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Junction, 1926

(Piute County News, 10 September 1926)

Do you Know the History of Your Town?

The Town of Junction is located in the center of Piute county, at the junction of the South and East Forks of the Sevier River. It is fifteen miles south of Marysvale, the Denver and Rio Grand Railroad terminus

At a mass meeting of the citizens of Junction held in the court house in Junction, Utah, on the 29th day of March, 1913, it was determined to petition the County Commissioners to grant them a Town Incorporation. The following persons were selected as a committee to draft and present said petition: E.E. Sprague, John Morrill, Gilbert R. Beebe, Wm. F. Carson, D.H. Robinson, Wm. H. Luke and Lura J. Stark. The petition was prepared and presented to the Commissioners on the 7th day of April, 1913, and approved by them on the same date at which time the said commissioners appointed the following named persons as and for the first officers of the Town of Junction: C.P. Barnson, President; Wm. H. Luke, Lyman L. Johnson, Charles Morrill and Wm. Sudweeks, as Trustees; and said incorporation was designated as the "Town of Junction".

Upon the organization D.H. Robinson was appointed Town Clerk, John Morrill, Town Treasurer, Gilbert R. Beebe, Town Attorney, and W.H. Hale Town Marshal.

The first settlers of the Town of Junction were Thomas N. Wilson, Wm. Shoemaker, Reese Richards and Charley Pinney who located at City Creek, one mile north of the present site o the Town of Junction in 1871. Al Price was the first person to build a house on the present site of the Town in the same year. The settlement was for a number of years known as "City Creek" after the creek under which it was watered. In 1882 it was made the county seat of Piute County and took the name of Junction and has been known by that name since.

Bishop John Morrill established the first store, was the first postmaster and built the first substantial adobe building in the town and was at all times one of the leading spirits in community upbuilding, a hard worker and a successful farmer and is still, at seventy-nine years of age, doing the greater part of his farm work. ... We have two stores, confectionary and ice cream stand, two garages, a hotel, and a real live weekly newspaper... We have a population of about 450 of the best people in the state...

(Note: The end of the article was too damaged to transcribe completely. AEP)

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