UTAH — Salt Lake County

Transcription of the
Cornerstone Time Capsule of
Gilead Baptist Church

Magazine Article from The American Baptist
transcription donated by John Hewes

From The American Baptist magazine (date not visible, circa 1949)

Gilead Baptist Church Incorporated
New Building Planned

The Rio Grande and Burlington Baptist Churches of Salt Lake City were legally united to form the Gilead Baptist Church on August 21.  Rev. Kenneth E. Pederson is pastor.  On Sunday, August 28, a special service was held in honor of the newly organized church.  Miss Constance Munson, State Missionary, who six years ago came to Salt Lake City to serve the two united churches, brought a brief message entitled "The Message of a Song." Mr. Bert Hewes, a member of the church, sang "There is a Balm in Gilead." Rev. Elmer C. Adams, Executive Secretary, brought the morning message, "What's in a Name?" the prayer of rededication was led by the pastor in concluding the service.  During the morning the pastor introduced Mr. Walter Orem, who more than fifty years ago, had helped to organize the Bible School at the Rio Grande church.  Mr. Orem spoke briefly of the early days and the experiences which led to the laying of the cornerstone of the Rio Grande Church.

The Gilead Baptist Church has purchased a new building site at the corner of Pacific and Concord Streets, and are preparing to start erection of a new building this fall.  The new masonry church will be built of a simple contemporary exterior design with natural wood beams exposed in the interior.  The sanctuary can be enlarged to accommodate over 200 people.  There will be an educational plant with six departmental classrooms, a pastor's study, chair room and kitchen.  The building will have a small utility basement to house the heating and water systems.  Mr. M. E. Harris, Jr., architect has prepared the drawings and blueprints for the new structure.  It is estimated that the cost will be between $30,000 and $40,000.

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