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Salt Lake Telegram, Saturday Evening, Nov. 26, 1949

Pastor, Flock Only Builders of Baptists' New Church
By Stan Bowman

If you should stop to "side-walk superintend" a building project on the west side, one of the workers might be introduced to you as "Rev. Pederson"

In fact, all of the workers on the project except one full-time carpenter are members of the Gilead Baptist Church.

When members of the church decided to build a chapel at Concord St.  (1255 West St.) And Pacific ave.  (440 South St.) they agreed to donate as much of their time and labor as possible.

Construction Started

Now, with construction started, the members and pastor, Rev. Kenneth E. Pederson, are doing just that.

They have dug footing and foundation ditches, the west wall foundation is poured and they expect to have the foundation for most of the chapel proper completed this week end.  Rev. Pederson and the church men work several afternoons a week and on week ends.  Technical building experience is contributed by congregation members who are contractors.

The building, a large chapel and a wing for Sunday school work, will be built on modern lines of red lava blocks.  Provisions have been made for the later addition of a gymnasium on the large lot.

Women Not Idle

While the men labor on the actual construction, the women of the church have not been idle.  For example, the women are scheduled to prepare a dinner for the men Saturday.

Also, on Friday the women have scheduled the first of several projects to gather funds for new furniture for the building.  Friday's event will be a bazaar at which "almost everything will be sold."

The architect's estimate on cost of the building was $45,000.  "By doing our own work, we hope to cut this cost considerably.  Also, if we manage to cut the cost, we will be able to have many improvements the church could not ordinarily afford," Rev. Pederson said.

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