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Miscellaneous Records

First Recorded Mining Deed

The Golden Curry Lead, located in March 1868 and recorded that September - a permanent record of the earliest miners, the men who sparked Piute County's own Gold Rush.

Early Piute County Brands

How early did your stock-raising grandfather come to the area? Find out whether he registered a brand and what that brand looked like.

Kingston United Order, 1877

A list of those who joined the United Order at Kingston in 1877. Some stayed only a few weeks; others honored their commitments to the end.

Kingston School Children, 1879, 1884

Teacher Horatio Morrill recorded this list of school children (with their ages or birthdates!) in his personal expense books.

Circleville Road Crew, 1903

Many men in Circleville precinct were credited $3 toward their taxes for labor on road construction and repair in 1903.

Circleville School Consolidation, 1903

One group of citizens petitioned to have two Circleville schools consolidated; another group immediately petitioned to have them UNconsolidated. Find the names of mothers, fathers, and children.

Political Parties, 1902, 1916

You may be surprised by your ancestors' party affiliations -- especially if they appear as Socialists! Check out these newspaper reports of Piute County political conventions

Notaries Public, 1903-1952

Public officials, lawyers, doctors, postmistresses, businessmen, and others involved in public service are named in this 50-year list of notary public commissions.

Modern Woodmen of America, 1908

Dozens of men joined this combination fraternal society/insurance company when it was organized in Marysvale in 1908.

Petition to Incorporate Junction, 1913

When Junction was at least twice its present size, most of the adult population signed a petition to incorporate their town.

Damages from Hatchtown Dam Collapse, 1914

Many Circle Valley residents lost property in the great flood following the collapse of the dam at Hatch, Utah. See the final list of claimants and damages paid by the State of Utah. Click here for a story about the flood itself.

Petition to Incorporate Marysvale, 1916

If your ancestors &endash; male or female &endash; were adults living in Marysvale in 1916, you have a good chance of finding their names on this petition.

District School Graduates, 1916

High School had not yet come to Piute County in 1916. These graduates had completed the eighth grade in the district schools and had to choose between going away to high school or ending their formal education.

Early Motor Vehicle Registrations, 1912-1915

Find out if Grandpa was the first in town to drive a 22-horsepower Ford &endash; or did he spring for the 32-horsepower Hupmobile?

Junction Women Petition for Fresh Produce, 1941

The women in town tackled City Hall, demanding a repeal of the law requiring peddlers' licenses for the fruit and vegetable dealers who were bypassing Junction in favor of friendlier towns.

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