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Transcription of the
Cornerstone Time Capsule of
Gilead Baptist Church

History of Gilead Baptist Church
transcription donated by John Hewes

From August 24, 1949 to August 25, 1950

August 24, 1949 The Burlington and Rio Grande Baptist Churches merged into what is now known as "The Gilead Baptist Church."

A new building site was purchased at the corner of Concord and Pacific Streets.  In the fall of 1949 the ground was broken for the new building.  The footings and foundation were almost completed before it became too cold to go any further.

The American Baptist Home Mission Society presented a grant totaling $18,500 for this new building.

A Building Committee was appointed to work with the pastor and Mr. M. E. Harris, the architect. These men, Mr. K. B. Fisher, Mr. H. L. Barnum, and Mr. William Wilkerson spent many hours working over the plans.  Much credit is due them for their tireless efforts and their deep concern for this project.  Their technical knowledge and abilities were at the command of the church we are grateful to them.

The New Born church has been gradually growing.  During the winter of 49-50 new Sunday School classes were organized and the attendance at the worship services increased considerable.  Almost every available corner in the old Rio Grande building is utilized for a class.

The Gilead ladies organized two circles, the Dorcas, and Galilians.  The Dorcas Society meets in the afternoons and the Galileans meet in the evenings.  These ladies groups are active and serving their church in every way possible.  Several activities were sponsored by them to raise money for the new building project.

The men of the church have met to consider the possibility of organizing a mens group.  Though the actual organization has not taken place this first year we feel that it will be done soon.

The first officers for the Gilead Baptist Church were:

Deacons: Mr. Norman Mcdonald1 year chairman
Mr. Forest Wilhoite2 years
Mr. Bert Hewes2 years
Mr. Harry Hubbard3 years
Mr. William Wilkerson3 years
Trustees: Mr. Harry Hubbard1 year chairman
Mr. Harry L. Barnum1 year
Mr. K. B. Fisher2 years
Mrs. Ena Senior2 years
Mr. William Wilkerson3 years
Mr. Maurice Raikes3 years
Deaconess: Irene Hedjuck1 year chairman
Barbara Gillum2 years
Gladys Raikes2 years
Mrs. Joseph Brown3 years
Mrs. Myrtle Barnum3 years
Treasurer:Mr. K. B. Fisher
Clerk:Mrs. Hazel Blasio
Church School Supt.Mr. Bert Hewes

The Gilead Baptist Church had 75 charter members resident and eleven charter members non-resident.  Since that date twelve new members have been added making a total of 98 members to this date:

The names of these members are as follows.

Membership of Gilead Baptist Church
  1. Anderson, Betty Lewis
  2. Attebery, William
  3. Barnum, Harry L.
  4. Barnum, Richard
  5. Barnum, Myrtle
  6. Blasio, Hazel
  7. Brown, Hollis
  8. Brown, Hollis
  9. Dunn, Mrs. S. T.
  10. Eagen, John
  11. Fisher, Edwin
  12. Fisher, K. B.
  13. Fletcher, Mrs. Gladys
  14. Foley, Mr. Mary
  15. Gillum, Barbara
  16. Grant, Agnes
  17. Garcia, Romona
  18. Hamel, Hazel
  19. Hedjuck, Irene Lehmar
  20. Hewes, Bert
  21. Hewes, Ina
  22. Holland, Harold
  23. Hubbard, Harry
  24. Hubbard, Jessie
  25. Hughes, Richard
  26. Karras, Matilda
  27. Lehmar, Mr. Chas.
  28. Lehmar, Ray
  29. Lewis, Darlene
  30. Lewis, Mrs. Edith
  31. Lewis, James
  32. Lewis, Ralph
  33. Jones, Mrs. Sheridan
  34. Kennedy, Hazel
  35. Meadows, Jeannie
  36. Meadows, Marie
  37. Morris, Miguel
  38. Morris, Eugene
  39. McDonald, Mary
  40. McDonald, Norman
  41. Neff, Mrs. Bonnie
  42. Norman, Mrs. Matilda
  43. Pederson, Rev. Kenneth E.
  44. Pederson, Mildred
  45. Phibbs, Clara
  46. Qualls, Lee
  47. Qualls, Mrs. Lee
  48. Ray, Charles
  49. Rhea, Sybil
  50. Rhea, Woodrow
  51. Raikes, Gladys
  52. Raikes, Maurice
  53. Sanderson, Homer
  54. Schroeder, Mrs. Ann
  55. Schroeder, Ellen
  56. Senior, Mrs. Ena
  57. Sommerkorn, Nina
  58. Stringham, Beuhlah
  59. Torres, Edward
  60. Torres, Juanita
  61. Sherwood, Betty Jo
  62. Valone, Mrs. John
  63. Walters, Dolly
  64. Walters, Gladys
  65. Walters, Jack
  66. Walters, Jerry
  67. Weber, Helen
  68. Wilkerson, Ben
  69. Wilkerson, Glenn
  70. Wilkerson, Kenneth
  71. Wilkerson, William
  72. Wilkerson, Mrs. William
  73. Wilhoite, Forest
  74. Wilson, Amelia
  75. Rutherford, James

  1. Mrs. Gregg Thomas
  2. Mrs. John Brozerich
  3. Aletha Davis
  4. L. R. Oliver
  5. Mrs. Lois Oliver
  6. Harry Schroeder
  7. Robert Barr
  8. C. D. Long
  9. Minnie Long
  10. Beverly Faulkner
  11. George McConnell

New Members First Year:
  1. Cambell, Wanda
  2. Johnson, Bonnie
  3. Johnson, Harold
  4. Mohan, Mary
  5. Ulmer, Barbara
  6. Ulmer, Mildred
  7. McManama, Joseph
  8. McManama, Mrs. Joseph
  9. Brown, Dilam
  10. Brown, Mrs. Hazel
  11. Howell, J. A.
  12. Howell, Mrs. J. A.

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