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Piute sends off "the boys"

(Piute Chieftain, 3 May 1917)

Patriotic Gathering

A rousing demonstration was given at the L.D.S. church Monday night in honor of Orville King, Glen Black and George and Tom Henry, who have recently enlisted as recruits in the army. An audience which taxed the building to its capacity received the different numbers on the programme with enthusiasm, which, while entirely impromptu, was excellent and with Dr. C.J. Heath acting as master of ceremonies was as follows:

Music, Elsinore Band

Prayer, Bishop Cameron

Song, Wake-Up America, Marysvale Boys

Solo, Young America, Wm. Hargis

Address, Wm. E. White

Music, Elsinore Band

Song, You Can't Bluff Your Uncle Samuel, Imperial Potash Sextette

Song, Missouri, Gustav Cohen and Mrs. Arlie Heath

Song, My Own United States, Prof. Montague

Son, My Hawaii, Imperial Potash Sextette

Music, Elsinore Band

After the program refreshments were served by the ladies assisted by Garfield James, P.E. Allred and Dr. Heath.

The affair was conducted under the auspices of the local I.O.O.F. lodge and great credit is due them as they spared neither trouble or expense to make the event a decided success.

Headed by the band, a procession was formed at the building where the IOOF hall is located and followed by the lodge and a concourse of citizens, marched to the depot to bid the boys farewell and wish them a safe return.

(Piute Chieftain, 17 May 1917)

Joe Grundy and Frank Kelly, who enlisted at Manti Monday, were given a farewell reception at the Taylor pavilion Wednesday night. Wm. E. White delivered an address, and a general social time was had followed by refreshments and a dance. The boys left this morning for Salt Lake City.

(Piute Chieftain, 7 June 1917)

Lawrence Gass and Olsen Fox came down from Circleville Monday morning, and took the northbound train to Salt Lake. The "boys" were enroute to Zion with the purpose of offering their services to Uncle Sam in the war with Germany. Like the "boys" who went from Marysvale on the same mission of patriotism, Messrs. Gass and Fox are among the choicest of Piute County's young men. Our old friend Brose Thompson and a number of Circlevillians came down to "see the boys off," and Brose reports that the people turned out and gave the young men a great send off.

The detonations of exploding giant powder will be a continual reminder of the din on a larger scale that awaits those embryo soldiers "at the front."

The Chieftain joins in the ardent hope that all of Piute's splendid young en who have gone or will go, to serve their country in this the great crisis of her history may be protected by the "God of Battles" and that they may return to the home and State which they have honored, and that they will live to recount to their parents, friends and posterity the deeds of heroism sure to be enacted by America's sons in defense of home and country.

(Piute Chieftain, 20 September 1917)

It was an inspiring sight at the station this morning when 26 of our Utah boys left for cantonments at American Lake, Washington. Formerly when volunteers or conscripts left it was not unusual to see a mother, a sister, or a sweetheart shed a surreptitious tear; to-day everyone seemed to be happy, and the boys were sent off to a chorus of "God be with you", "Do your bit", or "Kill the Kaiser".

(Piute Chieftain, 4 October 1917)

Third Draft Quota From Piute County Leaves

The third draft from Piute County, left Thursday morning for training quarters at Camp Lewis, Washington. The boys to leave this trip are: Wilford Malmquist, Louis Hardy, Jesse Parker Palmer and Ira McDonough.

School closed for a half day and the school children each secured a flag and escorted the boys to the station, marching double file, preceded by three little girls carrying a large American flag. Here songs were sang by the school, about a half-dozen patriotic airs being rendered before the Conductor announced "all aboard." Altogether, about 20 left here, including Piute, Garfield and Kane Counties. Many folks from down South were here to see the boys off and wish them Godspeed on their journey.

(Piute Chieftain, 20 December 1917)

Paul Patten and Glen Rasmussen left for Manti Monday where they will enlist. A farewell reception for the boys was held at the M.E. church Sunday night and Monday morning they were escorted to the depot by the children of the public school.

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