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Political Parties

Republican Convention.

Circleville, Sept. 3rd, 1902. &endash; Convention was called to order by County chairman Horace Morrill.

J.E. Peterson was elected chairman and Miss Josephine King, secretary.

R.A. Allen, Wm. E. White and E.E. Sprague, committee on credentials reported the following-named delegates as being entitled to representation.

Marysvale&endash;J.S. Baler, James Stocks, W.E. White, F.J. Lyon (proxy by J.S. Baler) and Wm. E. White.

Circleville,&endash;M.C. Dalton, J.M. Petersen, Heber Wiley, Joseph Betensen, J.C. Whittaker.

Dewey,&endash;Gideon Snyder, and James Long, Jr., (proxies by Horace Morrill).

Kingston,&endash;R.A. Allen and Mary A. Collins.

Greenwich,&endash;Geo. W. Brindley.

The following delegates were then elected to attend the State convention to be held in Ogden on the 11th inst:

Kimberly, Gideon Snyder (James Long, alternate.) Marysvale, Harry Ll Mills (Josephine King, alternate.) Circleville, J.E. Petersen and Willis Johnson (Gilbert Beebe and M.C. Dalton alternates.)

The following-named gentlemen were elected to act as Central Committeemen to fill vacancies, Frank Long, Greenwich; J.S. Baler, Marysvale; Heber Wiley, Circleville and Gideon Snyder, Dewey.

Delegates to the State convention were instructed to vote for Hon. Wm. M. McCarty for the Supreme bench.(PFL)

(The Free Lance, 5 September 1902)

Republican Convention

At the hour, 2 p.m., when this paper is ready for the press, the Republican County conventions meets for the nomination of candidates. The paper will be held for results, but only the barest details can be given. Convention was called at 2 o'clock but the warm contention between the supporters of J.E. Peterson and Wm. E. White for Representative, held the opening until after 3 o'clock.

Horace Morrill, county chairman, called convention to order. Wm. E. White was elected temporary chairman, and Harry L. Mills temporary secretary.

Committees of three each were appointed on credentials, permanent organization and platform and resolutions.

Committee on credentials reported the following named delegates as being entitled to seats:

Bullion&endash;Harry L. Mills, Miss Edna Lyon, Miss Lura Sark, Mrs. Harry Mills, E. Foisy, F.E. King, B. Sorenson, J.S. Baler, jr., James Stocks, Fred Hamel, Wm. E. White, John Lee.

Kingston&endash;Mary A. Collins, C.A. Peterson, Mrs. C.A. Peterson, C.L. Elder.

Wilmot&endash;John Steen, H.D. Wiley, E.E. Sprague.

Circleville&endash;J.E. Peterson, Wm. Johnson, Heber D. Wiley, Chas. Wiley, Jos. Betenson, Arthur Whittaker, Wm. Stewart, Wm. Allen, Alfred Jensen, Jos. Stewart, Richard Robinson.

Junction&endash;Chas. Morrill, D.W. Stoker, J.S. Baler jr. Hyrum Morrill, E.E. Sprague, Thos. Winn.

Dewey&endash;Gideon Snyder, D.G. Sprague, E.C. Webber, Chas. Heinhold.

Greenwich&endash;E.A. Bagley, Geo. W. Brindley.

Mr. Peterson generously gave to Mr. White his votes, and he was nominated by acclimation for representative to the legislature. It is regretted that space will permit only of the names of the candidates, which are as follows:

Commissioners, Jas. E. Peterson, Jas. Long, jr., and Walter Gleave; Assessor, Chas. Heinhold; Clerk, Horace Morrill; Attorney, E.E. Sprague; Recorder, J.S. Baler, jr.; Sheriff, Chas. Morrill; Treasurer, R.A. Allen.

(The Free Lance, 19 September 1902)

Democratic County Convention

Lack of space precludes the publication of more than the bare results of the convention held in Circleville on the 23rd. The nominations were as follows:

For representative, Samuel L. Page.

Commissioners, John H. Fullmer, 4 years, S.F. Mount and Reuben DeWitt, 2 years.

Clerk, Wm. J. Luke.

Treasurer, Carl P. Barnson.

Recorder, Mrs. Florence E. Johnson.

Attorney, Joseph Meeks

Assessor, James M. Bagley

Sheriff, Sidney Black.

Surveyor, Geo. T. Henry

Samuel L. Page was elected county chairman.

(The Free Lance, 26 September 1902)

The Piute County Republican Central committee met at the courthouse at Junction on the 29th, and selected the delegates to the state convention to be held at Provo last Monday, to select delegates to the national convention. The delegates from the county were Benj. Cameron, jr., and Silas Manson from Circleville, G.B. Beebe from Junction, and J.W. Kelly from Marysvale.

(Piute Chieftain, 4 May 1916)

Look! They are Still Living

Junction., Sept. 24, 1916. -- The Socialists met in county convention Saturday, September 9th, at the county courthouse at Junction, Utah. The following business was transacted:

T.C. Smith of Circleville was appointed county chairman and D.S. Warner was appointed secretary.

A resolution was passed endorsing the national and state Socialist platforms:

A county central committee as then appointed as follows:

Thos. C. Smith, Circleville, D.S. Warner, Junction, Nathan Lambson, Circleville, John Zabriskie, Junction, J.P. Nielsen, jr., Kingston, Forrest King, Marysvale, George R. Johnson, Kingston.

This committee will fill all vacancies that may occur through death, resignation, or otherwise.

After putting the Socialist party in running order the following county ticket was named:

For representative, T.F. Young of Kingston

For Commissioner, 4 year -- T.C. Smith of Circleville.

For Commissioner, 2 year --George R. Johnson of Kingston .

For Clerk, James K. Anderson of Kingston.

For Recorder -- Tennie Smith of Circleville.

For Sheriff -- Lawrence Hamel of Marysvale

For Attorney George Horton of Circleville

For Assessor , Wm. T. Dennis of Marysvale

For Treasurer, D.S. Warner of Junction

For Surveyor, Walter Price of Junction.

-- D.S. Warner, secretary.

(Piute Chieftain, 28 September 1916)

Democratic Ticket

The democrats of Piute County met in convention at Junction last Saturday and nominated the following candidates for county offices:

Representative, Reuben DeWitt, Marysvale

Commissioner, 4 years, Chas. Dalton Jr. Circleville

Commissioner, 2 years, Edward Vest, Greenwich

Clerk, W.H. Luke, Junction

Recorder, Mrs. Josie Barnson Sprague, Junction

Treasurer, John Luke, Junction

Sheriff, Earl Willis, Marysvale

Assessor, Hugh Fox, Circleville

Surveyor, H.P. Crowell, Marysvale

Attorney, James Veater, Circleville

The County central committee was organized with M.F. Murray, chairman and Candace A. Blakeslee, secretary. The committee was authorized to fill all vacancies that might occur on the ticket.

The following resolutions were adopted:


The Democratic party of Piute County in convention assembled re-affirms its devotion to the principles of government upon which the great Democratic party of the nation was founded.

Amid the horrors and sufferings and cruelties of the most stupendous war of all the ages, when European civilization seems endangered, we come with a deeper love for our country and our priceless institutions of government.

As Americans and Democrats we love and admire our wise, calm and courageous leader whose steady hand has guided our ship of state safely through shoals and over breakers to peaceful waters, and emancipated the American toiler, the bulwark and fairest hope of the Nation, the scholar, statesman, humanitarian and patriot, our President now and President to be, Woodrow Wilson.

We pledge our loyal support to our party candidate for governor of Utah, that brave, benevolent, courteous empire builder of Utah and the West

Simon Bamberger

We pledge our candidate for the State legislature to support thorough-going unequivocal state-wide prohibition of the liquor traffic in Utah.

We believe as our Democratic forefathers believed of old, that our government is the peoples' government, and not the government of class or faction or special interest, and we therefore pledge our county candidates, if elected to honestly and faithfully perform the duties of their respective office and subserve the public welfare.

-- S.W. Brinkerhoff, Secretary, Wm. E. White, Chairman

(Piute Chieftain, 28 September 1916)

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