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Washington County, Utah - Family Research Series, No. 5 & 6
EARLY MARRIAGES (1862 -1919)

Compiled by: Wesley W. Craig, Ph.D.

Female Surname Index - "I"
(20 Listings)

ISOM, Alice I. 18 Virgin City W UT SPENDLOVE, William W. 21 Virgin City W UT 20 May 1890 Virgin City Wash UT 20 May 1890 A-46
ISOM, Annie M. 22 Virgen Wash UT WEBB, George J. 27 St. George W UT 14 May 1902 St. George W UT 15 May 1902 A-297
ISOM, Elizabeth Mt Dell Wash UT WRIGHT, Marcellas Orin Virgin City W UT St George W UT 1Feb 1888 1888-130
ISOM, Ellen Elizabeth Virgin City W UT SPENDLOVE, Lorenzo J. Virgin City W UT St George W UT 5Jan 1888 1888-115
ISOM, Emma M. 22 Virgin City W UT STRATTON, Charles W. 25 Virgin City W UT 24 Apr 1899 St. George W UT 25 Apr 1899 A-204
ISOM, Evadna 26 Virgin Wash UT HOPKINS, John D. 35 Glendale Kane UT 21 Dec 1908 St. George W UT 21 Dec 1908 A-467
ISOM, Kate V. 23 Virgen Wash UT PALMER, William R. 24 Cedar City Iron UT 6 May 1901 St. George W UT 7 May 1901 A-258
ISOM, Lovenia 21 Virgin Wash UT CAMPBELL, Joseph A. 27 Virgin Wash UT 7 Jan 1908 St. George W UT 8 Jan 1908 A-441
ISOM, Margaret A. 20 Virgin City W UT WRIGHT, Joseph F. 21 Virgin City W UT 3 Dec 1894 St George W UT 4 Dec 1894 A-122
ISOM, Mary Amelia 21 Virgen City W UT CAMPBELL, Lewis Ezek. 31 Virgen City W UT 15 Jul 1895 St. George W UT 16 Jul 1895 A-133
ISOM, Mary E. Wright 36 Virgen Wash UT CAMPBELL, George F. 42 Virgen Wash UT 28 Apr 1902 St. George W UT 29 Apr 1902 A-294
ISOM, Sarah 25 Virgen Wash UT HUMPHRIES, Joseph W. 33 Virgen Wash UT 8 Feb 1904 St. George W UT 9 Feb 1904 A-344
ISOM, Sarah Laverna 21 Virgin Wash UT HEATON, Fred C. 24 Orderville Kane UT 27 Dec 1906 St. George W UT 28 Dec 1906 A-414
IVERSEN, Forthilda 21 Washington W UT FUNK, Marcus Orlando 23 Washington W UT 20Apr 1889 St George W UT 1May 1889 A-23
IVERSEN, Mercenia 21 Washington W UT GUBLER, Godfrey 23 Wshington W UT 22 Oct 1888 Washington W UT 23 Oct 1888 A-473
IVERSON, Alvina E. 20 Littlefield Lin NV BUNKER, Arthur 26 Bunkerville Lin NV 13 May 1902 St. George W UT 14 May 1902 A-296
IVERSON, Annie C. 25 Washington W UT CONNELL, Robert 24 Washington W UT 31 Dec 1906 Washington W UT 1 Jan 1907 A-415
IVERSON, Doretta 19 Littlefield Moh NV BUNDY, Ray 22 Morelos Son MEX 4 Sep 1907 St. George W UT 5 Sep 1907 A-428
IVERSON, Emma 21 Washington W UT BUNKER, William E. 40 Gunlock Wash UT 5 Feb 1900 St. George W UT 6 Feb 1900 A-225
IVERSON, Stella Ellanor 22 Littlefield Mhve AZ TERRY, David Dudley 25 Burton Mllrd UT 23 Jan 1908 St. George W UT 24 Jan 1908 A-441

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Copyright 1998 by Wesley W. Craig

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