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"Traveler" visits Marysvale and Kingston

(Deseret Evening News, 23 July 1894)

Piute County: Mining, Agricultural and Industrial Notes by a Wideawake "Traveler."

Kingston, Piute Co., Utah, July 20

There are about twelve men employed in the mines at Marysvale, yet there are a goodly number of prospectors working for themselves. Several new leads are reported and many of the older claims show up bodies of ore that are quite encouraging to their owners. The Mt. Baldy district is developing some fine mines. The Sevier mine is still being operated and the mill run, they claim, is paying. A new vein of ore was struck in the Surprise mine that is proving a surprise to its owners. The Annie Laurie mill is expected to start up on the 10th of next month. They have a large body of ore ready for it. The Butler mine is reported showing up well and the owners think they have a fortune in it. They talk of incorporating this property and erecting a mill to work its products.

The rains have produced floods in portions of the county that have destroyed some of the crops and carried debris down on to the meadows. This is something new for this district and people are beginning to ask what to do to prevent the recurrence. The hay crop is excellent, but the frequent showers prevent the successful carrying of the crop. There is more water in the Sevier river than a month ago, so there need be no fear of drouth, and no necessity for water quarrels or vexation or burdensome law suits. More land is under cultivation than ever before and crops look prosperous. The people are hopeful that the markets will improve, but at present the prospects are not encouraging. Considerable cheese is being produced in this county of a good quality, which it is hoped will find a ready sale.

The Kingston woolen mills have not yet started up this season, but it is anticipated they will begin operation soon. There is a good roller mill at Kingston which is a great help to the district. The new meeting house is up to the square and some of the rafters are in place. It will be a credit to the place and a source of pleasure to the Saints when completed, which should be soon, as it is needed.

The Deseret News is much appreciated. One good lady said that she had five of her poor neighbors to borrow her paper before she could read it. Traveler.

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