Photo: First School 1909-10, front row: Oscar Lyman, Rosanna Lyman, Cynthis Lyman, Owen Bartlett (on horse) Stella Dodds, Madeena Merkley. Back row: Leila Lyman, Bart Merkley, Lena Houston (teacher).

Settled in 1906, Tridell was originally called Liberty for the LDS Church Liberty Ward there. The present name of Tridell refers to the three dells which open out of the Uinta Mountains upon the Uinta Valley.

The first building built by the community was a log structure of box-end style. This was used as a community center, church and schoolhouse for many years.
The first post office was operated by Morley Jones as part of his connected store from 1917-1922. Later post masters were George Bartlett, Marcel Merkley, Ethel Goodrich and Jennie McConkie.

The lumber business was important to the people of the area and the first sawmill was supposed to have been built by Alf Johnson in 1881. Other later operators of this mill were Sam and Charley Hole, Harry White, Bob Whitmer, Will Henderson and James and Bill Johnson. who moved the saw and boiler to Paradise Creek around 1912.
Henry Lee also operated a mill on the bench south of Paradise Park.

The first log cabin was built by the Ross family and the first home in the area was built by Harmon and Cora Mullins. The homes of E. Leroy Goodrich, Tecumseh Murray, and Fred Drullard were used as early schools until the school district built the first real schoolhouse in 1915-16. The John Starr and Tecumseh Murray homes were also used for church activities.

The community did not get electricity until 1940 when the R.E.A. power line was organized.
Early families in the area were those of: The John Merkley , Stephen Ross, Harmon Mullins, Charles Bartlett, John Moosman, George Bartlett, Chris Johnson, A.M. Lyman, Parley Goodrich, Horace Merrill, Hyrum Merrill, Leroy Atwood, Joseph McKee, Benjamin Darling, Louis Franks, William Collins, G.R. Smith, George Glines, John Woolsey, Ben Ramey, William T. Green, John Starr and others.

-From the "Builders of Uintah", courtesy of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

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