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Piute County Celebrates Turning On of Lights

(Piute County News, 20 June 1930)

All of Piute county will join in a big celebration at Junction on Thursday, June 26th in honor of the turning on of electric lights in three of our communities.

According to the committee in charge everything is being done to make the event one of the most widely celebrated affairs in the history of our county. The arrangement of the program and everything has been in charge of Roy Barlow, H. Earl Bay and McKinley Morrill and they in their turn have drafted other helpers to put over the affair in a magnificent manner.

With the full support of everybody in the county we are promised a real time and we are predicting that this will only be the forerunner of many good "get togethers" celebration which will be pulled off on our county.

Listen to the outlines for the big day and see if you don't get a real thrill!

At 1 p.m. the program will start and as they gather to the courthouse lawn they will be greeted by the Marysvale band. The first part on the program will be community singing, when everyone in the crowd, whether in the habit or not, will be expected to shout glad hosanna in as loud voice as possible.

This will be followed by a five minute talk from a representative from Circleville.

3rd. Music, from Kingston. (By the way we are promised a real surprise here with a real radio artist as the star of this number.)

4th. Five minute talk from Representative from the Teluride company.

5th. Selection by the Marysvale Band.

6th. Reading, from Junction.

7th. Music under the direction of Ina Chamberlain of Circleville.

8th. Five minute talk from representative of Kingston.

9th. Selection by the band.

After the program the crowd will go to the grounds of the Junction Auditorium where there will be sports of all kinds including foot racing, pony racing, ball games, etc.

If you HAVE to go home to do chores, now's the time to do it, but if you can possibly stay do so and attend the talkie at the show house. This last feature is under the direction of Mrs. Forrest King and she has promised us a humdinger of a picture. The picture will start promptly at 6 p.m. and when we say promptly we mean just what we say.

At 8:30 the crowd will drift back to the courthouse where after a short history of the progress of Piute county in the past fifty years, the lights will be flashed on at 9 p.m. exactly. This will be followed by a round of shots which we feel sure will be drowned by the cheers of the crowd as they realize that the lights have come to our communities.

Immediately the dance will start and when we say that Brox's Knights of Harmony will furnish the music you will know that it will be a real dance. During the dance the fatted calf will be served to the crowds in real old barbecue style.

A specially built dance floor is being erected on the courthouse grounds and the whole city of Junction will be magnificently lighted and decorated.

If you don't believe this is the biggest thing that has ever happened to us come and see and then go away convinced.

Copyright 2006 by Ardis E. Parshall

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