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Ghost Towns:

Washington County, Utah

The early community of Bloomington was settled as a farming area by Mormon Pioneers along the Virgin River south of St. George. After many years of struggling with the flooding river most of its inhabitants left and it was a ghost town and just a few residents such as the Jones family lived there and the Larsen family and others running cattle/sheep operations in the area.

In 1960 a planned community was developed in Bloomington with a country club/golf course, condominiums and neighborhood housing. Because of bankruptcy problems the town was never incorporated and Bloomington is now annexed to the city of St. George and is not a town of itself but a part of the city of St. George.


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If you have histories of the pioneers of Bloomington, Price, or Atkinville (on a website or that you would like to have published on the web), other genealogy help for these towns, or know of related links please let me know.
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