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Congregation Montefiore Jewish Cemetery

Headstone Photo Survey

The cemetery is located in the southeast portion of the Salt Lake City Cemetery, along Fourth Avenue.  It is bounded by Cypress Avenue (1060 East) on the west, 220 North on the north (Plat "O" of the SLC Cemetery), and by the Mount Calvary Catholic Cemetery boundary (1100 East) on the east, with an access road running north from the main gate.  It consists of approximately 25 rows running north and south — 10 rows west of the access road, and 15 rows east of the access road.

The survey photos were taken by Andy E. Wold in his standard method: on a row-by-row basis, beginning with the westernmost row, designating it as Row 1.  Each row was photographed in a north-to-south or south-to-north manner — alternating on every row.  Additional photos were taken of details and back engravings of headstones (they are the smaller photos on the following pages.)


Completely photographed.

Row 1Row 6 Rows 11 and 11aRow 16Row 21
Row 2Row 7 Row 12Row 17Row 22
Row 3Rows 8 and 8a Row 13Row 18Row 23
Row 4Row 9 Row 14Row 19Row 24
Row 5Row 10 Row 15Row 20Row 25

Surname Index, Individual Index — in progress.
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