 April 1906, at Cannonville, Garfield, Utah.

Seth Rex Anderson, born 6 March 1910, at Cannonville, Garfield, Utah.

Mark Kermit Anderson, born 3 November 1911, at Cannonville, Garfield, Utah.

Victor Emanuel Anderson, born 12 September 1913, at Cannonville, Garfield, Utah.

Jesse Ivan Anderson, born 21 October 1915, at Cannonville, Garfield, Utah.

Lydia Jane Anderson, born 21 September 1917, at Cannonville, Garfield, Utah.

Vilate Anderson, born 14 July 1919, at Cannonville, Garfield, Utah.

Ordained high priest, by David Cameron. Received from Cannonville, 5 April 1925.(17,436)

19 March 1926: Mr. and Mrs. O.G. Anderson went to Cannonville the fore part of the week to visit with their many friends of that city.(PCN) 20 June 1930: Bishop O.G. Anderson returned Saturday afternoon frm the Strawberry sawmill which he and R.W. Pinney of Provo have purchased, and will remain here for a short time with his family.(PCN) 20 June 1930: When Bishop O. G. Anderson returned from Provo last Saturday he came down in a fine new car which he purchased while north. Looks mighty fine and comfortable, Bishop.(PCN) 8 August 1930: Mr. and Mrs. O.G. Anderson, daughter Vilate and grand daughter, Kathleen Jackman have returned to their home in Junction after spending a couple of weeks at their saw mill in Provo Canyon.(PCN) 22 May 1931: Of Junction; farmer, participating in farm financial recordkeeping project.(PCN) 25 December 1931: A car of choice number one russets was shipped out Wednesday by Ernest M. Madsen, Agent for the Potato Exchange, Inc., of Des Moines, Iowa. The potatoes were furnished by Messrs. O.G. Anderson and Henry Moore of Junction. The price was received was 50c per cwt. net, the container being furnished by the shipper. This is possibly the most money received for any potatoes sold this season. The Growers received cash at time of shipment. We understand Mr. Madsen has more potatoes bought in this district, but will await more favorable weather for shipping (PCN) 20 September 1940: Mr. and Mrs. F.B. Jackman and family arrived here Saturday from Ely, Nevada. Mrs. Jackman and the children will remain here while Burt returns to his work in Nevada. Mrs. Vilate Oxborrow and [illegible] accompanied them. They visited [illegible] days with Vilate's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.G. Anderson.(PCN) 25 October 1940: Mrs. Garn Olsen and son of Antimony were visiting at the home of O.G. Anderson a short time last week.(PCN) 13 December 1940: Ivan Anderson of Provo spent several days visiting at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.G. Anderson.(PCN) 19 December 1941: Mr. and Mrs. O.G. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Anderson left Wednesday morning for Manti, where they will spend several days doing temple work.(PCN)

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Son of Christian Barnson and Marie Anderson. Born 27 October 1857, at Manti, Sanpete, Utah. Married Hannah Elizabeth Braithwaite.

Died 1 April 1933. Buried in Junction Hill Cemetery; stone reads "Father".

Baptized 2 August 1930, by William H. Luke; confirmed 3 August 1930, by John H. Zabriskie. Ordained elder 2 November 1930, by C. Burdette Crane. Died of angina pectoris.(17, 46)

15 May 1903: Partner in Copper Queen Group mine.(PFL) 1903-04: Farming 40 acres (value: $30 [sic]), at Junction.60 7 July 1905: Of Junction; subscriber of City Creek Irrigation Company, named in Articles of Incorporation.(53, p. 151) 14 December 1916: Of Junction; on delinquent tax list.(PC) 1916-17: Farming 2 acres (value: $50 Junction.92 1920: Living at Junction. Common laborer. Cannot read or write. Both parents born in Denmark.4 14 November 1930: Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Barnson have returned from Manti where they spent most of last week visiting relatives and friends. They also went through the temple while there and report a wonderful trip.(PCN) 7 April 1933: Bernard Barnson Dies at Junction / JUNCTION&endash;Bernard Barnson, 75 died at his home here Saturday after more than a week's illness of heart trouble. / He was born at Manti, October 27, 1857, a son of Christian B. and Marie Anderson Barnson, who were married at sea on their way to the United States from Denmark. On December 28, 1882, he married Elizabeth Hannah Braithwaite. He moved with his wife and children to Junction May 19, 1895, and for many years lived on the Barnson ranch four miles from Junction, moving into town in the winter. / He was called to Mexico in September 1878, where he assisted in the LDS colonization. / Besides his widow, he is survived by the following sons and daughters: Mrs. Clarissa Baler, Driggs, Idaho; Mrs. Elizabeth Rudd, Mrs. Laverna Barlow, Mrs. Lora Beebe, Chris B. and Irvin Barnson, Junction; and Rowland Barnson, Salt Lake; two sisters, Mrs. Theresa Barnson Rogers and Mrs. Marie Jolley, Los Angeles, 51 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.(GCN)

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Daughter of John R. Campbell and Avery J. Deuel. Born 17 September 1906, at Escalante, Garfield, Utah. Married Rollo Barton Whittaker 5 June 1929, at Manti, Sanpete, Utah.

Died 7 May 1993. Buried at Circleville.

Baptized by Wallace N. Roundy and confirmed by John R. Campbell, 13 August 1916.Received from Widtsoe Ward, 23 November 1928.(84, 900)

11 October 1940: Relief Society opened Tuesday, October 2. The new officers are: Lois Haycock, president; Hazel Cannon and Josephine Fullmer, counselors; Ruby Whittaker, secretary and treasurer; Alice Allen and Eventa Fullmer, Work and Business, Alta Wiltshire, theology; Fay Lay, social service; Phyllis Whittaker, literature; Clara Dalton, nutrition; Ivy Dalton, coordinator; Daphne Smith, teacher trainer; Rhoda Thompson, chorister; Dathel Thomas, organist. The following program was enjoyed by all: / Song, "America"; prayer, Mrs. Meeks; song, "Our Mountain Home So Dear"; opening remarks, Lois Haycock; song by Maureen Thurston; talk on Health by Dorothy Buchanon; song by Athenese Dalton and Nola Whittaker; organ solo, Grace Reynolds; reading, Eventa Fullmer. (PCN) 22 February 1946: Performed solo, accompanied by Grace Reynolds on piano, at funeral of Alta Woods Norton in Circleville.(PCN) 8 March 1946: Performed vocal duet with Beryl Whittaker, accompanied by Grace Reynolds on piano, at funeral of William D. Nay in Circleville; also performed vocal solo at same funeral.(PCN) 19 April 1946: Participated in vocal quartette at funeral of William James Nay in Circleville.(PCN) 19 April 1946: Performed duet with Beryl Whittaker at funeral of William James Nay.(PCN) 28 July 1949: Circleville Trio Enjoy Literary and Musical Work / A trio of Circleville women are receiving a tremendous amount of satisfaction in composing songs, poems and short stories about their native Utah. The group reported that they have been working together for about ten years and are diligent in their undertaking for the sheer joy of the work. They are Nola Whittaker, Birdie Covington and Esther Wiltshire. / Saturday a group of their original songs were presented over radio station KSVC by Elna Fox, Darrel Luke and Nola Whittaker. The threesome is currently working on an illustrated book of children's poems with racial tolerance as the theme.(RR) 10 May 1993: CIRCLEVILLE, Utah--Nola Fawn Campbell Whittaker, 86, of Circleville, Utah died May 7, 1993 in Richfield, Utah. / She was born September 17, 1906 in Escalante, Utah to John Richard and Avery Janette Deuel Campbell. She married Rollo B. Whittaker May 5, 1929 in the Manti LDS Temple. He died March 8, 1985. / She was active in the LDS Church for many years. Her contributions to musical activities were enjoyed throughout the state. She produced many road shows and plays. She composed music, wrote plays, books, and poems. She painted pictures and sang in numerous functions. Her talents will be sorely missed by both friends and family. She was the last living child of 10 children of the John R. and Janette Campbell family. / She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Robert A. (Janice) Hanson and Mrs. Forrest Dale (Dana) Bradley; eight grandchildren; and 17 great-grandchildren. / Funeral services on Tuesday, May 11, 1993 at 1 p.m. in the Circleville 2nd LDS Ward Chapel. Friends may call at the ward chapel in Circleville on Tuesday from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Burial, Circleville Cemetery. Funeral directors, Neal S. Magleby & Sons Mortuary, Richfield, Utah.(SLT)

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Son of Charles Albert Dalton and Sarah Jane Wiley; born 20 February 1879, at Circleville, Piute, Utah.) Married Lola Blanche Brinkerhoff, 10 December 1909. Children:

Leverda Dalton, born 13 June 1907, at Circleville, Piute, Utah.

Wiley Grant Dalton, born 29 September 1910, at Junction, Piute, Utah.

Grant W. Dalton, born about 1911, in Utah.

Ward B. Dalton, born 12 February 1914, at Circleville, Piute, Utah.

Chloris Dalton, born 28 November 1919, at Circleville, Piute, Utah.

Robert Clark Dalton, born 17 October 1928, at Circleville, Piute, Utah.

Died 27 February 1945. Buried at Circleville; stone reads: "Father".

Baptized and confirmed 11 August 1889, by Laban D. Morrill; ordained a teacher, 19 April 1898, by Robert A. Richey; ordained an elder, 23 February 1902, by Jorgen P. Jensen; ordained a seventy. Mission to Southern States, 5 March 1902.(18, 30) (84, 68) (85,30)

1880: Living in Circle Valley.2 December 1896: Injured leg in wagon accident.34 16 January 1903: Wiley Dalton of Circleville, and who is on a mission to the Southern states, recently wrote the Free Lance in an appreciative vein, and ordered his home paper to box 132 Wilmington, N.C., where correspondence from friends will reach the young missionary.(PFL) 1920: Farmer, general farm; living in Circleville; can read and write.4 19 September 1918: Patriotic Men Make Response to Call / Responding to the call of the Nation for recruits for the army, the loyal citizens of Piute county between the ages of 18 and 45, both inclusive, flocked to the registration places last Thursday and when the totals had been counted in the several registration offices throughout the county, 297 names had been recorded. The county fell short just forty names, according to the number allotted. Piute county had been set aside to furnish 337, but only 297 men were registered. The officers have announced that a close canvas will be made and the county thoroughly "combed" for any slacker and should any be found they will be made to suffer the penalty as prescribed for failing to register. / Reports from all the registration offices throughout the county are to the effect that the work was done expeditiously and that there was not the least semblance of disorder. The day had been declared holiday and all business houses were closed for the occasion. / The following is a list of the men registered: /....Circleville... Wiley Dalton, 30 ...(PC) Of Circleville; appears on list of "persons whose registration cards are in the possession of" Piute County Draft Board, WWI-era.98 1918-19: Farming 10 acres (value: $4,900), at Circleville23 1922-23: Farming 60 acres (value: $3,602), at Circleville.24 1924-25: Farming 94 acres (value: $12,977), at Circleville.25 6 February 1931: Mr. and Mrs. Wiley Dalton and children of Circleville were visiting their relatives and friends in Junction on Monday.(PCN) 10 May 1931, 22 May 1931: On delinquent property tax list.(Pcn0 23 February 1945: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fenton of Pleasant Grove were called here because of the very serious illness of Mrs. Fenton's father, Wiley Dalton.(PCN) 27 February 1945: Farmer, stockman; lifetime resident of Utah. Died of coronary thrombosis. Funeral services held 3 March 1945, at Circleville Ward chapel, conducted by bishop.(p. 21, book 9)

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Martha Elizabeth EMPEY

Daughter of James Hyrum Empey and Harriet Keele. Born 28 March 1882, at Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada. Married Jasper Thomas Woods 15 June 1903, at Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada. Married Willard A. Barlow.

Died 5 June 1959, at Tooele, Tooele, Utah.

1920: Living in Junction. Can read and write.4 8 August 1930: J.H. Empy and daughter, Mrs. Mattie Woods returned during the week from Salt Lake City here they were called on account of the serious illness of Lafel Woods. Mr. Woods was operated on for a tumor at the base of brain and little hope is held out for his recovery although he was still alive when they left.(PCN) 22 May 1931: Mrs. Nomie Woods and children have returned to their home in Provo after having spent a short time here visiting at the homes of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Empey and Mrs. Mattie Woods. Her son Adrian remained here to visit for a while longer. (PCN) 22 September 1939: Occupation: housework. Applied for license to marry Willard A. Barlow; second marriage (widowed).(5, 548) 23 February 1945: Mrs. Martha Barlow left Friday of last week for Tooele. She will visit with her children there for a few weeks.(PCN)

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1888: County selectman.(64, 1888) 16 January 1890: Grand Jurors: Sidney Manning, Jos. Betensen, Thos. Ferguson, Wm. Niswanger, et al.; petit jury: Christopher Katke, Jas. Stocks, Byron M. Hanchett, Walter, Gleave, et al.(SU) 16 January 1891: On Jury list: Andy J. Sargent, Thos. Calloway, jr.; Edward Foisey; Mariner Smith; Thos. Ferguson; Dewitt C. Tate; Henry King; Soloman Acton; William King; Walter Gleave; Allen Forshee; Sidney Manning; B.M. Hanchett; Ezra T. Bird; Reuben DeWitt; J.U. Sargent; Henry A. Zufelt; James Veater;Chas. R. Pinney...(SU) 15 May 1891: Grand Jury: Thos. Ferguson, Thos. Callaway, jr...(SU) 15 November 1891: Witnessed the wedding of Valentine P. Keltz and Elizabeth A. Bushey, at Marysvale.(15, p. 101) 30 June 1892: Witness to will of James Stark; attorney for Mrs. Adelaide Rosetta Stark in estate matters; surety for her bond as administrator of estate.(3, p. 275, 296) early 1896: Tom Fergusson of Salt Lake was in Monroe, Thursday night on his way to Marysvale. He is looking after mining interests, and his visit means something.(SC) 23 May 1896: Tom Fergusson is busy getting samples from George M. Scott's mine, the Crystal; and is examining the ledge of ore and doing other things needed prepartory to a purchase of the mine for a Chicago company.(SC) 29 August 1896: Lives on boundary between Bullion and Marysvale school districts; Miles Durkee claims gerrymandering to move Tom Ferguson into Marysvale to enlist his help in building new school.27 13 January 1898: Surety for administrator's bond of Ann Adelaide Dennis in estate of William Taylor Dennis.(3, p. 533) 3 October 1902: D.J. Frew, the well-known mining man, and who, at one time, made Marysvale headquarters, was circulating among his Marysvale friends last Saturday. / Mr. Frew is associated with Brose Thompson and Tom Ferguson in a leaching plant at Silver Reef and which will be in commission about the 10th inst. / Mr. Frew went on to Salt Lake last Sunday.(PFL)

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Philip Louis GAUCHAT

Born 15 June 1846, at Buffalo, New York. Married Abigail Lillian Gardiner 1 January 1874, at Sandy, Salt Lake, Utah.

23 March 1879: Witness to marriage of Frederick Hamel and Annie Jensen, both of Marysvale, at residence of Edward Foisy in Marysvale.(3, p. 13) 1880: Miner; living in Marysvale. Both parents born in France. Brother of Al Gauchat.2 26 May 1881: Appointed appraiser of Juliette Fullmer estate.(3, p. 40) 6 August 1883: Elected constable of Deer Trail precinct with 5 votes to H. Wilson's 1 vote.(34, pp. 267ff) 6 August 1883: Ran for constable of Bullion precinct; won 5 votes to John Lee's 15 votes.(34, pp. 267ff) 1884: Constable, Deer Trail precinct; term expires August 1885.(64, 1884) 19 June 1920: Among the rare minerals for which Marysvale has been noted and of which the old camp was once a producer in commercial quantities, is selenite of mercury, or quicksilver, as it is commonly called. / The Lucky Boy, just west of the Deer Trail, as discovered by Frank P. Fullmer and Rube Ivory, late in the fall of 1878. / The first retort of one oven was built by John Fullmer and the Gauchat brothers at the mouth of Cottonwood canyon in 1884. / Several years later the property was bought by the Richmond Quicksilver company of California, and they erected a larger retort of two ovens lower down on the creek. After the plant was completed and in working order, between $20,000 and $30,000 worth of quicksilver was recovered and fully as much or more lost through poor equipment. ...(RR) 26 June 1885: Appointed by Utah Commission as judge of election for Deer Trail precinct, to serve with Jacob U. Sargent and Jeremiah Dennis.(35, p. ?) 24 January 1886: The Marysvale Suicide / Marriner Smith was called to view the body of William B. Scogins, aged 64 years, at his ranch in Marysvale, on January 3, 1886. There was present H.D. Lisonbee, D.C. Thomson, Ed Foisy, Orson Lee, Thomas Calaway, Philip Gauchat and others. It was deemed unnecessary to hold an inquest, as it was a plain case of suicide ... / We, the undersigned certify that the above is correct to the best of our knowledge. / H.D. Lisonbee, D.C. Thomson, Ed. Foisy, Orson Lee, Thomas Clarence, Philip Gauchat, Marriner Smith, Justice of the Peace. Marysvale, January 13, 1886. Colorado papers please copy.(SLH) 29 March 1886: Surety for bond of Dewitt C. Thompson in estate of William B. Scogings, 8 March 1886; appointed appraiser of this estate, 29 March 1886.(3, p. 119, 121)

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Alice Marie "Hattie" HALL

Daughter of Joseph Lee Hall and Emeline Richardson. Born 22 February 1873, at Beaver, Beaver, Utah. Married George Franklin Dalton, 25 May 1911. Married Joseph Ervin Mellor.

Died 9 May 1943, at Marysvale, Piute, Utah.

1920: Living in Marysvale. Can read and write. Father born in Indiana; mother born in U.S.4 25 October 1940: Mrs. J.E. Mellor has moved into the house south of the Marysvale Hotel for the winter.(PCN) 13 December 1940: Mrs. Leda Scholtz and children One and Clair Rassmussen, and Mrs. Sylvia Thursby arrived last Thursday evening to visit with Mrs. J.E. Mellor and other local relatives. Mrs. Scholtz and daughter returned home Sunday, but Mrs. Thursby and Clair Rassmussen will remain until after Christmas.(PCN) 19 December 1941: Mrs. Ervin Mellor and Reginald LeFevre were Sunday dinner guests at the Clarence Howes home.(PCN) 19 December 1941: Mrs. Chell Dalton, Theone Dalton, Mrs. Edwin Nay and Mrs. Ervin Mellor were shopping in Richfield Saturday.(PCN) 13 February 1942: Mrs. Folmer Bertelsen of Ephraim spent Wednesday of last week visiting with her mother, Mrs. J.E. Mellor.(PCN) 29 May 1942: Mrs. Ervin Mellor, who has been ill for several weeks, has moved to the home of her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wells Dalton, to stay until she recovers.(PCN)

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Daughter of Joseph Irwin and Eliza Vaterlaus. Born 18 October 1909, at Laketown, Utah. Married Dell A. Reynolds.

1 March 1939: School teacher. Father born in England; mother born in Zurich, Switzerland. Applied for license to marry Dell A. Reynolds; first marriage.(5, 525) 19 December 1941: Last Friday Grace Reynolds taught the seventh and eighth while Mr. Anderson was in Salt Lake City to a teachers meeting.(PCN) 8 March 1946: Accompanied Beryl Whittaker and Nola Whittaker, on piano, for their vocal duet at funeral of William D. Nay in Circleville.(PCN) 10 May 1946: On piano, accompanied Claudius Doty and Beryl Whittaker in vocal duet at funeral of William Edward Betenson in Circleville.(PCN) 14 July 1949: Piute County 4-H Clubs Hold Officers' Training School / Circleville--Presidents, vice presidents, secretaries and reporters of nearly all seventeen 4-H clubs in Piute county were present at an officers training school held in Circleville July 6. / "4-H members learning to conduct and carry on the business of their club is as important a part of 4-H club work as learning to sew a straight seam," stated Mr. Burtenshaw in his welcoming remarks. / After community singing the gathering broke up into various groups. / Barlo Luke, who has had experience in the state legislature, led the presidents and vice presidents in a discussion on Roberts Rules of Order. Jay Applegate, county clerk, conducted the secretaries in their discussion. The reporters discussion was conducted by Irene Elder, editor of the Piute News and correspondent for the Richfield Reaper. Mrs. Grace Reynold and Mrs. Thelma Luke assisted the song leaders. 4-H club leaders were led in a discussion by Ray Burtenshaw and Ruth Coates. / After a short discussion period, the group again assembled and were led in games suitable for playing within their own clubs. Mrs. Thelma Luke conducted the games.(RR) 25 August 1949: Piute Schools to Open Monday, September 5 / Instruction Classes to Start Tuesday / Supt. J.E. Oscarson of the Piute school district has announced that it will be "back to school" September 5 for some 600 Piute county boys and girls. Registration for all students in the district is set for Monday with classes opening for instruction on Tuesday, September 5. / First announced for August 28 the opening date has been changed in order that teachers' conferences may be held the week of August 29 and will not conflict with regular school work. / Teachers will report August 29 for conferences and to get everything ready for opening day. / A conference is scheduled in Panguitch on Monday, August 29, and one in Junction on Wednesday, August 31. All interested parents are invited to attend these conferences. / Conference speakers and the teacher consultants who will be present for these sessions include Roscoe Grover of KSUB at Cedar City; Dr. Joseph B. Murphy of the extension division of the University of Utah; Dr. Claude Grant and Prof. Don A. Orton of the University of Utah, and Jennie Campbell of the state school office. / Teacher assignments for the Piute school district are as follows: / Circleville Elmentary--D.L. Fullmer, principal; Carrie Allen, Alta Wiltshire and Grace Reynolds. / Junction Elementary--Jason Nordgreen, principal; Darrell Luke and Florence Morrill. / Marysvale School--J.E. Osrason, principal; F.D. Gay, Ethel M. Gibbs, DeVere Howes, Alene Cuff and Lynn S. Parker. / Piute High School--Howard C. Evans, principal; Carling Allen, Edna Cannon, C.B. Crane, Clara Dalton and Lorin Miles. / Saddie Rogers is the elementary supervisor.(RR) Name found in list of school teachers in Piute County, "from records and memory", from beginning to 1950.41 25 August 1966: Schools to Open Monday / Piute District / Circleville Elementary -- Homer Savage, principal; Ronald Simkins, Una Stapel, Nola Mills. / Junction Elementary - Grace Reynolds, principal; Fay R. Lay, Andrew Millett / Oscarson Elementary -- Samuel Ware principal; Ethel Gibbs, Mrs. DeVere C. Howes / Piute High School -- Raymond S. Whittaker, Principal; Russell Hawks, Ruth Ann England, James Clyde Thornton, Donald Boyd Julander, Charles J. Naylor, Arthur Morgan, Elizabeth Smith, Clyde Whittaker, Ted W. Jolley, Richard Sylvester, Garth Bagley, Tom Fullmer, Clara Dalton, Farrel Gay, Alta Wiltshire, C.B. Crane.(RR)

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20 March 1920: Marysvale Ward - Sevier Stake / Wallace Johnson was this date ordained a bishop and set apart to preside over this ward by Elder Melvin J. Ballard. (His counselors were set apart on Apr. 11, 1920) / (From S. & W. Hist'l Rept. Bk.)(JHC) 15 May 1920: The Commercial club divided the town into three districts for Clean-up day and appointed the following committees: / District No. 1, George T. Eayrs, chairman; M.S. Saville, A.C. Waller, Nelson Johnson, Wallace Johnson.... The chairman of each district will select a lady to act as chairman of the refreshment committee, and she will appoint co-workers to assist in serving luncheon. All work will be under the direction of H.W. Wallace, and it is hoped that all property owners will take an active part in the cleaning up and beautifying of the town.(RR) 20 May 1920: Democratic Primary / A democratic primary was held at the schoolhouse Wednesday evening and was well attended. Precinct Chairman E.S. Anderson presided, and in a short address eulogized President Wilson and his war policy, also expressed himself as in favor of the adoption of the league of nations without amendment. The following were elected delegates to attend the county convention at Junction, June 1: Stanley Ensign, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Johnson, Thos. Black, Mrs. Alice DeWitt, E.S. Anderson, C.A. Blakeslee. Alternates, Mr. and Mrs. Swenning Anderson, Spencer Gibbs and Clark Anderson. / Thos. Black was elected chairman of Marysvale precinct, and will select his own secretary.(RR) 17 July 1920: Town Board of Marysvale: C.J. Heath, president; W.B. Pace, Wallace Johnson, T.E. Knaus, James M. Sargent; S. Ensign, Clerk; C.A. Blakeslee, Treasurer; W.W. Thibadeau, Marshal.(RR) 24 July 1920: Ad: Wallace Johnson Garage / Supply Station for Bryce and Grand Canyon / Full line of Auto Supplies / Open Day and Night / Marysvale.(RR) 6 January 1921: Fire Destroys Garage and Cars at Marysvale / For the second time within two weeks Marysvale was visited with a disastrous fire on Monday night, resulting in heavy loss. Two weeks since a residence belonging to the Anderson Bros. was destroyed by fire, and the occupants driven forth with practically everything owned consumed by the flames. On Monday night Bishop Wallace Johnson lost his garage and one new car, together with all tools, machinery and appurtenances. The fire is of incendiary origin, and the garage and cars are a complete loss, amounting to several thousands of dollars. / Mr. Johnson engaged in the auto sales business last summer, and the business slump of last fall found him unprepared, so that the fire loss hits him an unusually hard blow. / His father-in-law, Mr. Eldredge, former editor and publisher of the Panguitch Progess, has recently moved to Marysvale, where he is preparing to issue the Progress in the interest of the Marysvale and Piute people and projects generally. He is making his home at present with Bishop Wallace while setting up his plant.(RR) 1922-23: Runs garage, in Marysvale.24 1924-25: Garageman, in Marysvale.25 12 July 1934: Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Johnson visited friends here Saturday. Mr. Johnson was bishop of the Marysvale ward at one time. For the past ten years the Johnsons have made their home in San Diego, California.(RR)

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Charles Claud KENYON

Born about 1875, at Omaha, Nebraska. Married Myrtle Barber.(5, 532) Children:

Conrad Myhill Kenyon, 19 February 1909, at Marysvale, Piute, Utah

Elizabeth Jean Kenyon, born 30 September 1918, at Marysvale, Piute, Utah

1908-09: Dealer in general merchandise; vice president of Marysvale Commercial Club, in Marysvale.22 20 April 1916: Fought fire at Bertelsen home/store in Marysvale.(PCN) 4 May 1916: Claude Kenyon's full-blooded Jersey cow had a fine heifer calf last Sunday. Brother Kenyon is quite thick and swelled up over the affair, and we're told that Easter hat he bought the other day is a size or two larger than usual.(PC) 4 May 1916: The Eayrs drug store has just received a grand new show case, the Waddell W.W.W. Co. Brand, of Greenfield, O., in which Mr. Kenyon nicely displays his candy and stationery.(PC) 4 May 1916: Mr. Claude Kenyon of Marysvale, went down to Richfield last Saturday to attend stake business meeting.(PC) 18 May 1916: Claude Kenyon, of Marysvale, and Heber Wiley, of Circleville, made a business trip to Richfield Monday.(PC) 27 July 1916: A meeting was held last Friday night at the school house for the purpose of organizing a Commercial club. M.F. Murray was elected president, Max Krotki vice resident, Allen Cameron, secretary and Claude Kenyon treasurer. The above named gentlemen with P.H. Allred form the board of directors.(PC) 10 August 1916: Treasurer of newly-formed Marysvale Commercial Club.(PC) 28 December 1916: Commercial Club. Meet every Thursday Night. Officers and Directors: M.F. Murray President, Max Crotki, Vice-President, Allen Cameron, Secretary, Claude Kenyon, Treasurer; P.E. Allred.(PC) 27 December 1917: Joined Marysvale Red Cross.(PC) 19 September 1918: Patriotic Men Make Response to Call / Responding to the call of the Nation for recruits for the army, the loyal citizens of Piute county between the ages of 18 and 45, both inclusive, flocked to the registration places last Thursday and when the totals had been counted in the several registration offices throughout the county, 297 names had been recorded. The county fell short just forty names, according to the number allotted. Piute county had been set aside to furnish 337, but only 297 men were registered. The officers have announced that a close canvas will be made and the county thoroughly "combed" for any slacker and should any be found they will be made to suffer the penalty as prescribed for failing to register. / Reports from all the registration offices throughout the county are to the effect that the work was done expeditiously and that there was not the least semblance of disorder. The day had been declared holiday and all business houses were closed for the occasion. / The following is a list of the me registered: / Marysvale-...Charles Claude Kenyon, 272 ...(PC) Of Marysvale; appears on list of "persons whose registration cards are in the possession of" Piute County Draft Board, WWI-era.(98) 17 January 1918: Nominated as member of Membership committee, Marysvale branch of Red Cross.(PC) 1918-19: Farming 1 acre (value: $500), at Marysvale.23 1920: Potash miner; living in Marysvale; can read and write. Both parents born in Ireland.4 22 May 1920: The Pace residence, one of the beautiful bungalows on Church street, was sold during the week to Claude Kenyon. This house was built in the early winter and has only been occupied a few months. It is modern throughout with the exception of a heating plant.(RR) 26 October 1933: Claude Kenyon of Salt Lake is here on mining business.(RR)

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Esther Ellis (Ella) LeBARON

Daughter of David T. LeBaron and Esther M. Johnson. Born 27 November 1853, at Council Bluffs, Iowa. Married John Morrill, 18 May 1874.

Died 25 February 1932. Buried at Junction (Hill) cemetery.

Baptized by Joseph Pollard. Died of plural pneumonia.(17, 7)(26, 7)(52, 4)

21 March 1888: Signed Articles of Incorporation of the Junction Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.(3, p. 593-600) 7 June 1888: Witnessed the wedding of Erastus Anderson and Mary Jane Norton, at Junction.(15, p. 14) 9 October 1888: Witnessed the wedding of James Christian Anderson, Jr., and Annie Louisa Parsons, at Junction.(15, p. 20) 20 November 1888: Witnessed the wedding of William Baxter Brown and Amelia Christina Olsen, at Junction.(15, p. 24) 2 January 1889: Witnessed the wedding of Samuel Douglas Brown and Johannah Maria Helquist, at Junction.(15, p. 28) 23 June 1892: Witnessed the wedding of Alfred Sidney Robinson and Susie M. Veater, at Junction.(15, p. 120) 16 July 1892: Witnessed the wedding of John R. Jolley and Kate Wilcox, at Junction.(15, p. 121) 28 October 1905: Mrs. Ella Morrill and daughter of Junction have typhoid fever.(PC) 23 January 1919: Junction: Misses Blanche Langford and Alta Stansfield, of the teaching corps of the Junction schools, delightfully entertained the following guests last Thursday evening: Miss Fern Morrill, Miss Ann Cochrane, Miss Celia Bay, Mrs. Josie Sprague, Mrs. Ella Morrill and Mrs. Mary E. Bay. Refreshments were served and a most enjoyable evening spent.(PC) 1920: Living at Junction. Can read and write.4 4 September 1931: Mr. and Mrs. Ben LeBaron of Hurricane, and Mrs. George LeBaron of Santaquin and Don LeBaron of California have returned to their homes after having spent a short time visiting their sisters, Mrs. Ella Morrill and Mrs. Mary Empey.(PCN) 4 March 1932: Funeral Services for Aunt Ella Morrill / Funeral services were held Sunday morning at 11:20 for Ella E. Morrill, who passed away Thursday after six weeks suffering after a fall with Bishop O.G. Anderson presiding and conducting. / The choir sang "Oh, My Father" and the invocation was offered by W.H. Luke, friend and neighbor of the deceased. / The choir sang "When First The Glorious Light of Truth." / The first speaker was Patriarch Joseph Ipson, son-in-law of Aunt Ella who gave a brief sketch of her life and eulogized her wonderful character. / President T. Arthur King of Escalante was the next speaker, who spoke of the wonderfulness of Aunt Ella as he had know her. / Myrtle Luke granddaughter of the deceased and at the special request of Aunt Ella before she died sang "The Veil" with Rosella Luke another granddaughter accompanying her on the organ. / W.J. Luke was the next speaker and he told of his boyhood days spent playing in the door-yard of Uncle John and Aunt Ella. He also spoke of the inspiration they had been to him. / The choir sang "Sweet Hour of Prayer". / W.E. Bay, a nephew of Aunt Ella was the next speaker and he spoke of her service and the privilege it had been to associate with her. / Bishop O.G. Anderson was the final speaker and he said that no matter what good we might say it would all apply to her. He thanked the people in behalf of the Morrill family for their assistance during her last illness and death. / The final song "Shall We Meet Beyond the River" was sung by the choir and the benediction was offered by John H. Zabriskie. / Interment was in the Junction cemetery by the side of her daughter Ivy who died two years ago, and the grave was dedicated by President T. Arthur King. / The choir sang "There is Sweet Rest in Heaven" at the graveside. / Aunt Ella Morrill, as she was most familiarly known throughout the country-side, served for many years as nurse and friend to every family in this section. She served as president of the Relief Society for many years and, as was said at the funeral service, divided her time among her family, her church and her people. She was never too busy nor too tired to answer the call of the needy or afflicted and those among the middle aged people of the country will never forget her services day after day and night after night. / She is survived by her aged husband, Uncle John Morrill, now passed 84 years of age, two daughters, Hattie Ipson and Fern Robinson, a sister Mary E. Empey, all of Junction, three brothers, George LeBaron of Santaquin, Ben LeBaron of Hurricane and Don LeBaron of California, 23 grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren, also a host of foster children and friends who bow their heads in mourning at her passing. / Aunt Ella was born November 27th 1853 at Council Bluffs, Iowa, and when but six months old came to Zion with her parents, and resided in Salt Lake until twenty-one years of age when she moved to Spring Lake with her husband. In May 1874 she was married to John Morrill in the endowment house in Salt Lake City and while still living in Salt Lake their first daughter, Belle, was born. John D. Morrill, their second child was born in Spring Lake then on April 7th, 1879 they moved to this valley being among the first pioneers here, their first home was about where the John Baler home is located and they later moved to City Creek where their other seven children were born. Uncle John Morrill ran the first store and the first post office in Junction and built the first large brick home here. He was bishop of the Junction ward for some twenty years and it was under the direction and largely with his help that the present L.D.S. chapel in Junction was built. During all the time he was the father of the ward his good wife, Aunt Ella, was truely a mother in the ward. / They have buried seven of their nine children, George and Belle dying while tiny, Hazel dying while just a small girl, and Ivy, John P. and Milo all passing on after being married. Clare died just before she was to have been married to Melvin Luke of Junction. / Besides raising their own family and being parents to all the ward they adopted and raised one little girl and three nephews and nieces, burying the adopted girl, Pearl and niece Ruby when they were about 12 and 13 years of age. They have also raised their two granddaughters, Myrtle and Donna Luke and two sisters Mrs. Mary E. Empey and Edna Sprague. Aunt Ella remarked to us just last fall while Donna was in California for three weeks that that was the longest they had ever been alone in the more than 57 years of married life. That is a record that is seldom equaled and one to be proud of. / Anything that we might say can neither add to nor detract from the good aunt Ella has done in this world, neither can anything we might say help assuage or alleviate the pain of her beloved ones who mourn at her passing. But we do want them to know that the whole countryside mourns with them and we want to offer our sincerest sympathy and condolence, especially to her aged and dearly loved husband, to her two daughters, to her sister and brothers, to her grandchildren and to all who mourn at the passing of a grand old woman.(PCN) 4 March 1932: Mrs. Mildred Cowles and children of Escalante were over to attend the funeral services of her grandmother Sunday. She also visited her mother, Mrs. Emma Davies.(PCN) 4 March 1932: Mr. and Mrs. Mel Hunter and two babies and Mrs. Clara McFarland of Cedar City were visiting relatives and friends in Junction over the weekend. Clare came over to attend the funeral services of her grandmother, Mrs. Ella E. Morrill.(PCN) 4 March 1932: Mrs. Celia Van Fleet of Salt Lake City came down to attend the services of her aunt, Mrs. Ella E. Morrill. She returned home with D.H. Robinson Monday afternoon.(PCN) 4 March 1932: Mr. and Mrs. George LeBaron of Santaquin returned to their home Monday morning. They were accompanied by Rosella Luke and Ella and Morrill Ipson whoa re attending the B.Y.U. at Provo. They attended the funeral services of their sister and grandmother, Mrs. Ella E. Morrill on Sunday.(PCN) 4 March 1932: D.H. Robinson returned to Salt Lake City Monday afternoon. He was accompanied by Mrs. Lula Mullins and Mrs. Eliza Morrill of Provo. They had all been down to attend the funeral services for aunt Ella Morrill.(PCN)

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Fern Isola MORRILL

Daughter of John Morrill and Esther Ellis LeBaron. Born 30 September 1893, at Junction, Piute, Utah. Married Clinton Lemar Luke 20 September 1910, at Junction, Piute, Utah; divorced. Married Dennison Harris Robinson.

Baptized and confirmed 6 October 1901 by John Morrill.(52, 11)

1916-17: Farming 2 acres (value: $60), at Junction.92 7 March 1918: Selected secretary of Junction branch of Red Cross.(PC) 12 September 1918: Schools Open Next Monday / The public schools of the county will open next Monday morning unless something unforeseen happens. County Superintendent of Schools D.H. Robinson, who was in Marysvale last week from Junction, stated that the roster for the several schools in the county was hardly complete but that he believed that it would only be a short time until every position would be filled. "It has been a difficult task to obtain instructors," said the county superintendent. "Three times this past summer the places had all bee n filled but with the volunteering of so many, women as well as men, for service in the army and with the fact that salaries are low as compared with what is being offered in other vocations, contracts have been broken indiscriminately." / The position as principal of the Marysvale and Junction schools have not as yet been assigned, but Superintendent Robinson has a few in view and he believes that the many letters and telegrams which he has sent out will bring results within a few days. The following teachers have been secured to fille the grades as follows: ... Junction: Principal, not assigned; fifth and sixth, Alta Stansfield; third and fourth, Blanche Langford; first and second, Fern Morrill...(PC) 23 January 1919: Junction: Misses Blanche Langford and Alta Stansfield, of the teaching corps of the Junction schools, delightfully entertained the following guests last Thursday evening: Miss Fern Morrill, Miss Ann Cochrane, Miss Celia Bay, Mrs. Josie Sprague, Mrs. Ella Morrill and Mrs. Mary E. Bay. Refreshments were served and a most enjoyable evening spent.(PC) 6 February 1919: Miss Celia Bay entertained the following guests at her home last Saturday evening: Ottoson Luke, Barlow Luke, Frank Carson, Earl Bay, Misses Fern Morrill, Fawn Barney, Mayda Sudweeks and Mrs. Josie Sprague.(PC) 5 March 1919: Fern Morrill returned last Sunday from a visit to friends and relatives at Beaver.(PC) 1920: Living at Junction. Teacher, public school. Can read and write. Divorced.4 3 October 1924: The relatives of Mrs. D.H. Robinson gave her a pleasant surprise Tuesday evening. They all went out to the grove of trees near the Kingston bridge and ate a supper cooked in dutch oven. Supper was ready when Mrs. Robinson arrived. All seemed to have a good time.(PCN) 10 July 1931: D.H. Robinson and son Elwin came down from Salt Lake City to spend several days and when Den returned home he was accompanied by his wife and two daughters and Miss Donna Luke who will visit there for some time. Fern has spent the past two weeks here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Morrill and her sister, Mrs. Hattie M. Ipson and family.(PCN) 10 May 1935: Mrs. Myrtle Anderson and babies have gone to Salt Lake City to visit for a short time with Myrtle's mother, Mrs. D.H. Robinson and family.(PCN) Name found in list of school teachers in Piute County, "from records and memory", from beginning to 1950.41

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Lucy Betsey NAY

Daughter of William Edwin Nay and Mary Wilson. Born 5 November 1885. Married Garfield Clayton Pennington James, 2 January 1904.

Died 10 September 1965. Buried at Marysvale; stone reads "Mother".

6 April 1916: Played a part in "A Noble Character", a four-act drama performed at LDS Church.(PC) 13 April 1916: Was guest at entertainment given by Mrs. Allen Cameron in honor of Mrs. June Clark.(PC) 18 May 1916: Mrs. Lucy James and the following young ladies attended an exhibition and demonstration of Boy Scouts and Bee Hive girls in Richfield Monday and Tuesday: Misses Susie Jacobson, Olive and Ruby Anderson and Wanda Howes. At 2:30 p.m. Monday they attended an exhibition and demonstration by Boy Scouts and Bee Hive girls on the school house square. Richfield has a very proficient company of Boy Scouts. They gave demonstrations in marching, fire drill, signaling with flags, sending and receiving wireless messages, first aid work for the wounded and saving scouts overcome by smoke and gas from a burning building. All who went from Marysvale had a very enjoyable time, ending up with a dance at the Star Pavilion.(PC) 27 December 1917: Joined Marysvale Red Cross.(PC) 17 January 1918: Nominated as member of executive committee of Marysvale branch of Red Cross.(PC) 1920: Living in Marysvale. Can read and write. Father born in United States; mother born in Louisiana.4 15 May 1920: New Rebekah Lodge Organized / Rebekahs of Richfield Stood Sponsors for Promising Infant / About three years ago Marysvale lodge, No. 58, I.O.O.F., was organized in Marysvale, and thus the seed of Odd Fellowship was planted in the old mining camp. It has grown and yielded fruit. When the call came for men -- those who were willing to lay down their lives on the country's altar -- this baby lodge exceeded every other lodge in the state in the percentage of the members who followed Old Glory. / Things are booming in Piute county, and Odd Fellowship is no exception. On Saturday evening last, May 8, Grand Master Dr. Harry Phillips of Salt Lake city and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Cannegeiter, president of the Rebekah state assembly, accompanied by other past grand officers and Crystal Rebekah lodge of Richfield, organized a Rebekah lodge of more than thirty charter members. / This new lodge bears the Name of Evening Star, No. 44, and the following have been selected to take care of its destinies during the first term of its existence: Past noble grand, Mrs. Edith Thibodeau; noble grand, Mrs. Anna M. Long; vice grand, Mrs. Blanch King; recording secretary, Miss Carrie Henry; financial secretary, Mrs. Alice Allen; treasurer: Mrs. Addie Haws; conduct, Mrs. Lucy James; warden, Mrs. Pearl Gibbs; chaplain, Mrs. Anna Ensign; R.S.N.G., Mrs. Josephine T. Peterson; L.S.N.G., Mrs. Zelma Hamel; R.S.V.G., Mrs. John B. Williams; L.S.V.G., Miss Thelma Bertelson; inside guardian, Mrs. Laura M. Bertelson; outside guardian, Stanley Ensign; district deputy grand president, Mrs. Edith Thibodeau. / After the institution and installation of officers, etc., a very pleasant time was enjoyed, and all greed that the future of the young lodge was bright. / On Tuesday evening, the 11th, the members of Evening Star lodge, No. 44, paid Crystal lodge of Richfield a fraternal visit, and all pronounced their first visit a wonderful success.(RR) 15 April 1926: Twentieth Century Club of Marysvale / Marysvale, Utah, April 12, 1926. The Twentieth Century club held its regular meeting April 10th, at the home of Mrs. J.W. Robinson, with Mrs. Cassie Harris assistant hostess. The program was: / Meeting called to order by Pres. Ila Outzen. / Club song dispensed with. / Poem, Violet Sargent. / Excuses of Mrs. Lizzie Pearson and Mrs. Minnie King read and accepted. / Roll call &endash; Current Events. / Paper on Child Labor of America by Mrs. Rachel Brox. / Discussion led by Mrs. Cassie Harris. / Pres. Ila Outzen gave a report of the state convention of the Twentieth Century club held in Salt Lake City at the University of Utah the previous week, emphasizing Dr. Geo. H. Thomas' lecture on the University and its need for an addition to the buildings, and asking the clubs to support them, and Dr. Arthur L. Beesley's lecture on Mentality, which led up to a warm discussion. / A very delightful luncheon was served by the hostess to the following ladies: Mrs. Ila Outzen, Mrs. James Long, Mrs. Lane Bertelson, Mrs. F.L. Gross, Mrs. Tillie Blackwell, Mrs. Murrell Troutt, Mrs. Rachel Brox, Mrs. Rosa Barnett, Mrs. Violet Sargent, Mrs. Joe Burns and Mrs. Lucy James.(RR) 1 January 1953: Manton and Flora Gibbs came down from Salt Lake City to bring Lucy James who has been with them for a month.(RR)

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Peter E. OLSEN

29 April 1886: Signed Articles of Incorporation for Grass Valley Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as a member of the Grass Valley Ward; appointed director of corporation.(3, p. 576-583) 1888: Superintendent of District Schools.(64, 1888) 23 March 1889: Appointed appraiser of estate of Peter Martinsen.(3, p. 226) 29 June 1889: Of Koosharem; stockholder of Koosharem Irrigation Company; signed Articles of Incorporation.(3, p. 557-559) 20 November 1889: performed the wedding of Thorwald Torgerson and Josephine Tomine Fredericksen, at Koosharem.(15, p. 51) 10 December 1889: Performed the wedding of James W. Manwill and Theresa Anderson, at Koosharem.(15, p. 54) 28 November 1890: Among the attendants at Court we notice ... Peter Olsen and Isaac J. Riddle of Piute County.(SU) 9 December 1890: Second District Court, Dec. 9th: Peter E. Oleson, adultery, sentenced to imprisonment for term of three months in penitentiary.(SU) 9 December 1890: Peter E. Olsen pleaded guilty to adultery. This was not a polygamous marriage. Defendant sentenced to 9 months in the penitentiary.(SU) 1893: Superintendent of schools; term expires 1 January 1895.(65, 1893) 1900: School trustee, Koosharem district.(66, 1900) 1908-09: Farming 38 acres (value: $185) in Koosharem.22 1911-12: Farming 100 acres (value: $500), at Koosharem.68 1918-19: Farming 38 acres (value: $957), at Koosharem.23 1922-23: Farming 24 acres (value: $960), at Koosharem.24 1924-25: Postmaster, in Koosharem; farming 58 acres (value: $4,374), at Greenwich.25

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Ernest Wilford PETERSON

Born 24 August 1875, at Spring City, Sanpete, Utah. Married Clara Haws.

Died 11 July 1936. Buried at Thompsonville, Piute, Utah.

26 December 1902: Congratulations. / An event fraught with the utmost importance to two of Marysvale's young people took place at the residence of George and Mrs. Haws last Wednesday forenoon. The parents made a quit-claim deed of their daughter, Miss Clara Haws, in favor of Ern Peterson, a long-time and, until recently, a supposedly confirmed bachelor. / The nuptial knot was securely tied by the Free Lance Justice of the Peace. / The bride is a lovely girl who was born and reared in Marysvale. In addition to Miss Haws' charming personality, her friends have recognized in her the highest qualities of womanhood and practical common sense. The bridegroom is well deserving of the prize he has won. / The Free Lance extends congratulations and wishes for the life-long happiness of Ern and Mrs. Peterson.(PFL) 19 July 1934: Mr. and Mrs. William Quinn and sons Billy and Russell arrived Wednesday from Rochell Park, N.Y., to spend several months with Mrs. Quinn's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Peterson.(RR) 6 December 1934: Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Peterson received a telegram Sunday announcing the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Quinn of Rochelle Park, N.J. Mrs. Quinn is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peterson.(RR) 16 July 1936: Marysvale Man Dies Saturday of Heart Failure / Ernest Wilford Peterson, 60, of Marysvale, died at the Wedge mine Saturday evening of heart failure. He left his cabin early in the evening to look after some horses, and when he failed to return his son Auer and Ervin Williams went to look for him. They found him where he had fallen face down, dead. Physicians stated that he had been dead probably two hours, death occurring at around 6:30 o'clock. Mr. Peterson was employed by the Mineral Products Corporation. / Mr. Peterson was born August 24, 1875, at Spring City, a son of John and Emma Mortensen Petersen. He moved to Marysvale as a young man, and there married Clara Haws on December 25, 1902. He is survived by his widow and the following children: Mrs. Ora Peterson Quinn of Rochelle Park, New Jersey, Auer Peterson of Marysvale, and Jeanne Peterson of Marysvale. Three brothers, Albert Peterson of Victorville, California, Charles Peterson of Los Angeles, and James Peterson of Bountiful; and two sisters, Mrs. Sarah Scogins of Los Angeles and Mrs. Clarissa Campbell of Victorville, California, survive also. / Funeral services will be held Friday, July 17, at 2 p.m. in the LDS chapel at Marysvale.(RR)

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Roland J. QUINN

Son of George Washington Quinn and Sarah Howes; born 26 January 1915, in Utah.

Died 11 September 1957. Buried at Marysvale (Howes) Cemetery; stone reads: "Utah / WOJG US Army / World War II Korea".

1920: Living in Marysvale; attended school in 1919.4 16 November 1933: M.F. Murray accompanied by Roland Quinn left Sunday morning for Los Angeles to spend the winter with his daughter, Mrs. Eula Mitchell.(RR)

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Peter Martin RICK

Born 4 October 1871, in Cleveland, Ohio. Married Dolly Sophia Johnson, 24 April, 1893, in Purham, Minnesota.

Died 24 February 1959, at Richfield, Sevier, Utah. Buried at Elsinore, Sevier, Utah.

Of Alunite; appears on list of "persons whose registration cards are in the possession of" Piute County Draft Board, WWI-era.98 1922-23: Manager, City Meat Market, in Marysvale.24 1924-25: Grocer ("A full line of groceries and meats always on hand"), in Marysvale.25 20 June 1930: Mr. and Mrs. P.M. Rick left the first of the week for a few days fishing trip. They went by way of Richfield.(PCN)) 17 July 1931: Mr. and Mrs. P.M. Rick returned home Sunday from Delta where they have spent the past month doing business and visiting old friends. Mrs. Rick remained here while Mr. Rick has returned to finish his business there.(PCN) 17 July 1931: Barney Reunion Held at Pallisade Park: Mr. and Mrs. P.M. Rick and three daughters Delene and Joy Rick and Norma Johnson returned Sunday from Pallisade Park where they spent three days at the Barney Reunion. They report a most enjoyable time where fishing, boat riding and dancing was indulged in and when they weren't doing one of these things they were visiting every moment of the time. They report about forty members of the family there and a most wonderful time (PCN) 11 October 1940: Mr. and Mrs. Pete Rick made a business trip to Salt Lake City this week. They were accompanied by Mrs. Ila Johnson and small son of California, who have been visiting here for some time and who will visit with Ila's sister at Smithfield for a few weeks before returning to California.(PCN) 22 May 1942: Of Circleville; father of Lavar Rick; made a business trip to Salt Lake City last week.(PCN) 26 February 1959: Services Thursday To Honor Elderly Marysvale Resident / Marysvale -- Funeral services for Peter Martin Rick, 87, will be held at the Neal S. Magleby chapel Thursday (today) at 10 a.m. Mr. Rick died Tuesday at 7 a.m. in a Richfield hospital of causes incident to age. / The well known retired Piute County businessman suffered a stroke Feb. 18 at his home in Marysvale and after being discovered by a neighbor, Arly Edwards, was rushed to Richfield where his condition has been serious since. / He was born Oct. 4, 1871 in Cleveland, Ohio. He married Dolly Sophia Johnson April 24, 1893 in Purham, Minn. She died Dec. 10 1921. He was a member of the Lutheran Church. / Survivors include one son, two daughters, George R., Salt Lake City; Mrs. Vernon (Joy) Thompson, Lake Point; Edna, American Fork; two brothers, 17 grandchildren; 18 great grandchildren. / Burial will be in the Elsinore Cemetery under the direction of the Neal S. Magleby Mortuary, Richfield.(RR) February 1959: Died of pneumonia following a stroke. Funeral held at mortuary chapel, conducted by Bishop Staheli of Marysvale.(p. 107, book 13)

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Lura Jane STARK

Daughter of James A. Stark and Rosetta A. Pearson; born 29 September 1878, at Marysvale, Piute, Utah. Married Hezekiah Coates. Child:

McPhearson Coates

Died 3 January 1949, at Marysvale. Buried at Thompsonville Cemetery; stone reads: "Mother".

2 January 1897: Entertained a party of young friends at her home on New Year's eve.(PP) 21 January 1899: Marysvale ... That Rag Ball. / One of the most enjoyable affairs of the winter was the "Rag Ball" on Monday evening, Jan. 9th. There was a number of very ragged people present and they all had a very jolly time. The raggedest lady there was Miss Carrie Peterson and she received the ladies' prize, a pair of beautiful vases, while Mr. H.L. Mills was awarded the prize for the raggedest gentleman, a pair of gloves. He however, refused to take them, and stated that in his opinion Master Rob Cuff was entitled to the prize. The gloves were then given to Master Cuff. Among the ragged people worthy of special mention were: Mesdames Mills, Stocks, Clark, Dutson, Misses Clara Howes, Hermine Foisy, Lura Stark, Josephine King, Tillie Thompson, Mattie Reynolds, Cora Carpenter, Jean Tueson, Messrs. Thomas Howes, H.L. Mills, Rob Cuff and Lot Alexander.--Piute Pioneer.(DN) 12 September 1902: Parents will take notice that the Primary department of the district school will open next Monday morning in the Marysvale school house. Miss Lura Stark has been employed as teacher, and no better choice could have been made.(PFL) 15 May 1903: Miss Lura Stark and Miss Tillie Thompson returned to Marysvale last Sunday, after a pleasant visit with Miss Josephine King, at Kingston.(PFL) 5 June 1903: Walter Stark, of Wisconsin, arrived in Marysvale Monday evening, and will remain here for some time as the guest of his cousins, the Missess Lura and Della Stark.(PFL) 10 March 1906: County recorder.(PC) 1907-08: County Recorder; public school teacher at Junction.22 1908-09: Farming 50 acres (value: $1,000), in Marysvale.22 20 May 1909: Of Marysvale; named in list of owners of Piute County Cheese Factory Company, in Articles of Incorporation.(53, p. 128) 13 April 1916: Of Junction; attended conference in Salt Lake last week.(PC) 27 December 1917: Joined Marysvale Red Cross.(PC) 7 March 1918: Selected chairman of Junction branch of Red Cross.(PC) 1918-19: Farming 260 acres (value: $9,874), at Junction.23 8 May 1920: Mrs. Lena Coats and infant son of San Diego are at the home of her mother, Mrs. Rosetta Stark, and will remain for the summer.(RR) 1922-23: Farming 53 acres (value: $1,725), at Marysvale.24 1924-25: Farming 25 acres (value: $700), at Marysvale.25 7 December 1933: A number of friends arranged a lunch Friday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Laura Coats of San Diego, California, who will return to her home soon. She has been here several months with her mother, Mrs. Rosetta Stark.(RR) 19 July 1934: Mrs. Laura Coates has returned to her home in California, after having spent month with her mother, Mrs. Rosetta Stark.(RR) 19 December 1941: Sergeant Orlando Thurber, caretaker at the National Guard armory in Richfield, visited Friday with Mrs. Rosetta Starks and Mrs. Lura Coats. He was returning to Richfield from Camp San Luis Obispo, where he had taken Captain Norman M. Andreason. While there he visited McPhearson Coats, who is in the camp hospital with a broken leg. He reports that Mac is getting along very well.(PCN) 16 January 1942: Mrs. Rosetta Starks and Mrs. Lura Coats had as guests Saturday Mrs. Starks' brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Pearson, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Pearson and son, all of Minersville, and Mr. and Mrs. Grover Lewis. They came to be with Mrs. Starks on her birthday anniversary.(PCN) 1949: Of Marysvale; died of coronary occlusion; housewife; LDS; lifetime resident of Utah. Father born at Randolph, Wisconsin; mother born at Auburn, California. Funeral services held 6 January 1949, at Marysvale, conducted by bishop.(p. 35, book 10) 7 January 1949: Death Claims Piute Leader / Marysvale &endash; Funeral services for Mrs. Lura J. Stark Coates, 70, who died as the result of a heart attack suffered Monday, were conducted Thursday in the Marysvale Ward chapel, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, by Bishop E.C. Hansen. Burial was in Thompsonville Cemetery. / Mrs. Coates was born in Marysvale, Sept. 28, 1878, a daughter of James A. and Rosetta Pierson Stark. She attended Wasatch Academy and taught school for a number of years at Marysvale, Junction and Thompsonville. / She was married to Dr. Hezekiah Coates in 1918 in Junction. They lived for 17 years in San Diego, Calif. Mrs. Coates returned to Marysvale after the death of Dr. Coates in 1940. / Surviving are a son, McPherson Coates, San Diego, and a sister, Mrs. Grover Lewis, Circleville.(DN) Name found in list of school teachers in Piute County, "from records and memory", from beginning to 1950.41

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Son of Jared Alvin Taylor and Elsie May Birdsall. Born 23 October 1893, at Marysvale, Piute, Utah. Married Hazel Anderson, 25 June 1918, at St. George, Washington, Utah. Children:

Jared Anderson Taylor, born 6 June 1920, at Marysvale, Piute, Utah.

Karl Orson Taylor, born 19 September 1921, at Marysvale, Piute, Utah.

Hazel Joyce Taylor, born 27 January 1924, at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.

Elaine Taylor, born 31 January 1929, at Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California.

Died 10 June 1965, at Fullerton, Orange, California. Buried at Whittier, Los Angeles, California.

17 December 1894: Named in father's will.(3, p. 379-381) 6 April 1916: Plans to open open-air dancing pavilion on 1 May.(PC) 20 April 1916: Fought fire at Bertelsen home/store in Marysvale.(PC) Played a part in "A Noble Character", a four-act drama performed at LDS Church in early April, 1916.35 12 April 1918: Of Marysvale; joined Modern Woodmen of America; named mother as beneficiary.57 18 May 1916: In the near future Richfield Scout master Roy Chidester will bring several Boy Scouts to Marysvale to give them the tenderfoot examinations with the Marysvale Scouts. Marysvale Scout Master Orson Taylor is having great success with his Boy Scouts here and expects several to pass the tenderfoot examination.(PC) 18 May 1916: Manager Orson Taylor of the Airdome says he will be ready to start dancing and motion picture shows about the first of June as the weather has continued rather cool for open air shows and dancing.(PC) 8 June 1916: Orson Taylor announces that he will open his open-air dancing pavilion Saturday evening, June 17th with good music from the valley. Richfield and Manti are after the opening dance, either are A No. 1 orchestras.(PC) 15 June 1916: Don't overlook the fact that Orson Taylor's Airdome dancing pavilion will open Saturday evening, June 17th. The Richfield orchestra will furnish the music.(PC) 13 July 1916: In about ten days the paraphernalia will arrive for the moving picture business to be operated at Orson Taylor's Airdome. The shows will be run three nights a week -- Sunday, Tuesday and Friday.(PC) 24 August 1916: A weather bureau station has been placed at the home of Orson Taylor.(PC) 21 September 1916: The Taylor Airdome is to be remodeled; the walls will receive a lining of compa [sic] board, and the canvass roof which was torn almost to shreds by a heavy wind storm some time ago will be sent to Salt Lake to be re-made, and altogether the place will be made comfortable for winter dancing. The boys are also talking of putting in moving pictures.(PC) 19 October 1916: Don't miss the grand ball at the Airdome next Saturday night. This pavilion has now been finished inside with blue plaster board sheathing and blocked in mission squares, making it both attractive and comfortable. For the next dance will have electric lights. Music by the famous Monroe Orchestra.(PC) 26 October 1916: Last Monday Orson Taylor reached the ripe old age of 23.(PC) 26 October 1916: The Taylor pavilion was lighted with electric lights last Saturday night and the improvement was very noticeable.(PC) 2 November 1916: Orson Taylor entertained Monday evening in honor of a few of his lady friends. Covers were laid for four.(PC) 1916-17: Of Marysvale; town marshal.92 10 May 1917: Orson Taylor, while aiding in carrying a plow up the bench north of the Taylor ranch Monday of last week had the misfortune of penetrating his knee cap with the plow point, releasing the knee water. He has been confined to his bed ever since. He is improving under the care of Dr. Heath.(PC) 18 October 1917: Frank Murray and Orson Taylor, accompanied by Misses Cox and Cohenour, drove to Richfield Sunday and made inspection of the new sugar factory then returning by way of Monroe and enjoying a plunge in the Springs.(PC) 27 December 1917: Joined Marysvale Red Cross.(PC) 14 February 1918: For Rent / About 75 acres of farm and hay land with two-second feet of primary water right. Adjoins Marysvale on the north. For particulars address Orson Taylor, Marysvale, Utah.(PC) 21 March 1918: Orson Taylor, the builder and contractor, spent last Friday at Richfield combining business with pleasure.(PC) 27 June 1918: Registrants Reclassified / The work of reclassifying the names of the registrants of Piute county from classes 2, 3, and 4 and placing in class 1, as per instructions from the Provost Marshal General, has been completed by the members of the local board, comprising T.F. Young, Dr. C.V. Moorhouse, W.H. Luke, Samuel Page and W.E. White. The following table shows the name of the registrant, and the class advanced to: Orson Taylor, from 3B to A1.(PC) 1 August 1918: Lands Coveted Berth / Orson Taylor, one of Marysvale's leading young business men, and who enlisted his services with Uncle Sam on July 17th, departed for his quarters at Camp Forest Little, Georgia, last Sunday morning. Mr. Taylor, a carpenter by trade, landed a choice berth in the service. While in Salt Lake the recruiting office was notified that Utah was to furnish two recruits for work in the department of construction of airoplanes. Mr. Taylor was immediately notified that he, with a man from Salt Lake county, would be chosen.(PC) 5 December 1918: Sheriff's Sale / In the District Court, Sevier County, Utah. EMMA MAY TAYLOR, Plaintiff, vs. HOMER TAYLOR, Defendant. / To be sold at Sheriff's Sale, on the 23d day of December, 1918, Marysvale, in Piute County, Utah, at 2 o'clock p.m. / One set of work harness (without collars,) one-half of the following described land, together with all water rights and appurtenances, belonging to Homer and Orson Taylor: All of S.E. 4th of S.E. 4th, Section 18, township 27, S.R. 3 W.S.L.M. / Earl Willes, Sheriff Piute County.(PC) 16 January 1919: Back from Georgia Camp / Orson Taylor, who has been stationed at Camp Forest Lytle, Georgia, since his enlistment from here last summer, arrived home Sunday night, having been discharged from service. Mr. Taylor expresses himself as glad at being back, although camp life an experience were most pleasant during his time in service.(PC) 30 January 1919: Better at Panguitch / Orson Taylor, recently back from the south where he had been in the army service, came in from Panguitch Sunday evening. Mr. Taylor was acting as nurse among the stricken in the Garfield county metropolis and he brings the good news that the disease has almost disappeared. He reports that the authorities are planning to reopen business in all channels the first of next week.(PC) 20 February 1919: Buys Grocery Stock / Orson Taylor, one of Marysvale's progressive young business men and who recently returned from Georgia where he had been doing service in the National army, has purchased the stock and fixtures of the Marysvale forwarding company, the deal having been closed last week. Mr. Taylor has taken active charge of affairs at the store and he announces that the stock will be replenished and a complete line of supplies will be carried.(PC) 1920: Merchant, general store; living in Marysvale; can read and write.4 22 May 1920: Annabella: Mr. and Mrs. Orson Taylor were in town Sunday.(RR) 22 May 1920: Annabella: Miss Tella Christensen came home Sunday from Marysvale, where she has been clerking in Orson Taylor's store for several months.(RR) 19 June 1920: Mr. and Mrs. Orson Tylor spent several days in Salt Lake City last week on business connected with the Marysvale Forwarding company.(RR) 1920-21: Of Marysvale; manager of Marysvale Forwarding Co.73 1922-23: Running Marysvale Forwarding Company, in Marysvale, with Heber Meeks.24 1924-25: Farming 8 acres (value: $448), at Marysvale.25 20 November 1942: Richfield visitors Monday of this week were Mrs. Annie Dennis, Mrs. Dee Farnsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Verle Henrie, Orson Taylor and Mrs. Ray Anderson.(PCN) 20 November 1942: Orson Taylor of Los Angeles, California, was visiting friends and relatives in Marysvale this week. Mr. Taylor, a former resident of this community, was on his way to Logan, where his daughter, Joyce, is a student at the Utah State Agricultural college. Incidentally, he has been awarded prizes for the nation's outstanding salesman for the past five years.(PCN) 14 February 1947: Of Los Angeles, California; renewed subscription to PCN.(PCN) 

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Margaret A. VORHEES

Born 25 December 1842, at Morley, Illinois. Married James Harden Whitlock.

Died 26 January 1926. Buried in Junction (Hill) cemetery.

Member of Junction Ward. Died of senile debility.(17, lists, deaths)

1903-04: Farming 167 acres (value: $545), at Junction.60 1916-17: Farming 1 acres (value: $40), at Junction.92 1920: Living at Junction, with family of son-in-law David H. Norton. Can read and write. Father born in Pennsylvania; mother born in New Jersey.4

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John Richard WESTWOOD

Son of John Richard Westwood and Margaret Jones. Born 28 October 1886, at Circleville, Piute, Utah. Married Mary Elizabeth Crow. Children:

Died 10 June 1955, at Panguitch, Garfield, Utah. Buried at Circleville; stone reads: "Father".

Baptized by John Westwood and confirmed by Heber Meeks, 15 September 1895; ordained priest, 8 April 1934, by James L. Whittaker; ordained elder, 27 January 1938, by Allen C. Reynolds.(84, 468)

1916-17: Farming 24 acres (value: $460), at Circleville.92 5 June 1917: Registered for the draft. Of Circleville; farmer, working for himself. Claims exemption for dependents (wife and six children). Medium height, medium build; brown eyes, black hair.75 1918-19: Farming 49 acres (value: $3,265), at Circleville.23 1920: Farmer; living in Circleville; can read and write.4 1920-21: Farming 25 acres (value: $1750), at Circleville.73 1922-23: Farming 49 acres (value: $3,840), at Circleville.24 1924-25: Farming 11 acres (value: $495), at Circleville.25 22 May 1931: Of Circleville; farmer, participating in farm financial recordkeeping project.(PCN) 8 November 1940: Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Howes and family and Mr. and Mrs. Arlo Norton and family spent Monday at the John R. Westwood home.(PCN) 13 February 1942: Defense Council Holds Meeting at Junction Saturday / Plans are Laid for Salvage of Old Newspapers, Magazines / A meeting of the Piute County Defense council was held at the court house in Junction on Saturday, February 8. / The council, headed by Carl G. Beebe of Circleville as chairman, with Wallace Thompson of Antimony, vice-chairman, and Jay W. Applegate of Junction, secretary, met for further instruction as to the duties outlined for them. The local office already has received handbooks and plans are underway to launch a training program immediately. .../ John R. Westwood of Circleville, was made chairman of a drive to boost the sale of defense stamps and bonds, and Mrs. Joseph Pitts of Marysvale was selected to replace Miss LaRue Ford in the sanitation division. / The council will meet the first Thursday of each month in Junction.(PCN) 22 May 1942: Of Circleville; won titles for Senior grand champion cow and junior grand champion bull (both Holstein) for cattle exhibited at Piute County Dairy Day.(PCN) 1955: Lifetime resident of Utah. ied at Panguitch LDS Hospital, of cerebrovascular accident, possibly aggravated by accidental fall and head injury. Funeral services held at Circleville chapel, conducted by bishop..(p. 71, book 12) 12 June 1955: CIRCLEVILLE, Piute County &endash; John Richard Westwood, 68, died Friday at a Panguitch hospital after a short illness. Born Oct. 28, 1886, here, to John Richard and Margaret Jones Westwood. Attended schools here, was farmer and stockman. Served as mayor here, member Piute County School Board 18 years, member county selective service board. Active to LDS. Married Mary Elizabeth Crow March 19, 1906, at Junction, later solemnized in Salt Lake LDS Temple. Survived by widow, Circleville, four sons and three daughters, Kenneth, George and Dick, all of Circleville; Ray, Terreton, Idaho; Mrs. Orlo (Thelda) Norton, Mrs. Clinton (Cora) Howes, McGill, Nev.; Mrs. Ritch (Zoe) Davis, Kenilworth; 28 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; a sister. Funeral Tuesday 2 p.m., LDS chapel here. Friends call at family home Tuesday 10 a.m. to service time. Burial at Circleville Cemetery.(SLT)

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Minnie Jane YACKLEY

Daughter of Adam Yackley and Elizabeth Arvinda Nash. Born 13 April 1864, at Timbuktu, California. Married George Wiltshire, 22 June 1880. Married Franklin Woolley, 11 October 1910.

Died 31 March 1937. Buried at Circleville; shared stone as George and Orson William Wiltshire.

Baptized by Daniel Day and confirmed by James E. Peterson, 6 September 1914.(84, 477)

1880: Living in Circle Valley.2 2 October 1891: Relinquished right as widow to administer estate of George Wiltshire, in favor of O.A. Dalton.(3, p. 262) 14 March 1893: Appointed guardian of four minor children of George Wiltshire.(3, p. 326) 12 December 1902: Christmas Program to be Rendered at Circleville, Dec. 24-25th 1902 / People to congregate from 1:30 to 2 p.m. at Dalton's hall, Dec. 24th. / Christmas carol by the choir. Prayer by the Chaplain. Music by Lorin Fullmer and company. Grand display of Christmas Tree and distribution of presents. In the evening, at 8 o'clock sharp, a grand ball will be given for adults. An excellent supper to be served at 11 p.m. Dancing to be interspersed by toasts given by J.H. Fullmer, Willis Johnson, Jos. Johnson, Sarah A. Morrill, Jos. Meeks, Ellen L. Fullmer, Sarah A. Dalton and Leon Johnson. Presents for tree will be received from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. / Second Day's Program. December 25. / Meeting will begin at 10 a.m. sharp. / Singing, Christmas greeting, by the choir. Prayer, by the Chaplain. Singing, by the choir. Stump speech, by Jos. Neilson. Instrumental music, by Leona Johnson. Song, by Jos. Johnson. Why Christmas is a holiday, by Willis Johnson. Song, by Ina Fullmer and company. Recitation, by Mrs. Mary Horton. Music, by the Harmonica band. Recitation, by Almira Knight. Song, by Lulu Parker and sisters. Recitation, by Susie Meeks. Male Quartette, by G.M. Beebe, M.D. Morgan and others. A Round, by Messrs. Fullmer, Neilson and Meeks. Singing, by the Choir. Benediction, by the Chaplain. Children's dance in the afternoon beginning at 2 p.m., prompt, and closing at 4:30. / Master of ceremonies, Jos. Johnson. Chaplain, J.E. Peterson. / Committee on Decoration Sarah A. Morrill, Chairman. Mary Horton, Minnie Wiltshire, Susie Meeks, Walter Farnsworth, Caroline Dalton, Jose Bettenson, Annie Wiley, Willard Hayward, Dwight Fullmer, Jos. Meeks and Roy Dalton. / Distributing Committee. Ina Fullmer, Sarah Dalton, Ethel Wiley, Ellen Simpkins, Maggie Petersen and Emma Lambson. / Dancing Committee. Jos. Johnson and J.H. Fullmer, J.H. Fullmer, floor-manager. / Finance Committee. Jos. Johnson, J.H. Fullmer, J.C. Whittaker, Geo. Corton and M.D. Morgan. / Coffee Committee. Nellie Dalton, Mozetta Whittaker, Mrs. H.D. Wiley and Hanna Whittaker. / Committee on Tables. H.D. Wiley, Jos. Bettenson, T.W. Smith, Ed Fullmer, Chas A. Dalton, Sarah Morrill, Mrs. Annie Parker, Mrs. Minnie Wiltshire, Ellen Meeks, Ellen Lambson, Lila Louth[?], Sarah A. Dalton and Lizzie Bettenson.(PFL) 1903-04: Farming 196 acres (value: $1,550), at Circleville.60 1908-09: Farming 196 acres (value: $1,550), in Circleville.22 1916-17: Farming 28 acres (value: $532), at Circleville.92 1920: Living in Circleville. Can read and write. Both parents born in Indiana.4 1924-25: Farming 28 acres (value: $1,743), at Circleville.25

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Son of Horace E. Zabriskie and Delia Jane Snow. Born 1 August 1884, at Sterling, Sanpete, Utah. Married Susan Alice Cook, 6 March 1907.

Baptized and confirmed, 3 August 1893, by Rufus A. Allen; ordained elder, 6 May 1907, by Lewis Anderson; ordained high priest, 18 February 1928, by John Wells. Married Susan Alice Cook, temple, 6 March 1907.(17, 496)

28 September 1916: Look! They are Still Living / Junction, Sept. 24, 1916. -- The Socialists met in county convention Saturday, September 9th, at the county courthouse at Junction, Utah. The following business was transacted: / T.C. Smith of Circleville was appointed county chairman and D.S. Warner was appointed secretary. / A resolution was passed endorsing the national and state Socialist platforms: / A county central committee was then appointed as follows: / Thos. C. Smith, Circleville, D.S. Warner, Junction, Nathan Lambson, Circleville, John Zabriskie, Junction, J.P. Nielsen, jr., Kingston, Forrest King, Marysvale, George R. Johnson, Kingston. / This committee will fill all vacancies that may occur through death, resignation, or otherwise. / After putting the Socialist party in running order the following county ticket was named: / For representative, T.F. Young of Kingston / For Commissioner, 4 year -- T.C. Smith of Circleville. / For Commissioner, 2 year --George R. Johnson of Kingston . / For Clerk, James K. Anderson of Kingston. / For Recorder -- Tennie Smith of Circleville. / For Sheriff -- Lawrence Hamel of Marysvale / For Attorney, George Horton of Circleville / For Assessor , Wm. T. Dennis of Marysvale / For Treasurer, D.S. Warner of Junction / For Surveyor, Walter Price of Junction. / D.S. Warner, secretary.(PC) 1916-17: Farming 42 acres (value: $340), at Junction.92 12 September 1918: Registered for the draft. Of Junction; farming, for himself. Short, stout; grey eyes, brown hair.75 19 September 1918: Patriotic Men Make Response to Call / Responding to the call of the Nation for recruits for the army, the loyal citizens of Piute county between the ages of 18 and 45, both inclusive, flocked to the registration places last Thursday and when the totals had been counted in the several registration offices throughout the county, 297 names had been recorded. The county fell short just forty names, according to the number allotted. Piute county had been set aside to furnish 337, but only 297 men were registered. The officers have announced that a close canvas will be made and the county thoroughly "combed" for any slacker and should any be found they will be made to suffer the penalty as prescribed for failing to register. / Reports from all the registration offices throughout the county are to the effect that the work was done expeditiously and that there was not the least semblance of disorder. The day had been declared holiday and all business houses were closed for the occasion. / The following is a list of the men registered: /... Junction ... John Horace Zabriskie, 26...(PC) Of Junction; appears on list of "persons whose registration cards are in the possession of" Piute County Draft Board, WWI-era.(98) 1918-19: Farming 47 acres (value: $269), at Junction.23 1920: Farmer, home farm; living in Junction; can read and write.4 1920-21: Farming 40acres (value: $200), at Junction.73 1922-23: Farming 40 acres (value: $315), at Junction.24 3 October 1924: Mrs. Emma Winn is here from Richfield visiting with Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Zabriskie.(PCN) 14 November 1924: Armistice Day Fittingly Observed / Armistice day was very fittingly honored at Junction under the direction of the Commercial Club. / The following program was rendered at two o'clock in the Auditorium. / Community singing "America" / Invocation Joseph Ipson. / Quartet &endash; Praise for Peace, J.H. Zabriskie and Co. / Reading, Mrs. Gladys Price. / Talk - Armistice Day, by W.A. Jackman / Girls Chorus &endash; Letter Found in No Man's Land. Under direction of Mrs. Vernie Barlow. / War Experiences, by Bp. I.M. Bay. / Song, "The Old Fashioned Town by Isabelle Rust / Remarks by Earl Bay / Community singing "The Star Spangled Banner" / Benediction by Mrs. Josie Bay. / A children's dance followed the program. The music for which was furnished by Ed Harris, Calvin Harris and Ila Peterson. / In the evening a dance was given a feature of which was a military drill by the men in uniform. / The music for the dance was furnished by the Simpkins brothers orchestra assisted at the piano by Miss Fern Carlston. / Over two hundred people listened to the program and at night the hall was crowded. / This is one of the activities launched and managed by the leaders of the Commercial Club. Many other features are to be put over in the near future if the people will only give the club their support. In order to do this and show your appreciation of what has been done all of the men of the town are requested to meet in the Court Room Tuesday evening Nov. 18 to enroll as Commercial Club members. Let's be Boosters, not Bawlers.(PCN) 1924-25: Farming 40 acres (value: $494), at Junction.25 16 June 1930: Directed music at funeral of Ivy M. Luke in Junction.(PCN) 20 June 1930: Resigned as ward chorister.(PCN) 20 June 1930: Another surprise to the people of our ward on Sunday was the resignation of the ward chorister. John H. Zabriskie who has led the singing in our ward for a number of years. Brother Zabriskie has been a faithful worker in the ward and has always been on the job. His resignation was accepted but no successor has been appointed. (PCN) 22 May 1931: Mr. and Mrs. Marlo Zabriskie came down from Widtsoe and spent Sunday visiting their parents Mr. and Mrs. John H. Zabriskie.(PCN) 10 July 1931: Appointed member of committee for Pioneer Day celebration for Circleville, Junction, and Kingston: "Then, because they did not want to make the sports committee over burdened they appointed a play ground committee which was to see that the grounds were properly prepared and the equipment for all installed and when they appointed Henry Moore, John Zabriskie, Lawrence Woods, Clair Chidister, Marion Ackerman and Ray Brinkerhoff to see that this was done we knew that they would not be disappointed."(PCN) 24 July 1931: Mr. and Mrs. Marlo Zabriskie cam down from the sawmill at Widtsoe and spent a short time here visiting at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. John H. Zabriskie.(PCN) 10 April 1942: Mr. and Mrs. Ivo Wilcock of Santaquin visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John H. Zabriskie Sunday.(PCN)

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