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Orson Hyde visits Marysvale and Circleville

(Deseret News, 15 June 1864)

A Visit to the Sevier.--

Through the politeness of Hon. Geo. A. Smith, we have had the perusal of a very interesting letter from the Hon. Orson Hyde, detailing a recent visit to the Sevier, which at the present time seems to occupy a considerable portion of attention in Sanpete. Though we are unable to find space for the letter entire, a summary of items--as it embraces the names of new settlements, their location and other matters--will be of interest to our readers.

Elder Hyde left Springtown, Sanpete, May the 19th, passing through Fort Ephraim, Manti, Gunnison and Salina. At Glencoe, fifteen miles from the latter place, a meeting was held, the people addressed, and James Wreham, formerly of Manti, was appointed President of that settlement. Glenco is reported a very pretty little place, with about forty families -- vastly too many for its size; but a thinning out had been counseled after harvest, which would be for the benefit of all parties. Along the river, "the elder" thought that he discovered evidences of the violation of the Eighth commandment: to which, of course, somebody's attention was called. Fifteen miles from Glencoe is Alma, a very promising settlement, formed by Elder Wiley P. Allred, of which he was appointed President.

After a midnight ride over a mountainous and torturous winding road, Mary's Vale, a good grazing country, fifteen miles from Alma, was reached early in the morning. After a ride of twenty-eight miles over some good herding ground, Elder Hyde arrived in the evening at Circle Valley and held a meeting, and appointed Elder Wm. Allred, President. A blighting wind and severe frost had greatly injured their wheat; but an abundant supply of water had restored it to freshness and vigor. On the return trip, Elder Hyde branched off from Alma to Jericho, on the west side of the Sevier, and about six miles distant from Alma. The inhabitants of Jericho were rather few in number and somewhat scattered; but promises to be a place when made. The folks, however, were kind and deserved well of the travelers. Richfield, twelve miles distant, was well watered and rich in wheat and hay lands. Nelson Higgins, formerly of Moroni, was appointed President. Returning through Salina, Peter Rasmussen was appointed President of that place.

Elder Hyde made the tour of the new country in eight days: preaching, counseling and travelling nearly all the time, except when exhaustion compelled rest. He speaks of the land and the people favorably, and wishes them the success their labors deserve.

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