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Transcription of the
Cornerstone Time Capsule of
Gilead Baptist Church

History of Burlington Baptist Church
transcription donated by John Hewes

(Written Circa 1950)

To further the missionary aspect of their church life, the Emmanuel (Now First Baptist) church of Salt Lake City appointed a City Missionary Committee in April of 1890.  Burlington Mission and a new church group were the eventual outcome of this committee's work and the work of its successors.

The following account is given in their church records under the date of March 27, 1892.
"On the first of January 1891, Brother Bothum started a Sunday School in the school house in the Burlington Addition, under favorable prospects.  About April 1, Brother George W. Ward took charge of it as superintendent, and under his leadership it has grown and prospered until from a school of twenty it now has an enrollment of 75 with an average attendance of 60.  The school is doing a good work.

"Early in the year it was quite manifest that the Baptists should branch out.  Other denominations were forging ahead of us.  Starting missions in all parts of the city.  It was evident that this was a good point to start a mission chapel.  Rev. S. G. Adams made several visits among the people there, all of whom expressed themselves as anxious to have us start a chapel and offered to help all they could with money and work.

"Mr. E. B. Wicks, as agent of the Burlington Syndicate agreed to give $500.00 provided we would build inside of six months.

"At a meeting of the church held July 15, 1891, it was voted to build, and the matter was placed in the hands of the Missionary Committee and Brother Adams.  We bought two lots from the Burlington Syndicate for $525.00 to be paid in ten annual payments.  The committee then went to work and canvassed the ground thoroughly, getting from some, money, from others donations of brick and stone; Some agreed to do so many days of carpentering, bricklaying, mason work, plastering, etc.  That encouraged us very much in our work.

"The foundation was started, the work was kept up as best we could.  Often several of our members would give of their spare time or whenever they could come to work.

"Today (March 7, 1892) over 800 met and dedicated a chapel of which we have cause to feel proud.  Today the following program was carried out.  The Male Quartet under Mr. Peabody gave us fine music.  Rev. Houck read from the Scripture.  Rev. H. B. Steelman gave the opening prayer.  Rev. S. G. Adams preached the dedication sermon after which Rev. Steelman made a statement showing that the actual cost of the chapel had been $1,610.00 of this amount, $600, had been cash, $645.00 labor and material donated and leaving a balance due of $365.00

"$100.00 was raised at this meeting and Brother Steelman said he would guarantee to raise the balance, enabling the chapel to start free of debt.

"Rev. Steelman made the closing prayer, dedicating the chapel to God as His House.  For the present there will be Sunday School at 3:30 P.M.  and preaching at 7:30 P.M."
The building thus described was located at the corner of Thirteenth West and Indiana Avenue.  Under the sponsorship of the First Baptist church the work went on with vigor.  By 1908 a gymnasium had been added to the building and boy's club work began to grow.  By 1910 the Burlington Athletic Association was organized from this beginning under the direction of F. J. Lucas.

On March 24, 1910 the Burlington Mission was organized into a Branch church.

December 17, 1913, the First Baptist Church, which by then had become Immanuel Baptist Church, conveyed the title of the Burlington Church to the American Baptist Home Mission Society and on January 13, 1914 the Baptist council met to recognize Burlington as an independent church.

After the church became independent of Immanuel Church it was under the sponsorship of the American Baptist Home Mission Society who furnished a pastor to Burlington and Rio Grande Churches jointly.

The church grew and the old building became inadequate.  Lots were secured across the street and a new building erected through a loan granted by the Mission Society.  Much labor was donated by the members.  The Corner stone was laid January 28, 1923 with Rev. L. A. Garrison of Ogden giving the principle address, while J. E. Berkley gave the closing prayer.

Within the next few years the building was completed after some disheartening setbacks. During the following years the membership dwindled away, until by the year of 1947 the remaining members felt that the work could best be carried on in a building more suited to a smaller group.  It was voted to list the property for sale.

About this time Rev. K. E. Pederson was called to serve the Burlington and Rio Grande Churches.  When the property was sold to the Deseret Book Company it was voted that Burlington should meet with Rio Grande until such time as they had a church.

It was found that there was not enough money available to erect a building suitable to the needs nor to meet the specifications of the Home Mission Society.  So the plans for this building were abandoned.

Burlington and Rio Grande voted to merge and build a new church to serve both areas.

On August 24, 1949 this was legally done and Gilead Baptist church came into being.

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