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Civilian Defense Board organized

(Piute County News, 16 January 1942)

Piute County Civilian Defense Board Organized at Meeting in Junction Saturday Afternoon

With America at war, the establishment of Utah's civilian defense council with its affiliated county councils for the protection of its people and its property is being speeded up. The Piute county defense council, headed by Carl G. Beebe, with Wallace Thompson as vice-chairman and Jay W. Applegate as secretary, met Saturday at the court house in Junction to perfect its organization and for instructions as to the duties of the chairmen and their sub- committees under the different divisions.

Plans for a registration of volunteer civilian defense workers, which will be conducted throughout the county not later than January 31, were discussed. Arrangements are under the direction of Jay W. Applegate.

The state defense council has provided the registration cards listing five general divisions: planning, protection, necessities, communication and public utilities. There is a place for everyone who is willing to serve if the need arises, and a generous response of Piute county citizens, both young and old, to cooperate with county defense council on the home front is expected. There is no age limit for the registration.

Registration records of volunteer workers will be compiled so that the defense council will have a list of those ready to serve and what they are best qualified to do, should the necessity arise.

Volunteers who enlist their services for civilian defense work do so knowing that it is voluntary and that they assume full responsibility in case of accidents. Those who are not willing to serve without compensation will not be accepted.

The commodities rationing board which has been appointed to function in Piute county for the rationing of tires and tubes are C.B. Crane of Circleville, chairman; Chell Dalton of Marysvale and Scott Price of Junction, with John Paul Fullmer of Circleville as secretary. Inspectors were named as follows: Foisy King of Marysvale, Roy's Service in Junction and Ralph's Garage in Circleville.

Persons eligible to buy new tires must apply to a member of the committee, and if their application is approved, they will be issued a certificate for the purchase of a tire from a dealer. New tires may be purchased for private automobiles only by police groups, doctors and nurses. However, no restrictions have been placed on the purchase of used or recapped tires.

Mr. Crane, in citing these instructions at the meeting Saturday, urged all drivers to drive carefully and to conserve their tires as much as possible. Because, as he said, "there just aren't any tires for passenger cars or light pick-up trucks."

January quotas of tires listed the following for Piute county: for passenger cars, motorcycles and light trucks, 1 tire and 1 tube; for heavy trucks and buses, 7 tires and 6 tubes.

The personnel of the Piute County Defense Council is as follows: Serving on the planning board with John E. Oscarson as chairman are: J.L. Whittaker morale; Irene Elder, publicity; G.C. Lewis, finance; Jay W. Applegate, registration, and D.L. Fullmer, industrial. Under the protection division, of which Carl G. Beebe is chairman, are Guy Riddle, police; James R. Haycock, fire, demolition, debris clearance; Helen English, rescue, first aid and evacuation; C.E. Buchanan, air raid precautions, and Garth Anderson, aircraft observers. The necessities division is headed by Lloyd R. Hunsaker. Sub-committee men in this division are Irvin Allen, food; Mrs. Iva Christensen, clothing; Lane J. Bertelsen, housing and emergency shelters; Dr. K.L. Jenkins, medical; M.D. Allen, community facilities, and Clyde Anderson, education and recreation. Armond Luke, chairman of the communication division, has on his committee O.S. Stapp, telephone and telegraph, and Frank Murray, radio. The public utilities division with John R. Westwood as chairman, has as a subcommittee George Brox, power; E.C. Hansen, water; Oral Miles fuel, and Miss LaRue Ford, sanitation.

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