Dry Fork (Mountain Dell)

Originally known as Mountain Dell, the town of Dry Fork first settled in 1878. It got it's name from the fact that it was the "Dry Fork" of the Ashley Creek for most of the year. Teancum Taylor was an early settler in the Ashley Valley and a polygamist who housed one of his wives at Dry Fork. In 1877 he persuaded several families from Ashley Town to settle in the Dry Fork area by dividing up land he had settled and giving lots to anyone who would build on it.

Alma Taylor and Chellus Hall brought the first loads of logs out of the mountains in order to build a schoolhouse. The first school teacher here was Mark Hall. Other early residents were the familes of Thomas Bingham Sr., Thomas Bingham Jr., Fred Williams, a Mr. Burns, George Keary, John Nielson, Charles Nye, Orson Nye, William Perry, Lee Hall, Iowa Hall, and Fletcher Hammond.

Last Updated: 06.16.2015