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Uintah Papoose (Vernal)

Jan 1891-Feb 1892


Vernal Express

Feb 1892-Nov 1894


Vernal Express

Nov 1895-Jan 1902


Vernal Express

Jan 1902-Apr 1909


Vernal Express

Apr 1909-Feb 1913


Past Issues of The Outlaw Trail Journal

A limited number of back issues are available through the Uintah County Library Regional Center, 55 E. Main St. Vernal Main Phone: (435) 789-0091 ext 19. 
Note: Journals also include Western poetry, folktales from the Outlaw Trail, book reviews, letters to the editor, and new books received at the Outlaw Trail Center.

Summer 1991
Sheriff John T. Pope
Outlaws, Lawmen, Mormons
Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid

Winter/Spring 1992
Dr. Lurrine Miles
Chipeta, Glory and Heartache
Ann Bassett, "Queen of the Cattle Rustlers"

Summer/Fall 1992
Opening of the Uintah Indian Reservation
Pioneers of Duchesne County
The Outlaw Trail-the trail that never was

Winter/Spring 1993
The Outlaw Strip
The Diamond Hoax
The Toyack House

Summer/Fall 1993
Alf Johnson-A Tough Old Bird
Anna Marie Thayne, Mrs. Sundance
Antoine Robidoux
History of Uintah Basin Telecommunications

Fort Robidoux Part 2
Crouse's Robber's Roost
Uintah Railway

Joe Melvin Tolliver-Outlaw-Lawman
E.A. Cunningham, member of the Wild Bunch

Black Cowboy, Isom Dart
Charlie Glass
Albert "Speck" Williams
Fort Duchesne's Buffalo Soldiers

Summer 1995
Who was Jennie Brown?
Women of the Bookcliffs
Rose Daniels
Linwood, Utah's Lady Postmaster

Lula Parker Betenson
F.M. Hans, the Bandit Hunter
William B. Tenbroeck
Pat's Hole named for Pat Lynch

Summer 1996
Ute Indian Police
Sheriff William Gibson
Splitting up after Telluride
Matt Warner, 100 Years Ago

Dan Parker
Battle of Milk Creek
Pioneer Newspaper-Vernal Express

Summer 1997
Stories from the "Strip"
Wong Sing
Reynolds & Tabby

Winter 1997
Mrs. "GunPlay Maxwell" Ada
Tokens from years past

Summer 1998
"The Mormon Curse"
William Henry Smart and His Struggle with Myton
Prominent Person - Lycurgus Johnson
Kate "Mother" Adams

Winter 1998
Sheriff Richard Pope
Bear River Massacre
Billie and Ernest Untermann
Mary Reed Harris

Summer 1999

Winter 1999
Snake River Valley (Wyoming)
Cassidy's Boyhood Home
Wakara: Last of the Mighty Ute Warriors
The Sled Jump (Country Humor)

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