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 Marysvale Methodist Church

(Piute Chieftain, 3 August 1916)

Religious Services

The most ultra stickler for orthodoxy could not have found the slightest cause for criticism in the recent series of religious services held in the M.E. Chapel by Rev. Demaree and Miss Ethel L. Rankin. The services consisted of sacred songs, Bible readings and short talks dealing with the moral and spiritual uplift to all peoples, with Christ as the great exemplar and moral light of the world.

Through all of her adult life Miss Rankin has been a community worker. Her strong and charming personality, her vivacity and magnetism attract at once both old and young. On Saturday evening Miss Rankin gave a short talk on social charity and the "double standard" or morals. She pointed out how society demands purity of life in women, and how, when they err, they become outcasts, and that often, when innocent of wrong, they are forced down into the depths by the deadly breath of gossip, while men -- well, they do pretty much as they please, and are received into what is called "good society".

Miss Rankin's clear, sympathetic voice, with its wide range from the lower to higher notes is, however, her greatest gift. In fact, her combination of accomplishments comprise all of those attributes.

Miss Ethel L. Rankin, like all others who visit Marysvale, fell in love with our picturesque hamlet, and with its inexhaustible resources in potash and the metals, ane expressed the wish that she might be assigned to this field of endeavor. And that wish is voiced by everyone who met that gifted lady. If Miss Rankin should be assigned to Marysvale she will engage in the following lines of work:

First, children's club, in which will be taught industrial and art work especially adapted to their tender years.

Second, a youths' club, devoted to special lines of study, appropriate to sex and age, with the view of guarding and shielding them from false steps during the formative periods of their lives, and the solving of those problems which later in life will inevitably confront them. The course of study will also embrace music, dramatics and gymnasium work.

Third, a kind of "mother's club." Domestic economy, psychology, civic life, and in fact those lines of study and investigation which pertain more especially to home life.

A circulating library is also one of the chief ambitions of Miss Rankin.

A petition is being circulated and will be forwarded to Dr. Edward Laird Mills, in charge of the M.E. work in Utah, asking that Miss Rankin be assigned to this field of endeavor.

Marysvale is now exceptionally prosperous, and that prosperity will increase with the passing years, and the people should not permit this opportunity of securing a gifted, willing and enthusiastic worker among the children and young people to pass without a strong effort to secure Miss Rankin's services. It is not necessary to press on parents the importance of this splendid opportunity to secure entertainment and aesthetic discipline for the small army of children, youths and maidens that are now growing up in Marysvale.

Miss Rankin assures us that the entire range of study and entertainment will be non-sectarian.

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