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The following table is a list of 457 Arizona towns
and the counties in which they are located.
This list is a great research aid . It helps to know
where to send or search for county records and also  to
find the location of our ancestors' town or settlement.
Thanks so much to Abe Young for sharing this with us. - CBA

Agua Caliente Maricopa Arizona
Aguila Maricopa Arizona
Ajo Pima Arizona
Alpine Apache Arizona
Amado Santa Curz Arizona
Anegam Pima Arizona
Anita Coconino Arizona
Antelope Yuma Arizona
Anthem Maricopa Arizona
Anvil Ranch Pima Arizona
Apache Cochise Arizona
Aravaipa Graham Arizona
Aripine Navajo Arizona
Arivaca Pima Arizona
Arivaca Junction Pima Arizona
Arizona City Pinal Arizona
Arntz Navajo Arizona
Ash Fork Coconino Arizona
Avondale Maricopa Arizona
Aztec Yuma Arizona
Bagdad Yavapai Arizona
Bapchule Pinal Arizona
Bellmont Coconino Arizona
Benson Cochise Arizona
Big Field Pima Arizona
Bisbee Cochise Arizona
Black Canyon City Yavapai Arizona
Black Mountain T. P. Apache Arizona
Blaisdell Yuma Arizona
Boquillas Cochise Arizona
Boriana Mines Mohave Arizona
Borree Corners Pinal Arizona
Bouse La Paz Arizona
Bowie Cochise Arizona
Bridgeport Yavapai Arizona
Bryce Graham Arizona
Buckeye Maricopa Arizona
Bullhead City Mohave Arizona
Burnt Water Apache Arizona
Bylas Graham Arizona
Calva Graham Arizona
Cameron Coconino Arizona
Camp Verde Yavapai Arizona
Camp Wood Yavapai Arizona
Campo Bonito Pinal Arizona
Cane Beds Mohave Arizona
Canelo Santa Curz Arizona
Canyon Diablo Coconino Arizona
Carefree Maricopa Arizona
Carrizo Navajo Arizona
Casa Grande Pinal Arizona
Cassadore Springs Gila Arizona
Castle Butte Navajo Arizona
Castle Hot Springs Yavapai Arizona
Cave Creek Maricopa Arizona
Cedar Creek Gila Arizona
Cedar Ridge Trading P. Coconino Arizona
Central Graham Arizona
Chambers Apache Arizona
Champie Yavapai Arizona
Charco Pima Arizona
Charleston Cochise Arizona
Cherry Yavapai Arizona
Chino Valley Yavapai Arizona
Chiu Chiuschu Pinal Arizona
Chloride Mohave Arizona
Choulic Pima Arizona
Christmas Gila Arizona
Chrysotile Gila Arizona
Cibecue Navajo Arizona
Cibola La Paz Arizona
Clarksdale Yavapai Arizona
Clay Springs Navajo Arizona
Clay Springs Ranch Mohave Arizona
Claypool Gila Arizona
Clemenceau Yavapai Arizona
Cliff Dwellers Lodge Coconino Arizona
Clifton Greenlee Arizona
Cobabi Pima Arizona
Colorado City Mohave Arizona
Columbine Graham Arizona
Comobabi Pima Arizona
Compadre Mine Santa Curz Arizona
Concho Apache Arizona
Congress Yavapai Arizona
Coolidge Pinal Arizona
Coolidge Dam Gila Arizona
Copper Creek Pinal Arizona
Cordes Yavapai Arizona
Cordes Yavapai Arizona
Cornville Yavapai Arizona
Cottonwood Yavapai Arizona
Cove Apache Arizona
Cow Springs Coconino Arizona
Cowlic Pima Arizona
Cuckelbur Pinal Arizona
Cutter Gila Arizona
Dateland Yuma Arizona
Deer Srpings Navajo Arizona
Desert View Coconino Arizona
Dewey Yavapai Arizona
Diamond Bar Ranch Mohave Arizona
Dinnebito Navajo Arizona
Dolan Springs Mohave Arizona
Dos Cabezas Cochise Arizona
Douglas Cochise Arizona
Dragon Cochise Arizona
Drake Yavapai Arizona
Dudleyville Pinal Arizona
Dugas Yavapai Arizona
Duncan Greenlee Arizona
Duquesne Santa Curz Arizona
Eagar Apache Arizona
Eden Graham Arizona
Ehrenburg La Paz Arizona
Elfrida Cochise Arizona
Elgin Santa Cruz Arizona
Eloy Pinal Arizona
Estrella Maricopa Arizona
Fairbank Cochise Arizona
Flagstaff Coconino Arizona
Florence Pinal Arizona
Floy Apache Arizona
Forepaugh Maricopa Arizona
Forestdale Trading P. Navajo Arizona
Fort Apache Navajo Arizona
Fort Grant Graham Arizona
Fort Mohave Mohave Arizona
Fort Rock Mohave Arizona
Fort Thomas Graham Arizona
 Fountain Hills Maricopa Arizona
Francisco Grande Pinal Arizona
Franklin Greenlee Arizona
Fraziers Well Coconino Arizona
Fredonia Coconino Arizona
Fresnal Canyon Pima Arizona
Friendly Corners Pinal Arizona
Gadsden Yuma Arizona
Geronimo Graham Arizona
Gibson Pima Arizona
Gila Bend Maricopa Arizona
Gleeson Cochise Arizona
Glendale Maricopa Arizona
Globe Gila Arizona
Gold Canyon Pinal Arizona
Golden Horseshoe Ra. Mohave Arizona
Goldfield Maricopa Arizona
Goodwin Yavapai Arizona
Grand Canyon Coconino Arizona
Granville Greenlee Arizona
Gray Mountain Coconino Arizona
Green Apache Arizona
Green Valley Pima Arizona
Greesewood Navajo Arizona
Gu Vo Pima Arizona
Gunsight Pima Arizona
Hackberry Mohave Arizona
Hannagan Meadow Greenlee Arizona
Happy Jack Coconino Arizona
Harcuvar La Paz Arizona
Harshaw Santa Cruz Arizona
Havana Nakya Pima Arizona
Hay Hollow Navajo Arizona
Hayden Junction Pinal Arizona
Heber Navajo Arizona
Hereford Cochise Arizona
Higley Maricopa Arizona
Hillside Mine Yavapai Arizona
Hindo Canyon Camp Mohave Arizona
Holbrook Navajo Arizona
Hope La Paz Arizona
Hotevilla Navajo Arizona
Houck Apache Arizona
House Rock Coconino Arizona
Huachuca Cochise Arizona
Huachuca City Cochise Arizona
Humboldt Yavapai Arizona
Hunt Apache Arizona
Hunters Point Apache Arizona
Hyder Yuma Arizona
Indian Hot Springs Graham Arizona
Indian Pine Navajo Arizona
Indian Wells Navajo Arizona
Inscription House Coconino Arizona
Inspiration Gila Arizona
Iron Springs Yavapai Arizona
Jackrabbit Pinal Arizona
Jacob Apache Arizona
Jacob Lake Coconino Arizona
Jakes Corner Gila Arizona
Jerome Yavapai Arizona
Joseph City Navajo Arizona
Kabba Mine Mohave Arizona
Kansas Settlement Cochise Arizona
Kayenta Coconino Arizona
Keams Canyon Navajo Arizona
Kearny Pinal Arizona
Kelvin Pinal Arizona
Kingman Mohave Arizona
Kings Ranch Pinal Arizona
Kirkland Yavapai Arizona
Klondyke Graham Arizona
Kohatk Pinal Arizona
Kohis Ranch Gila Arizona
Komatke Maricopa Arizona
La Palma Pinal Arizona
La Paz La Paz Arizona
Lake Havasu City Mohave Arizona
Lake Mead City Mohave Arizona
Laveen Maricopa Arizona
Lees Farry Coconino Arizona
Leupp Coconino Arizona
Lewis Springs Cochise Arizona
Liberty Maricopa Arizona
Ligurta Yuma Arizona
Linden Navajo Arizona
Litchfield Maricopa Arizona
Little Tucson Pima Arizona
Littlefield Mohave Arizona
Lochiel Santa Curz Arizona
Long Valley Coconino Arizona
Low Mountain Navajo Arizona
Luguna Yuma Arizona
Madera Canyon Santa Cruz Arizona
Mammoth Pinal Arizona
Manta De Oro Mine Mohave Arizona
Marble Canyon Coconino Arizona
Maricopa Pinal Arizona
Martinez Lake Yuma Arizona
Maverick Apache Arizona
McConnico Mohave Arizona
McNary Apache Arizona
McNeal Cochise Arizona
McVay La Paz Arizona
Menegers Dam Pima Arizona
Mesa Maricopa Arizona
Mescal Cochise Arizona
Mexican Water Apache Arizona
Miami Gila Arizona
Midland City Gila Arizona
Mishongnovi Navajo Arizona
Mobile Maricopa Arizona
Moccasin Mohave Arizona
Moenkopi Coconino Arizona
Mohawk Yuma Arizona
Morenci Greenlee Arizona
Mormon Lake Coconino Arizona
Morristown Maricopa Arizona
Mount Trumbull Mohave Arizona
Mountain View Pima Arizona
Mowry Santa Cruz Arizona
Mowry Santa Curz Arizona
Music Mountain Mine Mohave Arizona
Naahtee Navajo Arizona
Naco Cochise Arizona
Navajo Apache Arizona
Navajo Station Apache Arizona
Nazlini Trading P. Apache Arizona
Nelson Coconino Arizona
Nelson Yavapai Arizona
New River Maricopa Arizona
Nogales Santa Cruz Arizona
North Komelik Pima Arizona
Nutrioso Apache Arizona
Oak Springs Apache Arizona
Oatman Mohave Arizona
Ocotillo Maricopa Arizona
Octave Yavapai Arizona
Oracle Pinal Arizona
Oro Blanco Santa Cruz Arizona
Oro Valley Pima Arizona
Overgaard Navajo Arizona
Page Coconino Arizona
Palm Springs Pinal Arizona
Palo Alto Ranch Pima Arizona
Paloma Maricopa Arizona
Palominas Cochise Arizona
Pan Tak Pima Arizona
Pantano Pima Arizona
Paradise Cochise Arizona
Parker La Paz Arizona
Parks Coconino Arizona
Patogonia Santa Cruz Arizona
Paul Spur Cochise Arizona
Paulden Yavapai Arizona
Payson Gila Arizona
Peach Springs Mohave Arizona
Pearce Cochise Arizona
Peeples Valley Yavapai Arizona
Peoria Maricopa Arizona
Perkinsville Yavapai Arizona
Perkinville Yavapai Arizona
Phantom Ranch Coconino Arizona
Phoenix Maricopa Arizona
Pia Oik Pima Arizona
Pica Yavapai Arizona
Picacho Pinal Arizona
Picacho Yuma Arizona
Pima Graham Arizona
Pine Gila Arizona
Pine Flat Coconino Arizona
Pine Springs Apache Arizona
Pine Springs Coconino Arizona
Pinedale Navajo Arizona
Pinetop Lakeside Navajo Arizona
Pinon Navajo Arizona
Pirtleville Cochise Arizona
Planet Ranch La Paz Arizona
Point of Pines Graham Arizona
Polacca Navajo Arizona
Poland Junction Yavapai Arizona
Pomerene Cochise Arizona
Portal Cochise Arizona
Poston La Paz Arizona
Prescott Yavapai Arizona
Punkin Center Gila Arizona
Quartzsite Yuma Arizona
Queen Creek Maricopa Arizona
Quijotoa Pima Arizona
Radium Hot Springs Yuma Arizona
Randolph Pinal Arizona
Ray Pinal Arizona
Red Lake Coconino Arizona
Red Mesa Trading P. Apache Arizona
Red Rock Pinal Arizona
Redington Pima Arizona
Regal Mine Gila Arizona
Rimrock Yavapai Arizona
Rittenhouse Maricopa Arizona
Rock House Gila Arizona
Rocky Ridge Navajo Arizona
Rodeo Cochise Arizona
Roosevelt Gila Arizona
Rose Wells Coconino Arizona
Round Rock Apache Arizona
Rowood Pima Arizona
Ruby Santa Cruz Arizona
Sacate Pinal Arizona
Salome La Paz Arizona
San Carlos Gila Arizona
San Jose Graham Arizona
San Luis Yuma Arizona
San Manuel Pinal Arizona
San Miguel Pima Arizona
San Simon Cochise Arizona
San Xavier Pima Arizona
Sand Spring Coconino Arizona
Sanders Apache Arizona
Santa Claus Mohave Arizona
Santa Cruz Pima Arizona
Sasabe Pima Arizona
Scottsdale Maricopa Arizona
Second Mesa Navajo Arizona
Seligman Yavapai Arizona
Sells Pima Arizona
Seneca Gila Arizona
Seven Ranch Coconino Arizona
Seven Springs Maricopa Arizona
Seventeen Mile Ranch Mohave Arizona
Sheldon Greenlee Arizona
Show Low Navajo Arizona
Sichomovi Navajo Arizona
Sierra Vista Cochise Arizona
Sif Vaya Pinal Arizona
Signal Mohave Arizona
Sikul Himatk Pima Arizona
Skull Valley Yavapai Arizona
Smoke Signal Navajo Arizona
Snowflake Navajo Arizona
Soldiers Camp Pima Arizona
Solomon Graham Arizona
Somerton Yuma Arizona
Sonoita Santa Cruz Arizona
South Cove Mohave Arizona
South Komelik Pima Arizona
South Tucson Pima Arizona
Springville Apache Arizona
St. David Cochise Arizona
St. Johns Apache Arizona
St. Machaels Apache Arizona
Stafford Graham Arizona
Stargo Greenlee Arizona
Stone Cabin La Paz Arizona
Stoneman Lake Coconino Arizona
Stoval Yuma Arizona
Strawberry Gila Arizona
Sun City Maricopa Arizona
Sunrise Springs Apache Arizona
Sunrise Trading Post Coconino Arizona
Superior Pinal Arizona
Supi Oldak Pima Arizona
Surprise Maricopa Arizona
Swansea La Paz Arizona
Swift Trail Junction Graham Arizona
Tacna Yuma Arizona
Tahchee Apache Arizona
Tassi Mohave Arizona
Taylor Navajo Arizona
Teas Toh Navajo Arizona
Teec Nos Pos Apache Arizona
Tempe Maricopa Arizona
Temple Bar Mohave Arizona
Thatcher Graham Arizona
The Gap Coconino Arizona
Tilton Coconino Arizona
Tolleson Maricopa Arizona
Tombstone Cochise Arizona
Tonapah Maricopa Arizona
Topock Mohave Arizona
Tortilla Flat Maricopa Arizona
Totacon Trading P. Apache Arizona
Truxton Mohave Arizona
Tuba City Coconino Arizona
Tucson Pima Arizona
Tumacacori Santa Curz Arizona
Turkey Flat Graham Arizona
Tuweep Mohave Arizona
Twin Buttes Pima Arizona
Twin Buttes Trading P. Navajo Arizona
Two Guns Coconino Arizona
Tyson Yuma Arizona
Valentine Mohave Arizona
Vamori Pima Arizona
Ventana Pima Arizona
Verde Hot Springs Yavapai Arizona
Vernon Apache Arizona
Vicksburg La Paz Arizona
Vicksburg Junction La Paz Arizona
Vulture Mine Maricopa Arizona
Waddell Maricopa Arizona
Wagoner Yavapai Arizona
Walnut Creek Yavapai Arizona
Walpi Navajo Arizona
Warren Cochise Arizona
Webb Cochise Arizona
Wellton Yuma Arizona
White Cone Navajo Arizona
White Hills Mohave Arizona
White River Navajo Arizona
Wickenburg Maricopa Arizona
Wikieup Mohave Arizona
Willcox Cochise Arizona
Williams Coconino Arizona
Winkelmann Pinal Arizona
Winona Coconino Arizona
Winslow Navajo Arizona
Wintersburg Maricopa Arizona
Wittmann Maricopa Arizona
Wolf Hole Mohave Arizona
Woodruff Navajo Arizona
Yampai Coconino Arizona
Yarnell Yavapai Arizona
York Greenlee Arizona
Young Gila Arizona
Young Town Maricopa Arizona
Yucca Mohave Arizona
Yuma Yuma Arizona


  Copyright 2000, 2005  by  Abram Owen Young, Jr.


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