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Washington County, Utah - Family Research Series, No. 5 & 6
EARLY MARRIAGES (1862 -1919)

Compiled by: Wesley W. Craig, Ph.D.

Male Surname Index - "I"
(19 Listings)

IMLAY, _ W. N. Harmony W UT PACE, Margaret Elizabeth N. Harmony W UT N. Harmony W UT 21 Mar 1871 GS 026,216
IPSON, George Huntington Emry UT HANSEN, Dorothea Wilh. Huntington Emry UT St George W UT 10Jun 1887 1887-57
ISOM, Andrew 19 Hurricane Wash UT RUESCH, Ada 19 Hurricane Wash UT 17 Jun 1914 St. George W UT 18 Jun 1914 B-165
ISOM, Andrew N. 24 Hurricane W UT BURKE, Jacosa Dean 22 Hinckley Mllrd UT 7 Jun 1916 St. George W UT 8 Jun 1916 B-236
ISOM, George H. 25 Virgen City W UT CRAWFORD, Annie 20 Springdale W UT 27 Nov 1901 St. George W UT 28 Nov 1901 A-278
ISOM, George Washington 24 Hurricane W UT ANGELL, Blanche 20 Hurricane W UT 8 Feb 1918 St. George W UT 8 Feb 1918 B-288
ISOM, Howard J. 23 Hurricane W UT RUSSELL, Frances Loretta 21 Grafton Wash UT 11 Jun 1912 St. George W UT 12 Jun 1912 B-99
ISOM, Leonard 21 Hurricane W UT BALLARD, Elizabeth 18 Hurricane Wash UT 20 Aug 1912 St. George W UT 20 Aug 1912 B-102
ISOM, Richard 22 Virgin Wash UT JEPSON, Mary Eleanor 23 Virgen Wash UT 11 Sep 1905 St. George W UT 12 Sep 1905 A-376
ISOM, Samuel 24 Virgin City W UT WRIGHT, Elizabeth J 22 Virgin City W UT 6 Jun 1893 St. George W UT 7 Jun 1893 A-94
ISOM, Thomas 25 Virgen City W UT HINTON, Annie 21 Virgen City W UT 16 Dec 1895 St. George W UT 17 Dec 1895 A-142
IVERSEN, Miller 30 Washington W UT GREENHALGH, Rose E. 18 Washington W UT 2 Mar 1894 St. George W UT 2 Mar 1894 A-109
IVERSON, Miller 34 Washington W UT BOGGS, Evaline Adelia 19 Washginton W UT 12 May 1896 St. George W UT 14 May 1896 A-151
IVERSON, Walter H. 23 Gunlock Wash UT LARSON, Annie M. 21 Washington W UT 16 Apr 1906 St. George W UT 17 Apr 1906 A-392
IVERSON, Walter J. 23 Littlefield Mhv AZ ADAMS, Dina 18 Washington W UT 24 Apr 1916 St. George W UT 25 Apr 1916 B-228
IVERSON, Willard J. 23 St. George W UT JARVIS, Frances 23 Col. Dublan MEX 25 Aug 1908 St. George W UT 26 Aug 1908 A-454
IVIE, James Oscar Vermillion Sevier U MORTENSEN, Anna Cathe. Salina Sevier UT St George W UT 6Jul 1887 1887-61
IVINS, Anthony Woodward SNOW, Elizabeth Ashby St. George W UT 9 Nov 1878 LDS Surv-14
IVINS, William Howard 25 St. George W UT REDD, Sarah Della 21 N. Harmony W UT 14 Dec 1891 St. George W UT 16 Dec 1891 A-72

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Copyright 1998 by Wesley W. Craig

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