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12 July 2006
Jessie Nelson

Wanted photos of Ormus Ephraim BATES and wife Phoebe Mariah MATTESON BATES. I am also needing the tombstone photos for these relatives. They are said to be buried in Tooele Cemetery. Any help is appreciated.

4 October 2005
David and Tina Ross

I am looking for Mary Jane Landis LYNCH, born in Toledo, OH in 1915 to Paul and Caroline LANDIS. Last known to be in Tooele in 1963 with husband J.C. Lynch when her mother, Caroline, died in April 1963 while living in Tooele with Mary Jane. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

14 October 2004

I am researching the family of George CRANER an early pioneer who emigrated from england to Utah in 1851, his parents and siblings joined him there in 1854 (father George Benjamin Craner died crossing the plains) I already have lots of information about the family but love to find any old photographs or certificates.

3 June 2004
Mickey Tonge

My great grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth HOBSON ROBINSON born 3 Oct 1852 in Tooele Utah to Joseph Robinson and Elizabeth Hobson also she had a brother named William Hobson Robinson that was born March 4 1855 in Tooele Utah the next kid was born Jun 19 1857 in Ogden Utah so it looks like that they spent 5 years in Tooele any info would be great

6 May 2004
Earl Shane

Searching for a James HUTTON was at the Eight Mile Ranch believe out of Ibapah around early 1900's

6 April 2004
David Morgan

I am looking for information on Michael James FITZGERALD and his wife Mary Matilda FERGUSON. I am stuck on his name. They lived and were married in Ibapah. Any help concerning where they came from or where I could get a copy of a marriage license would be very helpful.

17 December 2003
Michelle G. White

I am searching for Kent and or Winnifred HARWARD, they are my biological fathers parentís whom I would like to find. I have my fathersí obituary which places them in Stockton, UT in 1997. If anyone knows someone by this name or has any information, it would be very much appreciated! Thanks.

6 October 2003
S. D. Jensen

I am attempting to contact living relatives of the brothers of James Howard JENSEN. He lived on Main Street in Tooele from approximately 1930 until Just before his death around 1980 when he sold his residence to his grandson Ronald Clyde Jensen formerly of Grantsville Utah. He was employed by Tooele Army Depot. His spouse was named Vivian. His children were Howard Jensen Jr (who left Tooele in 1970), Clyde Jensen ( who lived in Grantsville), and Bonnie Black (she married Calvin Adelle Black and resided in Tooele until her death also around 1980). One of Bonny's children married Roger Kell and I believe they still reside somewhere in the Tooele area. I am the son of Howard Jensen Jr. and Anne Laverne (Sly) Jensen. My mothers parents lived in the Vorwaller trailer court in Tooele until my grandfathers death in 1970. His name was John Freeman Sly and he married LaVelle Hoffeines ( exact spelling unknown). One of their sons was named Freeman Athes Sly (known as Sonny), and he worked as a police officer in Tooele for many years. James Howard Jensen's father was Maroni (Charles) Jensen who resided in Goshen Utah and was married to Cora (Hathaway) Jensen. I believe that one of James's brothers may have been named Max Jensen and lived in the Las Vegas area but this information is unconfirmed. If you can help me acquire any information on the siblings of James Howard Jensen please email me at or postal mail at Sterling Darrell Jensen 3955 So. State Street #2P Salt Lake City, Utah 84107. If you are compiling ancestry information on the residents of Tooele county I may be able to provide you with other information acquired from my research to date. Thank you very much for any help you can provide. Sincerely S. D. Jensen

5 September 2003
Catherine Poloynis

I am looking for additional information on William H. WILSON, my great-great grandfather, who ran a miner's store in Stockton of Tooele County, Utah. The information I have found indicates that he was born in Rapides Parish, Louisiana on 7 SEP 1841. The census shows that his father was from Scotland. His wife was Elizabeth Earley, who was born in England and traveled to America with her brother George when she was (ship manifest source) 17 and he was 15. Family sources say that George was the elder sibiling. My great-grandfather is George Albert Wilson. He joined the Army for the Spanish-American War which ended 6 mos after his enlistment. He was discharged from Angel Island (near San Francisco) CA and moved to southern California after marrying Daisey Mikesell, also from Utah. One of George's brothers married Daisey's sister. They moved to Southern California and George was the foreman in a mine. An explosion in the mine hurled a hand trolley onto some of his fellows and he injured himself by crawling under the cart and lifting it off with his back. He died a few years later from injuries suffered from this humanitarian feat. Daisey was left to raise her five sons alone...Frank, George, Heber, Willie and Kenneth. Heber Wilson is my grandfather. He is named after Heber Mikesell, Daisey's father. He lived in Colton, California all of his life. He limped from a motorcyle accident and "rolled his own." I used to watch. He was a member of the Pipe Fitters Union. My grandfather remembered visiting the Wilson's ranch in Utah when he was a boy. Our family has lost touch with the Utah Wilsons and would like to renew. My father, Kenneth, is the only male born of those 5 Wilson brothers. He is named after Heber's brother Kenneth who died at a young age in a work related accident. My dad worked on jet airplane engines for General Electric for 35 years. He has two daughters and no sons, although I used to ask for a brother. I hope there are some Wilsons from William Henry left in Tooele to contact. Thanks for your help! Catherine Poloynis

6 July 2003
Rick Green

I am researching the families of John GREEN/Ellen Sullivan GREEN and James KELLY/ Margaret McAffee KELLY. They lived in Ophir during the 1880s. Both men were miners and later the Kelly family ran a general store. I have found both families on the 1880 census. Thanks.

9 June 2003

Looking for any information on a Samuel GOODHART who lived in Tooele county Utah in the mid to late 1890's He would be approx. 65-69 yrs of age. Samuel died in Ohio in 1896. Thank you, Judy

5 April 2003
Linda Skinner

I am looking for pictures of EARLY TOOELE CITY SCHOOL CHILDREN about 1900 - 1920. My mother and her family lived in Tooele during that time and it would be great to have some photos of the older children.

14 September 2002
Lynette Skoglund Kleve

Researching HOERSTER, Frank wife Gladys. They had many children and at some point had moved to Tooele, Utah. I would like to find any information specifically on their daughter, Betty Jane HOERSTER. Thank you for your help.

26 August 2002

Researching John William WRATHALL, married to Annie Christine ERICKSON on Oct 2 1889. He is my Great-Great-Grandfather. I have been unable to find anything but a marriage record. His daughters name was Elma Vera WRATHALL?

2 August 2002
Mellany Fulton Barfuss

I am the granddaughter of Marion Josephine CLARK and John Lloyd FULTON. I am doing research on her family and would appreciate any help I can get. I have some information I would love to share as well. I am also starting research ont he JOHNSON name from Grantsville. My great grandmother is Annie Josephine JOHNSON.

29 January 2002
John Sharp

Researching my grandmother, Minnie Elizabeth THORN. She was born December 4, 1881 in Tooele, Tooele, Utah. I would like any information about her and her parents that may be found.

6 November 2001
Candice Harris

I'm looking for information on Leonard Ishmael SMITH and Sarah STEWART, the parents of Charles Randolph. I believe that Leonard was shot during an argument on 7-19-1877. I'm trying to get a birth or death record on Leonard. Can anyone help me??? Thank You

17 September 2001
Bonny McDaniel

Researching the Jacob HAMBLIN family. My gr gr grandmother, Eunice HENDERSON, was a step-daughter of Jacob's wife, Rachel Judd Henderson. The 1850 Tooele Co UT census shows Rachel at household 13-13 with: William Henderson 17 b. KY John Henderson 15 b. IN Eunice 13 b. MO and also the four children from Jacob's first marriage to Lucinda. Does anyone have the 1852 census reading? I find the three Henderson children on the census index. Would like to exchange.

2 June 2001
LaMar E Poulson

Wanted descendants of Alexander MAZE of Scotland who died in Stockton 10 Feb 1907 and Robert Kennedy McKENDRICK of Ireland who died in Tooele 18 Dec 1892.

18 April 2001
Please Help

Am searching for any information about George HAYES. He left Kentucky and was thought dead. An article in an old detective magazine placed him in Tooele County 1930's. He was tried for murder and sent to Utah State Prison along with two other men. One a railroad worker, from New Mexico long dead. One a local boy who was 18 or 19 at the time. Perhaps still living. I just want to bring his story to an end with some understanding of what happened.

4 December 2000
contact me

Researching George Clarence SHIELDS married to Emma PARTRIDGE. There is a question regarding George, for Emma is listed as being married to both a George Clarence and a Clarence George each having different information.

12 September 2000
Jack Sceva

Seeking information about Aaron SCEVA who resided in Grantsville from 1857 until after 1880.

31 August 2000
Carol Nyman

Will anyone in the Grantsville copy or could tell me where I could get a copy of "The Legacy of Charlotte Gailey Clark" a special history written for the Grantsville and Grantsville West Stakes Womens' Legacy Week in September 1982. I am also interested in a copy of the "Sagers Clan" and a copy of "Life of Charles Graham Parkinson" Thanks!!!!! Carol Nyman

5 March 2000
Larry Marshall

Researching the MARSHALL family in Pine Canyon or anywhere else in Tooele. Thank You, Larry Marshall

28 February 2000
M Harris

Researching Sidney Douglas COOK b. 7 Aug 1882 Emporia, Lyon, Kansas d. 1965 Provo, Utah lived in Ophir starting about 1913? Worked for the Mining Co. as a bookkeeper. Lived in a house at the bottom of Mill Hill. wife died? car accident on Ophir Grade Any information please contact me.

21 November 1999
Janis Hutchinson

Reearching for any information on Ed HURLEY (Hurly?) and his wife Catherine (Katherine?) who lived in Wendover, Utah during the years of 1956-1962. His wife died after 1960.

28 December 1998
Linda Werts

I'm seeking information on the descendants of Mary JENKINS b. 10 Jan 1839, Ledbury, England, daughter of Edward Jenkins and Hannah Barber. She married Robert Cunningham SHIELDS in Tooele, 1854, and d. 1 March 1870, in Tooele. Sarah Jenkins b. 5 Oct 1842, Nauvoo, Illinois, daughter of Edward Jenkins and Hannah Barber. She married George CRANER, and d. 14 Feb. 1880, in Tooele. I am descended from their brother, Charles.

27 December 1998
Jackie Marshall

MERCER, HUFF, RICHARDSON: Mary Jane RICHARDSON-MERCER-HUFF died in Erda, Tooele County, Utah on 17 Jul 1902. I am looking for her descendants. I have information to share about her second husband, Dr. Jefferson Huff.

26 December 1998
Brett G Lee

Seeking info on Lyman Henry LEE and Vivian BRACKEN.

26 December 1998
Don L Rowberry

Researching ROWBERRY line. Dad is from Grantsville Utah

6 June 1997
Lois Masters

Wanted marriage date and place of Zeno LOGAN to Kate POLLACK. They were married in Utah and lived in Tooele County. Zeno was born Jan 1879 in Pulaski Co., Ken. Kate was purported to have been a native of Ophir. They moved to Tooele. Zeno was a doctor in Tooele county. He may have died in Salt Lake city. They had one son named Jack. After the death of Zeno, Kate and her son may have moved to California.

19 May 1997
William Grow

Wanted info on James WHITE married Winnifred COLE lived in Burmester. Most records lost. Winnifred was postmistress and James was dep. sherriff. No infomration on him since 1930's. He also was employed at salt plant. Any help most welcome we have looked for 30 years.

16 May 1997
Connie Keller

Wanted my father's ancestors. he is Ervin Glen RUSSELL Born 2 Oct 1915 in Grantsville, Tooele, Utah. His father was Thomas Russell, birthdate and birthplace unknown. His mother was Bertha Altheria BECTELL born 3 Jun 1891 in Grantsville, Tooele, Utah. I believe my father had brothers Harold, Vern, Toby. Believe there were other brothers and sisters. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

6 April 1997
Mark Davis Kleinhans

Seeking relatives of Orrin Porter ROCKWELL living or have lived in Tooele County. I am a descendant. Thank you, Marcus

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